“The Truth Is…” -Episode 3×11 Analysis/Recap

The truth is… the depth of Bill’s love for Sookie is equivalent to an “infatuated tween.”

This was an important line to recognize.  I doubt that AB would have allowed that line by the writer unless that is what he really believed because Pam is often a truth teller on this show.  I think the purpose of Bill’s constant irrational behavior in contrast to this line was there to illustrate once again that the Bill and Sookie relationship is based on  “infatuation” and “unrealistic expectations”  rather than illustrating “what could have been,” or the supposed love between them.  This parallels Tara’s confession to Franklin about Sookie’s claims of supposed “love at first sight.”

The Truth Is…Yvetta was not a dumb, slutty fangbanger desperate for a job and good sex with a vampire. She is/was a SMART cardiologist out with an agenda of her own.

Will Yvetta cut and run permanantly with Eric’s money or does she have more tricks up her sleeve? Only time will tell but I guess anything is possible from a SMART CARDIOLOGIST who was willing to moonlight as a stripper in a fangbanger bar!

The Truth Is… Jesus is not as innocent or as sweet as he seems. He is hiding more information about his “magical abilities” and the source of that. Wherever it is coming from, it’s obviously dangerous and scarey. Also, Laffy has the ability to see the truth about people.

Will we find out the truth about Jesus? How will it affect Laffy’s life? It has already brought Lafayette a disturbing ability to see the truth and potentially all of the darkness in others. Lafayette’s new ability could be almost as tragic as Sookie’s mind reading abilities when it comes to his life in general. Is Jesus’s power dark enough to attract the infamous Hallow and/or the dark witches or is Jesus involved in Hallow’s coven or will he be unless Jesus is Hallow but I don’t think Jesus will be though I pointed out that distinct possibility.

The Truth Is…Crystal is a were-panther who is not only being abused but is also being forced to marry her HALF-BROTHER in order to produce more were-panthers for Hotshot. Not only that, Hotshot is headed up by fanatical leaders who  could create a WACO siege style catastrophe if Jason does not stop it.

The violent Waco Siege

Crystal is perhaps one of the most tragic characters/victims on the show who may eventually become a true  predator as a result of the trauma of being the victim that she is (alot of the coldest con artists/killers etc. were once victims themselves. Of course, the raid on Hotshot is going to be a disaster similar to Waco as Crystal described AND/OR Jason is going to cause a lot of shame to the police department and Andy if he is spotted during the raid. As, I wonder if Jason is going to be turned into a werepanther because he is desperate to fit in, Crystal is desperate to help Jason fit in, or because he is attacked by Crystal’s family.

The Truth Is…Jessica is a vampire that LOVES drinking human blood but atleast she is woman enough to admit it and guess what? her lover not only appreciates the honesty but actually seems to like the idea!

As usual, I think this shows the potential for the B/S relationship is Bill had just been honest with her from the very beginning. It also parallels Eric’s total honesty about himself as well.

The Truth Is…Eric knows how to play anyone…EVEN when he is TELLING THE TRUTH while doing so.

Because Eric is not a great liar, he must avoid the whole truth when it comes to manipulating others (he has apparently mastered this). Eric is also apparently smart enough to even use the truth against people. He also knows how to  use ANYONE’s weakness against them.

The Truth Is…Eric is down to earth enough to have a silly ringtone (just for fun lol : )

The Truth Is…Even Bill is now convinced that Sookie has real feelings for Eric that go beyond the blood!

When Bill is even admitting that you have REAL feelings for Eric, I think the whole audience needs to get the picture and of course you Sookie!

The Truth Is…Sam has deep seeded problems with anger , impulsivity, verbal abuse and alcholism.

Did this side of Sam emerge as a result of Bill’s bad blood or has Sam been trying his best to conceal this side from the very beginning (much like Bill covered up his dark side in front of others but it burst forth at the first chance)?

The Truth Is… V use and corruption is  widespread in Bon Temps.

The Truth Is…Maxine and Summer have been working together the entire time.

They will probably attempt to hurt/get rid of Jessica. Will they succeed or will maxine simply alienate Hoyt forever? Will we have a tragedy? Will Maxine try to kill Jessica and end up killing her own son, Hoyt, tragically?

The Truth Is…Andy  doesn’t feel like a hero, didn’t want Eggs to die, Jason didn’t know any better, and Eggs mostly died because it was his own fault and now Tara knows.

