“Retribution vs. Forgiveness” : Episode 4×07 “Cold Grey Light of Dawn” Recap

For Antonia, there is no forgiveness-— only retribution for those that have wronged her…

…that means ALL humans that betray her and ALL vampires must suffer under her form of retribution

…AND Antonia will also use angry humans to seek retribution against vampires.

BUT..like Antonia, there is only retribution for those that have wronged Pam.

Jason tries to find forgiveness in himself for his growing feelings toward Jessica…

…But Jason realizes that Hoyt will only seek retribution against him if he loses Jessica to him.

Sookie’s forgiveness of Eric has driven them to a point of happiness that Sookie nor Eric wants to lose. Can Sookie still forgive Eric when he gets his memories back?

Tio Luca seeks retribution from beyond the grave against Jesus’ Grandfather as well as forgiveness for Jesus and Jesus’ Grandfather seeks retribution for the Jesus’ abandonment.

Debbie tries to forgive Alcide for his obvious feelings for another woman, Sookie.

Tara tries to convince Holly to help them seek retribution against vampires (using her own words against her)…

Andy begins receiving his own retribution for abusing vampire blood through blowing his date with Holly.

Bill tells Jessica that Marnie probably deserves her retribution as do vampires for their murderous ways (including his) but asks Jessica for forgiveness

…Jessica forgives Bill.

Luna seeks retribution against Sam for kicking her out of his trailer after they slept together.

Sam sees choking Tommy and then  kicking Tommy out as retribution for skin-walking as him and sleeping with his girlfriend. There will be no forgiveness that Tommy seeks right now.

Sookie’s forgiveness of Eric and realization of their love leads her to save his undead life.

Antonia gathers her coven of retribution, resulting in a local vampire meeting the sun and the consequences could be even more disastrous…


Obviously retribution is born out of a need for revenge rather than forgiveness and that dark desire of human nature obviously won out in this episode. I think it says a lot about Sookie and Eric’s relationship because of the fact that Alan Ball ( a Buddhist) focuses on their relationship as a bright light of forgiveness within the dark theme of retribution born out of revenge. Eric’s character is also in a bright light because he forgives Sookie for not seeing the good in him like she could have before (this is why they are currently a bright couple in Alan Ball’s eyes: forgiveness). Eric is apparently the redeemable character at this stage and not Bill. It also says a lot about Jessica’s character that she forgives Bill and sees the benefits of her position rather than still dwelling on the negative aspects now; we see her entrance into the sun as a christ-like sacrifice as a result. Every other person on the show besides Sookie, Eric, and Jessica are stuck in a place of much needed improvement in Alan Ball’s view.


  1. #1 by sam on August 13, 2011 - 5:31 pm

    “Sookie’s forgiveness of Eric has driven them to a point of happiness that Sookie nor Eric wants to lose. Can Sookie still forgive Eric when he gets his memories back?”

    Thats the million dolar question, isn’t it? I really hope that this season ends with a happy full viking, memories restored Eric and Sookie reunion. If she goes back to Bill then holyy crow, is that going to be a downer!!

    I was wondering if you could you please email me? I would like to pitch an idea to you about an analysis.

    Have you seen the following article? I am curious as to what your 2 cents is on it….http://www.ericandsookie.com/1132/is-sookie-stackhouse-a-slut/

    Thanks for the ep recap!


    • #2 by Kat on August 18, 2011 - 2:44 pm

      thank you so much.

      Forgive me I have been without internet access and can currently only use it at college.

      I think so too but it might be too much to ask for at first.

      Ohk I will send you an email!!! I love ideas/ possible contributions!

      I just looked at it for you…
      I agree. It’s absurd. I wont be calling her a slut either if she decides to sleep with Alcide or even Alcide and a certain other book character we all remember! Until she decides to start cheating on someone with more than one other person then she is no slut and I think Sookie deserves a chance to explore her feelings now.
      We never saw her sleep with Eric or Alcide when she was with Bill even though she admitted to Tara she was tempted to EVEN though we see Bill sleeping with lorena in a hate sex romp before breaking it off with her.

  2. #3 by TruFan on August 13, 2011 - 7:05 pm

    I don’t for a minute believe that Jessica is going to die…at least not yet. There’s too much that needs to happen in her love triangle. This scene would have been more effective and scary if it took place AFTER that had been resolved. Just had to get that out of my system! (Also, am I the only one that laughed when that housewife vamp was on fire. Hoyt’s mom was standing there with a hose in her hand…personally, MY instinct would have been to turn the hose on her, but that doesn’t even seem to occur to her. Anyway… )

    I think what will happen with Sookie and Eric is that Sookie will begin to realize that a lot of the things she THINKS she has to forgive Eric for were not as she thought. Like him “fang raping” her. We know that he had to do that to save Sookie’s life. I think she’ll realize this too. She already seems to be noticing things about the past that she didn’t before, so I take that as a good sign. It won’t be a matter of forgiveness in the end, but a matter of perspective. Just my 2 cents!

    • #4 by Kat on August 18, 2011 - 2:49 pm

      hell no and ofc she didn’t 🙂

      I agree about the placement of the scene but I liked how it brough Jason into an important place in her life.
      yeah that was important that Hoyts mom’s hatred is so deep she lets her burn.

      I dont understand why Sookie just didnt see it like that.

      thanks for stopping by as always!

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