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Upcoming Best and Worst of Season 4 Series

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I will do a series that lists Talktrueblood’s Best and Worst of Season 4. Various catergories will be voted on by my readers (PLEASE PARTICIPATE) and I will also give my own opinion along with the results later on.

Eventually I will recap the final episodes, as painful as that may be.


P.S- I will also be doing a body language analysis of the couch scene eventually UGH.


Why I Hated the Season 4 Finale of True Blood

**My level of  distaste for each of these aspects of the finale is rated on a scale of 1-5**


(2.5)  Unemotional visits from the ghosts of loved ones:

I understand that Alan Ball was inserting his Buddhist viewpoint that “”Life is suffering and happiness is temporary,” so death is joyful compared to being tied to the harsh world. However how many viewers do you think are going to understand it or appreciate it even if they do? The souls of the dead seemed to be nothing but zombies to be manipulated by the living when need be. In addition, it felt as if they were high on drugs (smiling/joking the whole time or basically expressionless while they talked to their supposed love ones that they are now permanently separated from). To some audience members it seemed silly and to people like me it seemed to be such a waste of potentially emotional material.

BTW, why do there appear to be souls / individuals if Alan Ball is imparting a Buddhist viewpoint (  the Buddha  did not believe in a self, a soul, or an Atman as Hindus call it); but I guess I can maybe give him a pass on that since some Buddhists try to philosophize that the concept of a soul is possible in Buddhism?


(2) Alcide makes his case to Sookie and she entertains the thought of choosing him

Ok, so I am a little mad about this scene but not completely since I was expecting it and know that Alcide was going to make a play for her after breaking things off with Debbie. Also, he isn’t Bill but that’s not saying very much. However, I still thought the scene made little sense.

First of all, Alcide barely knows Sookie and has just broken up with a lover he’s had in his life since childhood (no matter any of the bad things that have happened between them) and might-I-add was having a hard time getting over last season.  Second of all, it made no sense that Sookie seems to be entertaining him as a prospect since she’s so head-over-heels for two vampires at once that she cannot bear to choose between them.  I know he’s hot and all and she’s got a pull being a fairy and all but C’MON this makes no sense that they are on each other’s minds RIGHT NOW if she’s really that broken up about Bill and Eric (two vampires she dated and was intimate with) and he just ended things on a bad note once again with a woman he’s known since childhood. She doesn’t tell Alcide that his words have resonated with her a little but you can see it written all over her face as he walks away.

Also, how are Alcide fans even going to be satisfied with this scene for the reasons I specified above?


(3) Sookie screams for “Bill”after the stake is ignited and doesn’t say Eric at first.

I don’t understand why Sookie seems to constantly be more concerned about Bill. She supposedly loves them both equally but constantly seems to be more concerned about Bill (case-in-point: Sookie zapped Eric in order to save Bill without thinking about what it would do to him even though she did have many examples of it not actually killing anyone- so I am mixed about that scene).  She summons her hands after calling out to Bill. Of course, the average audience member would think “Oh she loves Bill more,” even if that’s not really the case.


(1) Rene/Drew  is suddenly a “good-guy” attempting to give Arlene helpful advice.

I wasn’t really angry about this of course but it was another annoyance that made no sense. I guess Rene/Drew was a murdering sociopath with a capacity to love Arlene enough to warn her about Terry’s past from the afterlife? In fact Rene was the only one who seemed to get emotional and caring at all. WHAT?


(5 -really 10 it sent me into a rage) The entire couch/ double-break-up scene!

WTF? Really, I don’t even know where to begin about this scene. Sookie is getting aroused from her double feeding and Eric as Bill are wearing matching pajamas (I guess in a way symbolizing their new-found sense of being connected and acceptance of their equal role in Sookie’s eyes and Sookie’s realization of their equal place in her eyes *VOMIT*).

Then, we have Sookie FORGIVING BILL COMPLETELY (despite it only being two weeks in her mind and Bill never asking for forgiveness or apologizing himself) AND THEN ASKING BILL FOR FORGIVENESS (for what I have no idea) as they give each other a tender stare-down!

Then we have Sookie attempting to tell Eric (after he reminds her that BILL HAD HIS CHANCE) that everyone’s misdeeds are equal so it’s all-cool for them to move on. In what universe are Bill’s misdeeds and wealth of lies equal to Eric’s and Sookie’s???  In what universe does Bill deserve to be forgiven yet you bring up what Eric did and don’t explicitly say you forgive him completely too???

