Season Finale Speculation – Feel Free to Discuss Below This!

This is my wild guess for the finale (we know how often these are right but I am giving it my best attempt:)

Eric & Sookie & Bill & Pam & Russell & The Queen

Obviously things will start off with Eric and Russell burning in the sun. From there, one of these scenarios will happen (we know eric and pam will be bloody):

1.  Pam is bloody because  she will give Sookie blood as part of the plan since they have to keep Bill chained up (meanwhile she has her vision of Claudine who tells her how to defeat Russell and/or explains what is going on with the vampires and what not)…beat she heals because of Pam’s blood…

2. Bill heals Sookie with Pam watching OR because of Claudine after or during the vision. Pam is bloody because she feeds on Sookie too in order to help Eric or simply because she was crying alot.

Pam and/or Bill fill Sookie in on what is going on, Sookie then heads out to help Eric while he has a vision of Godric:

Sookie realizes she has feelings for Eric after helping him (a kiss may or may not happen again after she gives him or does not give him blood during saving him). Regardless, she will realize her feelings but will be scared of vampires after all of this though she is really not scared of Eric (as I have established).

Alcide shows up because Eric needs his contracting company’s cement truck to bury Russell after Sookie chains Russell and saves Eric…by giving him blood again too…(that is why he is bloody and her wrist is bloody again even though she supposedly healed)..unless he is crying too but that doesn’t make sense really. Alcide seems like a safe alternative to Sookie now and he tries to convince her to go with him and she may or may not do so (much to Bill and Eric’s dismay and Eric’s and maybe Bill’s display(s) of jealousy).

Eric and Bill go take a chained Russell to bury him with Alcide’s cement truck.

I think the blur is eric

Bill double crosses Eric after they take care of Russell either by his own jealousey or the queen’s orders or someone else’s orders. (we have seen Bill chaining up Eric in spoiler photos and them next to a cement truck too). Either Bill buries Eric with Russell or takes him prisoner even though Eric puts up a good fight.

The queen comes to confront Bill about handing over Sookie finally. Bill gives QSA the bait by telling her that “Your majesty, Sookie is here and Eric as well.” (pieced this together from the promo) OR Bill tells QSA Russell is “no more” she replies back “Russell is no more?” and Bill says “Eric as well” because he buried him too or got rid of his memory though I think Hallow will be responsible for the second half or someone else.

Remember that I think the queen might have ordered him to take Eric prisioner in order to make him pay or he did it out of pure jealousy and knows the queen will want revenge but I think it’s the former.

Bill turns on the queen and attacks her in order to try to cover up his crimes and/or make it right and/or protect Sookie but considering that AB said the queen would cause a lot of pain for sookie on the DVD commentaries SHE CANNOT BE DONE YET so I say she lives and takes Sookie prisoner and Eric (if they are actually there because of Bill) or she only takes one or the other if one or the other is there or she spends time next season trying to capture them both because they aren’t there but Bill was supposed to set them both up for it regardless.  Somewhere along the line Sookie finds out about Bill because of Eric (this could cause Bill anger at him) or because of this whole situation with the queen showing up and of course she is devastated and swears off vampires but it’s too late for her.

Cliffhanger possibilities (this is a list haha):

1.  Bill is attacking the queen to protect Sookie or in an attempt to cover up his dealings with the queen…with Eric and Sookie in tow…. or not though he was supposed to have sookie and possibly Eric in tow already.

2. The queen stops Bill and captures Sookie….and possibily Eric (they may or may not show the amnesia thing this season. If they do, it has to be an attempt by QSA to weaken Eric or

I think Eric and Sookie will bond next season while Eric has amnesia and they are possibly not only running from the witches but also QSA together AND/OR they are both dealing with being forced prisioners of QSA at first or eventually. Sookie could be in the reverse situation of calming down Eric and being there for him. Non-Amnesia Eric might possibly help her navigate the vampire political world later on.

