Thoughts: First Three “Waiting Sucks” Promos

(WARNING: below, I will separate parts that I write that contain no book spoilers and those that do. They will be similar except the book spoilers section obviously contains all my thoughts while the no-book spoilers sections does not. Try to skim past the book spoilers sections if you want.)


No Book Spoilers: I wonder why Eric is wearing pants in this scene when we have clearly been shown that Skarsgard has no qualms being naked? Those shoes also do not look like something Eric would typically wear either.  Could Eric have been dressed by someone else and placed there? It also makes no sense that Eric is wandering shirtless yet randomly still wearing a new necklace (at least from what I can see).  Is this necklace a key to his current condition? Was he dressed or just un-partially dressed by someone that put him in this position?

Also, notice the bruises on Eric. Why would a vampire (especially an old vampire such as Eric) possess bruises of any kind? A vampire heals quickly enough for bruises to be of no concern. Does this suggest that Eric has somehow become human or was vulnerable in some special way to someone? My reader Cindy suggested that this might also be the result of prolonged vampire starvation as well.


Book Spoilers: I wonder why Eric is wearing pants in this scene when we have clearly been shown that Skarsgard has no qualms being naked? (as my reader Hime said, Eric was partially clothed in the books, but we have seen him naked on True Blood already, including Sookie of course). Those shoes also do not look like something Eric would typically wear either. Could Eric have been dressed by someone else? ( Eric could have stolen the shoes from someone in desperation thought) If you notice the necklace, that points to something that might be used to cast the spell upon Eric. There have been theories that have expressed the presence and use of magic against people on True Blood. Book Four, of course, includes a witch named Hallow that casts a spell on Eric. Did Hallow force the necklace upon Eric during the spell or use the dark-colored necklace (pointing to black magic) in her spell? Will the necklace come into play later on in the plot of the next season? I also see a tint of green in the necklace which points to re-newel. The book points to an amnesic Eric that won’t remember who he is or his past transgressions. Does the green in the necklace symbolize a re-newel of Eric because of that?

Also, notice the bruises on Eric, why would a vampire have bruises (especially an old one like Eric that heals so quickly)? Remember that Eric healed very quickly when Lafayette tasted his blood.  Does this suggest that Eric will be transformed into a human (beyond his mental state) and Sookie will fall for a human Eric, remember that we saw no hints of a vampiric Eric in the first season two dream beyond his suggestions that she could become a vampire? We know True Blood carries plot points of the book to a new extreme so this could mean that they will carry it from a purely mental state to a physical one as well; this would coincidence, symbolically or otherwise, with his more lanky and visually less intimidating physique. Or does this suggest that witches, such as the equivalent of Hallow, can harm vampires much more severely than any purely earthly element would because they manipulate magic? I think it’s probably one those suggestions unless it simply is supposed to be the dirt of wandering through the woods (haha)…Remember that witches are known the use their natural surroundings for spells. Perhaps Eric is wandering from the site of the spell (which may or may not be clarified)?

I am also not convinced that is Sookie’s voice though it most probably is (we know that is a strong possibly from the books) and maybe someone else will discover him first then bring him to her for help and she’ll have to make her decision then instead. If it is her, then maybe she gets transported there from fairyland, or as a renewed fairy to help him or it’s just after work like in the books.

A loyal reader, Cindy, also suggested that Eric’s bruises might be because someone was “starving him” and he did not heal because of that and also looked generally sicker.


No Book Spoilers: I think this is obviously a way of bringing Sam into the werewolf plot, including possibly Alcide’s plot. I think this shows the shifter and Were plots will intermingle with their own feelings of being hidden from the world and the potential consequences of  this is also a way to show the contrast and antagonism between shifters and Weres (such as werewolves and werepanthers). The name “Luna” shows that Luna herself is probably a werewolf though many spoilers have shown that she is probably a shifter. If Luna is a shifter, Sam may have trouble trusting Luna simply because she is like him and with good reason, as we saw with Daphne in Season Two. If Luna is a shifter being harassed by a werewolf ex-boyfriend, this will further highlight Sam’s hatred (and a shifter’s hatred) for werewolves.  If Luna is a werewolf, then this shows a reconciliation with werewolves that will have to come in order for Sam to love/care for Luna. This also shows the possible consequences of a shifter/ were relationship whether it’s the contrast of Sam and Luna themselves or Sam and Luna to her ex-boyfriend. The name Luna, however, can be associated with other nightime creatures and therefore, another type of Were. Will Luna’s motivations for Sam turn out to be good?

