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Wild Speculation Alert: Is Bill Working for the AVL/The Authority? Plus: A Brief Bill History

This post is dedicated to my reader Freyja/Missy who discussed this with me:

Who is Bill Compton? Who is this vampire who suddenly appeared at Merlotte’s and “just-so-happened” to spot our telepathic heroine Sookie?

All but the most casual of Eric Northman fans are fluent in the knowledge that Bill most likely had an agenda before he arrived in Bon Temps that probably included “procuring” Sookie for Queen Sophie-Ann or someone else but most likely QSA. If you need information concerning this, Sunnynala @ goes into plenty of details concerning this and Bill Compton’s murderous history so I will make this history brief but explanatory.

1. Bill Compton went on a murderous and sadistic rampage with his maker Lorena (that he certainly looked like he enjoyed despite what he might say to her or to us, the audience)…presumably from 1865-1935 (70 years!) The Blu Ray Commentary confirms the murders in Chicago were a common habit.

2. Bill probably hung out with Liam, Diane, Malcolm off and on since the late 30’s (1×03) till they burned in the fire (1×08).

3. Bill told Russell he “procured” for QSA for the last 35 years  (maybe he started doing this between 1973-1975 until present) (which seems to imply he was still currently doing that, probably to Sookie, which we already know).  Somehow, Russell thinks that means go kidnap people to my/your employer’s specifications (which was QSA). Coincidence? I think not.

Now for the wild theory about the AVL/Authority connection:

 Could Bill working for the American Vampire League (which I have established in a facade/interest group for The Authority) or The Authority itself?

Shock and Anger and Thoughtfulness overwhelms Bill’s face after Russell questions the magister’s authority (tight facial muscles, lowered chin, staring, slanted eyebrows)

Why would Bill care about a magister who had him make an unwanted vampire child? Maybe because he works for the people that hired him (the authority or the facade of the authority..the AVL…just a thought…Maybe he started “mainstreaming” on the surface for more reasons than just to protect Sooke? Again, just a wild idea.

Eric seemed skeptical about this “mainstreaming” though, not only once but twice. Maybe because Eric not only knew that Bill was still killing but maybe because he knew Bill had views about vampire superiority (kinda like the The Authority and the AVL really do, according to my theory about the AVL and The Authority).

Eric Northman: “If you’re their poster boy, the mainstreaming movement is in deep trouble…”

 Eric Northman: “Mainstreaming. I heard…”

(humor and skepticism is written all over Eric’s face both times: he smiles!)

All of this could just mean that Bill is a huge hypocrite, which we already knew. So how do I tie this into season 3 other than Bill’s odd facial expression that I already pointed out?


If you look closely you can see Eric is in handcuffs and Bill is not.

Clearly Eric is being punished for some reason if he is wearing handcuffs, particularly ones that look to be silver. The only people who would be out to punish him would be the people who know about his involvement in the magister’s disappearance (which we know is coming).  QSA would not openly punish him even though he joined with Russell because she is marrying the King and so those kingdoms/queendoms will unite and they are currently betrothed). Why would Bill be helping to carry out the punishment unless he was working for those that were punishing Eric, not just Queen Sophie Ann? Bill might end up betraying the people he works for to help Eric (or really Sookie) but the fact remains he was trusted to carry out the punishment and/or arrest Eric.

Therefore, it is very likely that Bill Compton is working for The Authority/AVL too if he is carrying out this punishment.

Clearly Bill is ambitious and his ambition might extend past “procuring” people for monarchs. How much higher could you get than working with the agenda of “The Authority” or its facade, the AVL? It beats running a cactus plantation for sure.

Also, Maybe Bill is so confident about himself despite seemingly having no reason to on the surface because of this  (not just because he is impulsive and not all that bright).

At the very least, Bill has also heard about how Eric and Russell were discussing the magister’s irrelevance and could provide his testimony in a possible trial or investigation …and if we really want to get crazy…(maybe he was specifically chosen to scout out the queen and Eric because of his relationship with both of them or maybe he went back to LA to investigate both of them or one of them in the first place, however he had to do work for one or both of them in order to gain the trust needed to gain access to the queen’s secrets and/or Eric’s secrets)

(Then again, this just could be fan fiction and totally wrong. But it seemed like an interesting idea..haha)


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The Real Motivations of the AVL and Russell (w/ nan and the magister as the vampire pope)

Do you question my authority? I am the magister. I was trained in the Inquisition and I am the adjudicator for every vampire territory in North America! As the humans say, the humans you love more than your own kind, back your shit down!”  ―The Magister (Magnus) to Bill Compton (1×10) (True Blood Wiki).

