Why I Ship Tara and Sam (want them to be together)

UPDATE: Sam and Tara’s Song During the 3×11 Sex Scene:

I need help from you baby
Need it desperately
I need you so much
I need your care
Need all the loving baby you can spare
Help the poor
Oh, baby won’t you help poor me

Say you will
Say you’ll help me on
I can’t make it no longer
In this world alone
Baby I’m beggin’ with tears in my eyes
For your love don’t you realize
I need help
Oh baby help poor me

You are my inspiration
Baby that’s makes be a king
But if you don’t come to my rescue
I couldn’t ever be anything

Help the poor
Won’t you help poor me
Have a heart won’t you baby
Listen to my plead
Oh I lost my courage till I found you
You got what it takes baby
To pull me through
Help the poor
Oh baby won’t you help poor me

You are my inspiration
Baby that’s makes be a king
But if you don’t come to my rescue
I couldn’t ever be anything

Help the poor
Won’t you help poor me
Have a heart won’t you baby
Listen to my plead
Oh I lost my courage till I found you
You got what it takes baby
To pull me through
Help the poor
Oh baby won’t you help poor me


Ok, so I know a lot of people that don’t like Tara but I do like her. Why?  

1. She’s educated herself about life outside her tiny world of Bon Temps:

Tara reads "The Shock Doctrine," an economics book that asserts that free market policies exist in many countries because they were pushed through while the citizens were reacting to some sort of upheaval.

Tara tells Bud and Andy that she educates herself even though she doesn't go to college.

2. Despite her tough exterior, she is always a sucker for love.

3. She always tries to find a way to come out stronger after shit goes down in her life, for better or worse…even when she has ups and downs like everyone else.

4. She is the product of an alcoholic/ abusive mother and an absent father but she focused on becoming strong and self-reliant.

5. She speaks her mind.

Tara tells her mother and her friend off


So now I have established my Tara love despite her sometimes idiotic statements and moves ( and her recent omission that she attacked Eric before he attacked her), I will tell you why I feel so strongly for a Tara and Sam pairing:


1. Sam is always there for Tara.

Sam gave Tara a lot of money for her exorcism

Sam comforts Tara after her ordeal

2. “The lady doth protest too much”- Shakespeare

3. Tara and Sam have amazing chemistry in the bedroom!

4. Tara and Sam have amazing chemistry outside the bedroom and Sam obviously still carries a torch for her!

5. Tara and Sam both have a dark side yet they both have an amazing heart for the ones they love.

6. Tara and Sam seem comfortable with one another no matter what and they have the same fire/spunk yet can relax with one another as well.

Tara stays even though Sam is clearing out the bar in a drunken rage

"We're not so different..."

7. Their attraction to each other is still very thick after 4 seasons, despite both being involved with a lot of other people during that time, Sam is also a fool for love,  Sam accepts Tara for everything she is, and Tara now accepts Sam as we see in Season Four!


  1. #1 by Cindy on July 28, 2011 - 9:07 pm

    Hi Kat. Always glad to read your posts! While you make some very valid points about Tara, I have to respectfully throw out my opinion about Tara the main reasons I can’t stand her. LOL IMO she seems to always judge and accuse others without knowing all the facts about situations. Her racist attitudes and comments really get on my nerves, and while I know she’s been through a lot of shit, her “oh poor me” all the time is getting old really fast. As for her with Sam–yes, they do have chemistry, but to me, they just seem to be train wrecks that are always drawn to each other for comfort/sympathy because it’s a “safe place” for them both to go. But even then they always get into arguments and end up screaming at each other in the end.

    And I’ll shut up now. LOL Thanks for another great blog! 🙂

    • #2 by Kat on July 28, 2011 - 9:13 pm

      I know…your’e one of my best readers lol

      Well my main complaint about her was the fact that she seems to think her shit is worse than other people’s shit without finding out all the facts but I think it just comes along with the fact that she’s been in her own shit and outside of real interaction for a long time.
      Well they can identify with each other in my opinion which is good and bad at the same time…I speak from personal experience.
      Anyway, I think they could help each other grow for that very reason and I sense that Tara will grow as she faces the true colors of these witches and needs the vampires to help her survive.

      It’s ok, always welcome! lol

  2. #3 by Ethan on July 28, 2011 - 9:14 pm

    I love them for their chemistry, as you mentioned…Tara did get tedious with the Eggs bullshit,esp since she wasn’t even with him much outside of the trances…but I still love her character. Also you mentioned Sam always being there for her, which is most certainly the case. Even this season,after her disappearing etc, its obvs he still cares for her and wants her.