This plot could also be a parallel to the desperation that we know Bill will feel in attempting to get Sookie back versus any attempts that she has to move on from her relationship with Bill.

Book Spoilers: *Read what I said above.* In addition, we know Luna had a brief appearance in the books as a shifter that helps Sookie. We know that Luna shifts into a bat in the books. Maybe Luna is a Werebat in True Blood, though that could just be her preferred form as a shifter like Sam. If True Blood is true to the book, then Luna’s overall intentions will probably be good, though nobody is all good or bad on True Blood. Maybe Luna could be Sam’s true love on True Blood though we know that they will face obstacles, which is already evident, in order to keep their love.


No Book Spoilers: Everything seems self-explanatory. Crystal is helping keep Jason hostage in order to turn him into a Werepanter (“you’re being re-born just like one of us”). They must be able to turn Jason in a Werepanther somehow. The cast on Jason’s leg shows an attempt to run away and since he is restrained, this is further proof that this is not a transformation that he willingly submitted to; this leaves out the obvious physical abuse. I think the residents of HotShot decided that he must become like one of them to lead them or he is being forced to do this because of an attack by Felton. Crystal is obviously delusional that he will come around once to his new role once he is a Werepanther himself, as evidenced by her behavior. Despite this, I doubt this bodes will for Jason and Crystal’s relationship. Jason may feel trapped by his new form even if he might possibly enjoy it. He will also probably never be considered a “Real Werepanter” even if he wants to help HotShot since he was not born one and he will resent Crystal for what she was complicit in despite his attempts to rescue her from her own world.

Book Spoilers: *read above here as well* Even the books clearly show that Jason and Crystal’s relationship is far from perfect. This is another typical extreme by Ball to show that Crystal will be complicit in Jason’s transformation. We know that the tight genetics of HotShot call for Jason’s new DNA and this will probably be part of the plot for the next season; Crystal will probably want children from Jason before he is ready because of this as well. Crystal may attempt to force children from Jason in the same way she is forcing his transformation! Anyone who has read the books knows that Crystal was ultimately shady and no-good despite the sympathies for her atrocious up-bringing. True Blood Crystal was bound to be no different and we know everything is exaggerated on True Blood. It was never a stretch to think of her doing something like this to Jason, even herself.

  1. #1 by hime on March 25, 2011 - 8:59 pm

    I will focus on the first promo by now. I’m not surprised Eric is wearing pants. He was only half-naked in the book (if I’m not wrong) which leads to think he was wearing jeans or pants and was shirtless. The shoes are weird, though. Eric should be barefoot, and definitely those rag shoes are not Eric style. But it could be that this particular sequence didn’t need to focus on his feet, so Skars may have worn them to be more comfortable in walking.

    RE: possibly human Eric. I will admit I don’t like this angle, not at all. First of all, the mere idea that a vampire can be turned into a human back is a little over the top to me. Even if witchcraft is in the equation.
    Secondly, I like vampire Eric. And even AE, albeit being a lost and scared puppy, was a vampire hence a potential threat to Sookie. I guess I like this, the ambivalence of Eric’s nature, the danger that he naturally brings with him as opposed to his will, his reason and his heart. Sookie falling in love with a human Eric would be pretty insane in my opinion. Not to mention, it would change pretty much everything about Eric’s character, who would be completely unrecognizable.
    Or does this suggest that witches, such as the equivalent of Hallow, can harm vampires much more severely than any purely earthly element would because they manipulate magic?
    I like this better. I hope Eric will be found wandering around, without memories, confused, perhaps harmed and starved, but still vampire.

  2. #2 by Katya on March 25, 2011 - 9:49 pm

    true. it also could have been a production thing.
    I also think the clothes have significance…of what, I am not sure.
    In the books, Sookie did not see Eric totally naked until the first time they made love.
    However, Sookie has already seen Eric totally naked on True Blood so I don’t know what the point of waiting now was other than there was something that led up to him only being partially clothed or it contained symbolism.
    I guess with shoes, we won’t get to see her wash his feet? ha ha.
    Yes, maybe he fed on someone and stole the shoes, though I hate to think of that or they might have been a production thing as you said or were possibly put on him?

    I don’t like the human angle at all. I was just speaking of any possibility that came to mind.
    I think they will stick with a vampire Eric, but I was again generally theorizing.
    I love everything you said the most as well about his nature versus his will.

    I think the witches being more able to harm him and my reader Cindy’s suggestion that he was starved by his captors is the most likely suggestion and the best suggestion as well.

