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The Monarchy vs. The AVL: My Theory on the politics of True Blood

Alan Ball is apparently emphasizing the importance of supernatural politics on True Blood. There have been many recent developments and clues that lead me to believe that Political hypocrisy in the United States has been a theme since the show’s beginning, but I think Alan Ball is placing more emphasis on the politics of vampires/supernaturals, and their own hypocrisy, as a plot device.

Think about these recent comments by Alan Ball regarding politics on True Blood by Xfinity News:

QUESTION: Speaking of Bill, he’s the Vampire King now and also a local politician. Are you getting political this season?
ANSWER: There are levels of bureaucracy in the vampire world that we’ll be getting into. There are creepy, Dick Cheney-like figures within the vampire authority. I’m not saying we’ll meet them this season but I am saying the vampire bureaucracy goes deeper than you know.

QUESTION: Is Nan Flanagan a part of that? Based on the season premiere, she seems like more than just the head of the American Vampire League.
ANSWER: Nan is going to be a regular this year. She’s in nine episodes and is definitely part of the major story that encompasses witchcraft versus vampires. Which is our main story this season.

QUESTION: What about Bill? As you mentioned earlier, he’s bit of a bureaucrat now.
He’s putting on a good face for the humans. As King, Bill is going to definitely be in charge. He’s the point person for the war between vampires and witches.  He’s going to be tested by a dangerous adversary. He’s going to have to be on his toes and fight for vampires in general because he’s up pretty much up against an entity that has dreams of vampire genocide.


In addition, episode 4×02 contained the flashback in which we saw Nan offering Bill a job as a spy.  She clearly stated that Bill’s purpose as a spy for the Authority  (then it’s lobbying group, the AVL) was to ensure that mainstreaming could happen by “plant[ing] the seeds of discord from within.” In Bill’s other flashback, we see his confrontation with Queen Sophie Ann resulted in him using his spy status to depose her and become King; therefore, his appointment as King is a sham and he is a puppet king for the Authority.

Nan offers Bill as job as a spy

What I think this all means (yes, its wordy but it’s worth the read, I promise):

Of course, I doubt that Bill is the only puppet king for the Authority and the only spy for the Authority and the supposed “mainstreaming movement.” By dismantling the actual power of the monarchy through uncovering their weaknesses and installing puppet Kings/Queens, the Authority will make the monarchy irrelevant and consolidate the Vampiric power in the United States. I already established in a previous article from the last season that the AVL/ the Authority are not actually for equality and total integration with humans. They may lure spies or supporters like Bill Compton in with progressive ideas that may appeal to them (in Bill’s case that was open interaction with humans) but they are very sinister and very conservative in reality. The Authority simply wants to gain legal rights and equality so that they can gradually overtake positions of authority once held exclusively by humans, such as congressional positions and maybe even the presidency of the United States one day. That way, they can implement and enforce their dogma legally and without the pesky monarchy in their way.  The monarchs they installed will be the ones that enter the actual political arena one day and implement their dogma.
Can we say, President Bill?

Think of the Magister

If the magister is any indication then apart from vampire superiority, they would want to take A VERY AGGRESSIVE STANCE against the use of V. They would attack V usage with fury and implement very harash penelties for those that possessed it openly; essentially a separate large-scale drug war would begin against V usage and drainers that supply it. In fact, this drug war against V usage would extend to vampires that wanted to give their blood voluntarily. Therefore, not even voluntarily giving humans blood (apart from the purposes of procreating new vampires) would be allowed.

Just imagine the other social policies they may try to implement.

Financially, I could see the the Authority/the AVL (‘s) politicians working to forgive taxes that vampires withheld and taxes that could possibly be pursued by human legislators.

ALSO, Remember the religious tone behind much of this dogma? This is a metaphor for the role of religion in American politics.

While the AVL shows use a liberal facade to promote its policies, it’s actually a group of very socially conservative vampires that want to promote conservative vampire policies.

There have to be vampires opposing the Authority. Remember Nan mentioned they were having to gradually depose the established monarchy?

While Eric is not the mainstreamer that the AVL expects him to present himself as, Eric does not seem to be conservative. Sure, he believes in the superiority of vampires of humans and enforces the policies of his King/Queen, but he is just being a loyal servant to the vampire monarchy and seems content to handle all of these matters within the confines of private vampire politics. He does not seem to be actively involved with the AVL or the Authority except when he is forced to and he respects the monarchy enough to have even followed QSA’s orders despite his objections ( I don’t think it was all about keeping his sheriff job).

