Blood Children- True Blood Maker/Child Relationships

(This post is dedicated to my reader ELLA who requested it : )

“We are who we were in our human lives,” – Eddie

 Lorena & Bill 

Bill was turned by a crazy woman who kept dead bodies in her house who had an obsession with his supposed "gentlemanly honor."

Lorena considers Bill to be a gentlemanly lover that she gave everything to. 


Bill considers Lorena to be an obsessed lover/stalker that brought him death. 

Lorena presses her hand to her heart to show her growing love for Bill


Bill and Lorena had a mutual cooperation when it came to needlessly killing.

Bill and Lorena possessed the same blood passion for each other.

 (Body Language wise, notice that both Bill and Lorena take turns getting on top during sex, signifying an equal partnership, equal control of the situation and each other. Not Lorena or Bill’s total dominance) 

Renee at the Ancient Pythoness ( suggests this shows similar bloody passion that Sookie and Bill have for eachother.

Lorena keeps the necklace close to her heart and keeps her hand there as well. Signifying the love she felt in those scenes (no matter our perception).

Lorena and Bill are abusive with eachother

OK...unspeakably the point of torture and DEATH abusive!

What does this say about Lorena and Bill? Lorena was obsessed with the idea of Bill being her “noble lover” but Bill was too focused on her “murder” than anything else. HOWEVER, Lorena allowed equality in their relationship! Therefore, Bill had an equal part in everything that occurred over the years, including their murders. Bill and Lorena clearly showed a mutual bloody passion for each other and what they did, nobody forced it. Therefore, Lorena did not control his every action as he would like us to believe. Both Bill and Lorena were sentimental and therefore Lorena probably had the same obsessed love for Bill (her ideal of the noble lover) that Bill has for Sookie (his ideal of the submissive southern belle that he can regain his “humanity” from), so she ironically passed on obsessive love to him. They both possessed the capacity for abusiveness in their human lives probably but it was amplified by being a vampire because it gave them ultimate superiority over humans. Lorena was obviously so desperate for Bill’s love, I am sure she would have toned it down if that would have made Bill happy, but obviously she didn’t think that would have made Bill happy. 

Godric & Eric 

Eric considers Godric a Father that gave him Life.  


Their relationship was born of pure admiration. Godric considers himself Eric’s Father, Brother, Son. 



 Though Eric is happy to be submissive to Godric. Godric doesn’t mind treating Eric an equal with close, quiet, and tender face-to-face eye contact. 

Emotions that are clearly not one sided; tender bodily contact such as a hand on the vulnerable neck from the maker to the child

Godric and Eric worked as a cooperative team

Godric/ Eric & Godric's relationship brought the heroine to tears.

What can we interpret about Godric, Eric, Sookie and the storyline from this maker/child relationship? 

Godric passed on his traits of undying loyalty, respect, cooperation, and appetite for justice onto Eric. Although Godric taught Eric to control his emotions, he also taught him how to express them when deserved.  Although not turned violently like Bill, Eric certainly did not understand exactly what he was signing up for but Eric did not self-loathe. He saw the benefits of his new life and did not focus on the death aspect as Bill so morbidly does (Eric knows how to make the best of a situation). They provided eachother all the love of a father and child with the equality and companionship of brotherhood (which they bother certainly benefited from. However, we can see from his human life that Eric already had traits that inspired the loyalty of his men until their very own ends, so surely he possessed some of these admirable traits before Godric’s influence. 

Jessica & Bill 

Bill considers Jessica a burden that was forced upon him.




Jessica sees Bill as a Father that she is desperate for Love/Guidance from despite the fact that he brought her "death."

(body language shows Jessica is desperately reaching out for affection from Bill but Bill is hesitant/unwilling to give her the affection she desires beyond using her to protect Sookie and be the vampire he never was) 


Bill released Jessica after a month with Little emotion on his face.


Bill leaves Jessica to the wolves in exchange for Sex with Sookie.