Steve Newlin: “Did you know that there was actually a vampire pope back in the Middle Ages? (2×06)”

Russell on The Magister, to Eric: “…the only power he has is the power we give him.” (3×05 “Trouble”)

Before we get to the meaning of those statements, let us establish that the Magister represents the Catholic Church and the former power that it wielded and the political influence that it also once had. 

Does it seem a little odd to you that a vampire would use religious dogma and terms such as blasphemy to describe laws broken by vampires (that he is supposes to carry out the “justice” for)?

The Magister was referred to as an “inquisitor.” “[he] has been itching for another inquisition for centuries.” Obviously the magister was an inquisitor during the SPANISH INQUISTION if he was an inquistor during the middle ages. In order to be an inquisitor he must have been part of the catholic priesthood. Therefore, I propose that the Magister may have been this infamous Pope (Innocent VIII) rumored to feed on young boys to improve his health in True Blood mythology (though this is a  complete guess and I could be wrong):

NOW getting to the more important side of my theory below:

It is briefly mentioned in the “True Blood: Mythological Creatures: Vampires” special as well as in a “Post-Mortem” special that the Magister is under the jurisdiction of “The Authority (True Blood Wiki)” “The Authority is briefly mentioned as the highest ranking figure of of all vampires. The Authority is said to give vampire monarchs their power and is even in a higher position of power than Magnus, the Magister of North American Territories. It is unknown exactly how far the jurisdiction of The Authority extends and who its members are (True Blood Wiki).

Remember when Nan Flaningan (the AVL spokesperson), suggested to Eric that she could have his authority as a Sheriff automatically stripped and was able to take the paperwork for Godric’s resignation (2×09)? Eric questioned her authority and she responded with “try me, I am on tv,” but I think there is more to her power than that.

Maybe Nan Flannigan is The Authority or is directly working for The Authority. Why would I think that other than the fact that she seemed to be so confident about her power and had the ability to demand resignations despite the fact that she is not the king/queen of Texas?

Because she represents the American Vampire League! Do you honestly think THE AUTHORITY would have allowed the outing of all vampires if they had not wanted it themselves or atleast allowed it and don’t you think they would have put one of their own or atleast someone they trusted in charge of that task (a trusted buereaucrat as Eric might say)?

Since the Authority is in charge of appointing magisters and vampire royalty, don’t you think that they will be very interested once Eric and Russell make the magister “go missing.” They will have lost someone directly working for them and they will be interested in the possible role of a sheriff they can fire and the royalty (Russell) that they appointed.

So that is why Nan Flanigan will be the one asking questions about the magister’s disappearance (hinted strongly in spoilers)…because she is The Authority or is directly working for The Authority!

How does this tie back into the magister other than the fact that the authority appointed him? Doesn’t his agenda of vampire superiority or religious dogma seem to contrast with the message of the AVL?

I propose that the front of the AVL is merely an underhanded way for vampires to gain legal rights so that they can gradually overtake human positions of authority. They really feel very sanctimonious about the superiority of vampires (over humans and other supes) and this whole AVL scheme is their master plan to eventually achieve that superiority over humans without starting all out war and bloodshed that would naturally result from a direct confrontation.

Russell is simply trying to eventually overthrow humanity completely and much more quickly than the strategy of the AVL would allow (in part because he thinks he needs to save “nature” and humans are “also hinted at in the promos and the conversation he had with Eric in 3×06 in the limo). He also thinks it would be wiser to pay lip service to other supes and use them in the WAR against humans. He also doesn’t like “vampire fundamentalists (3×06) which the Authority obviously is if they hired Magnus to be The Magister.

“If all the supernaturals would stop squabbling amoung themselves and unite, we could conquer humans in a MATTER OF DAYS.” and “Throughout history I have aligned myself with or destroyed those humans in power hoping to make a dent in mankind’s race to oblivion. What other creature actively destroys it’s own habitat?”

