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“The Truth Is…” -Episode 3×11 Analysis/Recap

The truth is… the depth of Bill’s love for Sookie is equivalent to an “infatuated tween.”

This was an important line to recognize.  I doubt that AB would have allowed that line by the writer unless that is what he really believed because Pam is often a truth teller on this show.  I think the purpose of Bill’s constant irrational behavior in contrast to this line was there to illustrate once again that the Bill and Sookie relationship is based on  “infatuation” and “unrealistic expectations”  rather than illustrating “what could have been,” or the supposed love between them.  This parallels Tara’s confession to Franklin about Sookie’s claims of supposed “love at first sight.”

The Truth Is…Yvetta was not a dumb, slutty fangbanger desperate for a job and good sex with a vampire. She is/was a SMART cardiologist out with an agenda of her own.

Will Yvetta cut and run permanantly with Eric’s money or does she have more tricks up her sleeve? Only time will tell but I guess anything is possible from a SMART CARDIOLOGIST who was willing to moonlight as a stripper in a fangbanger bar!

The Truth Is… Jesus is not as innocent or as sweet as he seems. He is hiding more information about his “magical abilities” and the source of that. Wherever it is coming from, it’s obviously dangerous and scarey. Also, Laffy has the ability to see the truth about people.

Will we find out the truth about Jesus? How will it affect Laffy’s life? It has already brought Lafayette a disturbing ability to see the truth and potentially all of the darkness in others. Lafayette’s new ability could be almost as tragic as Sookie’s mind reading abilities when it comes to his life in general. Is Jesus’s power dark enough to attract the infamous Hallow and/or the dark witches or is Jesus involved in Hallow’s coven or will he be unless Jesus is Hallow but I don’t think Jesus will be though I pointed out that distinct possibility.

The Truth Is…Crystal is a were-panther who is not only being abused but is also being forced to marry her HALF-BROTHER in order to produce more were-panthers for Hotshot. Not only that, Hotshot is headed up by fanatical leaders who  could create a WACO siege style catastrophe if Jason does not stop it.

The violent Waco Siege

Crystal is perhaps one of the most tragic characters/victims on the show who may eventually become a true  predator as a result of the trauma of being the victim that she is (alot of the coldest con artists/killers etc. were once victims themselves. Of course, the raid on Hotshot is going to be a disaster similar to Waco as Crystal described AND/OR Jason is going to cause a lot of shame to the police department and Andy if he is spotted during the raid. As, I wonder if Jason is going to be turned into a werepanther because he is desperate to fit in, Crystal is desperate to help Jason fit in, or because he is attacked by Crystal’s family.

The Truth Is…Jessica is a vampire that LOVES drinking human blood but atleast she is woman enough to admit it and guess what? her lover not only appreciates the honesty but actually seems to like the idea!

As usual, I think this shows the potential for the B/S relationship is Bill had just been honest with her from the very beginning. It also parallels Eric’s total honesty about himself as well.

The Truth Is…Eric knows how to play anyone…EVEN when he is TELLING THE TRUTH while doing so.

Because Eric is not a great liar, he must avoid the whole truth when it comes to manipulating others (he has apparently mastered this). Eric is also apparently smart enough to even use the truth against people. He also knows how to  use ANYONE’s weakness against them.

The Truth Is…Eric is down to earth enough to have a silly ringtone (just for fun lol : )

The Truth Is…Even Bill is now convinced that Sookie has real feelings for Eric that go beyond the blood!

When Bill is even admitting that you have REAL feelings for Eric, I think the whole audience needs to get the picture and of course you Sookie!

The Truth Is…Sam has deep seeded problems with anger , impulsivity, verbal abuse and alcholism.

Did this side of Sam emerge as a result of Bill’s bad blood or has Sam been trying his best to conceal this side from the very beginning (much like Bill covered up his dark side in front of others but it burst forth at the first chance)?

The Truth Is… V use and corruption is  widespread in Bon Temps.

The Truth Is…Maxine and Summer have been working together the entire time.

They will probably attempt to hurt/get rid of Jessica. Will they succeed or will maxine simply alienate Hoyt forever? Will we have a tragedy? Will Maxine try to kill Jessica and end up killing her own son, Hoyt, tragically?

The Truth Is…Andy  doesn’t feel like a hero, didn’t want Eggs to die, Jason didn’t know any better, and Eggs mostly died because it was his own fault and now Tara knows.

The Truth Is…Bill and Sookie will never be able to “start over” or have a “normal life” because Eric Northman and the vampire/supe world will always be in Sookie’s life (on her path, road in life).

