4×02: Does Bill’s flashback prove he’s a “good-guy?”

Ok, so of course in episode 4×02, we see a flashback of Bill feeding on a bartender in We see Bill feeding on a bartender in the 80’s but not killing him:

Then somehow Nan comes out from the misty alley and is impressed that Bill isn’t killing his “prey” for some reason.


Therefore, Nan decides “Punk Compton” is somehow ready to be a spy for her mainstreaming group because synthetic blood will be out soon 26 years later and who wants to dig up bar food anymore?

 The monarchy would rip us up as traitors BUT the cool thing is your going to help us “plant the seeds of discord from within!” (**BRILLIANT, said in a British accent**)


I guess if you’re a hardcore Bill fan or even a casual Bill fan, then you’re supposed to look at this as further proof that Bill is a good guy after all.  He has to eat of course but it’s not like he’s killing just because he can. When he did that bad stuff in the past, that’s because Lorena made him do it (even though Lorena killed her victims quickly and he did not).

Lorena snaps her victim's head

Bill watches his victim bleed out

Bill did all the bad stuff he did after Lorena because Nan lured him into being a spy for The Authority and that’s a necessary evil because vampires should be able to mainstream, right?

The collateral damage was worthwhile (thousands and thousands of people like Ann the Stripper or Hadley or Sookie):


However, let us look at this without the shades of a Bill fan or the casual observer. I don’t think that we need to hand Bill a gold star simply because he didn’t drain the guy ; let us remember that it’s not like this was a willing victim and how hard is it to give the victim a quick glamouring and rub a little blood on the wound? It’s a lot easier than getting rid of a body if you ask me.

I doubt Eric was draining every victim dry either or any other vampire that is old enough to know better and not as psychopathic as Franklin Mott or as gluttonous as Talbot. As we saw in Lorena’s season two flashback, Bill’s pairing with her was both psychopathic and gluttonous:

But again, I doubt it is or was the usual standard for vampires to go around killing every single meal when they know it’s not necessary. Therefore, I think Nan choose Bill for reasons other than that (she assumed that she could control him as her spy for some reason).


Also…in case you forgot or you missed it, I believe we heard something about Bill having HIS OWN PROCURER and apparently he’s feeding from his staff as well:


Also, it’s obvious that Bill is in fact as power-hungry as he is blood thirsty and it’s going to get to his head (he’s obviously going to be taking advantage of his office too) so he ultimately won’t be king for unselfish reasons; therefore, it seems that all the collateral damage was purely for his own benefit in the end:

Pam: You like the feel of it don't you? That crown.

Bill takes advantage of Eric is his weakened state and recommends "The True Death" in a promo


As I said in this post from July 2010, the true purpose of the AVL is to give vampires rights so that they can come into positions of power (that were once solely occupied by humans) and not only rule over vampires, but also rule over people. Russell simply wanted to hasten this process (even if it meant a race war) in order to save the planet (in his view).

Plus, I don’t exactly calls scenes like this sincere mainstreaming as my reader IATM mentioned after all, the magister was working for the Authority):


So this flashback definitely did not prove that Bill is in fact a good guy. It only proved these points:

1.  Bill FINALLY decided to stop killing for fun. Bill knows it’s better to kill when you have a real goal in mind, no matter how many people you have to kill or kidnap in order to do it.

2.  Bill is not only a traitor to the monarchs, he is a traitor to the authority (he lied to Nan about Sookie too, although I excuse that since it protects her.) He’s just pretty much treacherous.

3.  Bill is an ever bigger hypocrite than before.

4. Bill is power hungry and takes personal advantage of his authority and his position for personal gain; therefore, he is no better than any of the monarchs he wants to bring down.

5.  Bill is the puppet-King we all expected him to be.

6. Bill is working for a group that wants to gain control over humans through politics. They, and therefore Bill, are not truly mainstreaming…they are just taking advantage of “the stupid and naive humans,” as Nan said.

