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The Authority’s New World Order

How do I know the Authority wants to be at the head of a “New World Order?” :

1. The Authority is clearly a secretive power elite of vampires (I mean, they don’t even show their faces to most people!)

I would call a group of 5 vampires that barely meet anyone face-to-face but basically control everything a secretive and elite group. They are also not known to most humans or other supernaturals , much less known to be fronted by the public interest group, the AVL.

2. The Authority is clearly manipulating politics and probably finances using a front organizations (such as the AVL). As Bill said, vampires have hid behind several human institutions throughout history, probably for purposes of power (we know how powerful the Catholic Church was hundreds of years ago politically and otherwise).

Bill explains vampires hiding within human institutions

In this Post Mortem (that aired after episode 3x04), we learn that vampires have affected Wall Street

3. The Authority clearly idealizes their organization as the pinnacle of society’s progress. In other words, they believe vampires are the height of biological evolution/ height of creation and that their agenda is therefore the height of society/civilization itself.

The Magister constantly talks about the blood like it's a superior part of creation or evolution. He certainly thought of vampires as superior and talked of it in religious terms as if they were superior for that reason as well.

As we learned from Nan, the Authority/ the AVL contain scientists (ones that helped produce Tru-Blood). It is reasonable to assume they are focused on "advancing society."

4. The Authority uses an abundance of propaganda to achieve it’s goals inside and outside the organization.

American Vampire League Propaganda

5. The Authority clearly wants to eventually control the politics of the United States through it’s front organization: the AVL. If they control the politics of the United States, it is very possible that they will control politics on a global scale ( implementing a globalist agenda). 

Bill is obviously getting involved in human politics at the Authority's direction

6. Once The Authority achieves it’s domination of the United States and in turn The World, it’s rule seems like it will be a Totalitarian government (they will want to regulate every aspect of public and private life).

There is a strict enforcement of their aims AT ALL COSTS

The Magister was ready to regulate use of the blood (a social issue since he wants to regulate it in all cases outside of procreation) and when Eric talked about his buisness, an obviously financial aspect, the Magister seemed to think that was important to enforce as well.


So what can we expect of a “New World Order” ran by the Authority? 

We can expect that the Authority will install many vampire puppets like Bill currently is (as of episode 4×05) throughout politics once the vampire rights bill passes….all the way up to the presidency. I suspect that their influence will reach globally because of the global influence that the United States currently possesses. If vampires in power gains legitmacy in the United States, it is possible it could spread to other areas of the globe.

They will control everything from use of the blood to finaces in the United States. Vampires that oppose them could find themselves facing the true-death openly and humans could be manipulated/glamoured on a wide scale into spreading their power throughout the country and the world. Humans that try to “use” the blood for their own purposes could face the death penelty or imprisonment.

There will be a national then global “War on V use.”

The powers of the presidency will be expanded to accomidate the superior vampires and their vast wealth will fund all of it. People that oppose them will be bought off if not “taken-care-of.”

This government may even place humans into a system of open oppression gradually. Religions that openly express that vampires are superior may become more mainstream (including a possible sect of Catholicism).


My friends at True Blood Underground and Ancient Pythoness also have a similar idea/ similar theories




Why I Ship Tara and Sam (want them to be together)

UPDATE: Sam and Tara’s Song During the 3×11 Sex Scene:

I need help from you baby
Need it desperately
I need you so much
I need your care
Need all the loving baby you can spare
Help the poor
Oh, baby won’t you help poor me

Say you will
Say you’ll help me on
I can’t make it no longer
In this world alone
Baby I’m beggin’ with tears in my eyes
For your love don’t you realize
I need help
Oh baby help poor me

You are my inspiration
Baby that’s makes be a king
But if you don’t come to my rescue
I couldn’t ever be anything

Help the poor
Won’t you help poor me
Have a heart won’t you baby
Listen to my plead
Oh I lost my courage till I found you
You got what it takes baby
To pull me through
Help the poor
Oh baby won’t you help poor me

You are my inspiration
Baby that’s makes be a king
But if you don’t come to my rescue
I couldn’t ever be anything

Help the poor
Won’t you help poor me
Have a heart won’t you baby
Listen to my plead
Oh I lost my courage till I found you
You got what it takes baby
To pull me through
Help the poor
Oh baby won’t you help poor me


Ok, so I know a lot of people that don’t like Tara but I do like her. Why?  