What does this relationship say about Jessica and Bill?  Because Bill sees Jessica as a burden, he ignores her at every possible conveinience. That shows Bill’s lack of maturity/responsibility not only as a vampire but as an individual, it also shows that he cares for nobody except Sookie, even if it comes at a greater cost to others than Sookie. It shows Jessica is suffering from the same lack of love she suffered at home, except that now she much contend with neglect rather than over- bearing/stern parents (the worst of both extremes). Instead of giving her support, he often reinforces her negative opinion of being a vampire because he hates himself. 

Pam & Eric 

Though we do not know the exact nature of Pam's turning, she seems really happy to be working with Eric as his prodigy/child and seems to have no regrets about her human life.

Pam considers Eric to be a Father/Teacher that she can gain wisdom/companionship from. Though the exact motive of Pam’s turning is unclear we can tell by the tender body language between them (his swift rescue, wide concerned eyes, tender head touch) that Eric loves Pam as a daughter/companion. Eric probably views it in much the same way Godric did, but instead it is Father, Sibling, Son (Mother, Sibling, Daughter). 


Though they can get annoyed with one another (like any parent/child or partners) they always try to listen to eachother and work it out (atleast in the long run).


Eric trust Pam to handle "buisness" matters as a partner.

During their talk, Pam is allowed to symbollically sit above him as an equal and as he sees her going through the same pain he did, he is never hesitant to love her/confront her.

What does this say about Pam and Eric? They have much the same relationship that Eric had with Godric, except maybe even more emotional due to Eric’s naturally more emotional side that he attempts to hide. Eric respects women enough to have “made one” and make one a buisness partner. Eric shows respect to all those loyal to him and is never afraid to show affection to those who give it to him (that will one day be Sookie too for Eric). Her symbolic sitting over Eric represents his trust in her that she will one day take his place (when he gone), that was part of the process in which he saw her as a worthy successor and worthy of being a great maker herself in the Godric-Eric-Pam line. They also are cooperative and work as a team toward a mutal benefit just as Eric and Godric did together for centuries. They both obviously possessed this just nature of loyalty and cooperativeness with those who give it to them in their human lives to retain this nature in the state of being a vampire. 


Sure, Lorena could have fed Bill and sent him on his way, but Godric could have given Eric his blood and healed him too, Jessica was at the wrong place at the wrong time and I guess Bill could have died rather than turn Jessica  and I guess Eric didn’t have to turn Pam either. It is a fruitless battle to discuss the nature of the turning. Therfore, it is important to focus on discussing the nature of the vampire AFTER the turning. Jessica was violently turned, yet is making the best out of her situation (despite her mistakes). Eddie had no benefit of a maker present in his life, yet he was almost completely non-violent… 

 Proof that blaming your maker for your behavior is TOTAL bullshit! (**wink wink**) 


Becoming a vampire and having a maker either good, bad or absent merely enhances characteristics that were already there, rather than creates them (other than the obvious physical enhancements and new nutritional requirements), much like my theory on the Blood Bond explains that BB’s merely enhance relationships that were already there. Sure, a great maker can make you a better maker and a better vampire but it doesn’t determine who you are as a vampire, your HUMANITY that you already possessed does. Bill would not be seeking his humanity if he had already had it in his human life. Eric doesn’t want it but still has it! So…. A maker/child relationship or the absence of one merely enhance what was already there inside. In other words, you won’t be a vicious, remorseless killer if you didn’t already have the capacity for that… 



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  1. #1 by Lena on August 18, 2010 - 8:06 pm

    Thank you so much for new post! Just received an email letting me know. I am about to read it. Just wanted to let you know, that it makes me very happy when I come her and see a fresh one. I love your input, keep doing great job!

    • #2 by talktrueblood on August 18, 2010 - 8:07 pm

      Thank you so much! I try to keep my readers entertained throughout the long weeks! : ))

  2. #3 by lizzy on August 18, 2010 - 9:38 pm

    I love everything you write,I have read all your articles they are fantastics.Thank you for all the post

    • #4 by talktrueblood on August 18, 2010 - 9:45 pm

      Thank you for not only taking the time to come to my blog and read the article, but also commenting!

      I do this for my fellow True Blood fans and readers and for my love of the show (both very fun and very intellectual) and for my love of writing.

