Impulsive Compton: What’s so heroic about it?

This is dedicated to my reader ZNB who requested it:

It’s a wonder to me that one character, Bill, could be so simultaneously manipulative and impulsive.

Impulsiveness is exactly what you want in a King who makes life and death decisions, right?

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BUT I digress…

What I have never understood is WHY Bill’s impulsiveness is considered heroic by so many fans?

I'm not defending Uncle Bartlett, but what was so HEROIC about impulsively murdering a defenseless, wheelchair bound, ex-pedophile?

I never understood what was so great about being an obvious liability and needing to be saved yourself?

(^^However, even this is given a new perspective since I believe he already knew Sookie was a Fae somehow: I could list the multitude of hints if you’d like if you ask in the comments below and I have mentioned hints in other articles and read them in various places. At this point, he would know that he wouldn’t burst into flames automatically and never go back… like this pic below shows:

He would have gone up into his own personal Funeral Pyre and ceased to exist (either by turning into a bloody puddle or nothingness) had he not been snacking on Sookie for a while before this daytime rescue gone bad.)

You can critique Eric for having Lorena restrain Bill during the rescue but he knew Bill was much TOO IMPULSIVE for a mission as delicate as the FOTS invasion and as we saw, BIll came in ready to kill anyone and everyone at first.

Bill impulsively bites Maryann causing him to become a sick liability for Sookie...

Bill impulsively attempts to kill Lorena in front of Russell (obviously another vampire once again and a King no less).

Bill impulsively has hate sex with Lorena (effectively cheating on Sookie).

Bill impulsively and selfishly goes to see his human wife, therefore putting her in the mortal danger he was warned about.

I never understood what was heroic about Bill impulsively challenging vampires he has no chance of defeating (it takes him out of the equation as well as makes him a liability and in this particular scene Eric does the wise thing and puts on an act to protect Sookie).

I also never understood why this scene was so HEROIC since Bill impulsively led Russell straight to Sookie in a trap and blew his own cover (knowing he could not physically defeat Russell).

Bill impulsively tries to release Jessica (a baby-vamp he did not train and hardly raised at this point) out on her own until he realizes he can use her as an ally for things such as fighting the Weres in Season Three.

Bill impulsively goes to "rescue" Sookie, leading her into Russell's trap once again and not considering the bigger picture that Pam attempted to remind him of.

Bill impulsively tries to kill Eric and Pam in order to cover-up his secrets and get rid of the competition.

You could be like "WOW, Bill saved Eric and showed some restraint for the greater good here." OR you could be like, "Bill was really stupid to impulsively ask for Eric's execution and only realize it was stupid mid-execution!"

^^ Bill always has to look good on the surface no matter what (we see that in his constant “rescues” of Sookie that are obviously not going to be successful and if there are, put her in more danger than before unless it involves feeding her blood) and by not executing Eric he continues to look good on the surface. In fact, he probably looks even better threatening to kill Eric and not doing it in the end had he never threatened to kill Eric at all (we could speculate this was another plot by Bill to ironically gain Sookie’s favor again some more).

Eric has been anything but impulsive and has shown his ability for restraint while also having the capacity to do the greater good without needing the glory that comes with being a “hero” on the surface. We could say what Eric did to Russell’s boyfriend Talbot was impulsive to but it was NOT IMPULSIVE, it was something Eric had planned to do for a thousand years no less and something he had been planning for a while since he realized the opportunity had come to take vengeance.

 Sure, I think Bill is smart but he doesn’t have the RESTRAINT as well as the ability to be a Hero without the personal gain (such as what Jason tells Andy a real hero is at the end of Season Two).

For example, I could see Eric calling for help from a day-walker such as Alcide if Sookie was in danger during the day instead of impulsively running out into the sun.  He knows Bill will be a liability so he tries to make sure he stays behind.  I could see Eric simply attempting to kill Maryann rather than bite her and when Sam asks him to help, he attempts to get information from the Queen before taking action (something Bill only thinks to do afterwards). Eric is smart enough to not try to kill vampires in front of other vampires or openly challenge a vampire he cannot defeat physically on his own. Also, he knows when to put on an act versus leading those like Sookie he wants to protect into a trap just to look good on the surface.

Most importantly, I don’t see Eric impulsively killing just in an attempt to cover up some lies instead of coming clean.

Who would not just make a better boyfriend/ protector, but a better King? OBVIOUSLY Eric!

