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What hurts you? TB Episode 3×03 Analysis

It hurts Sookie when she hurts Eric or when Eric is in danger (whether she admits it or not) just as it hurts Sookie to be consumed with Bill’s disappearance.  


 It hurts Eric when Sookie’s life is in danger.

"like I said...thanks for saving my life"

"I understand very well"

It hurts Bill to see Lorena and be reminded of his past. 

" have won!"

It hurts Tara to be reminded of Eggs (through Franklin or Sookie).  

  It hurts Sam to realize his own brother wants to kill or get rid of him.  

"I don't appreciate you trying to get me killed!"

It hurts Lorena to be denied real love from Bill.  

It hurts Alcide to be forced to do a favor for a vampire and be rejected by Debbie.

It hurts Jessica to be reminded of what she did to the trucker.  

It hurts Jason to face Tara after what happened to Eggs.

It hurts Hoyt to be rejected by Jessica.

*It hurts the audience (us) too*


Details and Opinions-

Significant plot and relationship points:

Eric & Sookie: Again, more flirting, despite the fact that they have not only just offed a werewolf in her home but are also burying the body.  A lot of trust and relaxation around eachother is once again pointed out. Eric even admits his weakness around werewolves fueled by vampire blood and Sookie alows herself to thank him for his help. Sookie,however, is still skeptical about love in Eric’s life by telling him that she didn’t expect him to understand her need to help Bill. Eric’s reply “I understand very well” was the first key to understanding his need to help Sookie as well as being the key to his human emotions that fuel the revenge plot this season…it also hints at his past need to help Godric.  Sookie even ends the conversation by asking him to use the blood connection to their advantage and joking about it with him as they flirted (both indications she has forgiven him for it). Eric even implies that he expects them to get into more trouble together by stating, “When you shoot me again.” Sookie did not jump to say, “well I hope we’re never in a situation like that again,” another indication she wants to be around him more. That statement also implied that next time Eric thinks Sookie will be willing  to do that for him. He thinks by the next time she happens to shoot him, that they will be together.

Tara: As I predicted on other blogs, Tara’s adult darkness is reflected through Franklin. Already struggling with intimacy in the past and the false intimacy she experienced with Eggs she runs out on Franklin as soon as he wants to discuss her darkness (almost killing the rednecks).  I believe Franklin’s efforts to turn Tara will signify the birth of Tara’s darkness. It will also push Tara to realize her desire to live.

Bill & Russell: Bill’s “noble” efforts to decieve Russell will backfire for everyone. At first, Bill will enjoy the benefits that come with working for Russell (maybe even try to make sure he helps Eric stays away from Sookie even if he isn’t with Sookie anymore) but the dynamic will go very sour once Franklin comes back with the information that Bill is withholding information. This will put everyone in danger (Bill, Sookie, Eric, and maybe even the queen). Eric might have to go Russell to investiage for the magister not knowing that Russell already knows who he is and that he might be the key to Sookie if not Bill or Franklin.

Sam: I believe Tommy will be forced to work for Sam in order to work off the stolen money.

Jason: Because he is too “insane” to focus on his police exams, Andy will feel obligated to give him an “in” into the police department. This will cause questions later and may make Jason/Andy reach their breaking points.




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