  3. #5 by Missy on August 18, 2010 - 9:53 pm

    You’re right about this. It’s about the person you were before the turning.
    We really don’t know much about the human Bill. But he did admit that he wanted to kill a young boy on the battlefield bc he was annoyed with his crying.
    Bill and Lorena had a very equal relationship. Lorena only once used her dominance, in the Dallas hotel room.
    Jessica wants Bills love and attention, but gets non of that. He did teach her to fight weres, but she’s only a month old and he should not trust her to take care of herself after one night of teaching. I noticed that Bill didn’t go after Jessica after Sookie-sex, in stead he showered with Sookie, more sex, helped Sookie to dispose of a body, had talk… and never tried to contact Jessica! His only concern is Sookie, the blood/love of his life.
    We got to know the human Eric, a bit of a spoiled brat at first that had to grow up and take over his kingdom and seek revenge. In season 2 we saw he had much respect and friendship of his men, he was brave and fearless of Godric, that had killed his men.
    Eric and Godric had a beautiful teacher/father/brother relationship. It was clear that they had great respect for each other after 1000 years together. Their goodbye was heartbreaking!
    Pam and Eric have equally beautiful relationship. They have great respect and love for each other. They are partners, friends and trust each other. Eric is very emotional even though he puts on a front… the only ones to see this side are Godric, Pam and Sookie. His emotions may overwhelm him, but I don’t see them overpowering him.

    • #6 by talktrueblood on August 18, 2010 - 10:34 pm

      I always think of that when I wonder about Bill’s human life. He also probably enjoyed the male domination over women during his time, and has transferred that to Sookie of course. Whereas, Eric chooses a liberated woman of her time to turn.

      That is the main thing you can point out about Bill and Lorena’s relationship that makes Bill’s claims of being forced by Lorena to do those things seem even more ridiculous. They had an equal relationship and Lorena was desperate for Bill’s love. She would have done anything to achieve that and not for once did she think she should tone it down for Bill to make him happy. That is very revealing.

      Never tried to contact Jessica! VERY GOOD POINT MISSY! I wonder if they have spoken since that night or when she went to work the next night…

      Eric’s capacity for loyalty and love has only been built up with his relationships with He was enhanced in a positive way. While Bill may have been enhanced in a negative way, he had the innate sadistic desire to kill without reason in the first place and enjoy it. I might have been more forgiving of Bill’s past actions had he not done the same thing after he was released and enjoy it so much in the process. I like to think that since Eric had the capacity for a just life, that he would have gone that way, even with a negative maker like Lorena or no standing maker at all, which is my theory.

  4. #7 by Ella on August 18, 2010 - 10:36 pm

    Best post ever (but maybe I’m biased because it’s dedicated to me). BTW, thanks for the dedication, although I think you would have done it sooner or later.
    Once Godric entered the picture we really started to see the depth of Eric’s character, especially in contrast to Bill/Lorena. Also, this season, we got the contrast between Eric & Bill as Makers, how tender and caring Eric is and how he was willing to move heaven and earth to save his child vs. Bill’s neglect (he didn’t even bother to call his child to tell him he was safe, instead calling his girlfriend to “break up”).
    I completely agree with you that the turning only enhances the characteristics that the person had when they were human, and that it is unreasonable to blame the Maker for what they have become. We have also seen that although the vampire nature is naturally more savage than human nature, it is possible to retain the “humanity” that you had prior to turning, embrace your vampire nature, and what you end up with is a vampire who inspires love and loyalty (Eric).

    • #8 by talktrueblood on August 18, 2010 - 10:48 pm

      hahahha thank you (despite the bias).

      I think it is no coincidence that Eric’s flashbacks have had a positive impact on his overall character while the Bill flashbacks have had nothing but a negative impact on his character except possibly sympathy for the forced turning by Lorena. (but like I said my favorite point of this article was that sure Lorena didn’t have to turn Bill but either did Godric have to turn Eric or Eric have to turn Pam and Bill could have died or been tortured rather than turn Jessica so any turning has been mostly a choice and it’s too fruitless to pick the turning incidents apart in that way and use them for or against the characters in any way) Yes, Bill was brutally turned by so was Jessica and he has shown little to no sympathy for her other than the initial “Im sorry I had to kill you because the world is unfair. You can’t go home. You are vampire. Here is some Tru Blood.”…**gack** Eddie has an absentee maker and he is relatively docile and able to control his actions.