If Eric is trapped by Bill in the cement though I think he was more likely taken prisoner, I suspect Pam and possibly Sookie will be getting him out.

If Eric gets away from Bill, he will lose his memory and get lost anyway.

We may or may not have Hallow revealed or the amnesia this season but if we do get the amnesia the origin might not be revealed this season. The witch wars may not come into play until next season thought we have started getting beat over the head with the witchcraft foreshadowing. I just hope I am right and we don’t get more Eric/Sookie seperation for a while but since I am almost certain it’s going to be like the book in atleast the way that Sookie and amnesia Eric will fall in love and make love. : )

I am also wondering how the FOTS might come into play again.

I suspect Alcide and Bill and Pam might be trying to help Eric and/or Sookie out of this situation together or seperately next season for their own reasons. They may or may not discover E/S’s new found closeness but obviously it will probably be obvious afterward.


Other speculations:

1. lafayette gains the ability to see the truth in others because of the magic/v and wants Jesus to help him manage that power or get rid of it.

2. Maxine will think about killing Jessica (giving jessica the final death) because she and hoyt are back together and she bit Hoyt.

3. Tara starts cutting herself or remains suicidal again or goes generally crazy alongside Sam possibly (hopefully not homocidal).

4. Jason warns Crystal’s family of the drug raid in order to fit in. This ends on a cliffhanger or things go very badly for Jason and Andy…not really a surprise either way!


Please sound off below and let me know what you think! I would love to get  a dicussion going to fill in the next 2 weeks and as always, I will respond to any and all comments!


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  1. #1 by Elalia on August 30, 2010 - 3:13 pm

    As always a great pleasure to read your post… Although I find strange the idea that QSA will be after Eric next season ( maybe I`m a bit biased by the book where she isn`t mentionned in the 4>> anyway ) so QSA after Eric? it sounds unlikely despite the whole marry Russell Edgington or I will tear your head and throw it in the pool thing… first he is older than her (on tv), second if Russell is indeed dead in the finale ( sad but necessary) she will inherit Mississipi and Russell`s fortune thanks to Eric, and third the AVL will know if Russell dies that will be thanks to Eric and I doubt they would let QSA kill him And she screwed him over with the V thing and the Magister.
    Also when she learns that Sookies`blood only works for a few minutes..why would she bother killing themor at least Eric?
    I agree with you on earlier point you made about Yvetta going to Holly for revenge..that would fit the storyline i guess (but we fuckin` never know with AB !!)

    Your speculations on the finale are very insightful… I personally think that Pam will be the one to give Sookie blood ( I don`t see her freeing Bill after their throwdown she knows Eric has feelings for her so she will prevent him from “drugging” her further…and she might enjoy the whole Sookie will dream about me too..although i`m not sure it will be the main reason)
    Sookie runs out of Fangtasia with a silver chain..I guess it`s to keep Russell from moving and help Eric back into Fangtasia, I believe that while she is doing all this she realises that she DOES have feelings for him and can`t let Eric die despite her saying she hates him and doesn`t trust him or else that would be the best and only time for her to let him die and finally be free of him BUT I seriously doubt that`s what she wants.
    ( BTW, what the fuck was the we`ll start over crap with a house and vegetables and all that ??? seriously !!! i just wanted to slap her in the face and tell her to wake up already!) I think its physical… when she is around Bill she is really dumb, like he has that weird influence over her !!
    I also think you`re right when u say Alcide came to help with the burrial of RE.. and he might be a good break for Sookie to clear her mind of this whole mess ..rebound guy
    I`m also disappointed that we haven`t yet heard the true story of Bill and his work for QSA…its been draggin on for too long
    “Your majesty, Sookie is here and Eric as well.” Now what is that all about… Is Bill trying to double cross the Queen? he must be high I think and if he wants to give Eric to QSA for revenge, i dont believe he will succeed in this plan and it will backfire in his face…
    I need to watch the episode grasp maybe a few more things…
    How can people say Eric is heartless that is simply not true..the way he talked to Pam and kissed her on the forehead..if that`s not love …?? what is ??
    And the way he looks at Sookie and caressed her face before Russell grabbed her..notice the gentle soothing hand on her head while he is drinking… I may be over-interpreting but I think its his way of calming her down and that she will be fine after all and expressing he cares…
    Let me know what you think…thanks again for the post !!! Cant wait for 2 more weeks …