Eric casually left his blood in the fridge to be enjoyed by Sookie and has constantly wanted to give Sookie his blood (and not because he was trying to manipulate her so that she would willingly go to an evil Queen):

Eric's blood in Sookie's fridge 4x02

He also clearly actually enjoys interacting with humans on some level or he wouldn’t own a vampire bar that serves humans as well:

All of this has me thinking that Eric possibly sides with those that are opposed to the Authority (as I mentioned before), in my opinion these are Eric’s “higher friends.”  If Eric does side with the monarchists/ socially liberal vampires, this could Even if Eric does not side with this group (at least not officially) , there have to be vampires that aren’t socially conservative and oppose the Authority and their dogma. We saw that Russell opposed the Authority’s dogma but he also wanted to hasten vampire superiority (because he claimed he was concerned about the planet) by essentially trying to start the race war when he had nothing to lose after Talbot met the true death.  However, there also have to be more reasonable or more calculating vampire monarchists that oppose the power of the Authority or a group of vampires that oppose the Authority and it’s dogma. There are always a group of people who oppose the Authority of one group/an individual and wish to overthrow that individual or group’s position of leadership (in this case the authority of the Authority lol), even if it’s a small opposition.

I am convinced traditional Monarchists that want to keep the original power structure and wish to continue to handle vampire laws privately exist; I also believe that socially liberal vampires oppose the Authority and of course Monarchists who are socially liberal.

After the vampires come together to get rid of the witch threat, I can see vampires opposing each other in a civil war (Monarchists versus the Authority/the AVL).

I know it seems contradictory that those who pursue change through the legislative process are the socially conservative vampires and the monarchists are the socially liberal vampires, but that seems to be the case. Alan Ball is never short on irony 🙂



4×02: Does Bill’s flashback prove he’s a “good-guy?”

Ok, so of course in episode 4×02, we see a flashback of Bill feeding on a bartender in We see Bill feeding on a bartender in the 80’s but not killing him:

Then somehow Nan comes out from the misty alley and is impressed that Bill isn’t killing his “prey” for some reason.


Therefore, Nan decides “Punk Compton” is somehow ready to be a spy for her mainstreaming group because synthetic blood will be out soon 26 years later and who wants to dig up bar food anymore?

 The monarchy would rip us up as traitors BUT the cool thing is your going to help us “plant the seeds of discord from within!” (**BRILLIANT, said in a British accent**)


I guess if you’re a hardcore Bill fan or even a casual Bill fan, then you’re supposed to look at this as further proof that Bill is a good guy after all.  He has to eat of course but it’s not like he’s killing just because he can. When he did that bad stuff in the past, that’s because Lorena made him do it (even though Lorena killed her victims quickly and he did not).

Lorena snaps her victim's head

Bill watches his victim bleed out

Bill did all the bad stuff he did after Lorena because Nan lured him into being a spy for The Authority and that’s a necessary evil because vampires should be able to mainstream, right?

The collateral damage was worthwhile (thousands and thousands of people like Ann the Stripper or Hadley or Sookie):


However, let us look at this without the shades of a Bill fan or the casual observer. I don’t think that we need to hand Bill a gold star simply because he didn’t drain the guy ; let us remember that it’s not like this was a willing victim and how hard is it to give the victim a quick glamouring and rub a little blood on the wound? It’s a lot easier than getting rid of a body if you ask me.

I doubt Eric was draining every victim dry either or any other vampire that is old enough to know better and not as psychopathic as Franklin Mott or as gluttonous as Talbot. As we saw in Lorena’s season two flashback, Bill’s pairing with her was both psychopathic and gluttonous:

But again, I doubt it is or was the usual standard for vampires to go around killing every single meal when they know it’s not necessary. Therefore, I think Nan choose Bill for reasons other than that (she assumed that she could control him as her spy for some reason).


Also…in case you forgot or you missed it, I believe we heard something about Bill having HIS OWN PROCURER and apparently he’s feeding from his staff as well:


Also, it’s obvious that Bill is in fact as power-hungry as he is blood thirsty and it’s going to get to his head (he’s obviously going to be taking advantage of his office too) so he ultimately won’t be king for unselfish reasons; therefore, it seems that all the collateral damage was purely for his own benefit in the end:

Pam: You like the feel of it don't you? That crown.

Bill takes advantage of Eric is his weakened state and recommends "The True Death" in a promo


As I said in this post from July 2010, the true purpose of the AVL is to give vampires rights so that they can come into positions of power (that were once solely occupied by humans) and not only rule over vampires, but also rule over people. Russell simply wanted to hasten this process (even if it meant a race war) in order to save the planet (in his view).