      Yes, the vampires can be more savage…they are built to be predatory…but they can choose to be “civilized” about it because they are also intelligent…much like human beings. We are mostly at the top of the food chain except when concerned in an unknown area (like the rainforest) unprepared. Humans could have decided not to exploit the earth, but many choose to. Humans can choose not to kill or be ruled by petty desires even if they have the desire to do so. Vampires are no different.

      Eric is the prime example of a vampire who retained his humanity (whether is wanted to or not), embraced his nature, and became the wonderful vampire he is today.

      Eddie is the prime example of a vampire who was not a savage after his turning.

  5. #9 by Sarah on August 18, 2010 - 10:41 pm

    Wunderful post, there is not much to add!
    I find it intriguing that we finally learned more about Lorena´s backstory that is in fact even worse than Bills. She was a pious woman, living in a convent and presumably very protected from everything mundane. Then Istvan turned her against her will and used her beauty as a lure for men whom he killed and likely raped. I think we can consider Lorena being victim, an insane woman who lost her pure love for God through abuse and violence. I think her insanity is due to her crisis of faith and her love for the “noble” Mr. Compton is a twisted mirror of her love for God. No constitutional court in the world could judge Lorena for her deeds, she is unable to differ between right and wrong.
    With her and Godric´s destiny in mind, Bill´s turning loses its terror. He was turned by an person who loved him and treated him like an equal. At the time of his turning his maker seemed to be much more mentally stable, (To me she did not completly lose her mind until she lost her second great love, Bill. ) only regard her calm and wise reactions in the Caroline flashback. I think that Bill´s engagement in their mayhems was stronger and more consenting than many people might think. We saw him as human soldier who was ready to commit a great crime in order to avoid a little problem. On might argue that it was war and people in such situations behave ooc. However we saw another man in exactly the same situation who sacrified his life in order to save the young boy. War and vampirism have something important in common: In both, transgressions against values and moral standarts often are not persecuted thus people tend to show their real face. In a nutshell: I think that Bill´s flaws are more severe than Lorena´s because he is sane thus can differ between right and wrong and his history of abuse is less fatal than Lorena´s.
    Concerning Jessica I see more hope. Although she also was turned against her will by a maker like Bill she tries to be a part of society, has a relationship, works for her money and accepts human as equals. There are profoundly problems like her willingness to glamour people for her own benefits (guess who taught this to her???) but I think with the help of attachment figures like Eric, Pam, Sam and Hoyth she finally will overcome them.

    • #10 by talktrueblood on August 18, 2010 - 11:09 pm

      I completely agree about Lorena. She grew insane. Maybe Bill is insane in a way (which could be an excuse for him but definitely doesn’t make him a good choice as a mate for Sookie). But I do not think Bill is insane so it does make it far worse for him, especially because he continued on his path of murder for fun and profit after he left Lorena.

      I think lorena had gone insane in her desire to love before she met Bill, she kept dead bodies in her home so they would not leave her, so she definitely was insane before but Bill’s rejection Maybe Lorena became stunted and did not “sophisticate” herself because of the influence of Bill. Instead of worshipping a good, loving God, she came to worship a sadistic murderer and did what she could to please him. It was not a step up from Istvan for sure, though she delusionally thought so.

      “War and vampirism have something important in common: In both, transgressions against values and moral standarts often are not persecuted thus people tend to show their real face.”
      very beautiful and poignant point! I loved this and it’s very true.

      That is very true about Jessica. The main difference between her and Bill is she is trying!
      Although Jessica might be a big example of a vampire that is both good and bad or maybe she is an example of a flawed “being” using her advantages, like most people do in real life.

