Bill/Sookie Body Language Flashback-Flashback!

This entry is dedicated to Renee (, who put this Bill/Sookie idea in my head and to Freyja who encouraged me to explore my ideas on Body Language on this blog in the first place.

Sookie Rescues Bill- 1×01

It is noticable even from the beginning that Sookie is very stiff and insecure around Bill. Of course she is excited by him, he is the first vampire she has met. She smiles and laughs as a result of her effort to alleviate the awkwardness and tension (and also to release the uncomfortable situation of staring into someone’s eyes you do not completely trust yet) rather than as the result of any true conversational or bodily chemistry between them. Their attraction basically begins based on the intrigue they provide each other rather than on any genuine chemistry during their interaction. This starts off the tone for the rest of their relationship.

Skip ahead to Season 2…

Sookie’s Arguments With Bill 2×01

This couple clearly is not comfortable communicating. Sookie crosses her arms over herself (clearly closing herself off from Bill’s opinions and explanations).

Bill tries to avoid the confrontation and ignore Sookie’s feelings by darting his eyes around and avoiding her stares in between explanations.

When Bill finally starts to make an effort, Sookie turns around and bails out as soon as things get rough between them (again with her arms closed over her chest). This shows a lack of commitment to making things work in the long run and shows she is shutting his opinions and explanations out once again.

Later on as Sookie goes for the door ONCE AGAIN, they finally manage to keep eye contact, but look at that space between them while they are supposedly talking things out!

Wait, communicating is too hard…let B/S solve their problems with some rough make up sex after a desperate “I love you” or two

Sookie and Bill Argue Again 2×03 and 2×03:

Now, Bill is actually getting physically combative ( showing physical dominance) with Sookie during an argument (obviously never a good sign).

Sookie gets up and leaves ONCE AGAIN as they argue in the car even though it could be dangerous!Just a couple of weeks in and  Sookie has tried to leave an important argument or conversation, AT LEAST THREE TIMES, rather than try to work things out plus Bill does not even try to smooth things over. Jessica tells Bill to “Go after her and say that you’re Sorry…” yet he cannot find the motivation to even do that.

Sookie exiting the car

Sookie and Bill Talk to Isabel and Hug0 and Sookie and Bill at the Hotel 2×05:

Bill often tries to gain the upper hand and show his possession over Sookie by standing slighty in front or trying to pull her back as she tries to get her independence within the room (before interjecting in the conversation).

Sookie holds onto Bill desperately trying to get his attention/ affection so they can make love.

Sookie and Bill speak with Isabel and Hugo 2×06:

(besides the obvious submissive dialog by Sookie) Bill holds onto Sookie and leans slightly ahead of Sookie, showing his dominance rather than their equality in the relationship. Sookie does a bashful head lean to show her submissiveness (once again).

Sookie’s Dream about Eric 2×09:

Sookie subconsciously positions her body on the opposite end of the bed from Bill, facing away from Bill, before beginning her dream of Eric ( shows an emotionally distant attitude from Bill before beginning her dream).

Sookie and Bill Discuss the Bombing 2×09:

Sookie’s arms are closed around her and she is sitting apart from Bill even as he reaches for her (shutting Bill out and claiming her distance). Clearly, Eric and Godric are the only people on her mind, as she looks at them while claiming her distance from Bill.

Sookie Tells Bill She is Going After Godric 2×09:

Bill shows all the signs of a rift in the relationship forming once he finds out she isn’t listening to him and is going to help Godric. He glances away most of the time and keeps a lot of bodily distance except to give her a goodbye kiss.

Finally, once Dallas and the Maenad Situation are Over…

Bill Proposes to Sookie 2×12:

Surprise! Not only does she not give Bill an answer (dialogue) wise, she runs away for AT LEAST THE FOURTH TIME IN TEARS rather than deal with the situation!

OR Was it really such a surprise after all?

No, it was not. Clearly, as Bill said, “they were doomed from the start.” Their body language shows an emotional distance and difficulty communicating ( stiff/unatural interaction that expresses insecurity, dominance and submissiveness rather than equality and partnership by the way they sit and stand, closed off communication with Sookie’s arm crossing, tendency to express independence in a group setting rather than a partnership with significant bodily distance in public, large distance during arguments alone,  tendency to lose eye contact during difficult subjects, RUNNING AWAY FROM PROBLEMS, keeping distance rather than apologizing, solving problems with sex,  and most importantly… PHYSICAL ANGER…)

Really, must I go on?