The Truth Is…Bill and Sookie will never be able to “start over” or have a “normal life” because Eric Northman and the vampire/supe world will always be in Sookie’s life (on her path, road in life).

Sookie must adjust her expectation/thoughts about what happinness is for her. In order to achieve any happiness, Sookie must learn to accept her role in the supe world and having Eric in her life because it will always be apart of her path. Sometimes happiness is right in front of your face ; )

The Truth Is… Sometimes you just have to accept the consequences of your actions and you cannot always run from your problems.  Also, desperation and vulnerability can lead to blind faith ( in addition to fear as demonstrated in the previous episode).

Blind faith and unavoidable consequences and secrets will continue to be major themes on True Blood.

The Truth Is…Tara and Sam aren’t so different after all and they have an undeniable connection that is still there.

Can Sam and Tara help eachother through their darkness or will they only cause the darkness in eachother to flourish as a possible couple/ friends with benefits again?

The Truth Is…Eric has A LOT OF LOVE and affection inside of him for both Pam…


Eric affectionately tries to confront Sookie when he is forced to bite her

The amount of love pouring from Eric through his face and hands in these scenes was so enormous (before his big heroic act), I almost expected them to que the grand orchestra music! Body Language wise, we can once again see the trust that Eric and Sookie have for eachother with the non-stop eye contact and the momentary, strange calm that Sookie seems to have as Eric caresses her face, despite what is about to happen to her. Once Eric is forced to feed on her alongside Russell, he lovingly tries toconfront her   (very book Eric, Eric strokes her back during the Andre feeding in Book 7).

The Truth is… Eric HAS WON this game of chess against Russell and  is apparently the bravest and smartest vampire/individual on the show (though this does parallel Sam’s willingness to potentially risk himself for others last season)!

If we had any remaining doubts that Eric is going to be an admirable hero on this show or is to be redeemed, we saw it here. I was absolutely breathless that Eric was so brave even in the face of his final death and portrayed in this beautiful manner finally. Those that still question Eric’s inherant noble nature, bravery, love, loyalty and, intelligence are completely blind at this point.  I wonder how his jealousy of Alcide and Bill’s potential betrayl will factor in for True Blood’s new hero?

Last week, the Audience and the characters were thinking: “I Smell a Rat (3×10)..

This week, “Fresh Blood (3×11)” was spilled and “Fresh Blood (3×11)”  represented a fresh persepctive/the truth…

Two weeks from now, “Evil is going on” in their lives/undead lives from here on out and into Season Four.



  1. #1 by carmen garcia on August 31, 2010 - 6:36 am

    hi kat¡ As always great review…interesting observation,erics knows how to play everyone using the truth¡ I know we hate AB for the fanfiction version he has created but he’s really giving us a magnificnt individual in eric’s character.he may not fully get sookie this season but he has shown such a dvelopment¡ Back at the begining of the season we hav the cold guy with the indiferent careless attitud and now he’s saving the world! Being brave, being kind enough to try and confort bitch sokie as he’s force to bite her. Great man eric is… Well vampire but you get the idea! 🙂

  2. #2 by Missy on August 31, 2010 - 7:43 am

    What a great recap my darling TTB 😀

    I loved that line from Pam!! It was good to hear from the writers finally how they really feel about this relationship 😉 Of course we knew from all the underlying referances but it was great to actually hear it haha ! There is a greater picture!!

    Yvetta was a shocker. A CARDIOLOGIST?? But she’s from Estonia and she wouldn’t have working permit for that career in USA. I think a woman scorned is a dangerous woman!! And she def has something more up her sleave.

    Like your saying ‘Laffy has the ability to see the truth in people’! Jesus is up to no good, he has an agenda for Laffy like Bill had with Sookie.

    I’m still not sure what to think about Chrystal. I feel sorry for her, to have to be brought up for the only reason to breed with her brothers 😦 But I can see her going dark or grow stronger in character from this experiance. The siege will probalby be a disaster for Jason, Chrystal and Andy.

    I like that Jessica was upfront with Hoyt. You are right this is probalby how S/B could have been if he had been straight with Sookie from the start. But this is also (like B/S) a first love relationship, it won’t last!