      • #11 by Sarah on August 19, 2010 - 11:21 am

        About Lorena´s developement. Unfortunately we have little information about her but I have my own theory concerning her mental state.
        We can assume that her maker Istvan had little personal interest in women due to the fact that he used Lorena merely as a lure. While Bill as human had a certain disposition for violence we have no hints that Lorena was anything but a pious, innocent girl. I guess she initially refused to participate in Istvan´s perversions but finally was forced to do so. As a Christian she presumably saw her attendance as terrible sin, as reason for eternal damnation ignoring the fact that there was no way fighting her maker´s authority. Unlike Bill she had nothing that she could have used to change Istvan. Suicide was also no option because at that time it was seen as a crime against God that would condemn her further. So Lorena was captured in a vicious circle which made her step by step losing her humanity, empathy and mental health.
        We don´t know why Istvan left (released?) her but I guess that she eventually became too incalculable. The next flasback shows us Lorena in her hut in the woods. We see signs of insanity but Lorena still seems to be able to differ between right and wrong and to judge her own actions which is expressed through the fact that she encircles herself with her victims´bodies in order to be confronted with her guilt. The way she choses her victims is also remarkable. Instead of preying the “innocent” she searches for men who are “sinners” in her convent schoogirl world view. Men who engage in extramarital sex. This is further emphasized when we see her turning Bill. She choses a supposed “pure gentleman” as companion.
        The next flashback shows as a positively changed Lorena. When Bill returns to his family only to bring more suffering to them she behaves like a good maker should an saves the situation and Caroline´s life. Why did Lorena´s mental state inprove after she turned Bill? I guess that in the beginning of the relationship she a) still hold control over Bill, b) saw Bill as her second pure love after God.
        Unfortunately this changed as we see in the Chicago scene. I don´t know what incident drove her back into moral depravity but it is a heavy backlash. Lorena lost all boundaries and not only enjoyed but also benefited from the murders. While pre-Bill Lorena lived in a shabby hut in no man´s land we see her now taking the wealth of other people after torturing them. To me her loss of control over Bill and a fatal group dynamic (Lorena with her obsessive love plus her “i am damned anyway” feeling and Bill with his violent disposition) was the premise of this. At this stadium Lorena is unable to see the wrongs of her actions. She choses her victims indiscriminately. The Lorena as we know her from today was created.

      • #12 by talktrueblood on August 20, 2010 - 9:00 pm

        I completely agree on Lorena.

        The ironic thing is Lorena continued to use her flesh, not only to lure the supposed
        “sinners,” but also in order to carry out further future sins.
        I guess Lorena decided she was a “sin” herself.
        It was never about embracing his nature, it was about making her feel redeemed, which he
        could never do of course because he was neither a truly honorable man/vampire or an innocent human.
        Therefore, her plan in turning Bill was always destined to fail.

        I am guessing Lorena might have been speaking from experience with Bill.
        Maybe she had a failed human relationship in an attempt to redeem herself after Istvan.

  6. #13 by Leah Broudy on August 19, 2010 - 12:37 am

    I love reading your thoughts. It’s amazing how different Eric and Bill are. I feel bad for Jessica. I like her. Hmm.

    • #14 by talktrueblood on August 19, 2010 - 1:33 am

      Yet, Eric is perceived as the “evil” one in the mainstream press.
      I feel sorry for her too.

  7. #15 by nevada bias on August 19, 2010 - 2:49 am

    hey there, love love love ur blog n take on the show n its MANY levels. however was a lil dissapointed that didnt mention how bill comfort jessica when she was on couch crying about not wanting 2 b alone n not wanting 2 b released. bill thought he was doing her the favor releasing as he himself pointed out. also he would have felt jessica if she was in trouble during him n sooks sex he would of gone save like he when she left the house. he thought do i go check on he or sooki, n well he went outside, n did in fact save her…so again love ur interations, but just a lil let down that all of this was left out, like bill is this horrible person/vampire…keep up the GREAT work n like the show i look forward 2 reading ur “after-thought” 🙂