These two were sending bodily signals of trouble throughout their entire relationship despite what the dialogue said. Clearly, these two do not have what it takes to make a long term  relationship work, at least with each other. Even if they could, neither of them is entirely comfortable, happy, or secure with where things are headed in this relationship. That does not need to be said.

****************BILL & SOOKIE BODY LANGUAGE UPDATE: 8/21/2010*****************

Since I last updated this post, Sookie and Bill have been reunited since the “kidnapping” storyline and have done A LOT of interacting that can be used to further analyze the downward spiral of thier relationship in Season 3 which is highlighted by Domestic violence, constant lying, codependence, & mental manipulation :

First of all: A lot of the  has suggested that the PHYSICAL ANGER has escalated beyond repair and been shown in both a concious and unconcious manner ON BOTH SIDES. This season has shown the known fact that issues of domestic violence often do not resolve themseleves, they often escalate.

( On the right: Of course, Sookie attempts to show pure affection and concern for Bill by gentley wrapping her arm around the vulnerable head area while feeding him her blood and then kissing his head. Her droopy eyes and slanted eyebrows show concern for him). HOWEVER, (On the left: Whether concious or unconcious, Bill releases aggression by pinning her down and forcibly feeding from her neck and covering her mouth and nasal passages. Therefore, I am pretty sure he was trying to kill her conciously or unconciously.But how could he remember that he couldn’t stop draining if it was supposedly an unconcious action? That is my main question about this scene. Also, if this was un unconcious action, then why go through so much to make sure she wasn’t heard? An unconcious action would not show obvious concious actions!)


SOOOOO…Bill just so happens to rise as soon as he is “threatened” by the sun but a bunch of banging on the door by Tara will not do even though you have vampire ears? Btw Bill, there is no way you are truly concerned for this girl unless you just got botox injections, I don’t see any emotion on that face! In fact the only concern I saw was when you thought you might be burning up in the sun (scrunched forehead, sunken eyebrows, narrowed eyes, open mouth).


Then once Bill had time to realize WTF is going on, all he can do is day “damn” with little more than a voice that conveyed little more than mild frustration.

Once Bill realizes Sookie is breaking up with him, he turns on his best cry face in a spilt second while turning the tables on her and breaking up with her and making her feel guilty by suggesting she is breaking up with him because he can’t give her babies instead of the fact that he almost killed her.  Perfect Bill, you are certainly the master manipulator. Your best guilt trip had her back in your arms by the end of the day!

Seems like a reference to the fakeness of the drama tradgedy mask to me.

(Bill, why are your eyebrows pointed up, it conflicts with your whole “sad face?” You are conveying hopefulness. You know she will be guilted into taking you back soon enough, that is why you are so hopeful. You never really thought this was the end. You are sly Bill.)


Could there be any more aggression on your face Bill? All facial muscles tight, clenched teeth, tight curved eyebrows, squinted eyes)

Sex solves your problems as usual I gues….Not.

Since Sookie has never been into S&M before, I am going to assume this was a totally aggressive choking that symbolized their frustrations/anger with one another. Sookie on top is her attempt to get her power back.

Their co-dependence, addition to eachother's blood is indicated here. Despite her attack, she allows Bill to bite her out of pressure and maybe addiction to his actual bite. Blood near the lips means she might have injested some during the sex.

Bill could you be a worse liar?

After being asked about the secret file...Bill diverts her gaze as soon as he is asked about the secret file, bows his head down in shame and licks his lips as a nervous tick...yeah, tell us you aren't lying now...esepcially after you blamed it on Eric. Very Smooth! NOT! THEN YOU MAKE IT OBVIOUS YOU ARE THINKING OF A LIE:So you basically facepalm yourself out of frustration and pull the classic hand to head thinking of a lie and you look more annoyed than remorseful. (like a mom who is tired of dealing with the kids, pinching your nose...

Bill, messing with or covering your nose is the most classic sign of a liar!