    ERIC!! The hero of this season 🙂 He really is! He knew from the time he talked to Pam about ‘everything ends even the immortals’ that he would likely die from bringing Russell down. He accepted his fate, he made sacrifices to get Pam, Sookie and really the whole human and vampire kind to safety.
    His love for his progeny is beautiful, it mirrors Godrics love for Eric. The most beautiful and pure relationship are in Godrics blood line.
    Eric knew what he would have to do to Sookie to save her, he had to be cruel to be kind. It was written all over his face how he felt about it. Here he had to use a woman he’s in love with to save her and his first drink from her was in a compromising situation. I totally get your paralell with the Andre scene from SSN! There Eric had to taste her for the first time (he didn’t remember other times!) in front of the cruel Andre, he tried to be sweet stroking her back and biting carefully even though it hurt for Sookie, but she trusted him. Same in Fangtasia in TB, Sookie trusted Eric, but she was afraid and it hurt, but he tried to sooth her by stroking her hair. There was no way out of this!
    And it’s so true that Eric just isn’t capable of lying well! He uses the truth to get what he wants, which is brilliant really!

    The conversation in the car between S/B was just watching their relationship in it’s last death stretch! I think she realised it, the conversation started and ended with thoughts and talk of Eric Northman. But Bill will try everything to get her back, and I saw his look when Eric and Sookie had their moment in Fangtasia. This will not end pleasently between Eric and Bill.
    Still I loved that finally they worked together!

    Sam in his dark place is not a pleasant person. I felt so sorry for Tommy, I don’t think he knows how to read or write! I’m intrigued by Sam and Taras relaionship, how will it go for them… will they feed of each other dark shadows or work their way out of them together.

    I have the feeling that Hoyts mother might accidentally kill Hoyt 😦 Maybe the cliffhanger is Jessica trying to turn him.

    Loved this episode, it goes into my favorite category with ‘I Will Rise Up’!! I also loved ‘Trouble’. Nancy Oliver is brilliant 😀

    • #3 by Missy on August 31, 2010 - 12:00 pm

      Oh wait, I just remembered that Book Eric did taste Sookie in book 5 after the Mickey attack !

      • #4 by LLE on August 31, 2010 - 3:50 pm

        It was in book two when Eric first taste Sookie. Bill, Eric, Pam, and Chow drain Sookie and they gave her human blood so she can heal from attack.

      • #5 by talktrueblood on August 31, 2010 - 9:39 pm

        dang. i forgot. thanks for the reminder. I have a hard time remembering stuff from books one and two sometimes.

    • #6 by talktrueblood on August 31, 2010 - 2:12 pm

      hahhaha I know. I was sure they were hinting endlessly at the fact that B/S were based on pure infatuation and acted like obsessed tweens but I never expected to hear it right out like that. It was definitely hilarious and nice to finally hear.
      Atleast that is what Nancy Olver thinks but AB didn’t disagree with it ; ))

      I believe the scene was a book nod to the Andre situation although I could be wrong and I am glad you defiintely see the parallels.
      I loved that they worked together but I definitely udnerstand that things won’t end well too.
      Bill is much too possessive and Eric will be experiencing some jealousy now that they have had their share of “intimate moments” though no full on sex yet.

      I felt sorry for Tommy too! I am wondering how far Sam is going to go here or whether things can get resolved between them. I liked Sam and Tommy and was saddened by that scene as well.
      I am a Sam/Tara shipper so that was really the only non-Eric time I was personally happy about.

      Yes, or the cliffhanger is Jessica going all RE insane over his death or Maxine being arrested or something.

      I have a feeling I am going to be watching episode 3×02,, 3×10, and 3×11 a lot and if the SF is a lot better than the last one…I will be watching that a lot too. IWRU is still my favorite episode but 3×11 is gaining a firm second. If Sookie saves Eric and Eric says that he cares for her and it’s dramatic and romantic…I think that 3×12 could gain second. Of couse 3×10 will always have a special place because it was the first real kiss and it was romantic! : )

    • #7 by talktrueblood on August 31, 2010 - 2:15 pm

      Oh yeah. why would they reveal how smart yvetta actually was if that was the end forever?

