**SPOILER ALERT**Season 4 “surprise” Romance Speculation



OK.…so I was attempting to make a connection between these two spoilers/quotes:

1.  A surprise romance will take shape ;  “The one that I had the most fun with is one I can’t reveal, because it comes as a surprise,”  Alan Ball also told Ausiello of TVLine.


2.  A straight character will turn gay.


Ok, so let us attempt to eliminate some characters from these spoilers before we begin to speculate…

MOSTLY-DEFINITE ELIMINATIONS (as much as anything on True Blood can be definite, which is why I add mostly lol):

1. The most obvious elimination from these spoilers is one romance we all know is coming: Eric and Sookie.  This is clearly not a gay romance and Alan Ball has repeatedly said that this is “expected.”

2.  We can also eliminate this new couple that we all know is coming as well (if you’ve paid attention to the promos and have read spoilers): Sam & Luna. Again, this is not a gay romance and we all know its coming, so it’s not a surprise.

3. Of course, we also know that the romance between Lafayette and Jesus will continue. This is not a surprise and nobody is turning gay here because they were already gay. ha ha.

4.  We all know the romance between Arlene & Terry will continue according to the spoilers and the promos (including the waiting sucks promo that is featured in the image below), plus we all know how enthusiastic Terry was about sticking by Arlene and the baby despite everything last season. Plus, I just don’t see Terry or Arlene “exploring their new-found sexuality,” do you?

Ok, so we can almost-definitely eliminate these main characters for sure:

Eric; Sookie; Sam; Luna; Lafayette; Jesus; Arlene; Terry


Those unlikely to be apart of these spoilers:

1. As we all know, Bill is still going to be pining for Sookie on some level. However, we know Sookie and Bill are through at least for now and there have been spoilers and images in promos to suggest Bill is going to be hooking up with Portia (which is a book addition) at the start. Neither Sookie or Portia are gay love interests and there is nothing surprising about the Bill and Portia equation unless you haven’t read the books or paid attention to promos or spoilers. However, it’s not definite because there have been teases about a possible latent homosexuality within Bill and we have nothing to go on about this relationship other than they are probably going to sleep together at least once.

2.  It is also pretty unlikely that Alcide is going to be involved in these spoilers as well.  As we all know, Alcide is being left open as a love interest for Sookie ( much to my dismay, given that Joe M’s performance is so wooden at this point that he might even have me rooting for Bill). In addition, Debbie is still in the cards and I doubt she is being taken away as a romantic factor in Alcide’s life, unfortunately as well. However, we have been given no definite information about Alcide’s love life next season thus far other than he will be a presence for Sookie and we all know she’s going to probably be a little more focused on Eric this season than him.

3.  In one “waiting sucks promo,” it looked as if Jason was being held hostage by Crystal and that probably means that Crystal and her “family” still have control of much of Jason’s life for now. Though Jason may not want to remain in Crystal’s life after this terrible situation, it looks unlikely that Jason will be discovering new romance for now and Jason is probably just about the straightest male in Bon Temps. However, he’s on the unlikely rather than the definite list because his relationship with Crystal definitely looks unstable (understatement) and we have been given nothing else that is definite.

So….I believe it’s semi-safe to add these characters to the list of eliminations in regards to these spoilers: 

Bill; Portia; Alcide; Crystal; Jason


So why are the other characters on the list of possibilities in regards to this spoiler?

1.  Hoyt and Jessica are a straight couple of course and we know that they will be together at least initially when the season starts when you see the previews, promos, and spoilers. However, Alan Ball has constantly alluded to the fact that there will be problems for these two (beyond and including his mother Maxine) and he and Deborah Ann Woll (the actress playing Jessica) made it pretty clear at Palyfest 2011 that these two were going to be short-lived (unfortunately for many fans of this couple). Therefore, I am not holding my breath that these two are going to last long as a couple much into the season and so I believe these two will be back on the market or in the arms of another person before too long.

2.  We simply have had not heard much at all about Tommy (other than his conflicts with Sam) in the spoilers, much less anything about his romantic life aside from his continued crush on Jessica and Tara‘s whereabouts are a mystery (though we see her in a waiting sucks promo later on and some stills that have been releasted) so we don’t know much about her romantic life . Therefore, both of them are open to the possibility of being in these spoilers.