You seem a little concerned when questioned with your curved eyebrows but the rest of your face is motionless and you are trying too hard to convince her with your staring after you just spent a significant amount of time trying to avoid her gaze! However, I see you hiding a little smirk as you try to convince her Eric is the reason you are keeping the SECRET FILE. Are you amused at the ease of your lies? HOWEVER, Sookie is actually looking a little unconvinced this time:

(skeptical head turn to the side, open mouth, and crunched eyebrows, slightly raised shoulders)

another angrier type of skeptical face (wide open eyes during a stare down, leaning forward slightly) As she asks about what Hadley told her.

So you change the subject and divert her gaze ONCE AGAIN and get that classic worried look on your face Bill:

Wow, no matter the sex or anything else, I am now convinced this relationship is just about over! Sookie made it clear in episode 2×01 when you both had make-up sex the last time, that lying is her number one pet peeve and it is obvious to all by the most hopeful of Bill fans, that you are lying. Not to mention the escalating physical aggressiveness on both sides (which mirrors his disasterous relationship with Lorena), manipulation on Bill’s part and it seems that, and it seems clear that the co-dependence on eachother’s blood is a metaphor for drug addiciton.

Don’t forget he almost killed her because he couldn’t control his urges.

Is it really believeable that this relationship is going to have a happy ending?


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  1. #1 by Christine on July 17, 2010 - 11:27 pm

    Wow, wow! During a relationship seminar eons ago, the male speaker talked about how he would be in a group conversation with his buddies when his wife walked up to them. Instead of moving to the side to open up the circle to her, he closed her off keeping her out to assert his position with the group and with her. He was telling us the mistakes he made and it was an EYE opener. So I agree entirely with what you said and this seminar on relationships I was at confirms what you’re saying about body language. You went more indepth with lack of eye contact, arms crossed and walking out instead of working it out. Egads! This is brilliant, insightful and telling. Sookie is so bloody different with Eric. Please God.

    • #2 by talktrueblood on July 17, 2010 - 11:39 pm

      I wondered if anyone else noticed the different ways Bill and Sookie postioned themselves in group settings and how important that is.

      Thank you so much for all the compliments, it makes me happy when people enjoy what I write.
      That is the best thing I could point out through this :
      She is a totally different and better person with Eric and she will become the heroine we will all love versus the shadow of what she once was and can be.
      Eric also treats her as an equal(not a submissive girlfriend) and would never get physical (in a bad way) with her.

    • #3 by Freyja on July 17, 2010 - 11:50 pm

      That’s exactly it… Sookie transforms to a different Sookie all together with Eric! She’s strong, funny, independant, says what she wants to express because she knows Eric can handle it and doesn’t scold her for being naive or wrong.
      Bill sees her as the damsel in distress, and with him Sookie acts the part. Naive, clingy, too sweet, submissive, trying to say the right things/do the right things… it doesn’t come out naturally, and her body language and eye contact shows exactly that.

      • #4 by talktrueblood on July 18, 2010 - 12:08 am

        She has changed herself to suit Bill and be the person he wants and thinks is best for him rather than being herself and finding the person that is best for her.

        People say Sookie is annoying right now those who think that should want her with Eric the most.

      • #5 by Sarah on July 18, 2010 - 10:29 am

        wow I love to read all of your conclusions. Ironically it is not only Sookie who changes. Bill who has an ulterior motiv in seducing Sookie, also tries to act as different persona, as Southern gentleman. There is this fascinating scene where both meet first. In the beginning Bill is portrayed as (and dressed like) the dangerous and sexy stranger making sexual allusions to Sookie which I guess is his true predator self. But when he recognizes that Sookie is deterred by such an attitude he changes into reliable Southern gentleman modus.
        This leads me to another question: How did you all perceive the love story before you start questioning it?
        I have not read the SVM before I started with TB thus I was unbiased. However the love story never worked to me because I always had that odd feeling towards Bill. He made my inner alarm clocks ring but my rejection was due to instinct, not due to reason. I was able to rationalize my dislike not until i started discussion with you guys.