Plus, I don’t exactly calls scenes like this sincere mainstreaming as my reader IATM mentioned after all, the magister was working for the Authority):


So this flashback definitely did not prove that Bill is in fact a good guy. It only proved these points:

1.  Bill FINALLY decided to stop killing for fun. Bill knows it’s better to kill when you have a real goal in mind, no matter how many people you have to kill or kidnap in order to do it.

2.  Bill is not only a traitor to the monarchs, he is a traitor to the authority (he lied to Nan about Sookie too, although I excuse that since it protects her.) He’s just pretty much treacherous.

3.  Bill is an ever bigger hypocrite than before.

4. Bill is power hungry and takes personal advantage of his authority and his position for personal gain; therefore, he is no better than any of the monarchs he wants to bring down.

5.  Bill is the puppet-King we all expected him to be.

6. Bill is working for a group that wants to gain control over humans through politics. They, and therefore Bill, are not truly mainstreaming…they are just taking advantage of “the stupid and naive humans,” as Nan said.


Is Alcide the answer? uh, no…

Well we’ve paid a lot of attention to Eric and Bill, the vampire suitors, here at….

But what about Alcide? He’s confirmed to be coming back for Episode 4×03 (see below) and Alan Ball certainly seems to be cramming him down our throats as Sookie’s third suitor (like it or not and I am going with not).

I guess….Alcide won’t be sucking her blood at least (*sarcastic cheers and high-pitched whistles as the balloons fall*). Claudine will approve I guess…but wait, she almost trapped Sookie in maggot fairyland where it’s probable she’d be eating this until she dropped dead at some unknown time:


Anyway, let’s get back to Alcide.  What exactly is this guy offering her that Eric can’t give her other than romps in the sun?

Outside sex is a bit overrated if you ask me and although Sookie lives without an ever-present neighbor, I don’t think Sookie would like to lend an audience to the many day walkers of Bon Temps that seem to routinely stop by and she can lay out with Tara anyway.

So if you put the daytime romps aside, what exactly are you offering Sookie as a day walker if you WON’T HAVE BABIES (as we found out from Debbie in Episode 3×07???

Also, I mean he’s only there for monetary reasons related to Eric…So your broke too and you remind Sookie every chance you get?…. You pretty much know how to kill a lady-boner don’t you Alcide?

Sookie is also in need of protection, like it or not, and all we ever see is Alcide getting his butt kicked like  some overt nerd on the school yard…

So much so that he amounts to nothing more than a pretty boy with bad case of body hair :

Even Russell is dumb-founded by the pathetic nature of your game and he’s gay:

I mean, I know Alcide is hot and all, but doesn’t his presence on the screen kinda remind you of that hot friend you had in high school that was always without a girlfriend because there was just something there that always relegated him to the “friend zone”?

Not to mention that he still loves a woman (the lovely Miss Pelt) that wants to “rip her head off.”

Finally, it’s been a long time since I have seen a quality show on a premium channel with top-notch actors contain an on-screen romantic pairing with such a minuscule amount of chemistry. If you have me wishing Bill was back on the screen, we have a definite problem here MR. ALAN BALL!

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“Sookie’s Breaks up with Bill” – Episode 4×01 “She’s Not There” Recap

Hey Bill, it’s Sookie…and I have something to say to you!

Everything seemed lovely at first,  as if the light would never end.

I felt as if I had tasted “pure happiness.”

You disappeared once…..But no matter what the circumstances pointed to, I never gave up and  I never believed you abandoned me. I just wanted to have you back in my life.

But I should have noticed things were rotten, not matter how lovely it all seemed.

You tried to saturate my body with your blood  light fruit so I would remain under your control. You even promised to protect me but you had actually set a trap for my abduction so that I could be harvested by an evil Queen.

I know you would die for me, but I can’t ever have you back in my life in that way.

My life is better now that we’re no longer together but now that I have awaken from your influence, I must face the harsh realities of my life.

You know I will always hold a piece of you with me despite everything and I realize your influence will always be present in my life, if even just a little bit.

You say you love me…BUT you were even willing to give up on me even though I never gave up on trying to find you when you disappeared. Aren’t you ashamed that even Eric wasn’t willing to stop looking for me?

Although I hesitated, I decided to enter your vampire witch world for you. However, my fate had been decided and I had no choice to back out after my usefulness to them was discovered.

**I don’t want you to deny what makes you special. That’s why I want you to join my witch group**    **I don’t want you to deny what makes you special. That’s why I want you to join my vampire group**

Despite everything I went through, you made me stronger—-a fighter and a winner!

Your about as trustworthy as a mainstream politician and now you are one!