  2. #2 by Carmen Garcia on August 30, 2010 - 4:34 pm

    Brilliant… i think you got all the speculations right! eric and sookie will bond next season, they have see en each other face how much they care…
    i was wondering, could be sookie the one who sees godric ?? maybe she has the vision so she decides to help eric (maybe she doubts at one point)….and the queen is on a black outfit, “celebrating” RE death??? maybe eric`s as well ???
    pam really needs to step out fangtasia and help, eric was out there being a brave viking by himself!!
    the part i dont understand is hallow, i have not read the books so im kinda lost but why will be the witches after eric ? could it be due to RE actions ? and the vandalizes fangtasia ? perhaps witches thinks vampires are a menace and start to take them out ??… oh.. too much to think… too bad we´ll have to wait 2 weeks 😦

    • #3 by talktrueblood on August 30, 2010 - 11:51 pm

      Thank you Carmen!
      OMG that would be wonderful…Sookie seeing Godric…I think she would definitely be inspired to help him then!
      I think Pam will respect Sookie a lot more if she saves Eric’s undead life too.
      I think Eric probably instructed her to either help Sookie or not to help so that she could be sure to survive.
      Well we know Eric is probably going to get amnesia this season and I don’t know how else he would get it except from a spell and AB confirmed that aspect.
      Well Hallow was after Eric’s money but Idk how the witches will be on True Blood.

  3. #4 by Katrina on August 31, 2010 - 2:03 am

    Yes, yes, yes, speculating is so much fun! Hehe.

    I’m right on board with others who insist Sookie is running from the bar to help Eric. She’ll further incapacitate Russell with the silver chain and get Eric’s ass outta the sun before he turns into a California raisin. Russell will die (he’s the Big Bad this season, so it’s an inevitability).

    I too don’t think Pam will allow Bill to give Sookie any more of his blood….but you never know, it could end up being that infuriating. I swear, if Bill has the chance to “dose” her any further, I’m going to scream. I also don’t know if Pam would bother giving Sookie any of her own blood…….ugh, this is one of those infuriating “wait and see” things that has me frustrated and really dreading this two-week-long wait.

    I think the queen will ultimately give up on the whole Sookie thing once she’s told her blood only works for a few minutes. BUT….I think the queen showing up to confer with Bill will be what ultimately brings Bill’s lies out in the open. I think the queen herself will end up informing Sookie that she sent Bill to Bon Temps. Which would be totally awesome, but I’ll definitely miss the fact that ERIC forced the truth outta Bill in the books…..bad-ass viking hero that he is *swoon*, lol.

    I can’t wait to see what nastiness Bill’s up to…..hopefully it will make a few of those Billshippers turn away and join Team Eric….FINALLY.

    • #5 by talktrueblood on August 31, 2010 - 6:38 am

      Haha. We are going to have to speculate the endure the ridiculous wait for Season 4! I am sure!

      We saw other pictures of her standing over Eric so I am sure that is how it will go down as well.
      I don’t know. I am going to leave open the strong possibility Bill gives her blood again so I won’t be too disappointed if he does.
      However, I am also going to leave open the possibility that Pam does or Claudine heals her somehow and that she willingly gives Eric blood to help him afterward.

      I don’t think the queen is going to give up under any circumstances. I think the queen would still go for it even if it lasted for a few minutes.
      Why not try to use her telepathy too while you are at it?
      She might take her just for her delicious blood too.
      I will take ANY reveal of Bill’s true motives.