So it is obvious to me that Russell is not happy with the gradual strategy of the AVL and/or the authority or their fundamentalism. He has created this cult around himself and nature and wants to use it to become the authority himself in order to achieve his “dream” as he told Eric (3×06). He belives the magister (and therefore the authority) only have their power because it “is given to them (3×05)” and they can overthrow them all when they unite.

His attempts will backfire and create the opening for the FOTS to gain some ground again with humans and get in the way of Nan’s crucial vampire rights amendment.

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“Letting Go”- Episode 3×06 “I’ve Got A Right To Sing The Blues” Recap/Analysis

“She will take her time. He has been her drug of choice for centuries now. She is going to have a hard time letting go.” – Russell Edington

Jessica won’t let go of her taste for real human blood even if it means feeding off RANDOM unwilling victims.

Bill won’t let go of his need to always try to look like a hero for Sookie even if the attempt is feeble, desperate, destructive, and not only makes no difference but  puts everyone in a worse position than before.

Sookie won’t let go of her tendency to think only about herself and her immediate goals, at the expense of others.

Eric won’t let go of his feelings for Sookie even if he tries to.

Arlene won’t let go of her prejudice against vampires.

Lafayette won’t let go of his trust issues, for better or worse.

Sookie won’t let go of her tendency to ignore RED FLAGS right in front of her face.

Lorena won’t let go of the same nostalgia and sentimentality that she so often critcizes Bill for.

"I do miss the 1930's, such style, elegance, people knew how to behave, knew what was expected of them, knew how to avoid creating tragedies for the people they loved..."

Franklin won’t let go of his obsession with Tara and his desire to turn her.

Eric won’t let go of his over reliance on his sexuality to manipulate others.

QSA won’t let go of her obsession with spending money and apparently gambling.

Lafayette won’t let go of the darkness inside him.

Neither Russell or Eric will let go of their memories (causing Russell’s need to conquer humanity, Eric’s need for vengeance).

Bill won’t let go of his hypocrisy or his victim complex.

Neither Nan or Congressman Finch will let go of agendas that benefit their own power.

Sam won’t let go of his need to help Tommy.

Melinda M and Tommy won’t let go of Joe Lee or the way he uses their shifting abilities for personal financial gain.

Jason won’t let go of Crystal or his past.

Crystal won’t let go of Hotshot or her awful fiancee.

Debbie and Coot won’t let go of their addiction to V or Russell’s influence.

Sookie won’t let go of Bill (for better or worse…though I am thinking worse).

On a positive note, not letting go can be positive sometimes…

Tara won’t let go of her desire to live and will go to extremes to hold onto her desire to live.

However, an inability to let go even in the face of “Trouble (3×05),” often leads to “Singing the Blues (3×06).”

Next week, it will all lead to shit hitting the fan and bodies “Hitting the Ground (3×07)”




Eric/Bill Body Language Flashback-Flashback-Flashback!

This post is dedicated to my reader Hime who requested it.

Bill is forced to introduce Sookie to Eric 1×04:

uh-oh! Eric is going to be trouble for Bill. Sookie shows facial signs of arousal and desire (Eyes wide open,dilated pupils; slightly raised eyebrows; lips slightly parted; steady gaze)

Notice the Striking difference in the photos in Bill’s face before and after Eric shows obvious interest:

Initially, Bill shows total submission  to Eric w/ a lowered head and sunken eyebrows on his face.

Wow, now look at that! After Eric has shown obvious interest in Sookie, Bill shows simultaneous anger and SADNESS with very pronounced “pursed, flat lips!” and ENVY with his tight wrinkled, jutting chin and his tight stare as well. Bill knew where this was going to end LONG AGO!

Bill and Eric interact as Eric saves Sookie from her “Scratches” 2×03:

Eric claims his position  as Alpha male by spreading out his body and gaining the center of attention in the room even when he is sitting. More surprisingly, however, we see PITY in Eric’s face (eyes in an extended gaze, titled head, corners of mouth slightly down) even though he is trying to hide it.