  3. #3 by Accol on March 25, 2011 - 9:53 pm

    I think Eric is just dirty, not bruised.

    I’m intrigued most by the possible book-to-TV plot change implied in the Jason/Crystal preview. It seems like they are having Crystal do the biting, which of course is NOT what happened in the books.

    • #4 by Katya on March 25, 2011 - 10:04 pm

      I agreed that was a possibility but I try to entertain all possibilities that I think of based on what I can see without getting too far out there (though I love those far out theories myself lol).

      Yes or maybe Felton or someone else did it and she was complicit. If not, maybe she possibly also did it to get a replacement for Felton since he may be leaving or be killed by Crystal after killing Calvin and holding her at gunpoint and getting addicted to V. Like the books, they’ll also need his DNA to keep the place going. We always knew from the books that Crystal was no good and shady though and I had no illusions they would make her an angel on True Blood.

    • #5 by Melanie McCall on March 30, 2011 - 10:40 pm

      Shoes: I think it’s just to keep ASkars’ feet warm during production. They began filming in February…
      Bruises: Only dirt, leaves, debris from his foray into the woods…
      Necklace: I’m thinking production, again. A microphone that will be edited out before airing.(extremely long chain.) It was outside after all. They’d need something to get the quiet nuances of his confused & fearful voice.

      Human Eric?: absolutely not, Alan just wouldn’t take that route, it’s too easy.
      Captive Eric?: No way in HELL! This is Eric Freaking Northman.

  4. #6 by EN on March 26, 2011 - 6:20 am

    Regarding eric I think this clip above will be when sookie finds him on the side of the road, perhaps not fangs out and clawed fingers [maybe without the fangs ‘who are you woman’ could suggest he is human/] but i think the clip isn’t official, obviously, it could be a run through? Eric wears red pants in the show and bare feet, so maybe AB wanted to keep that a suprise for the viewers? And the necklace, isn’t his normal one so could be a spell or couldbe dodgy stage props lol. And that might be dirt on him, not bruises? Who knows!
    Regarding jason. I think AB will change how the change happened. At the end of season 3 crystal was taken by force by felton. Maybe jason goes to find her after helping out in hotshot, and felton keeps him prisoner like in the books. Then makes a deal with crystal, if jason gets changed, crystal can be with him, maybe?

    • #7 by Katya on March 26, 2011 - 3:17 pm

      I don’t know…the only reason I think it might be official is because the other Waiting Sucks Promos from last year seemed to be pretty accurate to the scenes we were shown though obviously different in some ways (so I see your point).
      Looks like bruises to me though I agreed it could just be dirt.

      yeah that’s true though it could also be because the town needs a new leader and the leader must also be a werepanther (if only potentially partial)

  5. #8 by Mony on March 26, 2011 - 7:41 am

    His hair look just cleaned, like someone who just showered, so maybe that’s the shower scene AB mentioned at PaleyFest that will lead to something else…
    Part of me think that Eric went into some ‘madness’ during the year becouse of Godric and then amnesia is a consequence, but another part of me strongly think that we’ll see at a certain point in the season that Hallow or Yvetta cursed him (i still think Bill was behind Yvetta at Fangtasia, her arrival at 3.11 to free Sookie just right Bill felt her fear was not a coincidence for me).
    I know Alex said that Eric still a vampire at PaleyFest, a vampire that has no idea who he is and he is very vulnerable and that Eric had no idea who cursed him.
    On the clothes part: in the book he had jeans, was barefoot (probably he was at his home and one of his reason as we know is NO SHOES at Northman’s LOL) and then a read thong…(i still can’t stop laughing about this).
    I know Sookie already saw him naked but maybe he was having fun with someone else or he was just at his home relaxed and all, just right after a good shower 😀

    • #9 by Katya on March 26, 2011 - 3:22 pm

      Wow Mony…great idea actually…hadnt thought of that though I hope that’s not the case.

      You are rolling with these ideas though ofc I still think Bill is working for the AVL or something and that would make a lot of sense.

      Yeah so ofc the only reason I questioned the jeans here was because Sookie has already seen his ASS on True Blood (HAHA, sorry) and so there is no need to reserve that for their first time like CH did in the book. I hope we see that thong LOL Anyway, I feel there will be a significance to this clothing he is wearing or lack-there-of (or as you said it had to do with his particular state during the time of his amnesia-maybe those are his bedroom slippers LOL)

  6. #10 by Ryan on May 27, 2011 - 11:05 am


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