  3. #8 by Sarah on August 31, 2010 - 6:59 pm

    Brillant review as usual!
    It is funny, I thought exactly the same thing about Jessica and Hoyth as positive mirror. Shame on you dishonest Bill Compton, a baby vampire can do better than you!
    People automatically seem to assume that “mainstreaming” only allows True Blood but I´d disagree and argue that blood from willing donors is also acceptable.
    To me the car conversation showed what is wrong in Sookie and Bill´s relationship apart from the lies, the betrayal, the sex with another woman and the draining.Both have real problems to accept ugly truths. Bill is not an human, who can enjoy a nice garden and have a daytime job plus a family with children. He is a vampire with a hidden agenda, the subject of the Queen. Sookie is not a successful real estate agent and normal family mom. She is a low paid waitress with a gift that she will bequeath to her children and a pawn in the supernatural power play.
    Both have reasons to resent their lifes but reality cannot be changed through wishes and eventually they will have to deal with their problems if they want find their personal way of happiness.
    The conversation shows the greatest different between the couple and Eric/Pam. The latter have realised that life comprises handeling crises and acknowledging facts even if they are hurtful. They know that illusions are not only useless but also can be highly dangerous. Only take Bill, the infatueted teen, whose obsession with Sookie and his unwillingness to see the bigger picture could have led to the deaths of all.
    I also liked the other storylines. Jesus is scary, Laf more intelligent than most of the characters (or did you hear him say “this is not the Jesus I know”?), Sam needs a good therapist, Tara finished where she started during S1, Tommy actually proves some insight (Sam as Tommy Lee in a suit), Arlene increasingly starts paralleling Bill, Holly gets a bit creepy and I am still the only viewer of TB who actually loves poor, abused Crystal with her torn loyalities.

    • #9 by talktrueblood on August 31, 2010 - 10:25 pm

      Thank you Sarah!
      It is bad that a baby vampire is doing better than him haha
      I agree that blood from willing donors is mainstreaming.
      I actually consider Eric an ironic mainstreamer in a way. It’s just that his position as sheriff keeps him more in the vampire political world than anything else.
      Agreed! and Sookie’s happiness comes through embracing the supe world and realizing that having children is pointless and selfish because they will just be another
      Hunter child in danger possibly. Her feelings for Eric are difficult to accept in part because he is honest with her and doesn’t nuture her childishness like Bill and that is
      something she is addicted to being stuck in.

      I dont hate Crystal. I feel sorry for Crystal no doubt but I felt like they rushed things between her and Jason…so I was left thinking….wtf just happened rather than enjoying Jason’s love story. Him falling in love with Crystal at first sight was about as believable as the B/S relationship.
      It’s just as far as side stories go I am interested in Tara and Sam the most, now that they are involved again, I am especially interested.
      I love Tara for instance and a lot of people hate her.

      • #10 by Sarah on August 31, 2010 - 10:41 pm

        I am also a Tara lover because under all of her anger there is a wunderful, brave, caring and strong kick ass woman 🙂
        Concerning Jason/Crystal I partly agree with you. To me Crystal´s reaction is understandable. There comes a good locking man who respects and wants her, the daughter of an incestuous meth dealer. She receives not only love (presumably for the first time in her life) but also can leave her abusive and patriarchic family behind.
        Jason´s motivation however is not as emphasized as I would like to see it. We saw Jason´s guilt due the murder of Eggs and his “helper” complex. Both things fuel his “love” for Crystal. Jason was not able to save Eggs but subconsciously he wants to atone for this by salvaging Crystal, a girl with the same bad background as Eggs. His love bases on a false premise (as does Sookies) but I am rather sure that he does not have the neccesary mental insight to sense this. This is the reason why their relationship is doomed from the beginning if we won´t see any real emotional development between them.

      • #11 by talktrueblood on September 1, 2010 - 2:33 am

        Exactly about Tara!
        I guess I understand why she rushed things. I was just wondering about Jason as you were saying.
        I LOVE your ideas about Jason’s “helper” complex and feeling like he is making up for Eggs through Crystal.
        I agree on every point. I haven’t read such insightfulness about Jason yet except for those comparisons between Jason and Eric.
        I wonder how this would parallel Eric though? maybe not.

  4. #12 by theagnosticswife on September 1, 2010 - 12:49 am

    I have no clue if this is in anyway going to be true or not, but I thought the whole start a new thing between B/S was weird, but then at that point she didn’t know that her blood could allow Vamps to be daywalkers for a short time. Maybe Bill’s secret or the Queens is that they know a way to make it last longer. And he was using that as a segue into what he really wanted. Just a thought that crossed my mind because that whole scene was kind of weird.