3.  Holly‘s character is basically a mystery so of course she is included in this because there isn’t much to go on and so anything is a possibility really and although I don’t see Andy heading up the new hot-couple or “exploring his new-found sexuality,” it’s always a possibility since I haven’t seen spoilers that suggest otherwise.

4.  Well we all know that Pam loves the ladies, so she wouldn’t be the part of the spoiler about the straight character that turns gay but she could be part of the new romance spoiler (we all know Pam needs some).

So….the possibilities are:  Hoyt; Jessica; Tommy; Tara; Holly; Andy; Pam


My Theories:

Brace yourself….My Strongest theory for this New Romance is:


Why? Well as I said, it looks like Jessica and Hoyt are already going to be on the outs eventually. This theory also includes the revelation that a character will discover their new orientation. While it would be plausible that one character might discover their attraction to the opposite sex, two characters changing their orientation doesn’t seem likely and all of the other possibilities except Pam are currently presented as being straight. In one of the promos, we see that Pam has become closer to Jessica (the Palyfest promo) even though Hoyt is there and she’s clearly hanging around Fangtasia more.  We also see in other promos that Jessica has gotten even wilder ( it appears she is even stripping, possibly at Fangtasia). A growing relationship with Pam would explain why it appears she’s going to be around Fangtasia so much, even though Bill is her maker (even though she is released). You can also recall that Pam seemed to warm to Jessica slightly in season 3 as she became her advisor when Bill was missing. AND…take a look at this poster!:

Why would Pam be touching Jessica in any capacity if you just go on their relationship from the previous seasons? In fact, why would they be featured together on a poster like that together at all?  She also seems protective of Jessica and maybe even jealous as she stands between her and Jason. (Maybe Jason will even be competing for Jessica’s attentions at some point as well, maybe through a Jessica blood transfusion, and this will cause even more drama if Hoyt begins to realize this even as an ex). Also, think about it: Jessica cannot enjoy actual intercourse 🙂 I had even jokingly mentioned in Season 3, after their scene together in episode 3×02, that these two might be a couple someday (of course, not realizing that might actually come true lol).

The other possibilities :  Maybe Tara get’s into witchcraft (as it appears in one of the waiting sucks promos) and meets a woman there, but it doesn’t tie into my theory of Pam being involved because she’s a vampire and Tara currently hates vampires for a good reason. Tara could get involved with that spoiler about Naomi (the street fighter), but she was looking rather cozy with Sam in the poster teaser but who knows…she is the strongest possibility other than Jessica of course!

Maybe Hoyt meets a man post break up with Jessica, though that doesn’t seem likely and there is no evidence pointing to it and again it doesn’t tie into my theory of Pam being involved. Holly could turn to a woman but we haven’t seen any evidence of that lately and again, it doesn’t tie into my theory of Pam being involved. Obviously it doesn’t seem likely that Andy would be involved in this either (in fact I could see an Andy and Holly coupling possibly)…..

So it looks like to me that Pam & Jessica are the new hot couple….but again, I can only theorize and I could be very wrong ha ha. 🙂

  1. #1 by NG on June 16, 2011 - 6:27 am

    I think you’re on to something. There’s video of a shoot from Ep 11 where it appears Jess gives Jason her blood. Perhaps he develops an attraction to her and the poster is a clue of coming attractions.

    • #2 by Kat on June 16, 2011 - 11:12 am

      thank you NG…………yeah, I think Jessica could have Pam, Jason, and Hoyt (if he’s still around) pursuing her at once at some point.

  2. #3 by IATM on June 16, 2011 - 7:18 am

    HAHA, i like this theory,

    at first i thought it was going to be Tara & Pam when i first read the spoiler a while back.. because Tara is done with men after her crazy ( Sam / Eggs/ FM/ & back to Sam sexual flings.. but the Pam & Jessica fling sounds good to me.. besides Jessica is sitting in the poster with her legs OPEN & in s3 we saw Pammy get down with Yvetta 🙂

    so your theory works for me.. i hope this pans out actually, i mean Jessica is a virgin for all eternity & what fun is sex if it always hurts??