  1. #1 by Ethan Ralph on June 29, 2011 - 2:20 pm

    I believe I may have inspired this article with my Bill defense lol. Whatever Bill did with Lorena can be explained away since he was a newly turned vampire basically under her complete control. As for his taking longer to kill his victim: he probably didn’t care much about anyone or thing at that point, and wanted them to suffer as he suffered by being turned and separated from his family. Remember, Bill was turned by force, whereas Eric basically chose to be a vampire and willingly let Godric turn him. We hear Jessica mention that Bill was devastated by Sookie’s disappearance…this could also explain some of his actions during this period…sleeping with all kinds of chicks in order to get his mind off of his love. As for mainstreaming….I mentioned that almost anything would be acceptable for Bill in order for this goal to be achieved, so any rotten thing that he had to do would be seen as justified in that context. The AVL is definitely a flawed body, but the goal of mainstreaming seems like a worthy one (if your Bill, or a like-minded vampire). The goal may actually be to rule over humans, but we never hear bill disparage the human race. We do, on the other hand, often hear Eric and Pam sh*t on humans. These are just some things to consider :).

    • #2 by Kat on June 29, 2011 - 2:51 pm

      Possibly so lol

      Ok, but I don’t think Bill made him let her bleed out and using your own suffering as a justification for your violent behavior is psychopathic.
      Yes, but Eric didn’t know exactly what he was getting into 100% and I doubt Godric was perfect at all times.

      Yes, I understand that he was rebounding all over the place but what does that have to do with this article?

      Well, I don’t agree that vampires gaining superiority politically is worth doing all that with no remorse…but to each his own there I guess. I guess all is fair in war to some.

      If I recall, Bill made a point in Season One that human are shockingly susceptible to thought manipulation and seems to relish his vampiric superiority as much as any other vampire.
      Anyway, Bill is working for an organization to Even if his personal opinion of humans was not bad, then he’s willing to overlook that in order to advance himself. I didnt say he hates humans and that had nothing to do with my point, but he’s willing to support a group that wants to dominate them so he can openly have his pick of them now and not have to feed in the shadows forever. Again, Bill’s personal like or dislike of humans had nothing to do with my points. I doubt Bill loves any of these human fangbangers and he knew Sookie wasn’t human when he met her. We have no evidence he has loved a human since he was human himself and Eric fell for Sookie without tasting her or knowing what she was. Just some things to consider 🙂

      • #3 by Ethan Ralph on June 29, 2011 - 4:00 pm

        My point was to compare him unfavorably to Eric, and to offer some justifications for his actions. It didn’t have to be in your article for me to bring it up. I was bringing it up precisely because you didn’t :). We have a lot of evidence that he loved a human. Look at how devastated he was when Lorena told him he would never be able to see his family again. And the fact that that was all that was on his mind when she turned him in the first place. BTW Bill didn’t offer that as a justification, I did. Being turned into a vampire against your will and never getting to see the people you loved again would probably have a negative impact on one’s psyche. It’s bound to make anyone crazy, for a time at least….Also, before vampires came out of the shadows, I doubt you could take the risk of letting a human know you were one, so glamouring and feeding on unwilling humans was the norm for every vampire I would imagine.

      • #4 by Kat on June 29, 2011 - 4:33 pm

        I already said that he loved his human wife and that’s the only evidence. That’s not new evidence or “a lot of evidence.”

        No, Bill did in fact offer what Lorena did and taking him away from his family as a justification. Yes, but making others suffer for your messed up psyche is psychotic.

        Well I know it hasn’t been shown on True Blood yet but in the comic books, Eric was shown to be feeding on those who knew about vampires existing somehow……. and on the blu ray commentary from season two, we are told Godric and Eric often fed on those who were already dead.

      • #5 by Ethan Ralph on June 29, 2011 - 5:13 pm

        Well, I obvs had forgotten about saying that…I thought you meant ever cared about humans, so ok you weren’t saying that lol. I don’t really care who Sookie ends up with, as I like Eric as well, but I guess I am more loyal to Bill because he was the first vampire we were presented with on the screen, and he dominates the first season. Anyway, I will crawl back under my Compton rock now lol.