I even stood up for us when the world eyed us carefully and harassed us for our love.

I know what you want from me, but I have learned my lessons and want to move on with my life, no matter how hard you push.

I cared about you and loved you, yet you continued to lie about your past and the present for your own selfish reasons.

When I disappeared, you not only gave up on me, you barely mentioned me or kept my memory alive as you kept busy with other women.

Even though I loved you, the situation between us turned out to be ridiculous.

I guess part of the reason I loved you so much was because I could be myself with you without worrying…..I wasn’t a freak anymore.

I probably worked harder than I should have to please you and prove my love (even when you had disappeared), but you still wanted to me mold me the way you saw fit even if it meant lying to me and trapping me.


Why don’t you just focus on your politics now and the women that come along with that?

As I probably end up being Eric’s…whether I initially want it or not….And this time, it won’t be a dream…


Yep, Bill works for the AVL…(and what this could mean about Eric)

I came up with a theory that Bill was working for the AVL back on July 31st, 2010. (However, I also included a brief Bill history in this article and finale speculation that was relevant back then but also partially false, so skip over that, thanks).

I don’t consider this a spoiler since Episode 2 is available on demand to most providers now and is available on HBO GO to everyone else without on-demand who is a subscriber.

While this has been more widely discussed as a viable theory in the past few months, it was not a popular or widely accepted theory when I first began discussing it (partly because Bill acts rather impulsive and didn’t seem like a good spy on the surface).

So, Anyway…..I mean, all of us that paid close attention to Bill’s behavior noticed that he seemed to have no qualms defying Eric’s authority (even though Eric was supposed to be his superior). We all knew that Bill paraded around with a big head on his shoulders and that it made no sense for a vampire that is less than 200 years old and seemingly had no authority beyond doing odd jobs for monarchs. We all saw that Bill was clearly ambitious yet he turned down a Sheriff job from Russell and stuck with Queen Sophie Ann for seemingly no reason at all; we knew Bill didn’t really like her and that she wasn’t worth following but he wasn’t jumping on Russell’s bandwagon for a better job.

Body language wise, we all noticed this reaction on Bill’s face when Russell was talking about overthrowing the Authority/the Magister, etc. and that it made no sense that Bill would care about the Magister or the organization he worked for (Bill had to make Jessica because of them, he should have welcomed them being overthrown); in it we see all signs of anger, shock thoughtfulness, and concern (tight facial muscles, lowered chin, staring, slanted eyebrows):

Bill just didn’t seem to be respectful of any of the hierarchy even though he seemed to be part of the system working for Queen Sophie Ann, which should have pointed to spy all along. I also thought there was more tension than just Sookie between them, which I explain below…

Ok, so here goes the Eric part of my theory:

Eric seemed critical of Bill’s attempt to supposedly mainstream and mocked the mainstreaming movement (despite owning a club) when Bill announced his attempt to supposedly mainstream when we first met Eric in season one. Eric also makes it clear that he sees vampires as surperior to humans in every way (this ties back to recent statements in Season Four that Eric makes about Sookie being “better than [human].”)

Eric reiterated his authority given by the Queen in Seasons one and two, even though Bill seemed less than respectful of it; he also seemed to truly feel the need to respect Queen Sophie Ann when he was under despite his dislike of her. Eric did not seem to be too broken up or hesitant about aiding Russell until he discovered the connection with his father’s murder. Eric and Pam always seemed suspicious of mainstreaming and the AVL/the Authority and he has always been aloof about the cause. In one of the latest episodes, we also see Pam and Eric essentially being forced to aid the AVL’s publicity campaign.

In episode 4×02, Sookie goes to Bill to ask him to help her get her house back. Bill says he can’t help her with that, even as king because of Eric’s own important friends. He is king over Eric, he works for the AVL/the Authority, yet he can’t help her directly out at at all if Eric won’t do it willingly? I mean, the Queen made Eric sell vampire blood and that was totally against the Authority of the Authority (ha). Also, if the authority is now powerful enough to be appointing Kings and Queens and Bill is obviously working for them–then who could Eric possibly know that has similar or more power?

In addition, have you ever wondered where Eric gets his vast fortune from? I mean…sure he has been around for a while (but that also means he was around to spend it and he’s obviously not living on the cheap). I mean…sure he didn’t pay taxes for a while (but c’mon, that’s not going to help him out that much, assuming he’s still getting away with that being a bar owner and all). I mean…sure he has a pretty cool vampire bar (but are we supposed to believe a small, albeit popular, vampire bar in Shreveport, LA is going to be doing so well that Eric can support the lifestyle that he and Pam enjoy in addition to being able to buy and remodel Sookie’s home to that extent just because he wants to be with her— excluding any monetary return on that investment?). As far as I can see, Fangtasia is the only visible monetary investment we have seen or heard about Eric and Pam making and I doubt that’s sustaining them or Eric’s impulse buys.