    • #4 by Kat on July 28, 2011 - 9:41 pm

      Yes, I think that’s one of my main reasons too loool.

      Yes I have to forgive Tara for the Eggs bullshit just as I forgive True Blood for the Maryann bullshit overall LOL

      I know….it breaks my heart to see the love in eyes and see her so obviously happy but still holding back for some reason.

  3. #5 by TruFan on July 29, 2011 - 6:23 am

    Before this season, as you might remember Kat, I was all for Sam and Tara getting together. In fact I think you and I were the only ones hoping that was the “surprise relationship” we got spoiled on. (Pretty sure that’s Jessica and Jason now)

    I don’t like the way Sam is unfolding this season. I wish they’d never brought Tommy or his old family on the show because it all brought out a really ugly side of a guy who has always been a real decent guy. I pretty much blocked out that whole farce where he supposedly shot someone over money. That just seemed so out of character. (Here’s a thought, did we see that scene before OR after he’d had Bill’s blood?) Tara’s no angel, but she’s always had a dark side to her so I have readily believed everything about her, except the cage fighting. (Really TB writers? Where did that idea even come from? That was just stupid!) I even bought the exploratory lesbianism. She’s had some pretty crap luck with men after all. (there is no way I believe that to be a permanent thing).

    Anyway, I’m not sure if I still want those two together. In fact, I’m not even sure I want either of them on the show any more, but I don’t make those calls, lol. Tara seems to have sort of become proxy for all the Bill Lovers out there, which is maybe why I don’t like her so much any more. But we’re not here to psychoanalyse ME, lol. Everything Tara says, everything she chooses to forget or not mention….she’s no Bill Lover, but she really hates Eric for some reason. As far as I know, Eric has never done anything to her at all!

    (also, ps. Tara…a smart girl like you should know better than to attack a vampire. You should REALLY know better then to announce your presence with a snarky comment before trying to attack one!)

    And just for giggles…is there a single character on the show that has NOT actually killed somebody now? Maybe Arleen?

    • #6 by Kat on July 29, 2011 - 11:13 am

      Yes I do remember. HAHA. Yeah I think so as well.

      Well I think Sam is unfortunately a doppelganger for Bill (as some other sites on my blogroll have shown) but we have seen this season that my beloved Tara is getting absorbed in her own hatred and resentment as well.

      Well as far as I know she hates Bill too or at least it appeared she did last season. She just hates vampires after what happened to her, like how Antonia feels I guess. I guess its because of what he did to Lafayette but Lafayette was selling V and stuff…so….

      Did Lafayette kill someone? As far as I know he did some serious beatings.I mean i know Eddie was indirect.
      We don’t know about Jesus yet lol

      Arlene! its only a matter of time.lol.

      • #7 by TruFan on July 29, 2011 - 2:06 pm

        Well we know Jesus killed that goat…maybe it was a shapeshifter, lol!

  4. #8 by znb on July 29, 2011 - 8:20 am

    Kat u know im not much of a tara fan,but I did at one point in TB history want sam and tara together,but I have to say…i think its too much negativity and anger in a couple if they do get together…i think they both need to resolve a LOT of shit before they can consider actually being more than a one night stand to each other.,sam with all his latent anger and resentment which bubbles out every now and then,and tara with all her in your face anger that she pretty much directs at everyone and anyone with out actually ever thinking things through. My main issue with Tara is her reluctance at hearing other peoples side of the story and her constant “my problems are bigger and much worse thn urs” attitude.
    oh and i know im in a minority here,but i LOVE sam…didnt like his whole out of control story line last season but i guess that was a way to show us theres more to him thn mr.nice guy.
    i did like tara in s1 though,she was a great friend to sook,loved when she gave jason hell for lashing out at sookie when gran died. and one of my fave TB scenes is a tara scene…kicking bill compton outta that truck 😀
    so in conclusion,i wouldnt mind a tara sam pairing,but maybe after these two have worked out their own lives individually first 🙂

    • #9 by Kat on July 29, 2011 - 12:12 pm

      Yes, that’s ok…..I think they can work through that together though because they both understand it. Maybe that’s not the case though.

      Well we did see how their connection can flip at any second to their anger.

      I love Sam too though obviously lol
      yes I felt the same way but we all know Sam isnt perfect and shouldnt be shown as such. his power will be moving past that side of him.