    • #16 by talktrueblood on August 19, 2010 - 3:54 am

      Well, I am not a fan of Bill though I do find his character interesting, but I do welcome ALL opinions as long as everyone is respectful and you obviously are. I like to hear different viewpoints…so please continue to come by and make your opinions known to me! I welcome it.
      I just think that Bill didn’t handle the thing with Jessica as well as he should have. Although he did seem to feel a little remorse when she got upset. Maybe Bill can make up for that in the future as they build a relationship/work as a team.
      AB is trying to show that both vampires are good and bad in their own ways but Bill is definitely lying a lot and desperate to heal things with Sookie that he may neglect other aspects of his life, including Jessica.
      Well, I just think that Bill should have been more affectionate with Jessica from the get go because she really put herself out there being excited for his return and I think Bill shouldn’t have been as impulsive when he decided to release her so soon. I didn’t understand why he asked her to leave either afterward. I guess he would have felt Jessica and it was better for her to deal with the werewolves than Russell but it did seem a little strange to bolt straight to Sookie and then not call Jessica after it was all over but I guess if you are right…he felt she was safe….but by that same token, wouldn’t he know if Sookie was safe, in the same way he knows she is in danger?
      I wonder how the release affected their connection beyond Bill’s ability to command her?? Lorena didn’t know how to locate Bill apparently after the release or maybe it’s just a conveinient writing thing….idk

  8. #17 by anna on August 19, 2010 - 2:37 pm

    Great analysis, thank you!

  9. #19 by Renée on August 20, 2010 - 2:57 am

    This is your best yet in the body language series! The contrast between Lorena’s family and Godric’s tells you every thing you need to understand the show.

    Looking at Lorena and Bill rolling around in that bloody bed brought Bill and Sookie’s shower scene to mind. It’s almost like Sookie has taken the first step down the road that leads to Chicago. Bill wasn’t just feeding on Sookie. She had blood dripping down her chin that wasn’t there after her fight with Debbie. I wonder how long Sookie has been feeding on Bill? Is she much different than Debbie and Coot?

    • #20 by talktrueblood on August 20, 2010 - 4:16 am

      Thank you so much Renee!
      Unless it was just because of Bill kissing her with the bloody lips then maybe it was because of her feeding on Bill…
      It did strike me as funny when Sookie insulted Debbie and Coot because she is almost no different than them at this point, because she is addicted to Bill’s blood, regardless of how many times she is taking it or in what circumstances. I wonder if she will push Eric for his blood if they become involved….hmmm, I hope not….or maybe not because she made such a big show of not wanting his blood before…supposedly…because that is what she wants him to think.

  10. #21 by Herrick on September 1, 2010 - 4:06 pm

    I tend to disagree with Bill/Jessica. Bill is trying to be a good maker to Jessica, they both feel lonely. He wants her to be a responsible vampire, to know that there are consequences for your actions.

    He would have sensed if she was in danger ala Russell sensing Talbot’s death.

    • #22 by talktrueblood on September 2, 2010 - 2:49 pm

      Well i welcome ALL opinions, so you may be right.
      I just didn’t think Bill was a good maker because he never taught Jessica anything about being a vampire other than drinking tru blood (something he himself rarely does) and glamouring people. Sure, there were time contriants but Jessica didn’t even know vampires didn’t have to be invited into another vampire’s home.

      I certainly do not blame him for the time he was absent during the kidnapping but I think he should have atleast called to let her know he wasn’t returning; he certainly took the time to call Sookie. I just think Bill will also always prioritize Sookie over Jessica, which is like prioritizing a lover over a child. He never seems to factor in Jessica when he makes decisions, like he does with Sookie. He also released Jessica after a month. She couldn’t have been ready to be on her own at that point. Sure, it has been said he wanted Jessica to have free will but he was also kicking her out of his home.Sure, it has been said he was trying to protect her from Russell, but he allowed her to go put herself on the line later on to help protect Sookie with him (he taught her to fight more to help Sookie rather than to protect herself) and then assumed she would be ok though I don’t know if the same maker/child awareness is there after they are released. He only allowed her to stay because she cried and begged him to stay.

      Bill is making a few improvements now but only time will tell.