So this is the place that is fully supporting Pam and Eric's lavish lifestyle? I think not.

In addition, we see Bill advocating for Eric meeting the True Death, presumably by the Authority. Yet, if Eric had friends powerful enough to stop Bill then why would he be able to order such a thing (no matter what, unless Eric goes on an open killing rampage of other vamps or humans that is made public/almost made public). If Eric has friends that powerful and their not in the authority, then they have to be somewhere else…but where?

How about the  true monarchy that Nan mentioned?

Judging by Nan’s statements, it seems likely that there are those who believe in going back to a monarchy without the Authority’s intervention or there are remaining monarchs opposed to the Authority’s power. If Nan and Bill seek to actively dismantle the monarchy that was in place before and Bill was a spy against Queen Sophie Ann obviously, then there have to be monarchs out there that existed without appointments by Nan/the Authority or those that believe in that old system.

Could it be that Eric sides with those monarchists or those that oppose the Authority/the AVL? 

These monarchists are known to have obtained a vast amount of wealth (part of which could be supplied to Eric for whatever reason). It would explain the mutual suspicion between Eric and Bill that goes beyond Sookie as well and show Eric’s hesitation against the Mainstreaming movement (despite owning a bar that caters to fangbangers and the vampires that seek them out). Also, it would explain why Queen Sophie Ann referred to Bill as a “traitor” before her true death, as if she was expecting him to be more loyal to her than the Authorty no matter what. Since we have not been shown an Eric/AVL or Authority connection, then I think Eric’s sentiments would be the same despite the circumstancs (I mean he sold V for Queen Sophie Ann, which went against the Authority); therefore I see Eric as a supporter of the Monarchy versus the power of the Authority despite being forced into compliance with them at times.  It would also back up Eric’s point of view about humans and the outward message of the AVL and explain his aloof attitude toward the AVL/the Authority (apart from his personal dislike of Nan). Besides, there has to be more to their feud or distrust of one another than Sookie (although we know she’ll always be a huge part of it).

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***SPOILER*** and PROMO Discussion

**Since this is a spoiler/promo discussion. Those adverse to spoilers should stop now**


I intend to lay out every inference/ obvious fact that we can make from the video promos below then I will compare what we see in these  promos to the Episode Descriptions for Episodes 1-6 that were released and any other interesting spoilers. Then I will lay out what I think we can expect and even make some reaching predictions (as always, could be wrong ha ha).

Most Importantly: I am opening up the discussion for the upcoming season below in regards to spoilers/promos/predictions! As always, I try to respond to any and all comments as soon as I possibly can!


Moody Promo:

Facts: Bill is obviously feeding on many willing/unwilling victims despite the public position he holds as we see in other promos and the current hostile environment regarding vampire rights ; Alcide and Sookie are getting cuddly; Jason is being held captive by the were-panthers in Hot Shot (we saw this in another waiting sucks promo already); Sookie and Bill will speak multiple times but she doesn’t seem to be very forgiving; Eric Northman has continued looking for Sookie this entire time but nobody else has; the people in Hot Shot will shift into were-panthers in order to attack Jason; Hoyt will be attacked at Fangtasia; Jessica is stripping for someone other than Hoyt; Grandfather Earl turns to dust when they get back; Eric watches Sookie sleeping while he’s at her house (dream or otherwise); We see a flashback of Bill Compton feeding on people; Sookie and Alcide spend time together outside of that porch cuddling scene and he is naked after shifting back from a wolf; Tara has straight hair and she will meet up with Lafayette in what looks like Jason’s house? or somewhere else; Eric will hold Bill by the neck  half-naked; Sookie will be attacked in her car at night wearing the same outfit she was wearing with Alcide during the daytime.


