What hurts you? TB Episode 3×03 Analysis

It hurts Sookie when she hurts Eric or when Eric is in danger (whether she admits it or not) just as it hurts Sookie to be consumed with Bill’s disappearance.  


 It hurts Eric when Sookie’s life is in danger.

"like I said...thanks for saving my life"

"I understand very well"

It hurts Bill to see Lorena and be reminded of his past. 

"...you have won!"

It hurts Tara to be reminded of Eggs (through Franklin or Sookie).  

  It hurts Sam to realize his own brother wants to kill or get rid of him.  

"I don't appreciate you trying to get me killed!"

It hurts Lorena to be denied real love from Bill.  

It hurts Alcide to be forced to do a favor for a vampire and be rejected by Debbie.

It hurts Jessica to be reminded of what she did to the trucker.  

It hurts Jason to face Tara after what happened to Eggs.

It hurts Hoyt to be rejected by Jessica.

*It hurts the audience (us) too*


Details and Opinions-

Significant plot and relationship points:

Eric & Sookie: Again, more flirting, despite the fact that they have not only just offed a werewolf in her home but are also burying the body.  A lot of trust and relaxation around eachother is once again pointed out. Eric even admits his weakness around werewolves fueled by vampire blood and Sookie alows herself to thank him for his help. Sookie,however, is still skeptical about love in Eric’s life by telling him that she didn’t expect him to understand her need to help Bill. Eric’s reply “I understand very well” was the first key to understanding his need to help Sookie as well as being the key to his human emotions that fuel the revenge plot this season…it also hints at his past need to help Godric.  Sookie even ends the conversation by asking him to use the blood connection to their advantage and joking about it with him as they flirted (both indications she has forgiven him for it). Eric even implies that he expects them to get into more trouble together by stating, “When you shoot me again.” Sookie did not jump to say, “well I hope we’re never in a situation like that again,” another indication she wants to be around him more. That statement also implied that next time Eric thinks Sookie will be willing  to do that for him. He thinks by the next time she happens to shoot him, that they will be together.

Tara: As I predicted on other blogs, Tara’s adult darkness is reflected through Franklin. Already struggling with intimacy in the past and the false intimacy she experienced with Eggs she runs out on Franklin as soon as he wants to discuss her darkness (almost killing the rednecks).  I believe Franklin’s efforts to turn Tara will signify the birth of Tara’s darkness. It will also push Tara to realize her desire to live.

Bill & Russell: Bill’s “noble” efforts to decieve Russell will backfire for everyone. At first, Bill will enjoy the benefits that come with working for Russell (maybe even try to make sure he helps Eric stays away from Sookie even if he isn’t with Sookie anymore) but the dynamic will go very sour once Franklin comes back with the information that Bill is withholding information. This will put everyone in danger (Bill, Sookie, Eric, and maybe even the queen). Eric might have to go Russell to investiage for the magister not knowing that Russell already knows who he is and that he might be the key to Sookie if not Bill or Franklin.

Sam: I believe Tommy will be forced to work for Sam in order to work off the stolen money.

Jason: Because he is too “insane” to focus on his police exams, Andy will feel obligated to give him an “in” into the police department. This will cause questions later and may make Jason/Andy reach their breaking points.



  1. #1 by just an opinionated hack on June 29, 2010 - 3:07 pm

    I believe that you are very spot on, although as a Bill fan, this would not please me very much. However, I do believe that Bill does retain a bit of humanity, and it is something that Lorena would go out of her way to deny him of. I believe the sex scene at the end of the episode was not so much an act of passion or attraction, but more as an act of rape and rage.

    Also, the way that Lorena seemingly mocks the death of Bill’s child, as well as his wife, shows her true psychotic and disassociated nature. Granted that this does not excuse the atrocities that the two commit together, it shows, at least to me, that Bill wasn’t totally acting on his own volition.

    • #2 by talktrueblood on June 29, 2010 - 4:03 pm

      Once again, I welcome Bill fans and their opinions.
      However, I think Bill screamed at the end of the scene FOR TWO REASONS:

      1.he had just proven Lorena’s point about his humanity.
      2.he couldn’t make her hate him, not even after he did that.

      It was an act of rape/rage and at the minimum it was cheating;
      Any of these are not acceptable things to do not only before he
      breaks up with Sookie but also on general principle.