Eric is obviously aroused by the prospect of giving Sookie blood (mouth turned up slightly at sides in gentle smile,relaxed facial muscles) but he is also taking the opportunity for alpha male posturing again by grabbing the vulnerable wrist area in a sign of aggressive physical contact (Bill tries to return the favor). Bill replies with obvious disgust at the suggestion (nostrils  flared; nose crunched).

As Bill feeds Sookie, in this face Eric expresses  sadness and shame for feeling the sadness in the first place (eyes and head cast down, eye brows lowered) and looking on without a full on stare.

Eric and Bill talk 2×04:

Eric attempts to reason with Bill and treat him as an equal by lowering his body to his level and maintaining eye contact but Bill remains defensive.

All Bill/Eric interaction in “Timebomb” 2×08:

Eric feels comfortable enough with Sookie to invade the personal space of the couple to check on Sookie. Of course Bill defensively gets between them and aggressively eyes Eric.

Eric feels comfortable enough to invade the couple’s space again and postures himself as dominant over Bill by opening up his shoulders yet trying to seem non-threatening to Sookie by lowering his head and keeping a relaxed jaw line.

Obviously none too pleased, Bill does his usual cold stare and tight,closed lips to show his displeasure.

Bill unwisely grabs Eric's arm for more alpha male posturing and gives him the same tight lipped stare during their confrontation.

 All Eric/Bill interaction during “I Will Rise Up” 2×09:

 What the hell Bill?! Your girl has supposedly just been violated and you could not be acting any more submissive right there (head VERY down, eyes WAY down, nose down, curled corners in your, WHOLE FACE down). Not one dominant or angry gesture here other than a sour look or two. Maybe it seemed like Sookie was a little too into it no matter what she said. Yeah, Bill totally knows where this is headed, just like he did on day one.

sooo NOW you get angry. Why not show a little more physical violence while the much more dominant viking is down (grieving)? way to show some cowardice Bill. I am sure Sookie was real impressed.

Eric and Bill confront eachother outside QSA’s mansion: 2×11

Eric shows boredom with Bill by diverting his eyes and fiddling with his hair. BUT suddenly Bill has CONFIDENCE shown through a swagger in his step and shows his interest in what Eric is up to by arching his eyebrow. He shows sudden confidence because of hearing about the V thing and is not afraid to look Eric in the eye with an arrogant slight smile. BUT Eric does not back down with the eye showdown and Bill knows where this is still headed…soo….

Maybe he was also confident with Eric in that scene because he knew he was about to tie the fair lady down with a quickie marriage to Vermont…


Like it or not, Bill knows where this is STILL headed and now…so does everyone else.

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Ranking Evil-The Body Language of True Blood “Villains”

 (i will discuss most of the “villians” with the exception of the magister)

 Behind Door Number One We Have… 

MASTER VILLIAN-Russell Edington- Vampire King of Mississippi! 


Why is this vampire the master of True Blood villains? Certainly there are those that equal Russell in the pure tendency toward “evil”. However, nobody masters buisness appeal like Russell! Mastering buisness appeal itself has helped Russell control others. Controlling others effortlessly makes for a more masterful villian than any other. 

Russell always manages to command the room (with an upright and wide posture) despite the fact that he may be the smallest, shortest individual/vampire in the room or area: 




Russell commands them like a general from a pedestal (the horse)

Russell always knows how to play the attention of an audience:

Russell commands the werewolves from the "spotlight" of the stage and "embraces" the audience with open hands

Russell always starts with a smile before any “polite” gesture: 

Russell smiles before giving Lorena the first taste of the stripper

 Russell realizes the value of physical contact and a “handshake”: 

Russell tricks Bill into unconciously accepting their agreement through a forced "handshake


Russell never loses eye contact when he makes a point, no matter what the other person is saying or doing or who they are: 



 Russell is the most dangerous and the most evil because he knows how to manipulate others like none other and claim that power in a way that is seemingly “civilzed” no matter how evil or “uncivilized” he actually is. 

Behind Door Number Two We Have QUEEN SOPHIE-ANN: 

Why is Queen Sophie-Ann so dangerous? Like Russell, she possesses the capacity for great selfishness and “evil”  yet her power certainly has nothing to do with mastering her buisness or people skills for sure. Her power comes from PURE VIOLENCE (sexual and physical) and using her feminity to play men against each other, It also comes from playing her own sexuality and the sexuality of others. Her problems come from the magister who cares for none of those factors. 