Eric PSA Promo:

Facts: Eric is obviously filming a public service announcement for the AVL/Nan; Sookie goes running into the woods from her car wearing the same clothes she was wearing earlier in the day in the scene with Alcide in the Moody Promo; Jessica feeds on a guy wearing a blue dress; Hoyt goes to Fangtasia; Pam is messing with someone in the Fangtasia Dungeon; Eric grabs someone in the witch’s group, possibly at that Wiccan store seen in the promos; (again, Jessica strips as we already saw); a fight occurs between two white men (probably Jason and someone from Hot Shot?; We see the scene in the Pam waiting sucks promo where Pam tries to attack Marnie while trying to “fix Eric” bu is stopped by Marnie (the new witch character); Queen Sophie Ann gets a hit in on Bill during the fight; Sam’s cottages are on fire and Arlene screams; Tara looks like she’s about to stake someone or threatens it; Jessica goes after the crowd at Fangtasia it seems; Lafayette is participating in a ritual; there is stripping at Fangtasia’s stripping pole again; Eric is having a flashback or hallucination of Godric; Eric actually feeds on Sookie while she is in bed or she dreams of Eric feeding on her or Eric hallucinates or dreams of himself feeding on Sookie–Sookie screams during this actual occurrence


 Eric PSA Promo 2:

Facts: I see someone coming into the frame though as Sookie is running and I think it’s amnesia Eric; Bill tackles someone in the same suit he barges into Sookie’s house wearing; Bill appears to be backed by a SWAT team with lasers following his fight with Queen Sophie Ann; Eric attacks Tara at the witch’s meeting;  (everything else was mentioned in previous promos)


“I can eat who I want” promo:

Facts: We see the witch’s meeting; Lafayette is still at Merlotte’s of course; Jesus talks to Lafayette at Merlotte’s; Sookie is pointing a gun wearing a pink shit and shorts; Jessica gazes down on someone with a bloody mouth;  Jessica says, “I can eat who I want,” presumably in the Fangtasia bathroom; Sam punches Andy; Portia and Bill make out; Sookie is naked in front of Eric and he catches her robe; (nothing else not previously mentioned)


The Blood is Back” promo:

Facts: We see the underground videos exposing vampire feedings; more politicians speaking out against vampires; Bill at a “cutting a ribbon” ceremony with media and witnesses, of course at night; the protests outside Fangtasia as Hoyt, Pam, and Jessica leave; Eric tells Sookie he wants everything;  I think we see Bill’s upgraded House?; More awkward communication between Sookie and Bill; Sookie asks Marnie for a reading; more scenes from marnie’s witch’s meeting including a scene showing the necromancy with a raised bird; it seems as if Marnie’s face shifts into Maryann’s face? what?; scenes from the fairy sneak peek with Sookie and the evil fairies; the person Pam is tossing around the dungeon is Lafayette; Hoyt being attacked outside Fangtasia again; Sam naked with a gun in his hand (probably after shifting); Eric shows Sookie his fangs; Bill points Marnie out; someone filming Jessica during that scene outside Fangtasia; bite marks on a woman we believe Bill fed on; Sam’s cottages exploding again; looks as if Jason is staking someone but it’s in the middle of the days so he’s probably attacking another supe or a person;


Ohk and there were some scene clips released recently as well:

1. Jessica/Bill Clip – This clip clearly shows that Jessica and Bill have gotten a little closer and  confirms that she is cheating on Hoyt (by feeding on others, and possibly more) and so this is probably one the reasons they are breaking up; not so surprising, Bill Compton is being hypocritical as usual (this time about feeding on the willing).

2.  Pam/Sookie Clip- Pam will be actively encouraging Sookie to accept Eric’s offer while Sookie will be going against it initially (I figure his offer is probably to be his so that he can protect her and take care of her as we have seen in other clips). She also reminds her that ‘she needs to be somebody’s or she won’t be.’

3. Sookie/Eric Clip-  Eric tells Sookie, “the blood tastes like Freedom Sookie, like sunshine in a pretty blonde bottle.” Eric offers Sookie protection because other vampires will find out and it will threaten her.

4.  Sam/Luna Clip- Luna attempts to seduce Sam in his office while she’s in between teaching classes. They admit they want to open up to each other.

5. Eric Clip-Eric uncovers Marnie and confronts her by telling her to never meet up with the coven again (Lafayette, Jesus, and Holly are there). Marnie tries to negotiate and Eric refuses, Lafayette tells Marnie that he knows from personal experience that “Eric tends to get what he wants.”

6. Jessica/Hoyt Clip– Hoyt complains about work and Jessica not cooking him anything after she mentions the Pizza in the fridge. Jessica gets angry and mentions Hoyt’s momma taking care of him and explains that “human food is gross because it’s dead, like forever dead.” She then cracks a bunch of eggs into the pan in a fit of anger to spite him. Hoyt also says that he thinks bleeding out into Jessica’s mouth was gross to him at first, not sexy.

7. Lafayette/Jesus Clip– Jesus seems happy and amazed by the bird raising at their coven meeting. Lafayette seems very concerned and questions them stepping into black magic or where he views that they do not belong. Lafayette schmoozes Lafayette to ease his fears and basically calls him a “light” or “good witch.”