      I think they just glamoured his wife into oblivion…I am not sure they killed her…though it is a little ambiguous. Lorena is insane (would never deny it) but Bill is not. If he participates in her insanity it is because he purely wants to and there is no other reason.
      That probably doesn’t say much for his character. It is possible he has some humanity left (especially after seeing the sentimentality he had for his human life) but it may not be all the positive characteristics.
      Eddie said, “we are who we were in our human lives,”
      He hates Lorena so much because he wishes to blame her for everything he did. Yes, Bill may have had a psychologically challanging maker/mother but he still had a choice whether or not to participate in those “games” because he is not
      insane and he is no different than he was in his human life save for a need to
      drink blood to live. That is why I do not excuse Bill by saying he was not acting
      on his own volition.
      Even if we do excuse Bill why he was with Lorena it is more than implied he continued to kill after he left Lorena because he started hanging out with the clear kllers Liam/Dianne/Malcolm after he left her. If he only killed for Lorena, why would he continue to do so after he left her?
      Sure Eric may have been a warrior but he never killed/tortured for the hell of it
      like Bill and Lorena did. In fact the Blu Ray commentary states that Eric and Godric fed off those who were already dead battle as they traveled and it is implied in episode 2×06 he fed off willing donors in most other cases.

      • #3 by TrubieLover82 on July 7, 2010 - 5:03 am

        Before I start this I just want everyone to know that I am not a Bill fan. I think he is a liar and I have a very sore spot for liars in real life. But…
        If what Eddie said was true about how, “we are who we were in our human lives,” then his actions after being freed from Lorena seem quite possible to the normal sane individual. Lorena was his lover/maker/mother figure and I don’t think any normal person especially if they had heightened emotions and senses would act in ways that society would deem normal. It’s highly possible that the fact that he was coming home from one of the bloodiest wars in our country’s history affected him in ways to where he would have been that type of bloodthirsty (without drinking blood ofcourse) individuals with an urge to fight, kill, and conquer that many armed service members still come home with today. It’s now diagnosed as Post-traumatic stress disorder. Mix that with the fact that you’ve just gained immortality from a species that you lived 30+ years of your life never knowing existed would make just about anyone seem less than normal. I think technically that would make him insane, at least for a period of time.

        It is my opinion that the reason that he stayed the same after he was freed from Lorena was because it’s human nature to either, go a little crazy when you’re freed from any type of bondage or to give in to the depressing state of bondage that you were in and live your life within that bondage. He, like most people, went crazy and did what he wanted, how he wanted, with whomever he wanted because there wasn’t anyone there to tell him “Bill, I command you to stop”. There were no rules and when there’s no rules and you’re finally free…watch out.

        With that being said I think it is human nature to be both good and evil and at times one will overtake the other. I think he might have been trying to find that balance while with Sookie but the vampire relationships that he had in the past definitely seem to be playing a role because you can’t own someone like that and expect them to just role over and take it. He had to “trick” her, much like Eric into taking his blood so they could form a bond so he could have sway over her life. That is why I don’t like Bill. Though he comes off as this innocent, abused vampire that has only been through pain and suffering (or so he says) during his life as a vampire, he is manipulative, controlling, and an extremely possessive vampire that will stop at nothing to achieve his goal…Sookie.

        I guess what I’m trying to say is that I think Bill definitely has his humanity left but has lost the ability to be sincere to human nature, although he fakes it very well in certain company.

        I hope I didn’t offend anyone. I sort of rattle on when I’m this tired.

  2. #4 by ancientpythoness on June 29, 2010 - 9:06 pm

    I really like your insight that the episode was constructed to produce a visceral feeling in the viewers. I know it did me.

  3. #5 by Renée on June 29, 2010 - 9:12 pm

    I really like your insight that the episode was designed to produce a visceral reaction in the audience. I know it worked on me. There were no stars shining in the night sky for me after that episode.

    PS Can you email or pm me on SVB (TheAncientPythoness). I’ve got something for you. ;~)

    • #6 by talktrueblood on June 29, 2010 - 9:17 pm

      thank you. thank you. that means a lot coming from you.
      ohk. ill send you a quick email and I will reply to some of your latest post on your blog.

  4. #7 by sunnynala on June 30, 2010 - 12:18 pm

    I agree with you, this ep was illustrating the many ways we can hurt each other, and ourselves through our own choices. Honestly, the whole thing left me with a sick feeling.

    Also honestly, I was once again annoyed with Sookie. Last week, she was asking follow-up questions and trying to pin Eric down and get some answers. This week, she let two statements of his just fly right over her head without the least curiosity. The first, when he told her the branded weres brought back bad memories, and second when he told her he understood very well her compulsion to find Bill. Would it have KILLED her to show a little concern and ask him what he meant by these statements? I really think he felt sad and hurt when she didn’t, like he means so little to her that she just doesn’t give a shit.

