“Revelations”- Episode 4×06 “I wish I was the Moon” Recap

This scene reveals that Sookie is actually self-concious around Non-Amnesia Eric through

This recap is different that the others and more like a typical recap. However, I think that each scene/interaction in this episode gave us a big REVELATION about the true feelings/thoughts/actions of many characters or revealed something hidden about the plot.


We learn that Sookie is actually self-conscious around Non-Amnesia this dialogue:

Eric- “You are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.” Sookie- “That’s because you don’t remember anything else.”

Why would Sookie be self-conscious around Non-Amnesia Eric if she wasn’t constantly trying to impress him or worried about her appearance around him? If she was going through all that it shows that she actually cared about his opinion all along.

Most importantly, it shows that Sookie isn’t skeptical  about Non-Amnesia Eric’s feelings because she’s a fairy (not revealed till much later) or “special” OR because he competes with Bill, she’s skeptical because she doesn’t think she is beautiful enough or has enough to offer him after all he’s experienced/ in comparison to his status!

Awwh! This shows that Sookie probably cared somewhat all along but was with Bill and was also self-conscious.

Sookie’s Interpretation: I don’t know what you’re saying but you ARE the master manipulator. You did and said anything to get into my pants. You were actually a danger to me at one time even though you promised to protect me.

You stuck you’re fangs into anything and I never said a thing. Looks like I am the one who has better things to do than care who you’re with or whose legs you’re between.

This scene also shows that Eric is not superficial actually as he gazes onto his progeny’s face (even a progeny he doesn’t remember) without flinching.  This shows his love for Sookie is not really based on her looks even though he definitely finds it appealing (as we see in Amnesia Eric) above.

Sure, Eric and Pam think Bill is self-loathing because he has been presented to them and the audience that way. However, they also think he is pompous and power-hungry. It sounds like a contradiction to me that Bill could be both self-loathing and pompous (to hate yourself and ostentatiously display your importance). I don’t think Bill is quite as self-loathing as he makes the audience and the other characters believe (we see him enjoying his power over humans now and in the flashbacks, in fact he only glamours to manipulate them or make them forget things).

First of all, this scene shows that Nan is aware of the personal feud between Bill and Eric. Second of all, this scene shows that Nan doesn’t care at all about Eric even after what he did for them in regards to Russell; that tells me that maybe I was on the right track about the fact that Eric really doesn’t actually like the Authority very much and may even secretly oppose them and that they don’t have a good relationship and that his “high friends” are not with the Authority.

This shows that their is probably a spirit possessing the doll and that it is mischievous and protective of Mikey for some reason. This confirms my idea that Arlene’s botched abortion spell has probably actually turned Mikey into a medium (making spirits attracted to him) and maybe even possibly a witch too; the spirits are causing Arlene’s problems and not Mikey directly.

Tommy is not conscienceless as we see in this scene and full of his own share of self-loathing and fear (which we have seen but not at this stage). When he looks at the mirror, we can see that he has gotten to a point that he has lost his identity. Taking over Sam’s identity was enjoyable because he no longer had to face his self-loathing and Sam’s power, wealth, and status in town gave him a reason to overcome his fear.

This relates to the theme of identity throughout the season (which relates to Eric’s actual loss of identity of course).

Jesus’s need of protection is commentary on Sookie’s protection of Eric (the one she loves).

The declaration by Jesus about there being more important things than pride shows that the key to the vampires winning the battle against the witches ( Maybe this shows a problem or weakness for many witches: pride.) Maybe that will be the downfall for the witches and revenge (Antonia’s motivation) is often connected to pride.

It may also parallel what Eric and Bill need to overcome: their own pride.

We learn that Tommy resents Sookie’s control over Sam and has a huge disdain for her. He also says what much of the audience was thinking about Sookie’s job at Merlotte’s. ha ha.