  2. #6 by TruFan on June 29, 2011 - 2:39 pm

    I think the fact that you never hear Bill disparage makes him more dangerous then Eric and Pam. His actions SHOW he has no real respect for humans, even if you believe he loved Sookie, you have to remember he didn’t think of her as human! His flashbacks were really disturbing, he even admits that Lorena did NOT FORCE him to behave as he did. I actually feel Lorena was just as much a victim of Bill as the other way around.

    Let me ask you this, Why didn’t Bill glamour his victim BEFORE feeding on him? He didn’t you know, he covered his mouth and enjoyed the struggling. He enjoys seeing people suffer. He gets off on it. We’ve seen it in his flashbacks, and we’ve seen it in some of his more disturbing “Love scenes” including the obviously disturbing Lorena one, AND the last one with Sookie.

    Bill wasn’t being kind, he was being clever. He was covering his tracks.

    Why would a vampire do this? Convenience for one, if there’s a body, there’s a hunt for the killer. Also, it just doesn’t make sense to kill every human you feed on. If they did that the entire human population would have died off long ago and vampires would have starved!


    • #7 by Kat on June 29, 2011 - 3:08 pm

      Actions speak louder than words really as we all know. I agree that Lorena was a victim and Bill led her on for some reason because she was his maker I guess? I dont know why really. Lorena was literally insane, Bill exhibits sociopathic behavior. Yes Bill admitted Lorena didn’t force him when they had that torture conversation in Season 3.

      Yes, even I hadn’t considered that he didn’t glamour the victim before. He enjoyed the hunt and the struggle to me it seemed. I don’t know why he still insisted on feeding on Sookie when she was obviously not comfortable with it at first.

      Like I said…glamouring is a lot easier than getting rid of a body…that was clear when we saw what happened with Jessica.

      Humans have to continue to reproduce for food of course which is why Russell was concerned about pollution and widespread warfare.

  3. #8 by IATM on June 29, 2011 - 2:41 pm

    i’m pretty sure we saw Eric feeding on a willing Fangbanger in s2 at the Dallas Hotel.. “That is Mainstreaming”… Billy picked up a unwilling human at a bar & glamoured him after feeding off of him & Nan picks up Billy to be a spy for the AVL “cause” for “Mainstreaming..LOL !!

    seems like alot of older vamps were mainstreaming if you ask me with willing humans & sometimes not willing humans while in a dispute..

    QSA & Russell both kept humans in their home to feed.. Godric had humans to feed untill he decided to off himself.. Nan was feeding on a willing human in her limo.. Billy was feeding off a willing human “Sookie”..

    at Eric’s bar the humans are considered “willing fangbanger’s”.. “No Biting on the Premisses” is a sign at Fangtasia ( even though it happens because we saw it in s1 during the raid & Jessica in s4 did it”.. plus Eric said LS liked to feed before going to ground in his coffin..

    But the general concept is it is a Vampire Bar so the humans who participate are willing.. after hours hang out/ “hook up”..LOL !!

    IMO all of Bill’s attempt’s of mainstreaming has been skewed & flawed.. he procured Sookie to feed off him after a large dose of his blood.. the 80’s flashback scene showed Billy aggressive & manipulative even though he didnt kill the guy.. vs, Jessica was getting hit on at Fangtasia by a Fangbanher & she has a willing human at home to feed on every night..

    this is why Pam thinks it’s utterly ridiculous .. i mean if Sookie saw Eric feeding on the fangbanger at the Dallas hotel she would have made a funny face because it was Eric feeding.. even though Jessica ordered a human upstairs..

    • #9 by Kat on June 29, 2011 - 3:33 pm

      I agree that Eric’s actions showed mainstreaming.
      I think Nan saw some ruthlessness in Bill…there was more to it than that…had to be.