      • #6 by talktrueblood on July 18, 2010 - 3:04 pm

        Sarah! welcome back.
        Thank you, thank you. Both of them not only change in this relationship, they are both causing the demise of their relationship, not one or the other. It is a tragic romance in the worst sense.
        Their relationship is false not only because of the lies on Bill’s end because they are not real people, they have both changed to be with the other (they are false people too), so it is no wonder that they are in a false relationship right now based on false love (everything is false).
        The only thing that can give that away really is the body language and the tension in their voices (dialogue wise) because they cover it all up nicely with the “i love you” s.
        I was actually not able to see season 2 until april of this year even though I had begun reading the books in december of last year.
        I admit I was a little biased after that but I tried to be open minded as I watched season 2 in April of this year but episode 2×06 “hard hearted hannah” changed my mind to a strong anti bill opinion after Lorena’s flashback.
        I always thought that Sookie deserved better than Bill though even in the latter half of season one though (especially after he attacked Sam). Bill sends out all the bad signals to us through the body language.

        Anyone that says…”they are just actors, this is not relevant.”….I say this “I am an actor and body language is not only discussed with the director, it is well thought out!” TRUST ME

      • #7 by Freyja on July 18, 2010 - 11:03 am

        I started reading SVM after seeing the first season of TB. I never got into this love affair between S/B. I thought Sookie changed after the first few episodes into an utterly boring and stupid girl and I had doubts about Bill, although I didn’t know why. I liked him in the first 2 episodes but when he changed into the southern gentleman and when Eric talked about the edict, that’s when I started to think that there was an ulterior motive but had no clue to what. Bill def changed his outer persona to procure Sookie for the queen and didn’t fall for her until he tasted her.

  2. #8 by Freyja on July 17, 2010 - 11:43 pm

    Thank you ttb 🙂 I totally agree with you in all of this! Sookie around Bill crosses her arms alot over her chest. They don’t keep comfortable eye contact even when they are on good terms unless Sookie approaches Bill for sex, and it’s always she that initiates sex with him. She uses very submissive body language around him, like the bashful headleaning (which she uses a lot). Bill uses his protective mode by stepping in front of her often when in conversation with others especially men (Eric), grabbing her arm and scolding Sookie when he thinks she’s out of line.
    She doesn’t deal with the relationship problems well. There has been a lot of arguing for such a short relationship, in season 1 she recinded Bills invitation. Their way of fixing problems are to say ‘I love you’, kiss desperatly and have sex. Bill has showed a whole lot of agression when dealing with the women in his life Lorena/Sookie/Jessica…. physical and emotional agression.
    When arguing Bill turns away and avoids eye contact, Sookie looks at him in those moments and doesn’t avert her eyes… she want’s that connection! She wants to be able to joke, flirt, touch, look into his eyes, be in contact with him, feel strong, be able to say what she thinks, but is only able to get that in her dream with Eric. And she shows that in her body language with Eric with out even touching him, genuinly smiling, flirting, holding eye contact, feel strong/independant and says what she wants to and knows he wont scold her. But with Bill it’s this sweet submissive body language, too sweet look in her eyes, too sweet smile, averting her eyes shyly, laughing innocently, gets clingy when she wants connection or sex with him, she usually says what she wants but knows Bill scolds her and that flairs up her anger, she’s afraid of his anger (like after the confront with Jessica’s family), she’s afraid of him hurting her.
    I could go on and on hehe 😉 I’ll leave it at this and maybe write later.

    • #9 by talktrueblood on July 17, 2010 - 11:55 pm

      You make a lot of great points, of course I noticed more things but I tried to narrow down it down or I would be writing all night…
      so…I decided to leave the rest of the points open to smart minds such as yourself : )

      Like I pointed out, that encounter outside Merlotte’s defined the rest of their relationship.
      They have a mutual fascination/obsession with eachother but once the novelty wears off, what is left?
      certainly not a stable, loving and fufilling relationship.

  3. #10 by Jessica on July 17, 2010 - 11:44 pm


    • #11 by talktrueblood on July 18, 2010 - 12:10 am

      Thank you, thank you Jessica thank you so much for the encouraging comment.

  4. #12 by Renée on July 17, 2010 - 11:46 pm

    Holy cow! A custom order! Where else can I get service like that these days? Seriously TTB, you are seriously sweet for doing this. Thank you.

    This post is really an eye opener. I was expecting a lack of romance and some assertive bl from Bill here and there, but you were able to show the problems with Bill and Sookie’s relationship are foundational and systemic and caused by both of them.

    Sookie’s unwillingness to communicate and habit of walking away seem to indicate that on a subconscious level at least, she doesn’t trust him. If SSN are any indication, these behaviors will become patterns that she carries through all of her failed relationships.