    • #13 by talktrueblood on September 1, 2010 - 1:45 am

      Oh I totally agree that it’s a distinct possbility that Bill knows even more than he is telling.

      Bill was being a suck up and encourgaing it because he is a. desperate to get her back b. uses her to relive his human life because he is obsessed with it

  5. #14 by Traysha on September 1, 2010 - 1:59 am

    I love reading these blogs. I have no Trubie friends, so the internet is the only place I can go to really discuss this fabulous show 🙂

    -Everyone else has said it, and I’ll happily chime in: Eric was phenomenal in this episode. Truly, he is so complex and deliciously layered, I don’t think I’ve ever been so totally absorbed in a TV character in my life. Alexander Skarsgard astounds me with the amount of feeling he’s able to communicate with just a twitch of his eyebrow.
    -Tara impressed me in this episode too. I could have done without her grieving Eggs (that girl is spurred into water works so much, I’m surprised she hasn’t run out of tears) but I really liked her scenes with Andy and Sam. This was the first time I’ve ever felt sympathy for Andy, and I’m so glad we were given the opportunity to see a character who can be so simplistic respond to circumstances outside of his control with such depth. That moment seemed natural, and desperate, and just so very real.
    -One of the biggest reasons I adore this show is because of how ‘gray’ it is. I don’t believe anything or anyone in it is plain black or white. Sam is exhibiting this to a ‘T’. Now, I’m not sure if I like the recent turn his character has taken, but (as someone who has been trampled on most of her life) I can totally see where that explosive behavior is coming from. I also completely understand how and why he was able to connect with Tara, and I like them as a couple.
    -Strangely, I feel like I understand Bill more clearly than I ever have before. It was especially obvious here how his ‘love’ for Sookie defines him. She is the only thing of any importance to him whatsoever. The conversation with Pam about the ‘bigger picture’, or lack thereof in his case, really made it click for me. Viewed alongside Eric’s gorgeous display of courage, I found his single mindedness annoying and shallow.
    -Pam was incredible. Her relationship with Eric is so beautiful. It’s so unjudgemental, and complete, and clear. If Godric had to be taken from us, I’m thankful they’ve allowed the audience to see this. I do have to wonder, though, if Sookie and Eric do get together in the future, how they’re going to approach that. It seems like it could be difficult to make his feelings for her believable without having them be completely undermined by what he felt/feels for his maker and progeny. But what we have seen thus far has been wonderful. What do you think?

    • #15 by talktrueblood on September 1, 2010 - 3:33 am

      I have no Truebie friends that agree with me and/or are as into it as me.
      Come by anytime to discuss! I definitely welcome any and all conversation and I always make a point to respond as soon as I can.

      I don’t think there has ever been a better character on tv than Eric. He is also the misunderstood character on tv. Therefore, it makes knowing the “truth” about Eric and appreciating his character to the fullest extent that much more satisfying.

      I love Sam/Tara as a couple or atleast as friends with benefits. I think it’s important to show Sam with a dark side too or else he is nothing more than the boring but stable best friend that people take advantage of, that isn’t interesting to watch. Also, it would automatically make him the logical choice for Sookie if he is perfect. Therefore, she would be an idiot to date anyone else and no matter how much more chemistry she had with them, it would be hard for the audience to not think she was a complete idiot at all times for dating someone else. They are also going to have to show more of Alcide’s dark side too.

      Bill is annoying and shallow and he doesn’t even truly love Sookie. He simply likes the meaning she provides to him supposedly.
      Sure he would die for her…but this is because he is so devoid of his own self-esteem that he needs Sookie to complete him and it makes him irrational and restless (no self-esteem, needing someone to complete you=infatuation, not love as Pam said. Actually I think this goes for Sookie too. She was devoid of self esteem bc she was rejected by society and a normal relationship because of her ability so she is not well socialized to say the least and suddenly this man comes along that not only craves her attention but also NEEDS her he thinks and is willing to die for her).

      Well the question is: if Bill had actually had love for her maker, would Sookie hold it against him that he might love his maker more or would Sookie hold it against Bill if he had loved Jessica more?