      I don’t think mainstreaming is exclusive to the AVL and it seems the synthetic blood is a fake facade to come out in the open. Obviously it was not a perfected formula.

      Well none of the “victims” at Fangtasia were unwilling….that can be said.

      He is contradictory and hypocritical…that’s what it comes down to.

      very nice points as well!

      • #10 by IATM on June 29, 2011 - 3:56 pm

        oh i totaly agree 🙂

        i have been thinking that the Authority / Nan & the synthetic blood & Mainstreaming to the general public has been all a facade to their orginal agenda..

        Bill is a walking contradiction & that is the biggest problem ( aside his ambition & whatnot).. Sookie is also a contradiction though & that is what creates the triangle in all sense of reality or logical sense..

        in epi 2/s4 she runs to Bill for help & actually contributes indirectly in the conflict to give Bill an excuse to finish what he started in s3 ( Trying to kill Eric).. the whole ” I’m scared” & ” I dont want to be his”.. yada,yada,yada… i mean Bill stayed in area 5 as King for a reason & the witches were an opportunity by itsef w/out Sookie running over to his estate to complain.. & what does he tell her to her face 🙂 ” He cant help her”.. ooh snap, that is a dramatic difference of when Sookie went in tears to Eric ( Sheriff of area 5) in s3 to cry about her missing fiance.. Sheriff of area 5 actually helped her with tears & all saying to him ” i helped you with Godric”.. Eric sent Alcide to help her & he paid her what he owed her the $10,000..

      • #11 by Kat on June 29, 2011 - 4:26 pm

        I really think there has to be an actual organized group opposing the authority (especially after Nan’s comment) and not just random men like Russell that are completely mad.


        Yes, I didn’t like Sookie giving Bill a justification for what he did setting him up to the witches and what he’ll do while he has amnesia. Everything Eric does other than sleep is a reason Bill will try to use against him though.
        Yeah he acts like he can’t help her because he’s mad that she is now basically Eric’s. What happened to this Bill being totally unselfish for Sookie?
        Eric could have easily negotiated over helping Bill but he just did it.

  4. #12 by Anette on June 29, 2011 - 4:02 pm

    Good point, Bill in that flashback just prove me, that he is aggressive, violent and he like to play with his food – because people are for him just a food. Wow, he didn’t kill that poor bartender, pray a Lord, but he wasn’t asking for permission either, it was like rape, he use his strength to get what he want and didn’t care about fear and pain of his victim, maybe he even prefer it that way, because of violent and fear blood in veins run faster, adrenaline gives extra taste, and he could feed his ego equal as stomach. If he would glamour that bartender, none of this would happen – so better to glamour him at the end to cover tracks, and before enjoy with fast pulse and taste of fear. He is like rapist – it’s not matter of sex, but power. Willingly given sex it’s not enough for rapist, and same with blood for Bill, even with Sookie he need to some more, some extra umph, so why not to feed during sex? Great idea, pulls is faster, and serotonin taste so similar as adrenaline… We actually never seen him feeding on human as Eric in Dallas or Jessica on Hoyt. If he can’t get what he wants he prefer to drink from a bottle with martyr face 😉

    • #13 by Kat on June 29, 2011 - 4:19 pm

      It just seems like he thinks glamouring makes it all ok as usual. I am sure he would have done it to Sookie if he could have.

      Bill clearly showed a love for what he was doing. I probably should have included that. You aren’t the only one that pointed it out.

      Well that fangbanger spy in the last episode was willing but he almost seemed reluctant to do that. Did you notice?