    • #13 by talktrueblood on July 18, 2010 - 12:34 am

      Of course I would do a custom order for you Renee!
      How could I not? I am very sweet though but your pretty kind yourself.

      No matter what happens, most of the time relationship problems are caused by both parties, even if one party is a lot more of the cause than the other. bottom line: It is just clear that these two are not right for each other through this body language.

      She is just enamored with the power that Bill has over her and the “quiet” he provides that Tara said was her actual attraction to him.

      Eric can give her all the Bill provides but:
      He can give her the true and beautiful relationship she deserves
      Bring out the absolute best in her
      make her happy.

  5. #14 by midnightblack07 on July 18, 2010 - 3:17 am

    Amazing post!!
    I found the link to it on the True Blood fansite on Facebook and favorited your blog right away!! 😀 Very insightful, and I really feel that what Tara said to Franklin last week about what Sookie really wants is the quiet Bill provides says volumes about their relationship. Again, it echoes what you pointed out about the “novelty” and the “allure” of it all; neither of which is enough to sustain a mature and *healthy* relationship. I

    I’m also really glad you pointed out the way he actually put his hands on her and *shoved* her out of Jessica’s house in season 2, ep. 2. That scene made me very uneasy, especially when you would see Sookie’s fear. It definately took Bill down more than a couple of notches in my book 😐

    • #15 by talktrueblood on July 18, 2010 - 3:48 am

      Thank you so much, I love any readers that take the time to comment.
      I am so glad you favorited it as well.
      Tara always makes very insightful speaches even if she messes up her own life. AB himself has said that Tara is the smartest girl on the show actually. She has just been through so much emotionally that she is a little unstable.
      I actually think people should listen to what she has to say more to figure out some of the truth.

      I think we as an audience have witnessed Bill’s violence against women time and time again.
      That time he shoved Sookie, threw Jessica across the room as soon as it suited him, let that woman suffer as he killed her in HHH episode 2×06, and finally the way he threw the latern at lorena, twisted her head, and punched her across the room.

      • #16 by Bobsgran on July 18, 2010 - 1:43 pm

        Love this TTB. Have to watch all episodes again to catch some more *stay away * moments. Like I need an excuse!

      • #17 by talktrueblood on July 18, 2010 - 2:15 pm

        Thank you. I am just glad Renee came up with the idea of me doing this comparison after reading the Eric/Sookie blog.
        Trubies need no excuses to obsess about TB in any way! loool

        It is very plain to see those *stay away* or *please pay attention* moments once you think about them and we all have here : )

  6. #18 by lisa on July 18, 2010 - 6:03 pm

    Clearly, the directing and acting is superb enough for you to pick up on this. It takes a director who understands that it is more than the dialogue and scenes in the script involved in making a character come alive. Actors that are well skilled in the dynamics of body language make for excellent vessels for characters to come alive in. The True Blood cast is clearly under the guide of an excellent director and it shows in their performance.

    • #19 by talktrueblood on July 18, 2010 - 6:36 pm

      First of all, thank you for coming to my blog and commenting!
      Oh yes. A lot of people try to discredit my body language theories until I point out that I have done some acting and actually have been directed about body language myself. I thought about the body language myself as well in every scene I carried out. It is actually quite important in acting and directing.

      Keep in mind that AB thinks of this show as one long movie and he would not want the body language to be inconsistant.

  7. #20 by Feather on July 18, 2010 - 6:51 pm

    i haven’t much to add, but i have been enjoying your posts 🙂

  8. #22 by phoebi on July 19, 2010 - 9:57 am

    Another great post! Too bad there wasn’t any Sookie/Eric interaction this week, unless it’s possible to do a body language analysis based on a 2 second shot from next weeks promo? 😀

    Looking forward to the next post, anyway!

    • #23 by talktrueblood on July 19, 2010 - 4:20 pm

      Sorry, I guess we will have to wait till next week for body language post updates : (

      I am about to write my recap (which is more like an analysis of the episode’s theme and a rant) but that will be up in a few hours.

      Thank you for the encouragement with the body language posts.

  9. #24 by sunnynala on July 19, 2010 - 8:53 pm

    It’s sooo obvious when you put it all together like this. Basically, her body language is saying that Sookie is with Bill against her better judgement, yet she can’t admit that to herself.