Sookie must adjust her expectation/thoughts about what happinness is for her. In order to achieve any happiness, Sookie must learn to accept her role in the supe world and having Eric in her life because it will always be apart of her path. Sometimes happiness is right in front of your face ; )

The Truth Is… Sometimes you just have to accept the consequences of your actions and you cannot always run from your problems.  Also, desperation and vulnerability can lead to blind faith ( in addition to fear as demonstrated in the previous episode).

Blind faith and unavoidable consequences and secrets will continue to be major themes on True Blood.

The Truth Is…Tara and Sam aren’t so different after all and they have an undeniable connection that is still there.

Can Sam and Tara help eachother through their darkness or will they only cause the darkness in eachother to flourish as a possible couple/ friends with benefits again?

The Truth Is…Eric has A LOT OF LOVE and affection inside of him for both Pam…


Eric affectionately tries to confront Sookie when he is forced to bite her

The amount of love pouring from Eric through his face and hands in these scenes was so enormous (before his big heroic act), I almost expected them to que the grand orchestra music! Body Language wise, we can once again see the trust that Eric and Sookie have for eachother with the non-stop eye contact and the momentary, strange calm that Sookie seems to have as Eric caresses her face, despite what is about to happen to her. Once Eric is forced to feed on her alongside Russell, he lovingly tries toconfront her   (very book Eric, Eric strokes her back during the Andre feeding in Book 7).

The Truth is… Eric HAS WON this game of chess against Russell and  is apparently the bravest and smartest vampire/individual on the show (though this does parallel Sam’s willingness to potentially risk himself for others last season)!

If we had any remaining doubts that Eric is going to be an admirable hero on this show or is to be redeemed, we saw it here. I was absolutely breathless that Eric was so brave even in the face of his final death and portrayed in this beautiful manner finally. Those that still question Eric’s inherant noble nature, bravery, love, loyalty and, intelligence are completely blind at this point.  I wonder how his jealousy of Alcide and Bill’s potential betrayl will factor in for True Blood’s new hero?

Last week, the Audience and the characters were thinking: “I Smell a Rat (3×10)..

This week, “Fresh Blood (3×11)” was spilled and “Fresh Blood (3×11)”  represented a fresh persepctive/the truth…

Two weeks from now, “Evil is going on” in their lives/undead lives from here on out and into Season Four.




Season Finale Speculation – Feel Free to Discuss Below This!

This is my wild guess for the finale (we know how often these are right but I am giving it my best attempt:)

Eric & Sookie & Bill & Pam & Russell & The Queen

Obviously things will start off with Eric and Russell burning in the sun. From there, one of these scenarios will happen (we know eric and pam will be bloody):

1.  Pam is bloody because  she will give Sookie blood as part of the plan since they have to keep Bill chained up (meanwhile she has her vision of Claudine who tells her how to defeat Russell and/or explains what is going on with the vampires and what not)…beat she heals because of Pam’s blood…

2. Bill heals Sookie with Pam watching OR because of Claudine after or during the vision. Pam is bloody because she feeds on Sookie too in order to help Eric or simply because she was crying alot.

Pam and/or Bill fill Sookie in on what is going on, Sookie then heads out to help Eric while he has a vision of Godric:

Sookie realizes she has feelings for Eric after helping him (a kiss may or may not happen again after she gives him or does not give him blood during saving him). Regardless, she will realize her feelings but will be scared of vampires after all of this though she is really not scared of Eric (as I have established).

Alcide shows up because Eric needs his contracting company’s cement truck to bury Russell after Sookie chains Russell and saves Eric…by giving him blood again too…(that is why he is bloody and her wrist is bloody again even though she supposedly healed)..unless he is crying too but that doesn’t make sense really. Alcide seems like a safe alternative to Sookie now and he tries to convince her to go with him and she may or may not do so (much to Bill and Eric’s dismay and Eric’s and maybe Bill’s display(s) of jealousy).

Eric and Bill go take a chained Russell to bury him with Alcide’s cement truck.

I think the blur is eric

Bill double crosses Eric after they take care of Russell either by his own jealousey or the queen’s orders or someone else’s orders. (we have seen Bill chaining up Eric in spoiler photos and them next to a cement truck too). Either Bill buries Eric with Russell or takes him prisoner even though Eric puts up a good fight.

The queen comes to confront Bill about handing over Sookie finally. Bill gives QSA the bait by telling her that “Your majesty, Sookie is here and Eric as well.” (pieced this together from the promo) OR Bill tells QSA Russell is “no more” she replies back “Russell is no more?” and Bill says “Eric as well” because he buried him too or got rid of his memory though I think Hallow will be responsible for the second half or someone else.