  5. #14 by thepunkandtheprincess on June 29, 2011 - 4:41 pm

    So here is the thing. I don’t think it’s possible for Bill to be the ‘good guy’ and I’m not sure that’s even the point. For me, the reveal in S3 of Bill’s betrayal and all that bad behaviour out in Mississippi (yes, I am looking at you episode 3) was meant to show you a more accurate Bill…not the goofy, courtly gentleman who is “not like other vampires…” In fact, he’s just like them. The first two episodes of this season seem to hammer that home. He’s just as duplicitous as Eric and he is just as willing to abuse his power. The ‘True Colours’ tag line seemed to hint at this, as in: who is the real…”fill in the blank”…? Is Eric a bad-a** or a lonely Viking looking for companionship and loyalty (seriously, he’s a big girl…don’t get me wrong, I love that he is, but he can be just as sappy as Bill. For example, I always thought that Eric’s obsession with Sookie went full blown when he saw her fierceness in protecting Lafayette in S2, and in the first sex dream he mentions that she is bloodthirsty when it comes to protecting people she loves…that flicks his Bic big time *book reference alert!*), is Bill a giant d-bag or working for the greater good? Is the real Sookie ‘Fairy Sookie’ or just plain old Sookie…we’re even wondering if ***is this a spoiler?*** Baby Mikey is evil or not.

    All the characters seem to have had this theme applied to their storylines this year, and until it’s all said and done, we won’t get an answer to any of those questions — just more ammo for both sides of the argument. Now as for our Mr. Compton, I personally can’t wait to see him get a little meaner this year. Moyer is very good at walking the line between smarm and intimidation…it’s gonna be awesome.

    Oh, and BTW if the giveaway is still going, I would do unspeakable things for a Fangtasia glass.

    • #15 by Anette on June 29, 2011 - 5:32 pm

      I totally agree with you about Eric, I wouldn’t use word girl, but yes, he need someone to love, someone who cares and is willing to protect him, just because he deserves for all this. He has so much love and thirst of love inside… He was loyal friend, brave and family man as a human, then Godric – good, honest man who gave him respect and friendship, his relation with Pam… well it’s obvious that he has healthy and deep relationships with who he loves. And here we’ve got Bill, yeah, no one to love, no one to care, no deep conections, decades as spy and traitor and earlier – decades of violent and cold heart…. Well no doubts, now we know who is capabile to love and care and who is Bill Compton 😉

      • #16 by TruFan on June 29, 2011 - 6:45 pm

        That’s an interesting point, Anette. I mean about Bill not having anyone to love. Oh crap, now I’m going to start feeling sorry for him a little, lol. But it still doesn’t excuse his behaviour!

      • #17 by IATM on June 29, 2011 - 7:45 pm

        Bill apperantly has loved Carloine & Sookie during his life as a human & Vampire experiance.. in fact in s3 he said something to Sookie that alludes to he loves her more then he ever loved Carloine his human wife..

        in Eric’s flashback actually his comment was “There will always be women”.. & we see him with his Goat Girl in s3 Flashback & Yvetta the “Gold Digging W*hore in s3..

        now in s4 it seems like the writer’s are over compensating what was lacking between E/S.. Eric has done so much in such a little time.. No build up .. i mean i love the hidey hole & door .. but he even bought her a new microwave.. did she need a new one?? & at the end of the day Sookie comes across as so nonappreciative.. ungreatfull little Hybird is what she comes across like IMO.. i mean she totaly needed a effing T.V. & now she has a flat screen.. her house was re-painted & fixed up & she still isnt happy because she is no longer the owner..

        so Sookie’s “Hearts Desire” in s4 is to simply get her house back.. while the Viking’s Hearts Desire is Sookie..

        They arent really on the same page.. & that bother’s me alot.. especially since Sookie ran to Billy for help & pretty much is the cause of the curse.. so if she ever catches her flaws will be the day that Hell freezes over..

    • #18 by Kat on June 29, 2011 - 8:27 pm

      Yeah that is really sad….Anette and TruFan.
      But of course, that doesnt excuse his behavior as you all have said.

      Yes, I have thought that he said he loved Sookie more in the Season 3 finale and Sookie isn’t human.

      It did bother me that she didn’t seem happy at all about anything Eric did for her but it’s a little understandable because Sookie is somewhat driven by her pride and Eric likes it when she tries to resist his charms. I think she’ll see her error as they grow closer this season but Sookie feels so cheated by Bill’s lies, that she’s in a mindset of being her own person in every way.