In addition, we have Eric acting COMPLETELY OUT-OF-CHARACTER (like some 15 year old) as he says things like: “Bill’s cool with it” and begs for Sookie’s attention. REALLY??? All the while, Bill is there to witness the pathetic spectacle and act like the mature one standing aside, giving Sookie space, and “allowing” her to be with Eric.

We have Sookie proceeding to HUMILIATE both of them by making her love case for each of them in front of the other before leaving them both in the dust. I’ll never defend Bill but she even TELLS ERIC SHE WANTED HIM ALL ALONG IN FRONT OF BILL (of course I always knew that but what are you doing Sookie?).  How is this suppose to be fufilling for either Eric or Bill fans or even Alcide fans? HOW?

There are no words to describe what a total FAIL this scene was! If I didn’t honestly believe that Bill was a terrible individual and had witnessed him attempting to kill Eric on multiple occasions, I would be rooting for Eric and Bill as a couple at this point over her with either of them!


(1.5) Predictable cliffhangers that were not a total tribute to the books

Thank you Alan Ball for the most predictable cliffhangers ever (they were predictable to anyone but the most typical and un-involved of fans)! You know, I would be fine with the Sookie killing Debbie thing (a sort-of kind-of book nod) if you had had Eric rescue her like in the books since it would be showing the books some respect for once…it would have at least made up a little bit for earlier.


(3) Tara gets killed off

I know I am in the minority when it comes to my love of Tara, but I was deeply saddened by this. Of course, it’s a supernatural show so they could bring her back somehow but it was a head-wound and I dont see how she can be turned in such a state. We could have Lafayette bring her back but what are the consequences of that? Plus, she has a head wound so what does that mean for her resurrected body? Maybe a vampire could heal her, but it looks as if she’s already gone. Only time can tell but if it turns out she’s really dead, I am going to be SAD AND MAD THEY KILLED HER OFF BEFORE ARLENE. I heard Rutina may have said something about Season 5 but where exactly are they going with this. If Bill heals her, I might just shit a brick…assuming I can watch next season without pulling my hairs out one-by-one!

I mainly see Tara coming back as some sort of ghost next season aiding Lafayette the medium. How lame would that be?




Season Finale Predictions 4×12

Spoilers below of course!


Episode #48 – 4.12: ‘And When I Die’ – Season Finale. – It’s Samhain, Wicca’s greatest holy day, and spirits of the dead surface in Bon Temps, giving Sookie some valuable allies to combat Marnie’s newest incarnation. Lafayette’s latest medium encounter imperils his relationship with Jesus; Jason finds confession good for the soul, but not the body; Alcide makes a heartfelt appeal to the woman he loves; Terry receives an unexpected visitor at Merlotte’s; Sam and Luna envision a storybook ending, for once; Nan wears out her welcome with Bill and Eric. As Season Four comes to a shattering conclusion, Debbie confronts Sookie and Tara with deadly consequences, and the denizens of Bon Temps brace for a new crisis with a familiar face.

Never before has a True Blood season finale been so hard to figure out even by the worst spoiler sluts such as myself. But here I will attempt to dissect anything I have dug up and come up with an idea of how most of the episode might play out and include some good ol’ fashioned guessing:

(you may already know some of this or it’s obvious but bear with me, I take some guesses too so you might not have already thought of all of this or know it)


(most screen-caps courtesy of thank you!)

OK, so obviously we left off with Lafayette possessed by Marnie and Jesus feeling guilty about her death despite the fact it was necessary. Lafayette is still possessed by Marnie and Jesus finds out the hard way:


Sookie, thinking things have been taken care of with Marnie and finding out she wasn’t fired somehow, goes back to work. Alcide comes (as we saw in a episode clip) to tell her what happened with Debbie and convince her that it would be the best for both of them if they got together (just as Sookie said earlier. SO romantic I know HAHA). However, Sookie is too wrapped up in Bill and Eric right now and recognizes Alcide’s come-on as a desperate need for companionship no matter what was between them before (cause you know- every girl LOVES desperation and they just had SO much chemistry before LOL):


Meanwhile (as we saw in the other clip), Sam and Maxine mourn Tommy (I am sure Maxine wouldn’t if she knew he cheated her out of several thousand dollars but I digress…):


(Sam and Luna possibly have a love-fest afterwards and try to move on but you know something else is going to pop up and I see Tommy’s ghost and/or the Micken’s ghosts returning during the ghost resurrection)

Terry is at Merlotte’s and this character shows up: [PATRICK DEVINS] 35 to 45, tough, and ruggedly attractive, he served in the military with Terry, and they share a serious history: Terry saved Patrick’s life twice. SERIES REGULAR – NEXT SEASON – 7 OUT OF 13.