      I think most Billshippers are uninformed but they have a chance to get informed. The rest either have a thing for SM’s british accent, the dark haired guy thing is their thing no matter what, or they are into the real life couple thing (in which cases they won’t be helped haha).

  4. #6 by Eric is hot on September 1, 2010 - 2:31 am

    I hop[e it is Pam that gives the blood. She should be smart enough not to release Bill. Eric would kill her.

  5. #7 by anette on September 12, 2010 - 4:36 pm

    I think, that Eric and Pam were talking about what to do next, before they say good bye to each other (situation with him kissing her forehead), Eric is not like Bill – He has got a plan, always, he is not afraid to use his 1000 years brain 😉
    In my opinion: sookie don’t need another blood dose, they don’t drain her, I supposed they both drink less than Byyyl during sex (greedy bitch). She is just shocked, maybe passed out, but she will woke up. I think she has another vision of fucking fairy land (thanks Russel 😉 ) and she will hear something like: don’t loose your light, or “go to the light” (;)) so she wake up. And in the same time Eric has vision of Goderic, who ill say to him to not give up, it’s not your time, you have still things to do as a undeath before true death. That’s why, when Sookie run from Fangtasia to him, he is ok with her idea of saving him. Bill is still in chains (I love to see that, when he see on screens, like she go there, save her man, and it’s obviously, that she care of him, bill is furious, because she run to Eric and don’t even thought about free Bill from chains).
    Queen come to BT after knowing that she is a happy widow, and one of her first decision in to promote her trustful and loyal servant, and that’s Bill. This is the situation, when she is revealing her and bill connections and plans. Sookie is so angry, that she just thrown away his ring and say she never want to see him any more.
    Eric is in very bad condition, he need lot of time to heal, because he was so close to meet a true death, so in his time of being vulnerable, Bill want to get rid of him, and provoke QSA to judge Eric because of his betrayed of her. But Eric explain to QSA why all what his done was not against her, but against Russel and she is so happy, that she has money and freedom, that she forgive him.
    Sookie don’t want to faced her feelings to Eric, she is still wounded because of Byyl betrayal, so she get closer with Alcide, but when she find out, that it is so much serious from his part than from her, she finishing this relationship.
    Because of Yvetta to Fangtasia arrived witches, in fact – Yvetta was a spy of witches, who want to know everything about this business and about Eric. Eric is angry and say: go to hell, and that’s why his got amnesia.
    Sookie found him, just like in the book number 4. They get closer and closer and we all could see this amazing and mind blowing scene in shower (PLEASE ALAB B., LET ME SEE THEM UNDER SHOWER, HAVE THEY FIRST MIND BLOWING SEX!!!). Bill is still angry and looking for his opportunities, even think about informing witches where Eric is hiding, but sookie told him, that if witches will come to her home, she will be sure who to blame.
    I think U have right, the witch war could be in season 5, but here amnesia will be healed by Hope or Jesus… I’m not sure.
    And Eric will be not remember of what they do, but it will be come back to him during his dreams, so the tension will back.
    And during amnesia they will kill Debbie, just like in book, because there must be a reason, why Alan B. put her, even if plot with Alcide was smaller than in book.
    And in the same time: Jason and Crystal, Jason turning into werepanther, Tara and Sam love and destroy; Jessica and Hoyt happy and fun (there must be unless aone happy couple) but with mother of Hoyt in their tail (she don’t accepting thise relationship, and even said: over my dead body: so Jess response: It’s not impossible I could arrange this, ;))

    • #8 by talktrueblood on September 12, 2010 - 6:49 pm

      Maybe Pam and Eric did discuss a possible plan to save him while killing Russell (we will find out tonight) but maybe Eric was possibly prepared to sacrifice himself.
      Maybe Eric really did think that this was the end.