      Haaaa I actually think Tara is team Alcide though, : /

      I think its ultimately an end of the show pairing for better or worse 🙂

  5. #10 by Anette on July 29, 2011 - 1:32 pm

    well, I can’t stand Tara, sorry, but I just don’t buy her shit. Hope she will back wherever she was, and will fight in cage (good place for ger, there is no much time for thinking, just to pushing a buttom and fists conversation) and HBO will give her her own show – drama about girl in cage 😉 And for sure, I will not be a fan of that show.
    Sam, well, I really liked him in 1 and 2 season, but later something happend to him, from decent guy, trustfull and good friend he become an egoist with rage problem.
    I’m not sure if they being together is a good idea, both hava a full bagage of unsolved troubles and both are so damn sure about they did a right thing and that they are those good ones. Yee, lets say sometimes it is true, but not always for God sakes!
    what makes me don’t like them is they attitude to anger problem, they jump to stiupid conclusions, scream, bite and… never apologise for that, always have self-surenes explanation, a little bit Compton’s attitude, everyone are guilty, but not them. I know they both survive some serious shit, but who has a simple and easy life after all?
    Look at Laffy and Tara, simmilar background, both made some seriously bad decisions in their life, but Laffy is learning, evolving, he didn’t let his past to create his present and future. He is all shinny and sparkling, but he is most reasonable man on that show! From the people at least. (at now I just try to forget about Jesus, who in my opinion is a trouble maker for Laffy).
    In fact I’m worried that Sam and Tara together will just make the trouble deeper, cause in none of them I don’t see willing to unsolve it. They both have a dark side, but in my opinion – they adore their dark side, hide it but not because they are ashame of that, but they don’t want to deal with that at the moment, but if truble shows, they react as a full dark side characters.
    And I found them both racist. Sam from the begining as anty-vamp team. Even at the books, he always prefer to see Sookie with some nice shifter (like himselfe) but never a vamp. Tara hates vamps, not only because of Franklin or Eric keep Laffy, but because he hates thet as a race. If I would be attaced by a black man, I would hate that son of a bitch, but not all black men I ever meet on my path! And if Laffy could embrace his understanding and forgiving for Eric, and he was a victim for God sakes, why she hates Eric so much? He wasn’t like Franklin, he has a reason – V – vampire law was on his side, and in fact – it could end much worse for Latty, but he and Eric become some kind od friendly dudes, don’t they?
    Tara and Sam both let they past create a present and future and both need a serious treatment, psychoterapy, working out their fears and issues. relationship beteewn them at that moment will not be a solution, maybe even will be a bad thing for both of them. They are not ready for relationship. Maybe if they meet some good guys, who will risk to try cure their wounds…
    But this is like always only my point of view…

    • #11 by Kat on July 29, 2011 - 2:38 pm

      LMAO! haaaa I know a lot of people don’t! But I was going to write it anyway lol

      I think we’re simply being shown that everyone is capable of evil and darkness to some degree. It’s simply your reasons for behaving in that way.
      It’s true that they could be catalysts for making the other worse but maybe they could actually work through that together (they understand) and we saw that Tara laughed and smiled while seeing Sam on his rage.

      Yes, I think that the theme on this show is prejudice though. Everyone on this show has a prejudice EXCEPT SOOKIE (that’s why she’s our heroine)!
      Even vampires have prejudices (particularly against weres and witches)…and every other supe.

      I agree….I just hate to see Tara’s crusade after things end badly with Naomi and Sam’s crusade after things end with Luna eventually.

  6. #12 by Jeneva Jerron on July 29, 2011 - 3:04 pm

    I totally buy Sam and Tara…for one reason and one reason only…they call each other on their shit still respect each after the things that need to be said have been said. Tara is digging herself a big hole right now and I can see why all the vitriol has been thrown her way…(I may have done some myself) but I can see the next step she needs to take to get balance in her life and she is close.

    • #13 by Kat on July 30, 2011 - 12:51 pm

      That’s one thing I like as well…it goes along with the recognition/acceptance.

      I can too because obviously she hates vampires and we know that Eric isnt all bad and not all vampires are all bad….however, I can see her anger if that shit happened to Lafayette (regardless of the reason), the stuff with Franklin, and her lover possibly being killed or attacked by Pam as we saw in the promo.

  7. #14 by chantal7399@hotmail.com on July 30, 2011 - 6:44 pm

    I have always liked Tara & Sam together. They have tons of chemistry. Even if they never get back together, I just hope they don’t have Sam puppy-doging behind Sook again.

    • #15 by Kat on July 31, 2011 - 12:52 pm

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting!
      I know…it’s infectious to watch them on the screen together.
      I was so happy when they hooked up in episode 3×11 again. I hope they do again by season 5.

      Me too.

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