1. She’s educated herself about life outside her tiny world of Bon Temps:

Tara reads "The Shock Doctrine," an economics book that asserts that free market policies exist in many countries because they were pushed through while the citizens were reacting to some sort of upheaval.

Tara tells Bud and Andy that she educates herself even though she doesn't go to college.

2. Despite her tough exterior, she is always a sucker for love.

3. She always tries to find a way to come out stronger after shit goes down in her life, for better or worse…even when she has ups and downs like everyone else.

4. She is the product of an alcoholic/ abusive mother and an absent father but she focused on becoming strong and self-reliant.

5. She speaks her mind.

Tara tells her mother and her friend off


So now I have established my Tara love despite her sometimes idiotic statements and moves ( and her recent omission that she attacked Eric before he attacked her), I will tell you why I feel so strongly for a Tara and Sam pairing:


1. Sam is always there for Tara.

Sam gave Tara a lot of money for her exorcism

Sam comforts Tara after her ordeal

2. “The lady doth protest too much”- Shakespeare

3. Tara and Sam have amazing chemistry in the bedroom!

4. Tara and Sam have amazing chemistry outside the bedroom and Sam obviously still carries a torch for her!

5. Tara and Sam both have a dark side yet they both have an amazing heart for the ones they love.

6. Tara and Sam seem comfortable with one another no matter what and they have the same fire/spunk yet can relax with one another as well.

Tara stays even though Sam is clearing out the bar in a drunken rage

"We're not so different..."

7. Their attraction to each other is still very thick after 4 seasons, despite both being involved with a lot of other people during that time, Sam is also a fool for love,  Sam accepts Tara for everything she is, and Tara now accepts Sam as we see in Season Four!



“Bill tries to Apologize to Sookie (Bill’s POV)”- Episode 4×05 “Me and the Devil” Recap

As some of you know, True Blood often contains different POVs (Points-of-View). I have noticed that Episode 5 has been an episode that contains Bill’s POV, even though this was our pivitol Eric and Sookie episode. It has been widely known  and was obvious that this episode contains a theme of guilt—this is something that BIll constantly tries to convince the audience that he feels so it makes sense.

Notice the Episode 5 patterns in regards to Bill:

Episode 1×05- Bill and Sookie are on the outs/ Sookie has claimed that she and Bill are no longer together and Sookie has even agreed to go on a date with Sam Merlotte, signaling some romantic interest in him. However, we are supposed to feel sorry for Bill because of his flashback with Lorena and the fact that he lives up to his promise to Gran to speak at the civil war group even though it’s probably painful to recount that as well.

Episode 2×05- Bill and Sookie are in a disagreement about her continuing to stay loyal to Eric in finding Godric but she insists upon it. It seems that Eric and Sookie’s feelings are deepening for each other as well. We are supposed to feel sorry for Bill because he was trying to protect Sookie (though we now know it was his orders too) and Sookie seems to forgive him by initiating sex at the end (though it’s often shown that’s how Bill and Sookie solve their problems).

Episode 3×05- Bill has just broken up with Sookie in an over-the-top and mean manner in the last episode and then killed an innocent stripper too. Sookie is developing feelings for Alcide as they search for Bill though. However, we’re supposed to feel sorry for Bill because he did it so Russell might forget her and he would keep up appearances in front of him… AND he is supposed to appear redeemed because he ended up escaping in order to warn Sookie.