      I love your “go to the light” theory Anette but what about the healed bite marks? does claudine do that?

      I had the idea that maybe Godric would set things up between the two of them (since he did ask Sookie to look after him on the roof).

      I’m not sure QSA would forgive Eric so easily, despite getting rid of Russell, but you could definitely be correct. The queen seems to want daywalking and money more than anything else, possibly including revenge.

      Well are Bill and Eric going to fight in this scenario or is Alcide the one they are both fighting with? He wouldn’t stand a chance with either of them of course.

      Oh I think the witch war is coming this season and Eric will definitely be in the middle. Possibly QSA and Sookie too. I just think QSA will get her hands on Sookie and in order for Eric to bond with her during this time, he will have to be in captivity with QSA too.

      I think they will kill Debbie like in the book too. It would be a season 4 bonding experience for Eric and Sookie.

      I think Maxine will end up hurting Hoyt while trying to hurt Jessica though.

  6. #9 by anette on September 12, 2010 - 8:12 pm

    I think that Eric and Pam talked not about saving Eric, but about saving Sookie after he and russel bite and suck her, and about not to let Byyyyl to give Sookie his blood once again. I’m sure he was ready to meet his revenge and true death in the same moment, but his friends: Pam, Godric, Sookie – none of them will just stand and watch as he is burning.
    If I’m right, it will be Pam, who healed Sookie. Or maybe she healed her self after “go into the light”. I don’t remember if in trailer was any scene of “light from hands”?
    Godric could show himself to Eric or to Sookie, hi is bonded to both of them on different level, so it’s possible.
    QSA of course it’s not much forgiving, so I suppose she will make a lot of trouble to Eric, but in the end – she will forgive him, even if Byyyl hope she will not. I think that Russel case, and how he end, could asure QSA that daywalking is not a good idea 😉 But until she want to kick Eric’s ass (o god, his marveles ass) she could run for Sookie, just to make him worried an angry.

    • #10 by talktrueblood on September 12, 2010 - 11:58 pm

      I hope you are right about what Pam and Eric talked about!

      awesome ideas Anette!

      I don’t know but she gets healed somehow! It just better not be Bill that does it!

      I hope the queen isn’t willing to settle for delicious blood : /

  7. #11 by anette on September 12, 2010 - 8:27 pm

    and Alcide is a temporary consolation after undeath first boyfriend and undeath future fiance, he is so hot (i mean body temperature, not sex appeal, because Joe M. is so not in my type 😉 ) and so alive, so Sookie could have temptation of comfort herself by this furry boyfriend 😉 And in the same time she will be isolating herself from both vampires, so they won’t be fight with Alcide, Sookie will broke him after recognition, than he just can’t stop thinking about Eric (so true, so understandble) and it’s not fair that she give Alcide a folse hope, especially that he is much more into relationship and even married….

    • #12 by talktrueblood on September 12, 2010 - 11:59 pm

      Joe M isn’t my type either haha

      You might be right about why Sookie ultimately goes back to Eric instead of settling for Alcide!
      I think she will realize she loves Eric/ cares about him more than Alcide once he is in need next season, she helps him, and the sparks fly of course!

  8. #13 by anette on September 12, 2010 - 9:01 pm

    i just have seen new trailers and sneak peaks, and: at first: bill jump with his fangs on QSA,, she did the same. second one: Sookie take back her invitation to Bill, just like Jason did before, remember this creazy moon walk?
    I’m so jalousy that you will know today yet… in Poland I could watc final not earlier than tommorow, because SOMEONE FIRST HAVE TO PUT IN INTO TORRENTS in polish HBO there is just the beggining of 2 season… Thanks to God for internet 😉

    • #14 by talktrueblood on September 13, 2010 - 12:00 am

      I didn’t see season 2 until much later after it aired because the house I lived in didn’t have HBO.