  11. #23 by NancyA on September 12, 2010 - 7:42 am

    Excellent article and comments. I have to say at the outset, I am definately “Team Eric” but I think I can be objective where Bill is concerned and I find Bill so totally lacking in many ways. Yes, he was forced to make Jessica, but once he did turn her, he had a responsibilty to her which he neglected from the get go. Remember, the first night he pawned her off on Eric because he did not have the “time it would take to teach her obedience”. In human terms, the analogy would be someone who had an unplanned child. You may not have wanted that child, but now that it is here, you have a responsibilty to take care of it, if not love it. And, as a “gentleman of the old south”, Bill’s sense of responsibilty should have been even second nature. I too immediately thought how heartless he was, coming back from Jackson, to immediately “release” Jessica. He told her it was to save her, but in reality, it was selfishness on his part. Again, in human terms, would a parent turn a month old child, or even an adolescent lose to fend for themselves, when they have no life skills to call upon? But, having said all that, as angry as I was with him for not checking on Jess after the werewolf incident, I was pleasantly surprised that he did show up at the house when Jess woke up to find the burning cross. Maybe he did learn a thing. And I guess the bond is still there because he did feel her fear. And, since Jessica did nto accept her release, is she truly released anyway?

    Now, on to Eric and Godric and Pam….my favorite characters on TB of course. You know, If they had a spin off, I would not mind if Sookie were not even in the mix because these characters are so rich and full of potential. I often wonder if Pam and Godrick ever met. We learned in Season 2 that Eric had not seen Godrick in well over 70 years, then we see them together 60 years ago in Nazi Germany, so what was it? And where was Pam at that time? If she had been around, surely she would have known why they were hunting the Nazi werewolves and would have known the reason. Alan Ball, you have some “‘splainin’ to do!” (Said in my best Ricky Ricardo accent.) Anyway, I would so love to see Daughter – Father/Son – Father/Grandfather explored. But, I digress.

    I think we got a glimps of the kind of Maker that Pam will be when she had that little girl time in the ladies room of Fangtasia and explain how to drink without killing and how to hypothetically get rid of a theoretical body. Cold, heartless Pam saw a child in need and became Aunty Pam. She may say she hates “teacup humans” but but I think it’s all an act…just like her Maker!

    In an interview, Alex once commented that Pam and Eric’s relationship is like an indulgent father. Eric can go out and rule his area with an iron fist and yet, when he comes home, he turns into a mess because his little girl is upset he brought home the wrong Barbie doll. To me, that sums it up perfectly. It is one of the reasons that the scene with Lafayette is so touching/funny to me. Here, Viking Eric has just literally torn a man limb from limb and is upset because there is “blood in his hair” and Pam will be mad. He even calls on his captive human to defend him! Now there is a confident man, who can be that secure in himself that he is can be so in love with his child.

    And I think Eric gets it from his own experience. He was obviously an indulged child. His father may have been upset that Eric did not take his role as Prince serieously and was only interested in drink and women, but he did let him get away with it. And yet, when forced, Eric had the skill necessary to take over, because he obviously did learn somethings from his father. Just as he learned things from Godrick. Yes, he did let some lessons get the better of him when faced with the possibility of revenge, but letting his emotions get the better of him, but in the end, we see how he stepped up to the plate and became the caring, nuturing Maker, that put his own 1000 year quest aside until he was sure his child was safe.

    lastly, I just want to mention one of my favorite lines in the series. It is between Sookie and Godric on the roof. When Godric says to Sookie “you will take care of him, Eric” and Sookie replies “I don’t know, you know how he is.” Godric gives a small, indulgent smile and admits “I can take the blame for that too.” To me, that summed up Godric’s feeling for Eric totally. We saw how much love and respect Eric had for Godric, but that line made Godric’s reciprical love and respect very clear.

    • #24 by NancyA on September 12, 2010 - 7:47 am

      BTW – I just wanted to say that this is the first time I found your wonderful site but I will be returning to see what I have missed. Sorry my first response is so long!

      I can’t believe I missed the whole Lorena/Istvan thing. I was never a Lorena fan, so I must have missed the part about her making. Seems I need to rewatch season 2 to see what I missed! I assume it is in the same episode as Bill’s making?

      Anyway, thanks for this wonderful forum. I just subscribed and will be back.