Episode 4×05- Bill and Sookie are broken up and it seems things are continuing on the downturn and Sookie even lies to Bill to help Eric. Amnesia Eric and Sookie have fallen in love. However, were supposed to feel bad for Bill because he is over whelmed by his responsibilities and Sookie lied to him and Sookie is in love with somebody else.


This is the clear pattern in episodes under Bill’s POV: Bill and Sookie are in conflict. Sookie is developing romantic feelings for someone else.  There is something that is supposed to redeem Bill or make us feel sorry for him or both.

(if you are a Bill fan or neutral viewer, it is likely you would feel sorry for Bill after viewing one of these episodes because he is on the outs with Sookie and Sookie has feelings for someone else but Bill does something or we find something out about Bill that is supposed to make us sympathetic to him.)


( REMEMBER, THIS EPISODE IS IN BILL’S POV AND IS NOT MY PERSONAL OPINION : /. However, we know much of this is very hypocritical and is no excuse.)


Sookie, I lost my family trying to save myself (during my turning) and I often had to kill to live.

I apologize.


Sookie, I was often under the control of those such as Lorena, The Queen,  or The Authority when I killed and did bad things.

I apologize.


I would have embraced and faced anything to stay by your side.

I apologize.



Look at how scary Eric is!

Eric is just like all the other “EVIL” vampires! I am the one who showed you how different they can be!

I apologize.


This Eric isn’t real and I am the one that would never hurt you AGAIN…

I apologize.


I am sorry I lied to you but I was afraid of losing you and felt guilty.

I apologize.



I was afraid of being alone too after you showed me that I didn’t have to be scary to everyone.

I apologize.



I wanted to be peaceful as a human but I was destined to need to spill blood for power.

I apologize.


I am sorry I lied about myself but you made me too happy so I was afraid of losing you.

I apologize.




I felt like I shouldn’t burden you with all of my problems.

I apologize.


I tried to purge/ ignore my demons but it just burned me and us as a couple in the end.

I apologize.


Don’t fall for Eric because this is only temporary.

I apologize.


Remember all of the terrible things he did- YOU HATE ERIC NORTHMAN!

I apologize.



I wish I could have been independent and not been under the control of others but it was too late for that.

I apologize.


I will and would have done anything to protect you.

I apologize.


What I did to Uncle Barlett was necessary and people can live with their demons and move on.

I apologize.




Remember, that you really want me and your feelings for Eric grew with the blood. You had never wanted him that way before. I know you wanted me before even though I gave you that blood early on.
I apologize.



Remember when you forgave me and embraced me into your life again. You did that with Eric and you can’t do that with me?

I apologize. 





Sometimes, I just have to make the tough decisions and it might be hard for you or others to understand.
I apologize for all of that and what I will have to do now.








Eric/Sookie Body Language Flashback! Part Four!

As requested by my reader poll on my Facebook page and once again in honor of my most popular series to date! It’s long but enjoy! 🙂

Previous Articles: Part One; Part Two; Part Three


Episode 4×01:

Sookie, though engaged in a conversation with Bill after what feels like they just broke-up, keeps her eyes locked on Eric as soon as he shows up, signaling Eric as her main interest.

Sookie keeps her body language open to both of them by keeping her arms uncrossed but her focus on Eric is particularly revealing considering the situation she is in with Bill, a guy who seems like a recent ex-boyfriend to her. However, we also notice that Sookie’s body is pointed toward Eric as soon as he shows up!

In addition, Sookie jolts away when Bill attempts to get close before the conversation between the three of them, signaling that she does not want to get close to Bill right now in any real way.

^^More evidence of the constant starting and attraction between them. Can’t you feel the intensity in that? Sookie is also hurt by Bill as well as everyone else and yet is surprised that Eric was the only one that never gave up on her (wide eyes, parted lips, stiff facial muscles).

Eric fiddles with Sookie's robe (showing the intensity of his sexual arousal).

Of course, Sookie is closed off (crossed arms) to Eric's aggressive sexual advances at this point.