Remember that I think the queen might have ordered him to take Eric prisioner in order to make him pay or he did it out of pure jealousy and knows the queen will want revenge but I think it’s the former.

Bill turns on the queen and attacks her in order to try to cover up his crimes and/or make it right and/or protect Sookie but considering that AB said the queen would cause a lot of pain for sookie on the DVD commentaries SHE CANNOT BE DONE YET so I say she lives and takes Sookie prisoner and Eric (if they are actually there because of Bill) or she only takes one or the other if one or the other is there or she spends time next season trying to capture them both because they aren’t there but Bill was supposed to set them both up for it regardless.  Somewhere along the line Sookie finds out about Bill because of Eric (this could cause Bill anger at him) or because of this whole situation with the queen showing up and of course she is devastated and swears off vampires but it’s too late for her.

Cliffhanger possibilities (this is a list haha):

1.  Bill is attacking the queen to protect Sookie or in an attempt to cover up his dealings with the queen…with Eric and Sookie in tow…. or not though he was supposed to have sookie and possibly Eric in tow already.

2. The queen stops Bill and captures Sookie….and possibily Eric (they may or may not show the amnesia thing this season. If they do, it has to be an attempt by QSA to weaken Eric or

I think Eric and Sookie will bond next season while Eric has amnesia and they are possibly not only running from the witches but also QSA together AND/OR they are both dealing with being forced prisioners of QSA at first or eventually. Sookie could be in the reverse situation of calming down Eric and being there for him. Non-Amnesia Eric might possibly help her navigate the vampire political world later on.

If Eric is trapped by Bill in the cement though I think he was more likely taken prisoner, I suspect Pam and possibly Sookie will be getting him out.

If Eric gets away from Bill, he will lose his memory and get lost anyway.

We may or may not have Hallow revealed or the amnesia this season but if we do get the amnesia the origin might not be revealed this season. The witch wars may not come into play until next season thought we have started getting beat over the head with the witchcraft foreshadowing. I just hope I am right and we don’t get more Eric/Sookie seperation for a while but since I am almost certain it’s going to be like the book in atleast the way that Sookie and amnesia Eric will fall in love and make love. : )

I am also wondering how the FOTS might come into play again.

I suspect Alcide and Bill and Pam might be trying to help Eric and/or Sookie out of this situation together or seperately next season for their own reasons. They may or may not discover E/S’s new found closeness but obviously it will probably be obvious afterward.


Other speculations:

1. lafayette gains the ability to see the truth in others because of the magic/v and wants Jesus to help him manage that power or get rid of it.

2. Maxine will think about killing Jessica (giving jessica the final death) because she and hoyt are back together and she bit Hoyt.

3. Tara starts cutting herself or remains suicidal again or goes generally crazy alongside Sam possibly (hopefully not homocidal).

4. Jason warns Crystal’s family of the drug raid in order to fit in. This ends on a cliffhanger or things go very badly for Jason and Andy…not really a surprise either way!


Please sound off below and let me know what you think! I would love to get  a dicussion going to fill in the next 2 weeks and as always, I will respond to any and all comments!

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Bill Is A Liar: The Body Language of Lying

Let’s face it, if you are here at my blog, you probably already believe Bill is a liar due to all the countless evidence already against him. However, let me put the final nail in the coffin(ha) for Bill and let me teach you how to spot Bill’s lies each and every time in the future and how he can be an example for all liars by looking at some of his body language during lies from Season 3:


Bill ALWAYS Avoids Eye Contact during More than Half the Conversation when lying:




Russell questions Bill 3x02

 No wonder Russell was not fooled after a while!


Bill doesn't look away from the stripper because he is "shy" or "bored" or "hesitant," he looks away because he is being dishonest about the reason for being there.

Bill doesn’t gain confidence of the situation until he starts glamouring, figures…  

Sookie questions Bill about the file 3x09

Eric questions Bill about Sookie and the queen 3x10

Bill tends to lower his head and look out from the side without directly making eye contact:


Russell questions Bill 3x02


Russell questions Bill about the file 3x05


Bill looks oddly strange right before he turns the tables on Sookie by claiming they are breaking up because "he cannot give her the life she deserves" like babies and what not. (remember this is before he later claims she stupid for wanting a normal life).