      • #25 by talktrueblood on September 12, 2010 - 3:32 pm

        Before I respond to the longer comment, I will say that I am glad you found my site and Bill mentioned Istvan during his torture by Lorena in episode 3×06.
        I was a Lorena fan (she made the Bill scenes better for me), so I definitely took notice.

        Thank you NancyA!
        I repsond to any and all comments as soon as I can.

    • #26 by talktrueblood on September 12, 2010 - 4:20 pm

      I completely agree with the metaphor about an unplanned child.
      Bill was a completely terrible father to Jessica and neglected her in every possible way yet some people want to overlook everything he did such as leaving her with Eric or attempting to kick her out after a month because he decided to ultimately let her stay at his house and taught her to fight (which is obviously did so he “could make use of her,” not because he wanted to protect her, since he literally let her own her own to be killed/kill the werewolf so he could make up with Sookie).
      AB does have some explaining to do but maybe we can assume that Pam didn’t go along for every single thing Eric did after her taught her the basics.
      I am not sure Pam hates baby vamps. She called Bill a “hero” for turning her and did take Jessica under her wing a little as you mentioned. I think Pam has some reservations against humans in general in part because she had such a bad experience being one and was treated badly by them.

      I think how you base it on Eric’s own experiences, in that way that he treats Pam.
      Eric is definitely a generally responsible vampire and if he acts impulsive, he takes on all the consequences of that, just as Godric did (a lesson he probably learned from Godric).

      I also took from that exhance with Sookie that Godric knows Eric well enough to know that Eric was definitely developing real feelings for Sookie and that there was a definite connection between them and Sookie would ultimately want to look after Eric. I don’t think Godric would have asked Sookie to do something he didn’t think that she would want to do.
      Maybe we will see that in finale tonight ; )

  12. #27 by Caroline on September 16, 2010 - 7:55 pm

    Please Please write about the finale I would love to hear what you have to say!

    • #28 by talktrueblood on September 16, 2010 - 9:57 pm

      Im beginning to write it now. hectic week. im really sorry it was so late!

      • #29 by Caroline on September 17, 2010 - 1:11 am

        *thumbs up* looking forward to it!! 🙂

  13. #30 by anna on September 16, 2010 - 10:31 pm

    I’m looking forward to it too!
    So many reviews say the finale was a bit of an anti-climax but perhaps there might be a purpose in writing it that way.

  14. #31 by NancyA on September 16, 2010 - 11:25 pm

    I too am looking forward to your next review because I have been thinking of the Godric/Eric exchanges and how or if their relationship has changed. I am interested in your take.

  15. #32 by Dranoa on October 3, 2010 - 5:32 am

    Interesting article, i am glad to have come across it. I was wondering what your interpretation would be between the bond between a vampire and their maker’s maker. For instance, would Pam be bonded to Godric in any fashion? Would she have to heed Godric’s will as Eric would have?

    Any thoughts would be appreciated! Thanks!


    • #33 by talktrueblood on October 3, 2010 - 8:30 pm

      Thank you and welcome Dranoa.

      That is difficult to say because Lorena never mentioned Jessica or asked about her or seemed to have any connection or vice versa.
      Likewise, Pam did not seem to have a passion about finding Godric, only the pain that it caused Eric.
      Plus, Eric never seemed to discuss his relationship with Godric with Pam either.

      So, until AB gives us a clear indication on True Blood that the vampire and the maker’s maker have a connection I might have to say no to that q tuestion.
      However, I believe the importance of the “grandparent” so to speak, might have a lot to do with the relatioship the maker has to their own maker.
      Also, I think traits and the relationship a maker has with their own maker might affect the relationship they have with their own child…

      Although, in the books it seems as though they can all feel eachother’s emotions/feelings/etc. through the blood of their “brothers-sisters so to speak,” or their maker’s other child and even the emotions one may feel for a human they have a blood bond with. All of these indicate that it might be true in the books and therefore, it might be true on True Blood but we haven’t seen any clear evidence of that on True Blood.

  1. The Body Language of Eric Northman Part Two | Talktrueblood's Blog

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