QSA strikes a demure, feminine post by crossing her legs and sitting below the magister and allows the boys "to fight it out" on her behalf. Eric mistakingly stands over the magister.

QSA uses simultaneous physical violence and sexual violence to control Eric ( simulating choking while she grabs his testicles or kisses him)


QSA simulataneously plays on her own sexuality and Bill Compton’s sexuality during his visit to her: 

QSA attempts to entice Bill through her sexuality unembarassingly (holds the open crouch from her companion and invites him into the fantasy with a slight head tilt, open eyes, and a slight smile)



QSA puts her body on full, open display for Mr.Compton

While this technique makes her (QSA) powerful enough and dangerous (because of the unpredictability and violence), it is a house of cards waiting to come down and not nearly as solid as the king’s power. 

Now for the more minor villians: 

Behind Door Number Three we have Debbie: 

Are you surprised? Wait till you notice these signs… 

Debbie uses overt sexuality to play the men around her against eachother.


Debbie has no qualms using violence with Sookie

Notice anything here? DING DING DING! Debbie is the werewolf version of QSA (including the non-body language cues, Debbie has an addiction to V. QSA has an addiction to spending money). 

Behind Door Number Four we have Franklin Mott: 

Franklin's fangs pop out because he is aroused by violence.

Franklins his needs for total domiance by covering Tara's body almost entirely with his and taking her behind during sex

Franklin shows his needs for dominance and sadism by tying her up and covering her body with his again

..and then the obvious...he chokes her

However, Franklin is too insane to be much of a powerful threat on a wide scale (though he is certainly dangerous).  

Finally, are Bill and/or Eric villians? Let us do some photo comparisons… 

Bill shares in an unwilling stripper with animal lust

Eric casually enjoys a willing "blood hooker"

 Bill gets physically violent with women simply bc they annoy him: 



Eric gets physically violent with the queen in order to save Pam and possibly himself from her “set up” that caused Pam’s torture and might causes their final death: 


Really I could go on and on but I think you get the picture concerning both Eric and Bill. 

You Decide. How would you rank “evil” on True Blood?

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Being “Normal”- Episode 3×05 “Trouble” Analysis

“I am not worried. I have never been so not worried. It’s what normal people do Sam. They fall in love. They make eachother laugh. They move in together. They raise kids. They fight over money. They get old and fat together and it’s normal…”- Terry B

Normal People Fall In Love

They Make Eachother Laugh

They Move In Together

They raise kids

They Fight Over Money and They get old and fat together.

Obviously, you do not have to be NORMAL at all to fall in love, laugh with someone, move in together, raise kids, fight over money, and/or get old and fat with someone. Acheiving those things does not make you normal, neither does getting a “real” job:

No matter how you try to be normal , distract yourself or  run away from your problems

They just keep coming back and they bring the inevitable “Trouble” along with them…

Next Week, Who will “sing the blues?(3×06)”


Bill/Sookie Body Language Flashback-Flashback!

This entry is dedicated to Renee (, who put this Bill/Sookie idea in my head and to Freyja who encouraged me to explore my ideas on Body Language on this blog in the first place.

Sookie Rescues Bill- 1×01

It is noticable even from the beginning that Sookie is very stiff and insecure around Bill. Of course she is excited by him, he is the first vampire she has met. She smiles and laughs as a result of her effort to alleviate the awkwardness and tension (and also to release the uncomfortable situation of staring into someone’s eyes you do not completely trust yet) rather than as the result of any true conversational or bodily chemistry between them. Their attraction basically begins based on the intrigue they provide each other rather than on any genuine chemistry during their interaction. This starts off the tone for the rest of their relationship.

Skip ahead to Season 2…

Sookie’s Arguments With Bill 2×01

This couple clearly is not comfortable communicating. Sookie crosses her arms over herself (clearly closing herself off from Bill’s opinions and explanations).

Bill tries to avoid the confrontation and ignore Sookie’s feelings by darting his eyes around and avoiding her stares in between explanations.

When Bill finally starts to make an effort, Sookie turns around and bails out as soon as things get rough between them (again with her arms closed over her chest). This shows a lack of commitment to making things work in the long run and shows she is shutting his opinions and explanations out once again.