Bill often  messes with his clothing, fiddles with things, or crosses his hands (it is difficult to expose the palms) when lying:

Bill fiddles with the napkin and begins to wipe though there is nothing to wipe (putting on a show or showing a nervous tick) while Russell questions him 3x02

Russell questions Bill 3x02

Bill tries to convince Russell he is his loyal subject now 3x03

Bill often tries to be humorous or smile a lot when lying (we know Bill doesn’t often smile a lot normally) or his smiling is out of sync with what he says or ends abruptly:


Russell questions Bill 3x02


squints his eyes, raises his eyebrows after saying the humorous distraction: "Perhaps your majesty uses werewolves to gather his intelligence as well" The smile comes after the humorous statement rather than during it


Russell questions Bill about the file 3x05 (attempt at distracting humor again with a fake smile and then an abrupt change when Coot enters the room)


Awkward/abrupt smile when Sookie question him about the file 3x09


Sookie questions Bill 3x10



Leg crossing during a conversation is often a sign of lying when other factors match up (which they do):

Leg crossing can be a subconcious defensive manuveur

( again, this is while Russell questions Bill about the file on Sookie: this leg crossing clue is especially true for men since leg crossing isn’t quite as natural or expected from them: it also is more true when someone is wearing pants, as opposed to a skirt or dress, because they aren’t covering that area up for any real reason)

 Touching your face and especially your nose during the conversation/confrontation IS JUST ABOUT THE STRONGEST SIGN OF A LIAR!:

C'mon Bill, could you be MORE OBVIOUS? no, you can't!

(of course he does this while Sookie confronts him about the file and calls him creepy for doing it!)

Sometimes unatural staring (without any break) is common after you feel you have just given yourself away after a lie:

Sookie questions Bill about the file 3x09

Bill hides his eyes from Sookie and gives Eric an aggressive stare  (tight lips, narrow eyes) as Sookie mentions the possibility of Eric giving her to Russell or THE QUEEN (we know that in fact Bill was probably involved with the queen):


Well now that we have established that you are a big fat liar through body language alone, I wonder if Sookie is still convinced:

Yeah, doesn’t look like it. In fact, she thinks things are unstable enough to dream that Eric is telling her you are untrustworthy, RUN TO ERIC for answers and then return his kiss!:

Yeah…things really aren’t looking good for you anymore Bill. Plus, the description for 3×11 said you are going to bring her MORE dangers while trying to earn her trust again….real smooth Bill….real smooth! I bet I know how you are feeling about this!

Sound off below: What do you think about this evidence?

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Eric/Sookie Body Language Flashback! Part Two!

Special blog entry to update the Eric/Sookie body language after Episode 3×03 to Episode 3×10 including dreams/fantasies (since I believe they are very symbolic of how Eric and Sookie truly feel about eachother) This will be updated again after the season finale:

3×04- Eric’s fantasy: 

A hand to the chest indicates complete comfortableness and affection "especially around the heart." Eric truly wants love more than anything else from Sookie.

When you are subconciously attracted to someone, you are attracted to their smell. Mutual smelling is a sign of deep subconcious attraction.

Episode 3×06:

Touching shoulders is a subtle flirtation move...

Subtle guiding her long (in the back area) indicates Eric's control of the situation and walking ahead indicates Sookie's subconcious decision to trust his guidance.

Despite Eric's seemingly agressive move, it's almost as if he is embracing her and she seems pretty relaxed considering the position they are in despite her wide eyes indicating slight stress.

This scene mirrors the porch scene. Eric is trying to get Sookie's attention more than anything else. He is desperately leaning into her. Other than that, the close face-to-face eye contact indicates general trust whether it is acknowledged or not.

Sookie is obviously sad (watery eyes, hanging mouth, exposed teeth) more than anything else. I don't think this reaction was solely based on his refusal to rescue Bill.

Eric's facial reaction at having to do what he did mirrors sookie's minus the tears (since he cries blood) and his teeth are not exposed. But he is obviously sad.

Episode 3×10:

Whew! Look at that face Eric gets when he sees Sookie. He shows a lot of passion and total desire just looking at her sleep (parted lips, “the eyebrow flash,” scrunched forehead).

Eric desires a partnership/equality indicated by sitting across from her to her level on the couch rather than towering over her with his height. However, he sits slightly above her in order to get her attention because his "don't trust Bill," message and "you know you have feelings for me," message are very important to him.

This gentle kiss represents the gentle nature of any future relationship.

Once again, they are getting close and staring into eachother's eyes without interuption. (as I have said before, prolonged, uninterrupted eye contact in the wild is a sign of aggression in the wild yet not only do Eric and Sookie consistantly do this and face-to-face, closely. These two must trust eachother as much as two people possibly can, no matter what they say.

Their pelvis-to-pelvis contact obviously signifies their mutual sexual desire for one another.

This signifies Eric's total desperation and vulnerability with Sookie (the shoulder grab) and her initial guilt about kissing him by keeping the distance with her hands.

This desperation^^ mirrors Eric’s desperation when he leaned into Sookie during the Fangtasia conversation in Episode 3×02.