      I think they will show that Sookie is his romantic love and Pam/Godric as his prioritized familial love, which makes sense. I also think AB will show a healthy balance between romantic and familial love. True love is naturalness and security. Un-true love is obsession and insecurity.
      Honestly, Sookie should have been showing more concern/consideration for her friends/family while being involved with Bill.

      I actually think that Eric wouldn’t mind adding Sookie to that “family” one day.
      Honestly, I think Eric wants to turn Sookie eventually maybe (and Idk how I feel about this aspect of the relationship).
      This was foreshadowed when Eric teased her about being turned.
      Positives of this aspect: It means as Russell says, he cares about her safety above his own desire and it’s her companionship more than anything else he desires. It is just her and not her cute “humaness.”
      Negatives: I am not sure Sookie would ever want this and it could cause tension and I don’t think it would happen ever.
      Also, I don’t know if TB mythology is the same, but vampire relationships are short and intense in the books.

      • #16 by Traysha on September 3, 2010 - 6:00 am

        I totally agree with you about Sam and Alcide both needing to show their dark sides in order for the idea of Sookie mixing it up with any vampire to make sense. Up until very recently, I always looked to Sam as being the sort of ‘bedrock’ on the show. He was like this perpetually grounded force in all the mayhem. And, if there is one thing Tara needs in her life right now, it’s someone who can provide that. I found it interesting that she was kind of playing the stabilizing role to Sam in the last episode, and, with that balance, I think they’re really great for each other.

        If/when Sookie and Bill split, I’m extremely curious what they will do with themselves. What you said about self esteem is so true on both counts, and without their relationship (which has basically been the driving force behind their every action this season) how will they proceed? I think Sookie has taken the place of Bill’s wife in his human life- this elusive ideal of ‘compassion’ and ‘light’ that he has lost but still can’t surrender the need for. He can’t accept himself for what he is. ‘Irrational’ is a perfect word for him.

        I have asked myself what Sookie’s reaction would be if the dynamic between Lorena/Bill/Jessica had been different, and I really don’t know if she wouldn’t have held it against him. She truly should have been showing more concern for her friends/family, and the fact that she wasn’t leads me to believe she expects to be the top priority on her man’s list. Deep, familial love that goes back over a century (or even longer) be damned. Granted, it could be explained to her (and she was on the roof when Godric flamed on), but Sookie hasn’t exactly shown herself to be the most understanding person in Bon Temps. I think priorities could become a big issue between her and Eric down the road.

        I could see Eric wanting to turn Sookie as well, and have equally mixed feelings about it. It does speak volumes about where his interests lie, and is, I think from his perspective, one of the greatest gifts and most meaningful gifts he could ever offer her. But I don’t think she would ever see it that way, which is bound to create problems that would become unavoidable as time marches on.

        I have read the first two books in their entirety. I’m trying to watch a TB season, and then read the corresponding book afterwards. Doing it that way is much easier for me stress-wise LOL. However, I’ll admit to having skimmed a few pages of the 3rd and 4th against my better judgement… Anyway, I’ll definitely be dropping by to discuss and read your awesome, insightful posts! 🙂

      • #17 by talktrueblood on September 4, 2010 - 1:32 am

        I agree about Sam/Tara. It is what makes their relationship a favorite of mine : )

        I think after Eric/Alcide attention, Sookie may be able to regain her self-es’teem. I think TB Bill, however, will resemble book bill stalkerish behavior (probably similar to the books), and probably elevated for TB though he will also look ok every now and then because he may save her life every now and then (though he motives will be questioned from now on).
        Maybe Eric can change Sookie’s understanding of being her man’s top priority and becoming a vampire (though the last part is doubtful and I am not sure how I feel about it anyway).
        haha, i read book 4 first because I was so captivated by Eric during season 2 I couldn’t wait as soon as I heard how great book 4 was for Eric fans. : ))

  6. #18 by Eric is hot on September 1, 2010 - 2:21 am

    I love the recap. I also loved seeing the maker relationship that Eric has with Pam. It is so different than Bill with Loreana and Bill and Jessica. Jessica is more honest than Bill and I hope her and Holt work out. I do think Holt made get hurt by his mom in her attempt to get Jessica. I can’t wait for ep.12. Did I see Gordric in the previews?