^^ However, when Eric approaches her an aggressive manner to claim ownership and continue his sexual advances, she only seems mildly scared to me (wide eyes and tight facial muscles). She gulps too and this could be considered another indication of being scared BUT her face here with the gulp is reminiscent of this face and gulp from episode 3×03 when she had no reason to be scared, he had just saved her life:

I think that although Sookie was closed off because of Eric getting a little too aggressive with his sexual advances, she also was aroused ( she doesn’t back away like she does when Bill gets closer earlier in the episode and she stares into his eyes and gulps when he exposes his fangs like she does in the 3×03 scene in which I am also convinced she was aroused!


Episode 4×02:

To many, the opening scene with them in this episode seems aggressive and resentful/hateful on Sookie’s part but I have a very different opinion based on the body language!


Eric and Sookie play a flirtacious game of chase but maintain eye-contact, indicating their continued trust and attraction through it.

^^ WoooowZA!  Sookie arches her back and thrusts her hips forward,  indicating seduction and arousal before she listens to Eric again after walking away!

Sookie blinks her eyes repeatedly, indicating actual seductiveness and attraction/ flirtation during the comment Eric calls "saucy." This shows it wasn't pure sarcasm.



Episode 4×03:

The slight wrinkle in her forehead, the parted lips and staring eyes indicate her genuine concern and sympathy for his situation before she offers to help him.

Sookie washes Eric's feet.

Touching feet is considered erotic and can be suggestive of both parties, particularly the one touching them (btw, we all know Eric could have washed his own feet). We can see the erotic attraction for Sookie clearly here and Eric of course even without his memory or any knowledge of who she is.

Symbolically, Sookie washing Eric’s feet is symbolic of his new clean path/ clean slate of his amnesia coming up as she “washes the dirt off.” It also connects to the biblical scene of Jesus washing his diciple’s feet – Eric is following a new spiritual path with Sookie/ his amnesia. Afterall, it has been shown that Eric is ironically a sacrificial Christ-figure.

Eric's half-smile after his laugh is obviously a flirtatious move but also indicates his nervousness/uncertainty in dealing with her.

Sookie's crossed arms indicate she is still closed off to the idea of "being Eric's," but the cracking in her voice when she says NO indicates she is somewhat considering it deep-down or is uncertain in reality.


Episode 4×04:

^^ Obviously Eric is being sexual and flirtatious with Sookie when he pinches/slaps her bottom BUT what else can this mean? Eric knows how to get Sookie’s attention and is already thinking of them as forming a couple. ERIC IS ALSO POSITIVE THAT HIS FULL SEXUAL DESIRES (in every way) FOR HER WILL ONE DAY BE FULFILLED! How? He senses Sookie’s mutual attraction when it comes to SEX and it’s doubtful he’d be flirtatious in this manner/ in this special way if he really thought otherwise at all, no matter how drunk he is.

Obviously this is a motherly gesture by Sookie (SHE WANTS TO TAKE CARE OF HIM) and getting close indicates her trust and comfort in him.)

AWWWWWW! Two people that gaze at each other as one or both walk away indicates that these two people are HEAD-OVER-HEELS IN LOVE  and that they do not take each other for granted at all! They want the connection to last as long as possible and the memory to stay as fresh in the mind as possible; no matter how long you’ll be apart, it’s too long for both of you.

Sookie staring at Eric's lips means she was ready to dive in right then and there.


Episode 4×05:

Eric puts his head in Sookie lap

Of course this position appeals to Sookie’s need to take care of others. This indicates Eric’s neediness at this point and the fact that he feels that only Sookie can make him happy now. However, it also shows that he is sensitive to Sookie and her emotions, is aware of his own emotions, and that he’ll do anything to make her happy- sexually or otherwise!

Eric gets Sookie to spoon him during a bedtime cuddle.

^^ This is the ultimate in sleeping intimacy and indicates the depth of their growing love. Sookie behind Eric indicates her protective and dominant position in the relationship at this point and shows that Eric (OF COURSE) is the less secure one….

