Thoughts: Sookie and Claudine (Fairies) Preview

UPDATE BELOW: In light of the most recent Fairies Preview (part 3)


Second half of the fairies preview (after Sookie finds out that her missing Granfather Earl and Barry the Bellboy are in Fairyland too shortly after arriving) is located here:

Obviously, there are evil fairies on True Blood and even Claudine’s motives are now being called into question. It is apparent that Sookie has only gained further evidence that it’s tough to trust anyone and nothing is what it seems:

This incidence shown in the promo also seems to further illustrate that every race or “group of people or supernaturals” are capable of evil:

This also seems to be a continuation of a  trend regarding Sookie on True Blood: those Sookie chooses to trust (for whatever reason) tend to turn out to be untrustworthy (even if their intentions aren’t necessarily bad or they’ve been pulled into the wrong situation):

Who of these people that Sookie is known to trust will turn out to be untrustworthy or even betray her (ones that have not already majorly betrayed her or lied to her)…though of course none of these people may do so ?

Could it be that the one individual she was/is most hesitant to trust and the one individual who seems the most untrustworthy to Sookie, turns out to be the most trustworthy?


Further thoughts:

Of course, this promo/preview leaves more questions than answers (like most things on True Blood lol). This promo obviously shows the trends that I discussed above and points to the fact that fairies can be her enemies as much as they can be her friends (just as any other group on True Blood) and Sookie seems to be capable of much of the same power as a full-blooded fae (but how?). What is this realm that the fae were forced into, and how do the fae magically “teleport” there? How does Sookie seemingly possess the powers of a full-blooded fae when we are led to believe she is not a full blood fae (though the genetics have been discussed before)? How do they want to harvest Sookie, procreation or simple murder or something else?

Does it show that Claudine is a procurer (one that potentially developed sympathies toward Sookie as time passed) in just the same way Bill is?  It’s possible, but again:  nothing is as it seems on True Blood. If she is, will she seek the same redemption that Bill does or is she a mole for “the good side” of the fairy race? Will she be Sookie savior in her battle against the evil fae as some of the vampires must protect Sookie against the vampires that seek to harm?

Does this promo point to a potential addition to the race war brewing on True Blood? I believe that is shows a race war is not only brewing amongst vampires and humans, it also seems to show a trend in which the Fae will be included into this war as well as other supernaturals. Sookie will unfortunately be caught in the middle of this violent race war as a tool for whatever purpose each group finds her most suited for (her blood for the vampires, her telepathy and powers for humans or other supes?, possibly her powers/telepathy for human witches? and whatever the Fae may want her for or to withhold her use for these other groups) and it will be a miracle if she survives. In order for her to survive, she must find people she can truly begin to trust who wont betray her….THIS WILL BE THE REAL MIRACLE. Can Eric or someone else ultimately provide this miracle for her so that she can in turn obtain the miracle of her continued survival?




Ok, so now we know that they want to seal off all connections with the human world (in part because of the vampires killing fairies as the Queen claims. Maybe the fairies are in fact attempting to avoid  a race war by doing this. I still believe that they will eventually be involved somehow either as a means of withholding fairies as tools in the race war or the fairies that remain will cause the race war/ try to stop the race war and obtain peace or superiority because of their attachment to the Earth as well………….only time will tell. I believe it is now clear that Claudine may actually be one of the fairies who believe that they still have a right to the Earth and will help Sookie fight the “evil fairies.” If not, she is possibly a mole for the good fairies pretending to be on the side of the evil fairies OR she will be reformed after seeing this Queen’s destruction. Either way, I believe she will in fact be trying to help Sookie in the end…as bad as her position seems now (Alan Ball must use one of these paths, because he is staying true to the spirit of the characters and the book as he said).

  1. #1 by NG on June 12, 2011 - 6:26 am

    Great analysis. I’m curious to find out where Claudine’s sympathies lie and if she’s the one who helps Sookie to escape Fae.

    • #2 by Kat on June 12, 2011 - 9:46 am

      Thank you!!…….I think she should be if Alan Ball is staying “true to the books” at he claims. At the very least, if she was a procurer on purpose or by accident (in much the same way as Bill) she should be if she is to redeem herself.

  2. #3 by Ethan Ralph on June 12, 2011 - 10:17 am

    Enjoyed the article, as always K…I too was wondering how Sookie seems to have so much power, when we’ve discussed her being only half fae. An as you and NG mentioned, Claudine is looking kind of suspect now. I’m looking forward to reading your next article on the new piece released today. Glad you had time to write while I was asleep! lol

    • #4 by Kat on June 12, 2011 - 10:43 am

      Yes, but in light of the new preview I believe she is undercover for the good fairies or going to become reformed in the end after seeing the queen’s destruction if she was a procurer. Although, as you know, I believe Bill is evil in a lot of ways….I believe he could redeem himself (though I dont think he should ever be with Sookie again)…and if he can do it, I am sure Claudine can.

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