Later on as Sookie goes for the door ONCE AGAIN, they finally manage to keep eye contact, but look at that space between them while they are supposedly talking things out!

Wait, communicating is too hard…let B/S solve their problems with some rough make up sex after a desperate “I love you” or two

Sookie and Bill Argue Again 2×03 and 2×03:

Now, Bill is actually getting physically combative ( showing physical dominance) with Sookie during an argument (obviously never a good sign).

Sookie gets up and leaves ONCE AGAIN as they argue in the car even though it could be dangerous!Just a couple of weeks in and  Sookie has tried to leave an important argument or conversation, AT LEAST THREE TIMES, rather than try to work things out plus Bill does not even try to smooth things over. Jessica tells Bill to “Go after her and say that you’re Sorry…” yet he cannot find the motivation to even do that.

Sookie exiting the car

Sookie and Bill Talk to Isabel and Hug0 and Sookie and Bill at the Hotel 2×05:

Bill often tries to gain the upper hand and show his possession over Sookie by standing slighty in front or trying to pull her back as she tries to get her independence within the room (before interjecting in the conversation).

Sookie holds onto Bill desperately trying to get his attention/ affection so they can make love.

Sookie and Bill speak with Isabel and Hugo 2×06:

(besides the obvious submissive dialog by Sookie) Bill holds onto Sookie and leans slightly ahead of Sookie, showing his dominance rather than their equality in the relationship. Sookie does a bashful head lean to show her submissiveness (once again).

Sookie’s Dream about Eric 2×09:

Sookie subconsciously positions her body on the opposite end of the bed from Bill, facing away from Bill, before beginning her dream of Eric ( shows an emotionally distant attitude from Bill before beginning her dream).

Sookie and Bill Discuss the Bombing 2×09:

Sookie’s arms are closed around her and she is sitting apart from Bill even as he reaches for her (shutting Bill out and claiming her distance). Clearly, Eric and Godric are the only people on her mind, as she looks at them while claiming her distance from Bill.

Sookie Tells Bill She is Going After Godric 2×09:

Bill shows all the signs of a rift in the relationship forming once he finds out she isn’t listening to him and is going to help Godric. He glances away most of the time and keeps a lot of bodily distance except to give her a goodbye kiss.

Finally, once Dallas and the Maenad Situation are Over…

Bill Proposes to Sookie 2×12:

Surprise! Not only does she not give Bill an answer (dialogue) wise, she runs away for AT LEAST THE FOURTH TIME IN TEARS rather than deal with the situation!

OR Was it really such a surprise after all?

No, it was not. Clearly, as Bill said, “they were doomed from the start.” Their body language shows an emotional distance and difficulty communicating ( stiff/unatural interaction that expresses insecurity, dominance and submissiveness rather than equality and partnership by the way they sit and stand, closed off communication with Sookie’s arm crossing, tendency to express independence in a group setting rather than a partnership with significant bodily distance in public, large distance during arguments alone,  tendency to lose eye contact during difficult subjects, RUNNING AWAY FROM PROBLEMS, keeping distance rather than apologizing, solving problems with sex,  and most importantly… PHYSICAL ANGER…)

Really, must I go on?

These two were sending bodily signals of trouble throughout their entire relationship despite what the dialogue said. Clearly, these two do not have what it takes to make a long term  relationship work, at least with each other. Even if they could, neither of them is entirely comfortable, happy, or secure with where things are headed in this relationship. That does not need to be said.

****************BILL & SOOKIE BODY LANGUAGE UPDATE: 8/21/2010*****************

Since I last updated this post, Sookie and Bill have been reunited since the “kidnapping” storyline and have done A LOT of interacting that can be used to further analyze the downward spiral of thier relationship in Season 3 which is highlighted by Domestic violence, constant lying, codependence, & mental manipulation :

First of all: A lot of the  has suggested that the PHYSICAL ANGER has escalated beyond repair and been shown in both a concious and unconcious manner ON BOTH SIDES. This season has shown the known fact that issues of domestic violence often do not resolve themseleves, they often escalate.