    • #19 by talktrueblood on September 1, 2010 - 2:36 am

      I think it’s funny that the supposed villian is the better parent haha
      I am wondering if they are going to kill off Hoyt right now : (
      Yes, we believe there is a Godric vision by Eric! : )

  7. #20 by Ella on September 1, 2010 - 3:35 am

    This was an awesome post TTB, especially how Fresh Blood means the Truth. I loved the line about the “infatuated tween”, since it captures Bill’s feelings towards Sookie so much – Bill with his blinders on. I also wonder if this was a dig towards Twilight. I’ve said it before, we are seeing exactly how “deep” Eric is each season. He even said so himself “This is the beginning” in 2×09. Last year was about his loyalty as a child (and this year too with his human father), but mostly this year, we see what a truly great Maker he is. We see more and more scenes of his capacity to love his family, and that is starting to spill over to Sookie. I definitely felt his apprehension at having to bite her, since that was not part of his plan. I saw the face caress, and the head/hair touch as he was drinking. It was not pleasant for her but he tried to do it as gently as possible. I hope/know that Eric has a bigger plan than to die out there with Russell, but it was a great cliffhanger, and TB is always great at those. It keeps the week/s in between interesting.
    Since there is so much foreshadowing in TB, there has to be something to Yvetta stating that she is a cardiologist, so does that mean she is versed in matters of the heart? Maybe in addition to the physical aspect of the heart, she also heals/has power over the spiritual “heart”. Let’s not forget the curse that was placed in Book 4 DTTW.
    As for the other characters, I’m not happy about the dark Sam, I get it that everyone in TB is “gray” like the other poster said, but I liked my Sam as the nice guy.
    The best Jason this season was last week when he “uninvited” Bill, and that is foreshadowing Sookie uninviting Bill (I think we saw that in the previews.)
    One prediction I have is that we will see the demons or half-demons in the season finale or next year, because all the graffiti on the walls, have mentioned something about “Hell”. When I rewatched S2, during the Maenad debacle, there was a lot of graffiti that said “Fuck the Authority.

    • #21 by talktrueblood on September 1, 2010 - 4:04 am

      Thank you Ella!

      I think this was a double dig at Bill and Twilight. i think Bill’s love parallels that all consuming, unhealthy, unrealistic, and possessive love that Twilight shows.
      I think he is going to try to show the perfect balance between familial love and romantic love with Eric.
      Eric can find the right balance.
      Alcide is on the familial extreme and Bill is on the romantic extreme.

      ooo i love the yvetta cardiologist connection from you! VERY NICE!
      I actually like the dark Sam even thought it is concerning, but I respect those turned off by it because I hate some of the changes made to the other characters too.
      I agree about the Jason scene hehehehe
      I thought about the half-demon thing looking at Jesus.

      • #22 by Ella on September 1, 2010 - 4:46 am

        Oh yeah, about Jesus maybe as a half-demon. He did say he didn’t know who his father was since his mother was raped. There are so many references lately to Hell and Devil (on a flyer in Fangtasia), that it must mean something.
        I don’t know how I feel about Holly yet, the whole “Is she a good witch or a bad witch?”
        I feel a little bad for Arlene, I think she might be the one to go this season. She seemed to be one of the rare humans on the show. If she dies, it would tear up Terry, and I really like Terry.
        I agree with you about the Hoyt/Jessica parallel to Sookie/Bill, but Jessica is more upfront about what is going on than Bill, so I’m hoping that you are right, and we get a “what could have been” instead.

      • #23 by talktrueblood on September 1, 2010 - 4:58 am

        I agree that it must mean something. It’s important to notice the backgrond when you can see it.
        I think it will contrast with the FOTS message as the “other extreme” which some still try to find a middle, potentially with no success.

        I wonder if Arlene is going this season too. I wonder if we will find out if she lives or dies after she goes to Holly for more help.
        We will also find out Laffy’s true nature too when he goes back to Jesus with answers abot his visions.
        We will find out then but I am leaning toward Jesus as the more evil one even if he doesn’t personally want to be (as I have).

        The “what could have been” parallel might be short lived if Hoyt dies. There will be more sex (wonder where that is coming from) and someone will die (that was the spoiler).

  8. #24 by anna on September 2, 2010 - 6:27 pm

    Great post, thank you!

    • #25 by talktrueblood on September 2, 2010 - 10:41 pm

      thank you anna!
      i always love it when you drop by.

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