They signify trust through this kiss too: Eric is allowed to embrace her vulnerable head and Sookie is allowed to embrace Eric's vulnerable neck.

Allowing their mutual vulnerability, Sookie kisses him back  (showing her mutual desire for him) in such a way that Eric believes he can go all out on her! (he simultaneously shows friendly love and affection by “hugging her with one hand and passion by grabbing her hair with the other hand).

This indicates that there is truly no emotional distance between these two (no matter what they say) because all distance has been closed. They did everything except having sex right there. They might as well have. They are fully embraced here.

Eric feels comfortable enough to ultimately embrace her in a fully affectionate and purely loving way, with a “hug” / full embrace without any of the lust shown through the hair grabbing. He was totally emotionally bare here in a way we have never seen before as an audience.

I think Eric is actually experiencing fear more than anything else (wide eyes, clenched jaw, heavy breathing). He is afraid because he has never loved before (he is in love, trust me, Do I need to prove that through body language too?) and knows this could mean serious trouble for both of them and also because he is vulnerable with her like nobody else and doesn’t know how to handle that especially because he has just discovered she DEFINITELY has feelings for him too yet they can’t be together for various reasons and she is also still in love with Bill. 


Devastation/defeat- open mouth, droopy & red eyes cast downward.

 This face also indicates pity for Sookie (her ignorance concerning Bill) with the downward face and glazed eyes added to the other body language/facial signals.

Eric throws her over his shoulder to seperate himself from his action because he cannot stand to look her in the face while he has to do this.

We can clearly see that despite everything going on, Eric and Sookie trust eachother. Eric could have trusted Sookie if she wasn’t still so attached to Bill (we can see that she is even subconciously willing to be guided by Eric, and I think she will eventually learn a lot from him, not just as a lover, but also as a teacher in all aspects of her life, including handling the vampire hiearchy). Even though Bill is not honest with her, Sookie’s own need for honesty would have blown the whole plan to Bill and Bill has clearly been established as someone that nobody can trust.
Eric is also fearful as to what their MUTUAL feelings mean for the safety of both of them, plus the other people in their lives that they love and so he feels like he needs to cover it up, NOW. I think their affection for one another runs deep and while enjoyable, could be destructive in some ways to their lives given the unfortunate tragedy of both of their situations.
However, I believe that they will ultimately make an unstoppable team  once (if) they join forces and that is part of their love story (E/S tragic qualities will only be enhanced in a positive way by one another, yet B/S tragic qualties are enhanced in a negative way by one another)!

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“I use you, you use me” Episode 3×10 Analysis/Recap/ PREDICTIONS

Usually I just do a general theme for my recaps but I am going into a full-blown analysis of the theme presented and what is means for this season AND THE NEXT, so this is long it is quite a bit more in-depth than my usual recap:

Bill uses Sookie in an attempt to regain his humanity and to further his career but tries to pretend otherwise and Sookie uses Bill to gain “peace and quiet” as well as protection and excitement in her mind but has tried to convince herself it was love at first sight:


Does Bill omit the truth because he is an imposter: not an innocent vampire there purely for Sookie‘s love or is he that innocent vampire? Time will tell but the evidence points to: NO he is not that innocent vampire! Why does he tell her part of the truth? That is the mystery. Maybe because QSA didn’t tell him the truth and he doesn’t know that specifically matters OR maybe he ready to betray QSA for Sookie so he can hide the truth, which will of course only cause more problems? Will Sookie realize the true basis of their relationship?

Eric uses Yvetta for sex and Yvetta uses Eric for sex and money:

Considering that Eric is not known to be a total liar (though he is a master at avoiding the issue), I do no think he outright lied to Yvetta about her position with him. I think she simply assumed. I think this illustrates what most women expect from Eric: his money ( a book nod and something he often mentions to Sookie in them because he expects her to want that).  He loves Sookie for various reasons but partly because she is not materialistic and has feelings for him that go beyond sex and money, though she doesn’t admit it. Though Sookie uses him, she uses him for something different and THIS SURPRISES ERIC. This confrontation with Yvetta could be a set up for revenge against Eric or the consequences of vengeance as well. Eric seeks vengeance this season and next season, others such as Yvetta seek their vengeance against Eric. (Karma)-what goes around comes around- might be a theme next season to counter the selfishness and darkness coming from all the characters this season! That is my prediction for next season’s theme.

Calvin uses Crystal to breed more werepanthers Hotshot citizens:

Eric wishes to use Bill’s lies to win Sookie’s favor. Bill wishes to use Sookie’s distrust of Eric to his favor:

These two are at a stalemate until Sookie begins to trust Eric one day AND/or distrust Bill openly or Bill finally takes over because Sookie loses all feeling for Eric (don’t see the last thing happening, atleast in the long run)!