( On the right: Of course, Sookie attempts to show pure affection and concern for Bill by gentley wrapping her arm around the vulnerable head area while feeding him her blood and then kissing his head. Her droopy eyes and slanted eyebrows show concern for him). HOWEVER, (On the left: Whether concious or unconcious, Bill releases aggression by pinning her down and forcibly feeding from her neck and covering her mouth and nasal passages. Therefore, I am pretty sure he was trying to kill her conciously or unconciously.But how could he remember that he couldn’t stop draining if it was supposedly an unconcious action? That is my main question about this scene. Also, if this was un unconcious action, then why go through so much to make sure she wasn’t heard? An unconcious action would not show obvious concious actions!)


SOOOOO…Bill just so happens to rise as soon as he is “threatened” by the sun but a bunch of banging on the door by Tara will not do even though you have vampire ears? Btw Bill, there is no way you are truly concerned for this girl unless you just got botox injections, I don’t see any emotion on that face! In fact the only concern I saw was when you thought you might be burning up in the sun (scrunched forehead, sunken eyebrows, narrowed eyes, open mouth).


Then once Bill had time to realize WTF is going on, all he can do is day “damn” with little more than a voice that conveyed little more than mild frustration.

Once Bill realizes Sookie is breaking up with him, he turns on his best cry face in a spilt second while turning the tables on her and breaking up with her and making her feel guilty by suggesting she is breaking up with him because he can’t give her babies instead of the fact that he almost killed her.  Perfect Bill, you are certainly the master manipulator. Your best guilt trip had her back in your arms by the end of the day!

Seems like a reference to the fakeness of the drama tradgedy mask to me.

(Bill, why are your eyebrows pointed up, it conflicts with your whole “sad face?” You are conveying hopefulness. You know she will be guilted into taking you back soon enough, that is why you are so hopeful. You never really thought this was the end. You are sly Bill.)


Could there be any more aggression on your face Bill? All facial muscles tight, clenched teeth, tight curved eyebrows, squinted eyes)

Sex solves your problems as usual I gues….Not.

Since Sookie has never been into S&M before, I am going to assume this was a totally aggressive choking that symbolized their frustrations/anger with one another. Sookie on top is her attempt to get her power back.

Their co-dependence, addition to eachother's blood is indicated here. Despite her attack, she allows Bill to bite her out of pressure and maybe addiction to his actual bite. Blood near the lips means she might have injested some during the sex.

Bill could you be a worse liar?

After being asked about the secret file...Bill diverts her gaze as soon as he is asked about the secret file, bows his head down in shame and licks his lips as a nervous tick...yeah, tell us you aren't lying now...esepcially after you blamed it on Eric. Very Smooth! NOT! THEN YOU MAKE IT OBVIOUS YOU ARE THINKING OF A LIE:So you basically facepalm yourself out of frustration and pull the classic hand to head thinking of a lie and you look more annoyed than remorseful. (like a mom who is tired of dealing with the kids, pinching your nose...

Bill, messing with or covering your nose is the most classic sign of a liar!

You seem a little concerned when questioned with your curved eyebrows but the rest of your face is motionless and you are trying too hard to convince her with your staring after you just spent a significant amount of time trying to avoid her gaze! However, I see you hiding a little smirk as you try to convince her Eric is the reason you are keeping the SECRET FILE. Are you amused at the ease of your lies? HOWEVER, Sookie is actually looking a little unconvinced this time:

(skeptical head turn to the side, open mouth, and crunched eyebrows, slightly raised shoulders)

another angrier type of skeptical face (wide open eyes during a stare down, leaning forward slightly) As she asks about what Hadley told her.

So you change the subject and divert her gaze ONCE AGAIN and get that classic worried look on your face Bill:

Wow, no matter the sex or anything else, I am now convinced this relationship is just about over! Sookie made it clear in episode 2×01 when you both had make-up sex the last time, that lying is her number one pet peeve and it is obvious to all by the most hopeful of Bill fans, that you are lying. Not to mention the escalating physical aggressiveness on both sides (which mirrors his disasterous relationship with Lorena), manipulation on Bill’s part and it seems that, and it seems clear that the co-dependence on eachother’s blood is a metaphor for drug addiciton.

Don’t forget he almost killed her because he couldn’t control his urges.

Is it really believeable that this relationship is going to have a happy ending?

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