      • #19 by Anette on June 30, 2011 - 3:50 am

        “she tries to resist his charms” what can I say? Good Luck? Sometimes you just can’t resist, sometimes it’s jus impossible to even think baut resistance… and that’s the case, Eric’s charm and chemistry is unresistable 😉
        I guess, she was so distracted by fairy land and grandpa Earl, she didn’t notice that her home never looked better and in fact Eric made her amazing gift from heart. But… at the end od 2 ep. when she stops to talk with half naked viking (o gash, why nothing like this never happend to me, o why? I am a good girl, 0rh- is extreamly rare and tasty blood, so where is my half naked viking?) she wasn’t actually angry, I think she was calmer than before talking with Pam.

  6. #20 by Anette on June 30, 2011 - 5:53 am

    TruFan, think we don’t need to be sorry for Bill hasn’t got no one to love, it’s his choice, his core of values is just different, he didn’t care to built some connection with somebody…. maybe he never want to. If he said that he loves Sookie more than his wife… well I feel sorry for them both – Sookie and Caroline, cause it wasn’t good love any way. It’s core of values issue, do you need friendship and love in your life or not? Eric has Pam as old friend, Bill has those agressive punks who burns during fire in old house… It wasn’t Lorena choice with who he hang up after they were separate. So, no I’m even more sure, team Eric, we share some prime values 😉

    • #21 by Kat on July 1, 2011 - 1:51 am

      Bill could have made more of an effort to find it but it seems that he has a complex that shows that he wants someone to “live up to his expectations,” etc. before their worthy of his attention.

  7. #22 by IATM on June 30, 2011 - 12:02 pm

    Great point Anette,

    about friendship.. Eric & Pam are friends even though he is her Maker.. Eric has / or had a close caring relationship with Godric as well on respect ..

    Lorena & Bill’s relationship was lacking respect / friendship / & values.. it really was very similar to Bill’s & Sookie relationship.. & when we did get a chance to meet Caroline in his flashback it was another skewed p.o.v. he was about to bite her if it wasent for Lorena stoping him.. but he went their to bury his son.. Billy simply tortured himself in even going back home.. same way Sookie torture’s herself holding on to “bad” memories of her relationship with Billy..

  8. #23 by IATM on June 30, 2011 - 1:17 pm

    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>SPOILER Alert>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    AB talks to Xfinity.. & i think Kat was right about the “Higher friends” or at least it sounds like they are different then Bills.. Maybe i read it wrong.. Check it out


    • #24 by Kat on June 30, 2011 - 1:41 pm

      Yes, I am convinced that I was right and I am going to lay out a speculative theory about it soon.

      • #25 by IATM on June 30, 2011 - 2:05 pm

        Cant wait to read the Theory.. 🙂

        sounds like the Vampire Political system is spilt like what you were already saying.. Good Job !!

        AB called Bill Cheny so Billy is a Republican.. so i guess Eric would be Democrat..

        this is the same way it is presented in the books regarding Eric’s politics & Billy.. afterall Billy is a civil war vet..

      • #26 by Kat on June 30, 2011 - 3:17 pm

        Yes, I am writing the theory right now as we speak 🙂

        Yes, well to me it’s obvious that the Authority is in fact the conservative faction and the monarchy is in fact liberal (something that seems contradictary and was unexpected even to me as I realized it)
        anyway, youll be able to read in a few hours or less hopefully.

  9. #27 by Cindy on June 30, 2011 - 8:16 pm

    Figures that I had it all done and my computer crashed so I had to retype this from memory. More inane babbling from me, but here you go anyway… LOL

    I’m sure Nan and the AVL choose Billy because he would be easy to control/manipulate. This “not killing humans because they don’t deserve it” is such crap. Using Lorena and the time they spent on their little murdering sprees was a great example, Kat. He ENJOYED IT; we saw him enjoying it, we heard him ADMIT IT. In fact, he appeared more sadistic about it than she was and that’s saying something!