    • #8 by talktrueblood on June 30, 2010 - 4:33 pm

      Oh yes…I totally agree with you. That look on his face was really sad…when he said “I understand very well”
      Eric is really making me want to cry for him almost.
      I think the scene was meant to demonstrate that she hurt Eric (suprise,suprise) and Mission accomplished.

    • #9 by TrubieLover82 on July 7, 2010 - 5:16 am

      I kind of see it another way as well. It’s almost as if she’s being so crass toward him because internally Sookie is fighting the urge to feel any sympathy for someone she has been made to hate. The truth is Eric has never denied anything about himself, personality wise, and has never hidden any of this from Sookie. All in all he’s told her the truth about himself and hasn’t hidden who he really is from her once. He’s always been an asshole but he’s been upfront about it and the truth hurts. That reality mixed with Bill’s constant whispering into Sookie’s ear that Eric is bad is something that, I think, Sookie is just now facing and she’s trying to distance herself by using snide comments because Eric’s always been so straightforward with her (except for when he’s tricking her 🙂 ) that now it’s just another natural defense mechanism for her.

      • #10 by talktrueblood on July 7, 2010 - 6:20 pm

        @ TrubieLover82-

        I agree that Eric’s honesty (though it may hurt sometimes) is a lot more overall appeal than a fake and a liar that has a seemingly appealing exterior.

        Sookie def has a defense mechanism going on. Unfortunately I think it will only get worse when she discovers the many betrayals of Bill. Sookie will have an even harder time accepting that Eric’s feelings are real even if she starts to feel that way for Eric.

        As far as he Eric tricking her, it wasn’t a very good act and/or lie in my opinion. Sure, Sookie’s naive nature
        played a role but I also think that she subconsciously also actually wanted to tie herself to Eric…much like agreeing to work for him “anytime” late in the first season.

  5. #11 by ProMovieBlogger on July 1, 2010 - 8:51 am

    I think he screamed because he had given her what she wanted in a way. Also because he had betrayed Sookie. Now he has to tell her.

    Plus, he had become a monster and realized it.

    Someone commented that from the books they learned that Bill is compelled to obey his maker hence the sex. I find this strange since the girl Bill turned does not obey him.

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    • #12 by talktrueblood on July 1, 2010 - 3:57 pm

      I don’t think that Bill thinks that he “has” to tell her anything necessarily.
      Jessica does obey Bill if he commands her as a maker directly. If the maker was a good maker, they might feel more compelled or obligated personally(like Pam to Eric). The maker/child relationship thing no longer applies to Lorena and Bill because Lorena “released” him and let go of that bond. Sure, she is stronger than him and would win in a fight, but she cannot make him do anything and he does not feel bound to her in that way anymore (other than his personal feelings about her as a vampire). He has nobody to blame but himself so it makes the scene on the show a lot worse than anything he did in the books (as he was tied to his maker in the books).

      Another thing I would like to point out that Bill “had” to bite lorena during sex and it was a degrading thing to him. Would it be that Bill is being degrading to Sookie when he bites her in his mind…rather than making it a sexy thing…like it is in her mind? Much more significant is the blood exchange that took place. Wouldn’t it tie him to lorena more to drink her blood some more?

    • #13 by talktrueblood on July 2, 2010 - 8:16 pm

      I became a fan of the page on facebook : ) very nice

  6. #14 by talktrueblood on July 7, 2010 - 6:09 pm


    First of all thank you for coming to my blog, I appreciate ANY feedback. You should check out my new entry.

    I agree that lying in one of the main differences between Eric and Bill.
    Bill lies all the time and people often believe him (at least initially), including Russell apparently. When Eric lies it is not only rare but it is also not believable probably because he actually feels guilt about the lying.

    Yes, I totally agree…vampires were once a law unto themselves. Political scientists (including myself) can tell you that a “state of nature” or total freedom never works out well. Many, like Bill, would turn to a primal state and take full advantage of the weaker in this “state of nature.”
    Bill may blame his vampire nature but Eddie’s statement is true , “we who we were before we were turned.” Bill does not realize that IT IS human nature to return to this primal “state of nature” when you are a law unto yourself. How you deal with this freedom says a lot about your personal character and obviously it didn’t say much about Bill’s.

    I agree exactly about your statements regarding Bill’s human nature.

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