Prince Eric to King Eric 3x05


  1. #1 by znb on September 4, 2011 - 3:02 pm

    oh wow,i was waiting for this one Kat! love it! i love how u just put everything there in order and neatly show us the facts with out any biased embellishments or anything..TB can sometimes be like a murky swamp where u have to search for things(and sometimes not even find the things u know should be there),but ur articles are like a clear pond where u can see each and every pebble at the bottom!
    ” ^^ Bill always has to look good on the surface no matter what (we see that in his constant “rescues” of Sookie that are obviously not going to be successful and if there are, put her in more danger than before unless it involves feeding her blood) ”
    exactly….to him its more important to come out LOOKING like the hero thn actually being one and doing the smart thing. His serious impulse control and the lack of a thought process before doing anything seriously bothers me.He’s no better thn an impulsive teen!a man like this in charge of anything is like a ticking time bomb….
    “Eric has been anything but impulsive and has shown his ability for restraint while also having the capacity to do the greater good without needing the glory that comes with being a “hero” on the surface.”
    this to me is one of the biggest differences between bill and eric as “hero” material….it always stood out to me that eric sent alcide to help sookie cuz i KNOW bill would NEVER have sent anyone else to help her because he wants her to see him and only him a her hero and savior,and not to be able to depend on anyone else in any way.
    “Most importantly, I don’t see Eric impulsively killing just in an attempt to cover up some lies instead of coming clean.”
    A-FREAKING-MEN. no more needs to be said.
    thanks for this one Kat! really really enjoyed it!brilliant as always.

    • #2 by Kat on September 4, 2011 - 3:49 pm

      Awwwh thank you! I am glad I didn’t disappoint you.

      I do this because I want to show that it’s logical to like Eric and logical to dislike Bill and that the argument is not purely based on emotion by Eric fans and that the opinion of Bill fans is purely based on emotion.

      See Sookie is fooled by her surface heroics for some reason as most people are I guess. Obviously until he realized he needed to keep looking for Sookie, he took advantage of his power when it came to killing Eric again.

      See I wanted to do an article about how the Buddha’s teachings relate to the characters (obviously because Alan Ball is a Buddhist). To the Buddha, there is probably no greater virtue than restraint (which Bill obviously has none).

      EXACTLY about Alcide! Also, Bill would never call someone that could actually help Sookie in a daytime rescue, as I suggested Eric would, because he wants to be the one to do it even if he fails.

      Im glad you liked that last line. I think that’s the icing on the cake for our logical love of Eric discussion.

  2. #3 by Tabi Thompson on September 4, 2011 - 3:19 pm

    Love this article! Bill acts so immaturely throughout all of TB while Eric thinks things through before he acts. I think the only reason Nan wanted Bill in a position like King was so she would have control over him. I don’t know how old Nan is, but I’m going to bet that she’s younger than Eric. I can’t wait until this show finally shows Bill for what he truly is: a lying, cheating, manipulative, impulsive asshole that generally puts the greater good of himself before anyone else, even (if not especially) Sookie.

    • #4 by Kat on September 4, 2011 - 3:54 pm

      Thank you so much Tabi.

      I think so too and also she doesn’t want leaders….Nan wants spies and servants to do the Authority’s bidding through the political arena (that’s in that second article on the Authority I did).
      I bet so too ha.

      I think the show has shown that but I can’t wait until it spells it out for viewers that are slow on the up-take.

  3. #5 by AMS on September 4, 2011 - 3:28 pm

    This expresses how I feel about Bill. Bill is not a hero. Eric is. And if you look at the two characters deeper than what is presented on the surface, I think most people would see that. It doesn’t take any deep analysis.

    Bill is a pretty painting that actually is just a counterfeit. He’s all talk and no walk, or whatever other cliches you can think of.

    The only times Bill has ever successfully saved Sookie, he got something out of it afterwards. Case in point, the Rattray beating. He got to dose her with a huge amount of blood. That combined with Gran’s death is the only reason Sookie slept with Bill so soon.

    Their very relationship started based on violence, blood, and death (Gran’s). And this is supposedly the hero, Bill Compton? I’m not buying it and I don’t think anyone should be.

    Sookie may have a hard time pulling him out by the roots, but one day Sookie will see Bill for what he is. And the only way Bill will EVER be a true hero, or depicted as one by the show, is if he does commits to a true heroic act, and dies in the process.

    I’m not saying this because I hate Bill, but rather because I see this as the only way he can truly become the heroic figure he has always desired to be, but never has been. A truly selfless act, one in which he gets nothing out of it and his motivations are pure. And this, IMO, will only be achieved if he actually dies in the process. If his motivations are no longer in question, like they ALWAYS are . He never does something for nothing. And until that day comes, he will never be a hero.

    • #6 by Kat on September 4, 2011 - 4:03 pm

      Most people don’t even want to look an inch below the surface though. Most people that I speak to about this concept say: “well that’s not what I have been shown and it’s just speculation to suggest otherwise.”
      Well no not really, if I just lay out the surface facts logically like this it’s clear to see that the logical choice is Eric and Bill is a choice based purely on emotion (though I am sure some choose Eric based purely on emotion). However, the evidence laid out in this way is really indisputable unless it’s ignored or twisted.