    • #4 by Kat on June 16, 2011 - 11:09 am

      Thank you…I do too! though i think Nan and Pam would be cool too! ha.

      I thought that at first too but I reminded myself that I don’t think Tara’s hatred of vampires is going away anytime soon and she’s going to be involved with Marnie’s witch-group (which obviously wouldnt approve of such a relationship if their going after Northman)……Exactly I think that poster is a dead giveaway and I think the other poster shows Tara torn between Sam and Laffy/the witch group.

      I would be excited for this to pan out for the same reasons. I saw this coming from a mile away kinda when we learned that Jessica’s hymen grows back lol

      • #5 by IATM on June 16, 2011 - 12:04 pm

        You know what, you may be right about the other poster ( Tara being torn between Laffy/ witches/ Sam).. Sam told Tara in s3 that the past always follows you , but you have to move forward ( in the episode he cooked ho cakes for her) **snort**.. it appears that Sam’s past with MA & that couple he killed is comming back maybe on his Conscious?? we saw Bill’s past catch up with him in s3.. the color scheme in the poster’s is sort of interesting as well.. i mean in Tara’s poster everyone is wearing white & we know Laffy will be involved with the witches plus Jesus.. Tara is looking at Sam in a funny way in that poster..

        in Jessica’s poster since they are wearing black i guess she is suppose to be more naughty then she has already been represented to be on the show??

      • #6 by Kat on June 16, 2011 - 8:58 pm

        Well seems like she followed his advice even though he’s part of her past. Yes, I would like to know why Sam is in that poster with them….and why they are embracing that color of white. I think I should do an analysis of the posters.

        I think so as well.

  3. #7 by Anonymous on June 16, 2011 - 12:44 pm

    Am I imagining this memory? Your post brought something to me, I *think* I remember someone saying somewhere that Pam would be able to help Jessica with her “problem”. Of course it’s possible it was just in the comments somewhere… still, it makes perfect sense to me. I don’t really like gay couples on television, they usually have very little believable chemistry, but I could see Jessica and Pam as a couple. If not a couple, then a sisterly relationship, because I bet Pam was a lot like Jessica when she was newly turned, sort of overwhelmed with the sense of freedom and power of being a vampire. Whether they become a couple or not, I would love to see more scenes with them interacting more. They have great chemistry together. Unlike Layfayette and Jesus.

    • #8 by Kat on June 16, 2011 - 4:49 pm

      I know what you mean about the believable chemistry (ugh), but if they can bring it, then I can get into it but we will see.

      I think either way that it will be interesting….and actually it will probably be more beautiful and lasting if they are just best friends….

      I agree. I don’t like Laffy and Jesus though I like Laffy in love.

  4. #9 by DeeDee Baldwin on June 16, 2011 - 4:46 pm

    I think you’re right, especially because of Jessica’s perpetual virginity problem. And I like the idea of Pam and Jessica. It makes me sad for her and Hoyt, though.

    • #10 by Kat on June 16, 2011 - 8:07 pm

      Yeah, i saw something like this coming when we discovered that.Yes, I like them (hoyt and jessica) as a couple but you know their going to change up couples on this show so I am excited for this alternative as well. I would more excited for this then a Tara relationship.

  5. #11 by Anonymous on June 17, 2011 - 6:18 pm

    Actually, while on the subject, you know who had GREAT chemistry as a gay couple, if only for a few minutes? Bill and Sam. I actually liked them much better than Bill and Sookie. Not that I’d ever wish that on Sam.

    • #12 by Kat on June 18, 2011 - 8:32 pm

      I AGREE!!!!!!!!!! I want to see more lmao

  6. #13 by Caroline on June 18, 2011 - 5:14 pm

    Just wanted to say it is great to see this new stuff (haven’t been here in awhile) always like your take on things and the discussion that gets going. only 8 days!

    • #14 by Kat on June 18, 2011 - 8:31 pm

      Thank you Caroline and WELCOME BACK!

      It’s going to be a FANTASTIC season!


  7. #15 by b_azinga on June 22, 2011 - 8:15 am

    check this out: 3rd promo, 00:17 – i swear that’s jessica in bed with jason! http://www.spoilertv.com/2011/06/true-blood-season-4-3-new-promos.html
    whoa. poor hoyt.

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