    • #25 by talktrueblood on July 19, 2010 - 9:10 pm

      Her unconcious is saying that she doesn’t truly need to or maybe even want to be with him…
      Yet, she is too naive to realize that she has convinced herself they belong together out of
      her desperate need for love.

  10. #26 by Lena on July 23, 2010 - 5:50 am

    Hello. I first noticed you on True Blood Facebook page, or, I am not sure. Please keep writing this blog! You are in my “favorites” list. I am going to stock your blog every day. Although I wish I could write something smart here, I would rather just keep silently reading. Guys, you opened my eyes on so many things! WOW I even can connect my previous relationship with S/B relationship. People don’t even realise how deep True Blood is! What a bunch of talented genii! I don’t think my life is going to be the same after True Blood and after finding this site and also Also, talktrueblood, I have a question for you, girl! What would you advice as a good sourse for learning “body language” ? I mean a website.

    p.s. I appologise for any errors, I am still learning the English Languge.

    • #27 by talktrueblood on July 23, 2010 - 6:24 am

      Awwwwh thank you. Your compliments make me happy. You don’t have to add anything to make me happy. A compliment makes me happy enough. I am flattered by anybody who takes the time to comment and anyone that tells me my blog is one of their personal favorites.
      True Blood contains commentary on every aspect of human life. It is just easier for me to recognize emotional/social or historical or poltical aspects since those are the subjects that I am most fluent in.
      Now go tell the ancient pythoness you love her too. She is my inspiration!

      Well I have read a lot about body language and most of it is in my head so much already that I don’t really need to look anything up anymore….
      But as far as websites based on the flirtation/love process alone…this website has good tips even though it can be a little funny/silly at time and is directed toward a younger crowd. However, I still find the flirtation tips insightful.

      • #28 by Lena on July 23, 2010 - 9:25 pm

        Thanks, I will look at the site. Actually, I am interested in learning more than just love/flirtation body language. I just want to use it in my everyday life to read people around me. I just realised that people speak more than English language, they also speak Body language and I didn’t know a word in that language, so I am walking arounf being blind and deaf to the signals they are sending!

  11. #29 by Missy on August 21, 2010 - 10:54 pm

    *Comment for the update*

    You really hit the nail there TTB. Since B/S were reunited again their relationship has gone over the cliff in every way possible! With every episode you can see more and more of the real Bill. The one that manipulates Sookie into relationship with him again, first talks about not be able to give her children and normal life, and then mocks her later on in her house for wanting that life, while wrapping up a dead werewolf.
    I had no belief in the crocodile tears after seeing his reaction after being dumped from the truck. That ‘damn’ line and his calm damenior after draining Sookie was chilling… there was no one to witness it except the viewers and his mask dropped, showing his real face.
    I think he believes he’s in love with her… but it’s only addiction to her blood! And she’s addicted to his blood too.
    His lies to cover up the edict were pitiful to say the least! And for once Sookie didn’t look like she bought into it fully. Can’t wait to see his explaination to Sookie about what she is. That should be interesting to watch!

    • #30 by talktrueblood on August 22, 2010 - 1:15 am

      I just do not see how Bill could have been more obvious with the lying there! lol

      I think the drama mask crying was definitely a hint there after the nonchalant “damn”.
      He told her that so that he could leave her feeling rejected himself feeling rejected. She would surely come running back then.

      It’s almost like a co-dependent and drug addicted relationship…it is a metaphor for that.
      Can’t wait to see Eric revealing Bill atleast in some way.

      • #31 by Bobsgran on August 22, 2010 - 5:29 pm

        Fabulous TTB. I am curious to see Bill weasel out of Eric’s demand that he tell the truth. The truth about what remains to be seen. The promos don’t specify, but sure as the sun comes up in the east, he will deflect, circumvent and out and out lie. Love reading your observations.

      • #32 by talktrueblood on August 24, 2010 - 3:09 am

        thank you Bobsgran! I love it when you come by

      • #33 by Bobsgran on August 24, 2010 - 9:53 am

        TTB, I ALWAYS come by. I just don’t have anything to add sometimes, but I wouldn’t miss your views of TB world.

  1. Bill and Sookie Body Language **UPDATED** « Talktrueblood's Blog

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