Arlene uses the FOTS agenda to justify her hatred of vampires; Jessica uses Arlene’s hatred to justify her attack on her; Tommy uses Jessica’s dark side to justify her need to be with him:

Arlene’s hatred causes a chain reaction: Jessica attacks her for it and Tommy nurtures that dark side of Jessica and uses it to justify a relationship with her and encourages the negative behavior which will inevitably cause more problems for Jessica and everyone (much bigger chain reactions will be caused by hatred/retaliation in the future, setting up the Karma theme for next season).

Summer attempts to use her sexuality to change Hoyt’s mind (she is attempting to use Hoyt so that he will father her babies, Hoyt used Summer as a rebound from Jessica):

Using your sexuality alone for using someone almost never works (look at Yvetta). Rebounds only hurt people more, including yourself (Eric used Yvetta to combat his feelings for Sookie too, so it was a rebound in a way).

Franklin used Tara to combat his “loneliness,” while Bill used Tara as an example to put a front of loyalty up for Russell (by refusing to help her), besides the fact that he really cares for nobody but Sookie:

Tara survived being used BUT ATLEAST FRANKLIN was up front about it. Bill can’t even give that courtesy.

 Bill uses Jason to look after Sookie for him keep Sookie isolated for him and protect her:

Holly uses Sam to push her religion:

Using someone as an example to push your religion is never appreciated.

Arlene uses Terry as a father figure and to feel better about her own life; Terry uses Arlene to find a purpose in his life and find “normalcy.”

Neither of the ways of “using” someone is necessarily bad if they benefit both parties (alluding to Sookie and Eric’s mutal using of eachother despite their real feelings for eachother, relationships can get complex). However, Arlene could ruin it with an underhanded move (omitting things) and going behind his back (sound familiar?)

Jesus uses Laffayette’s power and Laffayette’s V to enhance his own power; Laffayette’s intentions are purely for love (but he overlooks thing LIKE SOOKIE because he uses Jesus to complete his life):

 The power generated from this partnership will have consequences for everyone and possibly attract Hallow because of the energy created from the ritual/power of it all (in much the same way that Maryann was drawn to Bon Temps). I think that Jesus might not be Hallow now, but that Jesus and Laffy will be the cause of Hallow’s arrival and this duo may be drawn into Hallow and the possibly V worship. I am thinking that Yvetta might ultimately sell out Eric out to Hallow for cash payment as well (karma and vengeance)  POSSIBLY, Laffy will see following Hallow as a way out from underneath Eric and Jesus will see Hallow as a way of enhancing power and be attracted to Hallow for the ultimate healing power: animating the dead (a trait that Hallow is supposed to possess).

Sookie covers up her own feelings for Eric by using Eric’s feelings for her own benefit:


However, using a 1000 yr old viking is not advisable and is cold because Eric loves you.

Eric ends up coming up with a plan Sookie to save everyone by using Sookie partly because Pam convinces him too and partly because he justifies it in his mind because Sookie is using him too, in reality (neither of which are good excuses though extreme action was needed):

The fact that Both Eric and Sookie actually harbor passionate feelings for one another (and Eric actually loves her imo), adds fuel to the fire in this equation. Both Sookie and Eric will experience disastrous consequences  if they DO NOT LEARN to trust one another and give into their passion for one another. This was just one of those consequences for them both. This season and the next, Sookie will make up for her “use of Eric ” by playing a role in Russell’s downfall and Eric will make up for his “use of Sookie,” this season by ultimately trying his best to get rid of her Russell problem (which is her biggest problem yet) or actually doing so. Sookie will continue to make-up for things next season by caring for Eric in his time of need. Eric might continue to make up for that next season by being her companion in her post-break up time of need (maybe even after Alcide too) and continuing to protect her. This redemption of their transgressions toward one another (and the hurt feelings that resulted), will lay the ground work for Sookie and Eric to gradually accept their love/passion for one another and have hot, steamy sex next season and hopefully later on, though it may be hard. THE BEAUTY OF THE ERIC AND SOOKIE relationship is it’s hearbreakingly painful for them to resist though it is sometimes necessary to do so and it exposes every weakness and dark corner of these two (that is why they resist it) while simultaneously exposing the strength and the light in these two (which is why they love each other or will love each other and won’t be able to fight it).  It brings out every human emotion forth and that is why it is so very interesting to watch…not because Eric is hot (though that certainly helps) and not because Eric is a better character than Bill (though that helps too).