8. (I assume most of you have seen the 8 minute sneak peek about Sookie in fairyland).


There are other spoilers but I do not plan to list them all because there are too many and will instead explain some of them as I write out my predictions below, if I include them in my predictions (but most of these are based on the spoiler evidence):



Bill-  Bill will overthrow Queen Sophie Ann by setting her for a capture by the AVL/ The Authority’s SWAT team. She will be possibly be charged with Selling V and/or conspiring with Russell and/or putting the goals of the Authority/The AVL in jeopardy and maybe be turned over for her tax problems as a scapegoat to improve public opinion (showing that even vampires are willing to follow the law) or simply punished quietly/killed. Bill will replace Queen Sophie Ann as King after deposing her (Bill deposing QSA was recently confirmed . Bill will also become a public figurehead much like Nan but probably more on a local scale rather than a national scale. Bill’s house will be renovated  so that he will have his  “palace.” It will be seen as a historic renovation for the city and that might be why they may have a ribbon cutting. Bill will either meet Portia after she advises Sookie on getting her home back or he will meet Portia after he restores his own home/Bon Temps. Portia and Bill will have sex but it will probably come out later that they are related so he’ll stop his relationship with her (we know this from the books and a spoiler in the episode guides about being discovering a connection with the Bellefleurs). I considered for a second that Bill might be the one to renovate Sookie’s home as well but we know that Eric will do it because he seems to be making himself at home at her house and positioning himself as her “caretaker.” Bill will obviously continuing feeding on people despite his job to project the image the AVL needs, like Nan was doing; obviously that is in character with Bill’s constant hypocrisy. Bill will discover the witch threat to vampires and order Eric to break up the witch coven practicing necromancy. We will receive a flashback of Bill on a feeding frenzy in the 1980’s (possibly to counter his new image or to compare to the underground “feeding busts” filmed by anti-vampire activists).  Bill will work with Sookie though he will be hesitant at first; he will help her find the cure for Eric in exchange for her helping him overthrow the coven. Nan and Bill will be working closely together (because of their history revealed as a spoiler) and he will receive his orders from her/the Authority; that is probably how Bill was able to set up Queen Sophie-Ann so easily.


Sookie- We all know that Sookie will lose about a year after almost falling for the honey trap the fairies set and will also barely survive after discovering that not all faires mean well for her in the process because she is a human-hybrid. She will go back to Merlotte’s of course. Sookie will come back only to be hounded by a worried Eric and Bill. Because Eric has bought her house, he will drop by on several occasions to reiterate his position as the owner of her house and his offer to for her to be “his.” Of course, Sookie is hard-headed so she will refuse and even contact Portia about trying to get her house back (saw this in a casting call though they didn’t explicitly say it was Sookie) ,despite feeling her own attraction as well as the sexual tension. She will even go to Pam and ask her to get Eric to consider giving her the house back and give up this notion of her belonging to him , who will of course take Eric’s position and will once again try to get Sookie to accept Eric’s offer. However, Pam will discover that Eric never showed up one night and will instead tell Sookie Eric is missing rather than let her know he is back (like she asked in the promo scene). Sookie will search for Eric with Alcide (that is how they will meet up in episode 4×03 and cuddle) but will not be successful until she runs across him later on in the woods at night without Alcide. She will take him in and they will grow closer. She will investigate Marnie later on while Eric is there (she will go to Bill for help and information) in an effort to help find out about Eric’s amnesia and Eric will wear Jason’s clothes.


Eric- Eric will be forced into aiding the public image of vampires for the AVL or will willingly do so to improve Fangtasia’s buisness (they may be lost due to the new surge of vampire hate). He will discover that Sookie is alive and spend his time trying to win her over to no avail. However, Bill will inform Eric of the witch problem and order him to break up the coven. Tara will try to stake Eric when he enters the witch shop but will not succeed and she will tell him about the coven. Eric will try to break up the coven but will not be successful and will be held by the coven somehow while they give him the amnesia curse (and possibly also manipulate his mind into being their vampire puppet). He will be discovered later on by Sookie and she will help him and they will have a romance during that.