We learn that Debbie hasn’t changed in regards to her deception or dishonesty (not that this a surprise)…BUT…

MORE IMPORTANTLY, we learn that Alcide is just as controlling as Bill.

I think that this scene teaches us that the Authority is in fact of a religious mindset (as I had suggested) and did not just choose the Catholic church as a cover or have developed a religious mindset of superiority as a result of their involvement in the Catholic church. The hatred the Authority and vampires have for witches is not just because of their necromancy, but the religious dogma.

This scene parallels Antonia’s invasion of Eric’s mind except that Antonia’s invasion of Marnie’s body and mind was willing and Eric’s was not.

Antonia’s main magical method is mind and body control of the dead and she must need permission from the willing (as we see later Tara will be willing as she seeks revenge against vampires). She forces the vampires to want to walk out into the sun, she forces Eric to lose his memories, but she invades Antonia’s mind and body only with her permission/openess. With Pam, she plays with her mind and controls her because Pam is superficial in many ways and is controlled by her appearance and finds her confidence and power in it; she controls Pam’s confidence and power by taking away her beauty.

We learn that Jessica and Jason will not just share a sexual attraction, they will share love. They have a lot more in common that Hoyt and Jessica have in reality and Jessica isn’t immune to Jason’s charms either. The Hoyt-Jason-Jessica love triangle has begun and their already keeping secrets from Hoyt.

We also learn that Jessica actually LOVES being a vampire and would not go back to being a human. Her self-loathing is gone and she won’t repeat all of the problems of Bill, she is steadily overcoming them.

We learn that Luna’s penchant for danger, excitement, and the unknown is not completely gone (a reference to her days with her bad-boy werewolf).

It’s clear that skinwalking (though possible in certain circumstances) is dangerous/ hazardous to the skinwalkers own health/body and should not be done often (not just because its unethical).

Jason and Sookie’s relationship is obviously still very tender and loving despite their pronounced distance from each other most of the time.

It is known that Sookie has also finally  reached a form of self-acceptance.

It is shown that Amnesia Eric is defnitely not faking it.

In addition, we learn that it is possible that Sookie is the only one that has ever given Eric true romantic love (though we’re not sure since his memory is off).

He also just wants Sookie to be happy and protected even if it’s not with him (true love).

It is also emphasized that Sookie still cares about and probably loves Bill (even though its not a surprise);  Bill still cares for Sookie enough to not kill Eric (even though we know he REALLY wants to and has tried before) because she’d then hate him.

Antonia wants everyone to know it’s her and she’s back.

Everything Bill has is empty and his power-hungry nature has left him with nothing.

Eric doesn’t have to bite Sookie to make love to her (an obvious contrasts/parallel to Bill) and that he makes love more gently/with more consideration than Bill (not a surprise to Eric fans of course).

  1. #1 by TruFan on August 6, 2011 - 3:54 pm

    The theme was so glaringly obvious this week, I’m really surprised you didn’t run with it. Clearly it’s about transition and identity. Nobody is themselves in this episode. Erik, Tommy, the witch, even layfayette are all different people. Relationships are changing all over the place, eric and sookie, eric and pam, bill and sookie, well I could go on forever really, but you saw the episode, lol.

    Anyway, great recap!

    (Might come back to finish this thought, but dinner just arrived!)

    • #2 by Kat on August 6, 2011 - 4:26 pm

      Well I did include the idea of the identity in my part about tommy.
      I think everybody is themselves….their more themselves then they have ever been except the contrast in Tommy who takes on Sam’s identity.

      I saw the relationships aspect but I don’t think those relationships changed its just that we received more revelations about them and saw different side to them. That was what most striking.

      Jason and Jessica’s relationship changed but then again they barely knew each other aside from the fact that Hoyt is Jason’s best friend and Jessica is Hoyt’s girlfriend.

      I just felt what we learned from the characters was what stood out the most and identity is the season’s theme and not the singular theme of the episode.