      I cannot wait! It is starting in 40 minutes!
      : )

  9. #15 by anette on September 13, 2010 - 11:16 am

    I just watched a finale, well, love Eric even more, even all in cement (I think that it is colled in english?) he is fucking hot, hotest man or a vampire alive. I was so pleased that he came to Sookie just to tell her true, even if it was his revenge on Bill, he did a wright thing.
    Russel buried a life is like bomb with deleted time of explosion, not a good idea, but I think Godric was too good want Eric to forgive Russel, Russel is a madman, he would not loose his opportunieties to kill them all if he only had a chance for that…
    I was so sorry for Tommy, he is such a nice and poor boy, he has no life before, no one to love no on who would care for him, hope Sam stop this fucking “be hard” thing, it’s not fair, the boy don’t know nothing by betrial, using people, unnoble behave or thefting, but he so deserve for another chance!
    I think I had enough of this cheeky symbolism of cutting your own hair to be stronger and to change your life, I saw it in so many movies, it’s so stuid and anoyng, so cliche.
    Bill shown his true face, must say, what a skunk, he really judge all vampires and human by himself – he is mean, so he think every one are, he want her blood, so he thinks everyone does, he is greedy, so why not blame for that everyone? the way he treat Eric is something not to be forgive any way. Pam was right, oh camone Eric, hope you killed him… but Godric has still great impact on Eric, even when he can’t agree with his idea of forgivness, he just couldn’t do something against totally, he love his maker too much to that.
    And the last scene: to desapearing into the light was cheeky to, but well, that was none for the begining of thos fairy tale line.
    Wonder if Bill really could kill QSA, she is older, stronger and he, like always, have no plan, just to try tear her a part, that’s good, jump on a stronger, older and possibly witch vampire and pray that’s your lucky day.
    I hate like he justify all his hate and murder instinct on “safety of what he loved the most”. And sorry – let the Rattman go on her just to feed her with his own blood? What a great prosecutor of QSA~!

    • #16 by talktrueblood on September 15, 2010 - 2:21 am

      I didn’t like the Tara stuff at all which is a shame because I love her.
      Overall that finale was absolutely fantastic because of the Bill reveal!

  10. #17 by anette on September 13, 2010 - 6:49 pm

    u know what would be funny? If Maxine woud be the one who beats and kill QSA, imagine: she could go to Bill’s home just to kill Jessica with a wooden bullet, saw there QSA, skinny red head vampire, by the window she couldn’t see her perfectly but she shoot, because she don’t even thought, that there can be more than one red-head vampie girl 😉

  11. #19 by Gabriela on September 15, 2010 - 5:48 pm

    hello! great analysis as always!
    I´m eagerly waiting for your comment about the finale 🙂
    If I have to make a balance about the season, I say that in average, I liked it, well… Eric helped a lot hahaha. By reading your last three threads one can tell how he really grew as a character and changed along the story (it was beatiful to see his inner fight: good vs evil, goodness represented by Godric) and that´s what a “hero” must do for a story to be succesfull. I hope he will help Sookie to grow too, because with Bill…hmmm (by the way, what was she going to do when she said :”Bill wait!”…and fortunately your honor were saved…oh Sookie you didn´t learnt!)
    I liked some of the secondary stories, but I think there are too many and distracts the atttention from the main story.
    Well, I wait for your review so I go on with the commentaries 🙂

    I forgot I could write you in spanish 🙂 but it´s ok, so averybody can read

    • #20 by talktrueblood on September 15, 2010 - 9:38 pm

      Thank you Gabriela. I will reply in english if that is what you write in here.
      I am going to start the finale writing today and hopefully have it up sometimes tomorrow.
      Unfortunately Sookie is lonely and desperate I believe because she was alienated all of her life because of her abilities and doesn’t realize or want to realize her
      feelings for Eric.

      I have considered translating some of my posts to spanish for the spanish speaking fans but I don’t know if I should or not, if it will be worthwhile.

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