It’s actor Scott Foley playing Patrick Devins:

Either Jason confesses to Hoyt and then gets beat up after having a dream about Jessica/ making love to Jessica OR he makes love to Jessica/ has a dream about Jessica and then gets beat up confessing to Hoyt (I am pretty sure Hoyt is on the fast track to an FOTS membership or at least on the fast track to revenge against them and almost certainly back to his mother I THINK):


Despite the fact that Sookie and Alcide don’t get together, V-Head Debbie shows up to Sookie’s house to kill her but is discovered by Tara first (who recognizes her from  the confrontation at Russell’s) who is potentially almost shot by Debbie first. Tara warns Sookie and Sookie kills Debbie (potentially Debbie as a wolf since we see a glow after Sookie shoots an individual or maybe Sookie’s glow hands go off- I don’t know):

"She's back."


Bill and/or Eric may help Sookie out with Debbie’s body if Tara doesn’t or isn’t there. Nan shows up to tell Bill that it’s ALL OVER for him and Eric (they have an order issued on their heads). Eric and Bill come together (once again despite everything) to get rid of Nan (not just to prevent their executions but to protect Sookie from Nan who knows about her). They take care of Nan or while they are attempting to take care of Nan and her human cronies, Lafayette possessed by Marnie shows up to exact revenge against them and gets rid of the Nan convoy in the process. Inside the possessed Lafayette, Marnie decides to burn them the way Antonia was burned and attempts to burn them in front of a helpless Sookie. However, the spirts of the dead (maybe other fairies show up too for some reason- I don’t know) such as Antonia help Sookie. Jesus may also help Lafayette break free from Marnie but ends up dying this time for it:

Somewhere in all of this, Pam has a fit in Eric’s office about his rejection of her and Ginger attempts to comfort her (unless Pam is also upset at feeling Eric’s pain later too). I still don’t think Pam is going to turn Ginger (though that would be a twist) but you can’t blame a girl for trying right?:

Out on the town for Halloween, Arlene definitely sees something (possibly some dead souls walking around):


Bill thanks Sookie for trying to help them (and/or Sookie and they say give each other a reluctant goodbye (or Bill turns her away though I don’t think this is likely) and she greives over their lost relationship/ mourns it:

(Alternative scenario- this is simply after Bill helps her with the body and before Nan shows up. Therefore, Sookie is crying outside the mansion because of the impending execution though I think it’s the former theory. I don’t think it’s the nightmare scenario that they kiss here and get back together SOME are dreaming of but I guess it’s possible.)


….If this happens, I believe Sookie will try to go to Eric as the cliffhanger or will remain single at least till next season LOL. Anyway, if the spoiler about her choosing between her vampire lovers is true, then I believe she will choose Eric after the rescue and a goodbye scene between her and Bill.


I believe that we will get a cliffhanger that shows Russell is about to return by seeing his open cement grave or some other clue but not by actually seeing Russell’s face. We will be shown that the missing Steve Newlin is either staging his own disappearance in preparation for their war or his protection OR the AVL/ Authority has him.  We could see Hoyt checking out the FOTS (as I suggested). I believe its possible that Crystal or someone will go looking for Jason and the ghosts of Sam’s past will haunt him. Lafayette may discover a dead Jesus.  If Tara knows of Debbie’s death, let’s see if she handles killing a human just as well or is suffering with guilt somehow despite the self-defense aspect.  We could also see the AVL/ the Authority’s knowledge about Sookie even if Nan is taken care of as a cliffhanger. The fairies could show up again and there could be a question about that next season if they do (we did get Andy breeding with one of them).

I see next season being about the Authority versus the FOTS versus. Russell. Each side will want to use Sookie as a weapon or a bargaining chip and drag various citizens of Bon Temps into their respective traps (by their will or against it).

That was my best shot! 🙂
Sound-off below.


This Shows that Sookie Really Loves Eric over Bill (no matter what happens)

Jason to Sookie : “When you love someone, you gotta love it all. Otherwise it ain’t love.”

Sookie to Bill: “Every time I found out something new about you, I wound up wishing I didn’t know it. “

Sookie to Eric: “Loving you, loving  at [you] all actually.Possible..”

There you go! If the writers think that you can’t really love someone without loving it all or are at least introducing that idea on True Blood…then based on these quotes, it seems to me that Sookie is still in love with the idea of what she thought Bill was/ what he was in her mind and in her life BUT she’s really IN LOVE with Eric because she’s realized she loves it all. Eric remembered and Sookie acknowledged she still saw that side of Eric there so she still must love everything (she knew he wasn’t going to go forever without his memory).