      Ohk! Come back anytime 🙂

  2. #3 by Caroline on August 6, 2011 - 10:15 pm

    I don’t think Eric is faking it I am just wondering what you felt tipped this in the direction of definitely not.

    • #4 by Kat on August 11, 2011 - 1:01 am

      Eric is cares about himself too much to die for Bill.

  3. #5 by sunnynala on August 7, 2011 - 7:14 pm

    Sure, Eric and Pam think Bill is self-loathing because he has been presented to them and the audience that way. However, they also think he is pompous and power-hungry. It sounds like a contradiction to me that Bill could be both self-loathing and pompous (to hate yourself and ostentatiously display your importance). I don’t think Bill is quite as self-loathing as he makes the audience and the other characters believe (we see him enjoying his power over humans now and in the flashbacks, in fact he only glamours to manipulate them or make them forget things).

    I could NOT agree with you more. This is exactly the contradiction the audience has been asked to swallow about Bill, but it’s not possible. Pomposity and self-loathing are mutually exclusive. I choose pompous and self-worshipping when it comes to Bill.

    I also agree with you about Mikey. The failed magical abortion in the woods opened something up in the baby and he’s become ‘sensitive’ to the spirit world. Spirits are attracted to people who can perceive them, and this is also what Abuelo has opened up in Lala. I can’t wait until Lala meets Mavis. I’m SURE she is his ancestor, and as I said at TBU, hopefully in life she was a ‘wise woman’ perhaps practicing the native Hoodoo/root work tradition which is what Mae and Winnie, the ‘conjurers’, practiced. I hope very much that Mavis becomes Lala’s spirit guide and can teach him the ways of his ancestors. I think Lala has to tap into HIS magic by birth, not the magic of Jesus’ and Abuelo. Not that I don’t find the Santeria aspect fascinating. All of it is, really.

    As for Eric, Nan, and the Authority, I think we’re going to find Eric is quite the hero for dispatching with RE. He might even be famous in the human world because RE certainly was. Whoever took him down, AVL couldn’t possibly pass up the PR opportunity presented by a bona fide Viking Vampire God who cleverly and heroically took down the Big Bad.

    Fantastic review btw!

    • #6 by Kat on August 11, 2011 - 1:04 am

      Thank you Sunny!. I have been moving.

      There is no way he can feel bad and enjoy what he does too.

      I agree with you about Mavis.
      Of course, you know how important rituals are on TB.
      Well he had to have something already that Abuelo opened up right?

      I hope your right although I have thought all this time that the Authority in fact saw the RE situation as a way to try to get rid of him.

      Thank you!

  4. #7 by sunnynala on August 7, 2011 - 7:22 pm

    Lol, I didn’t really finish what I wanted to say about Eric and Nan. Anyway, Eric being famous for bringing down RE most certainly COULD result in ‘friends in high places’ who would protect him from those who, say, want him assassinated out of pure green-eyed jealousy. In fact, I posited in my review, ‘Connecting the Dots’, that Bill never got the death warrant at all, that TA refused it because there were no provable grounds. I believe he only enacted the execution scene, with HIMSELF cast as executioner on his FRONT LAWN FFS, to humiliate Eric and to avenge his rage and impotency at not being able to best Eric, no matter how low he sinks.

    • #8 by Kat on August 11, 2011 - 1:05 am

      It seemed like a perverted attempt at enjoying the powerless Eric.

  5. #9 by TruFan on August 8, 2011 - 11:00 am

    Sunny, it’s funny that you say you can’t wait for Lafayette (I assume that’s who you mean by Lala) to meat Mavis. The reason why is because I am waiting for Mavis and Tara to get together. They seem to have a LOT in common, not least of which is their common hatred for vampires. I think Tara and Sookie might be on opposite sides in a witchy war this season.

    • #10 by Kat on August 11, 2011 - 1:06 am

      I think a vampire will save Tara though and she will see that Antonia was simply taking advantage of her…….that will finally rid her of the bias

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