Tara uses her love for Jason to forget about her trauma; Jason uses Tara’s feelings to wiggle his way out of the secret about Eggs:

Needless to say, neither plan works or will work and will backfire.

Jessica uses her blood to save Hoyt but also tie him to her (sound familiar?); Hoyt uses Jessica’s blood to save himself against his better judgement (sound familiar?) I guess Hoyt might have died otherwise but I think he could have been saved by applying some pressure and a quick hospital visit accelerated by her vampire speed:

I smell disaster Jessica dreams for Hoyt because their relationship is already doomed but they will be forever tied to their cute but doomed relationship (sound familiar? ) I swear this isn’t going to end well for either of them (as Hoyt embraces his dark side to be with Jessica)! This will intensify the disaster already waiting at the end of their relationship. Atleast Jessica and Hoyt’s feelings had time to simmer before the blood exchange (*wink wink*). The only way this could be positive is to show how things would have played out for B/S if Bill had only been honest.

Sam used his shifting abilities to build his false life; Sam’s ex-gf used him; Sam used his ex-gf’s “accidental” murder to cover his tracks by opportunistically killing the witness; Sam uses these experiences to justify his rage (though he ignores that fact):

Sam will experience karma for these actions and it will drive him insane.

Crystal uses Jason to escape hotshot and for a place to stay (though she at least exposes the truth to him, which is more than we can say for SOME people):

Russell uses a prostitute to fill Talbot’s void and take his insanity/guilt out on someone:

All I got to say once again is KARMA, KARMA, KARMA!

Last Week we discovered that absolutely “Everything is Broken (3×09),” How is this happening?“I smell a rat (3×10),”  but not just one, multiple ones and they are EVERYWHERE!

Next week: “Fresh Blood (3×11)” will begin to be spilled.



Bill and Sookie Body Language **UPDATED**

I updated the Bill and Sookie body language…updated section is at the bottom of this blog entry: If you like my body language posts, please check it out:

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Blood Children- True Blood Maker/Child Relationships

(This post is dedicated to my reader ELLA who requested it : )

“We are who we were in our human lives,” – Eddie

 Lorena & Bill 

Bill was turned by a crazy woman who kept dead bodies in her house who had an obsession with his supposed "gentlemanly honor."

Lorena considers Bill to be a gentlemanly lover that she gave everything to. 


Bill considers Lorena to be an obsessed lover/stalker that brought him death. 

Lorena presses her hand to her heart to show her growing love for Bill


Bill and Lorena had a mutual cooperation when it came to needlessly killing.

Bill and Lorena possessed the same blood passion for each other.

 (Body Language wise, notice that both Bill and Lorena take turns getting on top during sex, signifying an equal partnership, equal control of the situation and each other. Not Lorena or Bill’s total dominance) 

Renee at the Ancient Pythoness ( suggests this shows similar bloody passion that Sookie and Bill have for eachother.

Lorena keeps the necklace close to her heart and keeps her hand there as well. Signifying the love she felt in those scenes (no matter our perception).

Lorena and Bill are abusive with eachother

OK...unspeakably the point of torture and DEATH abusive!

What does this say about Lorena and Bill? Lorena was obsessed with the idea of Bill being her “noble lover” but Bill was too focused on her “murder” than anything else. HOWEVER, Lorena allowed equality in their relationship! Therefore, Bill had an equal part in everything that occurred over the years, including their murders. Bill and Lorena clearly showed a mutual bloody passion for each other and what they did, nobody forced it. Therefore, Lorena did not control his every action as he would like us to believe. Both Bill and Lorena were sentimental and therefore Lorena probably had the same obsessed love for Bill (her ideal of the noble lover) that Bill has for Sookie (his ideal of the submissive southern belle that he can regain his “humanity” from), so she ironically passed on obsessive love to him. They both possessed the capacity for abusiveness in their human lives probably but it was amplified by being a vampire because it gave them ultimate superiority over humans. Lorena was obviously so desperate for Bill’s love, I am sure she would have toned it down if that would have made Bill happy, but obviously she didn’t think that would have made Bill happy. 

Godric & Eric 

Eric considers Godric a Father that gave him Life.  


Their relationship was born of pure admiration. Godric considers himself Eric’s Father, Brother, Son. 



 Though Eric is happy to be submissive to Godric. Godric doesn’t mind treating Eric an equal with close, quiet, and tender face-to-face eye contact. 

Emotions that are clearly not one sided; tender bodily contact such as a hand on the vulnerable neck from the maker to the child

Godric and Eric worked as a cooperative team

Godric/ Eric & Godric's relationship brought the heroine to tears.

What can we interpret about Godric, Eric, Sookie and the storyline from this maker/child relationship? 