…BUT…as we see below, Eric is also willing to be protective and do his share.

^^Hugging before a kiss is not only romantic, it indicates Variety and romance…that’s what Eric will bring. By rubbing her neck, he is awakening her libido and it gives the signal for a kiss. It also indicates his protectiveness.

^^ AWW! Stroking/ cupping his face and looking into his eyes before the kiss indicates that she wants nothing more than to tune out the world and “get-lost” in Eric and indicates her pure romantic feelings for him.

^^ Hugging and kissing at the same time indicates the excitement that Sookie feels in being with Eric and the excitement that she will bring to his un-dead life in return! This also indicates that Sookie has surprises of her own to bring to Eric and senses that he can keep up with her!….

….It’s going to be a very passionate ride ladies-and-gentlemen! 


Vampires in the Catholic Church and the Authority/ AVL

Ok….so I am for once really angry at myself when it comes to this blog. I was on vacation so I wasn’t able to post my theory about Antonia wanting vengeance because vampires in the Catholic Church wanted to get rid of all the witches. I also wasn’t able to post my theory that she wants all vampires to meet the sun (which Bill said in the Comic Con preview) because she was burned at the stake herself……ALL OF WHICH OF COURSE WAS JUST REVEALED of course.

HOWEVER, that luckily wasn’t the entirety of the theory…

Recall that the Magister, who we know worked for the Authority, sounded very religious even though it sounded weird ; the Magister was spouting rhetoric about using the blood only for procreation after all and it was mentioned that he had ties to the Inquisition.

I am sure that because of this, the Authority was the group of vampires responsible for the infiltration of the Catholic church and not just vampires in general. Nan was possibly involved as well (unless she’s not old enough to have been involved as the blu-ray dvd extras implied though they could have changed that implication).

The Authority is clearly interested in power and is opportunistic enough to go where ever they need to go.  Bill also professed that the vampires need to disguise themselves within human institutions such as the Catholic church.

But I will go a step further and suggest the Authority is now a religious institution because of their involvement with the Catholic church, perhaps they even believe in the teachings of the Catholic church but have interpreted it for vampires. The most zealous members of Catholicism could truly believe that sex is only for procreation (this could be interpreted as the equivalent of the magister saying that the blood is only to be used to procreation and not recreational purposes).

Ok, so let us also recall that Steve Newlin mentioned a vampire pope in Episode 2×06…

Remember, the Catholic church was the most powerful political and religious entity at the time ( a lethal combination considering that these two institutions contain the most power over people and their actions).  Of course, this would mean that the pope was the single most powerful person (or vampire as the case may be).

This is important for two reasons:

1. It makes the reality of my opinion that they want to ironically impose a strict (possibly even religious) dogma into actual human law eventually more real. A dogma I felt many vampires would oppose, possibly starting the vampire political wars.


2. The President of the United States would be the highest office they could achieve within America and some say the world (to parallel the power they achieved by having a vampire pope) so they will have the goal of putting in a vampire president one day soon.

Puppet President Bill anyone?

Makes a Puppet President like Bill even more likely (although it seems like Bill wont be on the Authority’s good side soon).  We all know the Authority needs puppets. As Nan clearly illustrates time and time again, they do not take the heat for anything themselves. A scapegoat will always be necessary!

They are involved with politics to implement their power and their religious dogma without actually ever being at risk of losing that power because they will always have a scapegoat- BRILLIANT.

This small group will soon have  rigid power over everything including humans if their plan is achieved — even other Supes and Witches.


I COULD BE  WRONG THOUGH OF COURSE. IF this is the case then we could say that the Authority has NO TRUE AGENDA OTHER THAN THEIR POWER/ DOMINATION and that they will prey on the ideals of anyone to use them as a means to that end. Bill wants to be around humans/ a purpose so they lure him into their trap and the Magister believed in vampires within the Catholic church so they prey on that ideal for his loyalty (if Eric is included then it’s because they preyed on his desire to openly do business with humans/ be himself). Also, it would explain why it appears that the ideals of the Authority/ AVL seem inconsistent; they utilize an austere Magister and the liberal humans all the same. It would also explain why they seem to have no regard for how many vampires die at their hands or what happens to anyone that refuses them in any way- even for the better.