    Nan’s BS about mainstreaming was a ruse to get him interested. Like she said, they wanted spies to infilitrate the monarchies. Well, spies need to be easy to control/manipulate by the powers-that-be. Billy may have seen this opportunity to advance himself in the vampire world, but he’s just a runt in their eyes. He has no real power over anyone. I firmly believe the AVL is controlling him and his decisions and what he does, i.e., the “puppet king.” If there has ever been a time and place for that description for someone, it’s now with “the medacious Mr. Compton.”

    And the best part of this is, Eric knows it! Which was the reason for the “has the AVL signed off on this?” question. And then Billy got his panties in a twist over it and did the “I’m the Queen of Louisiana! I don’t need permission!” blah blah blah. He KNOWS he has no real power, and he knows that Eric knows – or at least suspects. But I have a feeling Billy is going to do everything he can to remove Eric from the picture; he totally sent Eric into the witches coven. I suspect he knows how dangerous it is, perhaps even arranged it. He was VERY adament about Eric doing it when Eric said “I’ll put Pam on it.” Again, got his panties all in a twist. “YOU will go.” Yeah, he’s totally setting Eric up. Because there is no one more dangerous to him and his well being and standing with the AVL, Sookie, the community, etc., than Eric Northman.


    • #28 by Kat on July 1, 2011 - 1:50 am

      I welcome your babbling and like your comments…

      That has to be the reason, not just because he wasn’t killing people because we know many vampires don’t kill their meals.
      He seemed to have more fun than Lorena as we all know.

      Yeah, I definitely make that clear in the next article. Spies have to not question authority too much and do as their told for the “greater good.” The AVL is going to position him into government so they can control his every decision.

      HAH. yes I remember that. BIll loves “feeling” like he’s powerful as we saw in his love of controlling SOokie as well ha. He not only set Eric up on that, we see he’s going to use his amnesia as a reason to get rid of him as well. You are correct about his standing.

  10. #29 by Lidia on July 4, 2011 - 1:59 am

    I’ve just watched 2 episodes, so I want to discuss it. In season 3 I hated Bill. But now he has become the perfect villain. Whatever they show I only see the cruel and selfish vampire. And though he didn’t kill the bartender for me it does not change anything. In addition, we can say that Nan has chosen a good spy – the one who can be easily manipulated and who desires power. But in fact he doesn’t have the power. He’s just a puppet. But it was clear even before. After 3 seasons he has already demonstrated the lack of strategic thinking. And the saddest thing for me – he is an eternal betrayer. And we know that nobody will respect a traitor. Now no matter what he would do. And for Nan, and for Eric and Pam he is a traitor. And that means no one will respect him and take into account his opinion.

    As for Sookie, I’m lost in reverie. For her, he’s just broke her heart. And what does she? Ask for help? By the way, I do not understand why she should need his help. Previously, she pretty well managed with Eric. She was not afraid of him. The only point – he can enter the house without invitation. But this is not a problem. Eric showed he did not want to use force. He was seducing her, tried to explain that this is inevitable. By the way, he showed how well he knows her. And then she tries to run again? If we recall how fast she ran to save him in the final of 3 season al, this looks very strange. It is good that she saw how much Bill was suffering without it. * I say this with great sarcasm *

    It has been seen how easy Bill took that Eric does not want to sell the house to Sookie. This is clearly a trap. And we saw it. By the way, Eric has gone to witches and alone/ Why? He was not the person who underestimates an enemy. So I was surprised. I fear that Bill will try to kill so weak and vulnerable Eric. This is a time when it can be done easily. And I wonder what will prevent it.

    And one more thing. Formally, the Bill – an illegitimate king. Russell is a King of Mississippi and Louisiana. Bill knows that Russell was alive. So we need only to wait until Russell get out of the concrete and require their own.