Godric passed on his traits of undying loyalty, respect, cooperation, and appetite for justice onto Eric. Although Godric taught Eric to control his emotions, he also taught him how to express them when deserved.  Although not turned violently like Bill, Eric certainly did not understand exactly what he was signing up for but Eric did not self-loathe. He saw the benefits of his new life and did not focus on the death aspect as Bill so morbidly does (Eric knows how to make the best of a situation). They provided eachother all the love of a father and child with the equality and companionship of brotherhood (which they bother certainly benefited from. However, we can see from his human life that Eric already had traits that inspired the loyalty of his men until their very own ends, so surely he possessed some of these admirable traits before Godric’s influence. 

Jessica & Bill 

Bill considers Jessica a burden that was forced upon him.




Jessica sees Bill as a Father that she is desperate for Love/Guidance from despite the fact that he brought her "death."

(body language shows Jessica is desperately reaching out for affection from Bill but Bill is hesitant/unwilling to give her the affection she desires beyond using her to protect Sookie and be the vampire he never was) 


Bill released Jessica after a month with Little emotion on his face.


Bill leaves Jessica to the wolves in exchange for Sex with Sookie.

What does this relationship say about Jessica and Bill?  Because Bill sees Jessica as a burden, he ignores her at every possible conveinience. That shows Bill’s lack of maturity/responsibility not only as a vampire but as an individual, it also shows that he cares for nobody except Sookie, even if it comes at a greater cost to others than Sookie. It shows Jessica is suffering from the same lack of love she suffered at home, except that now she much contend with neglect rather than over- bearing/stern parents (the worst of both extremes). Instead of giving her support, he often reinforces her negative opinion of being a vampire because he hates himself. 

Pam & Eric 

Though we do not know the exact nature of Pam's turning, she seems really happy to be working with Eric as his prodigy/child and seems to have no regrets about her human life.

Pam considers Eric to be a Father/Teacher that she can gain wisdom/companionship from. Though the exact motive of Pam’s turning is unclear we can tell by the tender body language between them (his swift rescue, wide concerned eyes, tender head touch) that Eric loves Pam as a daughter/companion. Eric probably views it in much the same way Godric did, but instead it is Father, Sibling, Son (Mother, Sibling, Daughter). 


Though they can get annoyed with one another (like any parent/child or partners) they always try to listen to eachother and work it out (atleast in the long run).


Eric trust Pam to handle "buisness" matters as a partner.

During their talk, Pam is allowed to symbollically sit above him as an equal and as he sees her going through the same pain he did, he is never hesitant to love her/confront her.

What does this say about Pam and Eric? They have much the same relationship that Eric had with Godric, except maybe even more emotional due to Eric’s naturally more emotional side that he attempts to hide. Eric respects women enough to have “made one” and make one a buisness partner. Eric shows respect to all those loyal to him and is never afraid to show affection to those who give it to him (that will one day be Sookie too for Eric). Her symbolic sitting over Eric represents his trust in her that she will one day take his place (when he gone), that was part of the process in which he saw her as a worthy successor and worthy of being a great maker herself in the Godric-Eric-Pam line. They also are cooperative and work as a team toward a mutal benefit just as Eric and Godric did together for centuries. They both obviously possessed this just nature of loyalty and cooperativeness with those who give it to them in their human lives to retain this nature in the state of being a vampire. 


Sure, Lorena could have fed Bill and sent him on his way, but Godric could have given Eric his blood and healed him too, Jessica was at the wrong place at the wrong time and I guess Bill could have died rather than turn Jessica  and I guess Eric didn’t have to turn Pam either. It is a fruitless battle to discuss the nature of the turning. Therfore, it is important to focus on discussing the nature of the vampire AFTER the turning. Jessica was violently turned, yet is making the best out of her situation (despite her mistakes). Eddie had no benefit of a maker present in his life, yet he was almost completely non-violent… 

 Proof that blaming your maker for your behavior is TOTAL bullshit! (**wink wink**) 


Becoming a vampire and having a maker either good, bad or absent merely enhances characteristics that were already there, rather than creates them (other than the obvious physical enhancements and new nutritional requirements), much like my theory on the Blood Bond explains that BB’s merely enhance relationships that were already there. Sure, a great maker can make you a better maker and a better vampire but it doesn’t determine who you are as a vampire, your HUMANITY that you already possessed does. Bill would not be seeking his humanity if he had already had it in his human life. Eric doesn’t want it but still has it! So…. A maker/child relationship or the absence of one merely enhance what was already there inside. In other words, you won’t be a vicious, remorseless killer if you didn’t already have the capacity for that… 


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