Who cares how many vampires die at a witch’s hand if it means holding on to your power and not upsetting anyone by harming one of them?


After what he said to Portia in 4×03, why did Bill meet Portia’s family?

This posted is dedicated to my reader Missy North/ Freyja who contributed to a lot of the ideas in this theory and she is also given some of the writing credit for this article)…so make sure to thank her as well!


Many of us were asking this question: Why Bill would meet with Portia’s family if he told her that he would “never love her” in episode 4×04 and they just started having sex/ hooking up?


Obviously, it makes no sense that Bill would “call-on Portia” in these circumstances, especially so soon and after it’s clear he is not really wanting her to be his girlfriend.

There is only one real explanation…


In order to answer this question, it is necessary to consider the last time Bill went to “meet-the family,” when he ‘called-on-Sookie’ in Episode 4×02 and compare it to when Bill went to “meet-the-family” for Portia in Episode 4×03.

Bill shows up to Sookie's home to "call on her" in his Southern Sunday best.

Bill shows up to Portia's home to "call on her" in his Southern Sunday best.

Bill certainly knows how to play to his audience with clothing, doesn’t he?


Bill stays close to "his intended" and flashes a smile for the Grandmother/ Matriarch


Bill stays close to "his intended" and flashes a smile for the Grandmother/ Matriarch



In both cases, Bill contrasts the bad manners of an embarrassing male relative with his own perfect manners and charm. The Grandmother/ Matriarch is impressed- SCORE ONE FOR BILL!




He then also attempts to impresses both Grandmothers/ Matriachs with his Civil War knowledge because that meets both of their interests and he was there (Bill appeals to and relates to both of their interests), although this turns out to backfire for Bill in 4×04).



Why would these scenes so closely parallel each other unless we were meant to take a closer look at how they compare to one another?  So what would the first “meet-the-parents” scene tell us about the second “meet-the-parents” scene?

First of all, we know Bill had ulterior motives in regards to Sookie even though it appeared he was simply interested in her. Second of all, we know that Bill is not really that romantically interested in Portia, yet is meeting her family.

Bill must have had ulterior motives in order to meet Portia’s family, just as he had ulterior motives in meeting Sookie’s family especially since we definitely know he is not romantically interested in Portia. There is no other reason these scenes would have been compared side-by-side.


We know what Bill’s motives with Sookie were. What are Bill’s motives with Portia?

WELL…Bill is a politician of course!


All politicians need allies—especially rich and influential ones! The Bellefleurs can certainly be this rich and influential ally within Bon Temps! If Bill was able to have Portia at his side, a smart human lawyer who belongs to the Bellefleur family (and possibly the support of all the Bellefleurs behind him in turn), the possibilities as a politician around the area could be limitless.


So, Bill met Portia’s family for the same reason he met Sookie’s family–winning the trust of others for personal gain (both of these circumstances were under the guise of romance and for the same “thought-manipualtion” of humans he seemed so proud of while walking with Sookie after the “meet-the parents” in episode 1×02).

Parallels on True Blood happen for a reason.  

Bill does everything for a reason, usually selfish even if it doesn’t seem so on the surface.






“Family Feeling.” – Episode 4×04 “I’m Alive and On Fire” Recap (Bonus: “Eric’s love letter to Sookie)

There is no family feeling in your soul.” – Maxine Fortenberry to Sam


Despite the sexual feelings between them, Sookie has developed a motherly feeling toward Eric as well during this crisis. Eric was also absent a “family” in his mind when Sookie finds him and gives him a home—- a “Family Feeling” has developed between them (and may possibly evolve into a husband/wife feeling in the future).