Impulsive Compton: What’s so heroic about it?

This is dedicated to my reader ZNB who requested it:

It’s a wonder to me that one character, Bill, could be so simultaneously manipulative and impulsive.

Impulsiveness is exactly what you want in a King who makes life and death decisions, right?

(retrieved from

BUT I digress…

What I have never understood is WHY Bill’s impulsiveness is considered heroic by so many fans?

I'm not defending Uncle Bartlett, but what was so HEROIC about impulsively murdering a defenseless, wheelchair bound, ex-pedophile?

I never understood what was so great about being an obvious liability and needing to be saved yourself?

(^^However, even this is given a new perspective since I believe he already knew Sookie was a Fae somehow: I could list the multitude of hints if you’d like if you ask in the comments below and I have mentioned hints in other articles and read them in various places. At this point, he would know that he wouldn’t burst into flames automatically and never go back… like this pic below shows:

He would have gone up into his own personal Funeral Pyre and ceased to exist (either by turning into a bloody puddle or nothingness) had he not been snacking on Sookie for a while before this daytime rescue gone bad.)

You can critique Eric for having Lorena restrain Bill during the rescue but he knew Bill was much TOO IMPULSIVE for a mission as delicate as the FOTS invasion and as we saw, BIll came in ready to kill anyone and everyone at first.

Bill impulsively bites Maryann causing him to become a sick liability for Sookie...

Bill impulsively attempts to kill Lorena in front of Russell (obviously another vampire once again and a King no less).

Bill impulsively has hate sex with Lorena (effectively cheating on Sookie).

Bill impulsively and selfishly goes to see his human wife, therefore putting her in the mortal danger he was warned about.

I never understood what was heroic about Bill impulsively challenging vampires he has no chance of defeating (it takes him out of the equation as well as makes him a liability and in this particular scene Eric does the wise thing and puts on an act to protect Sookie).

I also never understood why this scene was so HEROIC since Bill impulsively led Russell straight to Sookie in a trap and blew his own cover (knowing he could not physically defeat Russell).

Bill impulsively tries to release Jessica (a baby-vamp he did not train and hardly raised at this point) out on her own until he realizes he can use her as an ally for things such as fighting the Weres in Season Three.

Bill impulsively goes to "rescue" Sookie, leading her into Russell's trap once again and not considering the bigger picture that Pam attempted to remind him of.

Bill impulsively tries to kill Eric and Pam in order to cover-up his secrets and get rid of the competition.

You could be like "WOW, Bill saved Eric and showed some restraint for the greater good here." OR you could be like, "Bill was really stupid to impulsively ask for Eric's execution and only realize it was stupid mid-execution!"

^^ Bill always has to look good on the surface no matter what (we see that in his constant “rescues” of Sookie that are obviously not going to be successful and if there are, put her in more danger than before unless it involves feeding her blood) and by not executing Eric he continues to look good on the surface. In fact, he probably looks even better threatening to kill Eric and not doing it in the end had he never threatened to kill Eric at all (we could speculate this was another plot by Bill to ironically gain Sookie’s favor again some more).

Eric has been anything but impulsive and has shown his ability for restraint while also having the capacity to do the greater good without needing the glory that comes with being a “hero” on the surface. We could say what Eric did to Russell’s boyfriend Talbot was impulsive to but it was NOT IMPULSIVE, it was something Eric had planned to do for a thousand years no less and something he had been planning for a while since he realized the opportunity had come to take vengeance.

 Sure, I think Bill is smart but he doesn’t have the RESTRAINT as well as the ability to be a Hero without the personal gain (such as what Jason tells Andy a real hero is at the end of Season Two).

For example, I could see Eric calling for help from a day-walker such as Alcide if Sookie was in danger during the day instead of impulsively running out into the sun.  He knows Bill will be a liability so he tries to make sure he stays behind.  I could see Eric simply attempting to kill Maryann rather than bite her and when Sam asks him to help, he attempts to get information from the Queen before taking action (something Bill only thinks to do afterwards). Eric is smart enough to not try to kill vampires in front of other vampires or openly challenge a vampire he cannot defeat physically on his own. Also, he knows when to put on an act versus leading those like Sookie he wants to protect into a trap just to look good on the surface.

Most importantly, I don’t see Eric impulsively killing just in an attempt to cover up some lies instead of coming clean.

Who would not just make a better boyfriend/ protector, but a better King? OBVIOUSLY Eric!

Prince Eric to King Eric 3x05