    • #30 by Kat on July 4, 2011 - 2:16 am

      I agree..but I love Bill as a villain 😉

      It shouldn’t. It was clear it was a matter of convenience and more about the hunt than the kill itself with the bartender. I agree that Nan chose him for that and not because he wasn’t killing humans (she lured him in with flattery as any good recruiter would do), since we know plenty of vampires don’t kill those they feed on. I agree…..all they see him as is an easily manipulated traitor and that’s all he will ever be. He can be a temperary tool but that’s it and he’s too busy scheming and getting an unwarranted “big head” to realize it. He’s obviously too rash to be a true leader as well.

      Maybe it was just a reason to see Bill because she’s conflicted with many emotions regarding him, including denial. However, I think she once again came to the realization that she doesn’t need him in her life after seeing his power games and his antics with that fang banger spy and was reminded of his lies versus who he really is.

      She’s still in denial about her love for Eric, as much as she’s in denial about the her fake relationship with Bill and his abuse despite having had real feelings in her mind.

      It was clearly a trap that Bill set and I think we saw this confirmed by Pam in a subsequent promo.

      Yes, I believe Russell’s role in Season 5 will be to take Bill’s crown away and attack the AVL.

  11. #31 by TruFan on July 4, 2011 - 5:07 am

    I think Bill is terrified of Eric because I do believe Bill really does love Eric “in his own way”. Bill tried to implant the idea early on in Sookie that any attraction she felt would be because of the blood, even though we saw obvious signs of the attraction way before then. We can see how she bought this hook, line, and sinker even now after finding out how manipulative Bill is.

    Or, to be kinder, maybe Bill doesn’t even realize that Eric is being sincere. People who are very manipulative and power hungry tend to view others as if their motivations were the same. Either way Sookie will have to come to the point of realization herself. I’m not sure she’ll every truely admit that Bill’s LOVE is not the same as hers was. At least not until that blood of his runs out. 🙂

    I’m actually looking forward to Bill this year, I think he’s better as unveiled evil. It makes him more interesting (for the show). I just hope they don’t try to tread the middle line to carefully. Sometimes you just need a villain to be a villain. They’ve set Bill up perfectly to take this role, let’s hope they run with it.

    • #32 by TruFan on July 4, 2011 - 5:08 am

      LOL, wow… obviously I meant Bill love’s Sookie, not Eric….that’s a whole other show!

  12. #33 by Gaby on July 4, 2011 - 10:07 am

    I just think that Bill is surely EVIL, specially in what is related to Sookie. First: beeing a spy for AVL, he really didn´t have to accomplish exactly what the Queen asked him to do. So, he actually hadn´t the necessity of Sookie getting beated and almost dead by the Rats. On the other hand, when Sookie went to him ( I hated her lack of dignity by doing that but on the other side it was good she found him with another woman) to beg for help in relationship with Eric, he actually didn´t show so much concern or gave a concise solution…I hope Sookie open her eyes…
    Anyway, I really like evil Bill, it´s a much interesting character as “Beeeellll” , and also Sookie, she´s much more clever minded when she´s not with Beeel, and I think Eric takes the best part of her (the other Sookie hahahah), in his own way of course.

  13. #34 by Gaby on July 4, 2011 - 11:01 am

    Well, I wrote and then I read the comments above 🙂 so I think I wrote much similar as the others.
    Speaking of the devil…well, my beloved one, Eric…I think he himself made Sookie got ungry, maybe on purpose, maybe not. Because, his first approach was more like invading her privacy and his offer was aggresive. But then he changed his tactics and Sookie lowered a bit her defences.
    That´s the difference between Ertic and Bill, Eric knows her better and doesn´t treat her like a porcelain doll, but he has to “love” humans a bit more, because Sookie is mostly human and she will respond as one more than a fairy.

  14. #35 by a_fan on July 19, 2011 - 8:48 pm

    I wonder where this picture ( “Bill takes advantage of Eric is his weakened state and recommends “The True Death” in a promo” ) is from. Could you please tell me?

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