Pam would fight, lie, and die for her maker because of their “Family Feeling,” even in the face of a Ruthless Bill (who once hypocritically accused Eric of ruthlessness himself).

The desperate “Family Feeling” in Hotshot causes him to be set-up for a gang-rape by the clan. Despite the “Family Feeling” in one of the younger girls driving her to her own rape of Jason, she chooses to do the right thing and release Jason.

There is no “Family Feeling” in vampire politics/ the Authority—- only rules, responsibility and punishment.

Despite their own sexual attraction, Alcide and Sookie have developed their own “Family Feeling,” which drives Alcide to help Sookie.

There is no family feeling in your soul.” 

Maxine accuses Sam of lacking a “Family Feeling,” despite being hypocritical in saying this. Supposedly, her “Family Feeling” for Tommy drives her to utilize her ‘lioness instincts ‘ to help him despite disowning Hoyt.

The “Family Feeling” amongst the witches drives them to work together as a group to help each other. Tara and Lafayette’s literal “Family Feeling” drives Tara into helping him and the group, apart from the concern about herself.

Despite claiming a “Family Feeling,” and referring to the young girl as family, Felton seems to lack any of that feeling in reality by being sexual harassing to the girl.

Tommy still possesses a “Family Feeling” despite everything. He needs that “Family Feeling” so much that once rejected by Sam and feeling nothing real for Maxine, he goes back to the mother who allowed his abuse (literally embracing her).

Sam discovers a “Family Feeling” when he uncovers Luna’s daughter going to see her.

Sookie continues to show her “Family Feeling” for Eric by saving him and wrapping him in a blanket (in a motherly manner). Eric wants Sookie to stay with him and comfort him because of that “Family Feeling.”

Alcide and Sookie possess enough of a “Family Feeling” to tell the other ‘how-it-is’ in their eyes and still lovingly embrace each other/make-up in the end.

Crystal insists that Hotshot is the only place that will ‘accept’ Jason and give him that “Family Feeling.” She even lets him go, insisting that he will come back for that reason.

Portia brings Bill to meet her family. In this case, the “Family Feeling” Bill receives is rather unfortunate for him and Portia.

Luna explains the unwanted “Family Feelings” coming from her ex-boyfriend but Sam still embraces the “Family Feelings” that come with Luna’s daughter.

Debbie plays Alcide by seeming to be understanding of his “Family Feelings” toward Sookie, through this she makes Alcide trust her more by giving him “Family Feelings” about her.

Sookie and Eric get closer through the “Family Feelings” that coincide with the sexual attraction and almost kiss.

Sookie and Bill still possess the sexual attraction with one another but the “Family Feeling” between them is dissipating.  However, the “Family Feeling” with Eric is again clearly present as she tries to do everything in her power to protect him ( if it was just about saving herself then she would make a deal with Bill, including saying she was afraid of Pam, to save her own skin rather than go out of her way to continue to protect him – SOOKIE LOVES ERIC!

Sookie runs in front of the door to protect Eric

Hoyt’s “Family Feelings” for Jason lead him to go as far as allowing Jessica to give him her blood in order to save him.

Tommy’s “Family Feelings” led him into the trap we all expected it would.


Terry’s “Family Feelings” toward Arlene and her baby are once again tested.


Pam’s “Family Feelings” for Eric led her to being disfigured by the possessed Marnie while trying to save him.


Bonus: “Eric’s love letter to Sookie” :

Dear Sookie,

I would never harm you if I had a choice.

You might have been worried about my involvement in politics but now Bill is the real political animal- a politician and a King who can never retire.

I know you love me now. You even came to look for me when I lost by dragging Alcide along  (in the same way you requested my help in saving Bill, even though I was also interested in you).

“Come play with me, it’s wonderful here (with me).”

You covered me with your love.

I don’t want you to ever leave me.

You protected me from the one you once loved, even when you could have sold me out to save yourself. You also look really worried about me Sookie!

Make me happy and you’ll be happy too. “It’s just a kiss.”