Jessica- She will end up being unhappy in her relationship with Hoyt in many ways. Hoyt is used to being spoiled by his mama and will not adapt to total independence and separation from much of the human world as well as he thought he might; Jessica will be bored by being tied down to Hoyt and his complaining. As Alan Ball said, neither knows how to work with a relationship and that will add to their problems. Therefore, Jessica will cheat by spending most of her free time roaming Fangtasia for “meals” and possibly more with other men. Obviously, she will turn to Bill to confess to him about it out of guilt but will continue to do it anyway. Pam will take her under her wing so-to-speak. Hoyt will go looking for Jessica one night at Fangtasia and they will leave with Pam and that’s when they will be confronted outside the club by the protestors. Hoyt will be attacked and Pam will probably be the only one to prevent her from doing something rash. It’s possible that Jessica will start working at Fangtasia and become closer to Pam. I think Hoyt with either die somehow or they will simply break-up. Jessica will become wilder than before and possibly begin something with Jason or Pam (maybe Pam will simply have a growing affection for Jessica, friendship or otherwise). Obviously, if Hoyt is still alive it will be a new love triangle for Jessica, if Hoyt continues his love for Jessica (which I am sure he will).


Pam-  Pam will obviously be desperately searching for her maker and then desperately attempting to restore him. She will run Fangtasia in Eric’s absence and possibly hire Jessica as a stripper, who seems to like it a lot at Fangtasia. Jessica and Pam will get a lot closer as friends, and maybe the tension will build between them (just a possibility). Pam will try to make Marnie restore Eric when she uncovers everything, probably with no effect. I think Pam will try to warn her against an involvement with Jason. If Jessica is involved with  She will interrogate Lafayette in regards to his association with Marnie’s coven and Tara/the coven will probably break him out somehow or Lafayette will use his powers to do so.


Lafayette- Jesus and Lafayette have been developing his powers over the last year. They will join the coven and become manipulated by Marnie and accessories to what happens to Eric. Lafayette will know it’s wrong but will be sucked in by Marnie, Jesus, and his new-found power. Jesus will take Lafayette on a journey to improve his powers. Lafayette will introduce Tara to the coven when she comes back to town or Tara will already be involved somehow.


Sam- He will feud with Andy for some reason and begin romancing Luna (a fellow shifter) but have to contend with her crazy ex boyfriend. Because Luna’s ex is a werewolf, he will be in conflict with the werewolves and may run across Debbie or Alcide somehow in the plot. He will scare his brother straight but they will eventually become partners in crime (and Sam will not totally escape his past as he desires) as I predicted last season. Maybe Andy confronts him when he either discovers some parts of Sam’s past of his crimes with his brother or both. However, I think Sam will still be holding a torch for both Tara and Sookie despite all this new drama and his involvement with Luna. Because Andy is addicted to V, he will probably be behaving irrationally and might actually be a match for Sam.

Tara– She will become a fighter as a job so that she will feel empowered and overcome her victim mentality she has endured  (Holly or Lafayette or both will introduce her into the coven). She will meet Naomi (another fighter and someone spoiled as a fighter in the casting calls) and they will begin a lesbian romance. Holly or Lafayette will peak her interest in witchcraft and she will be active in Marnie’s coven; it also appeals to Tara because of her crusade against vampires because vampires are dead and witches are about life. She also probably possesses power because she is related to Lafayette and that was part of the reason that Maryann was attracted to her and that she was able to evoke actual power in that “fake ritual.” Obviously, Tara’s mother will not be happy about her and Laffy’s pursuit of witchcraft if she finds out.


Jason- He will be trapped in Hotshot and forced to become a panther hybrid. When he turns into a panther, he will escape his restraints and escape Hotshot but that doesn’t mean that will be the end of Jason’s Hotshot problem because he is new a were-panther hybrid. He will continue his job as a new Deputy Sheriff and will probably eventually uncover Andy’s addiction to V, which will probably help save his job other than the thing about them killing Eggs. Jason will get involved with Jessica and aid them in the fight against the witch coven eventually. If Hoyt is still around, it will put him at odds with him in a love triangle. If not, Tommy will also still be around pining for Jessica and Tara (who loves Jason) will obviously not approve even if she’s still with Naomi. Crystal might also resurface and cause them problems if Jason doesn’t deal with them. Jason may also be feeling forever attached due to his new condition though he’ll hate Crystal for it.

Arlene- Because Holly is actually involved in black magic, her spell actually made Arlene’s baby evil by making her worst fear come true (rather than actually abort the child). Terry and Arlene will suffer with the influence of the black magic infecting their lives. Terry’s PTSD may resurface full force under the stress or he may somehow find out later on what Arlene and Holly did.


I now think that Marnie is possessed by the spirit of Maryann. That image above seems to confirm it and I heard a spoiler of a statue of Maryann in Marnie’s shop/coven. Maybe Marnie/Maryann’s spirit will be seeking revenge on Tara in particular, maybe Sam and Bill as well later on.