      Bill is fake and he’s whatever he needs to be and never himself (I don’t think we even know the real Bill). We always notice this when he’s the southern gentlemen around Sookie/ humans but always some badass in leather with the other vampires (his voice and his mannerisms even change in these personas).
      Bill changing his voice to Eric’s voice after trying to bury him way was really the ultimate indication of this too and was plain for all to see.

      I agree with the only way Bill can be a hero but MAYBE he could by removing himself from Sookie’s life and truly changing and never asking or wanting anything in return ever again (including Sookie’s blood or attentions) EVEN Sookie’s friendship or allegiance.

      I love your words! please come back.

    • #7 by osterby on September 4, 2011 - 6:07 pm

      “The only times Bill has ever successfully saved Sookie, he got something out of it afterwards. Case in point, the Rattray beating. He got to dose her with a huge amount of blood. That combined with Gran’s death is the only reason Sookie slept with Bill so soon. ”
      Sookie wouldn’t have needed to be saved at all if not for the machinations of Mr William T Compton. Sookie was set up! Bill, like a spider, set a web, lured his prey, and attached using the Rattrays, then proceeded to kill and eat his drones to make himself appear a hero. With any luck the glamourous fog covering Sam’s eyes will lift and he will recall what he saw….

      • #8 by Kat on September 5, 2011 - 4:39 am

        I agree. She was grieving and could hardly control herself before that.

        If Bill had not gone there to bring her to the queen, she never would have been in trouble and if she met Eric or some other vampire along the way, I sure they would have looked out for her much better than him (a vampire that had ulterior motives and a web of bad connections).

  4. #9 by TruFan on September 4, 2011 - 5:00 pm

    Considering Godric’s last appearance, in the dream…and the fact that Eric was under a spell at the time, is it possible that was Bill’s doing? The reason I was thinking about that is, during my re-watch of the series, when Bill and Eric are putting the King under cement, Eric has another vision of Godric, and Bill does NOT react in the normal way. King Russell rightly points out this crazy behaviour, but Bill acts like he doesn’t even notice it. This makes me wonder about it. Maybe he took note of it, and then used it to his advantage at a later time.

    • #10 by Kat on September 4, 2011 - 6:03 pm

      Well it’s very possible that Bill could have spelled Eric to have that dream but its also possible that Antonia’s influence was to make him hate himself or think he’s evil also….so that’s a mix up.

      Well I wonder if Bill was trying to act as calm as possible about it in order to further draw Eric into his side/ influence so he could carry out his plan…it was a plan since he got the gloves from Fangtasia.

      It’s possible that he knew he could take advantage of him or influence him through a vision of Godric…in fact it’s a good theory…thanks for the mention!

      • #11 by Gaby on September 5, 2011 - 4:48 pm

        I don´t think BIll has the power to induce a dream on Eric, maybe even not Antonia. That dream of Godric was nothng more than the fight between his two natures, Godric is the wild vampiric nature, hidden in his subconcious, against the good nature in him.

  5. #12 by Tabi Thompson on September 4, 2011 - 5:00 pm

    I nearly forgot about Bill changing his voice to be Eric’s…and I have to imagine that’s what the writers want. That hasn’t been brought up at all this season, and it really needs to! Being able to change your voice is a very telling ability to have just like Eric’s flying is. Bill’s voice changing reminds me of Harry Potter where Wormtail was rat, and then in reality turned out to be the traitor of the group whereas Sirius, the dog, was the loyal one like his animagus would suggest. Bill’s voice changing ability suggests that he’s not always who he claims to be, and Eric’s flying ability immediately reminds us of Superman’s flying. Bill is the dishonest creep and Eric is the hero that tries to hide behind his other persona. As much as the Bill love has pissed me off, I have to believe that the writers are planning a big Bill reveal that makes last season’s reveal seem small…just like what CH did in the books. CH’s first reveal was that Bill was cheating on Sookie (and was enough to get her to break up with him), and her second reveal was that Bill was sent by the Queen to procure Sookie (which totally closed the door on any Bill and Sookie love in the future. I think there will be another Bill reveal in the coming episodes or next season. Personally, I think it will be that he had something to do with Gran’s death (either by watching it happen or glamoring Rene) or that he will dig up Russel as some sort of revenge plot against Eric, since I still don’t think that we will see Sookie choose Bill in the end of this season. The past 4 seasons now have done nothing but lead up, logically, to Sookie and Eric being together. Even on the surface, it’s lead up to that, but more so on the deeper level that you’re talking about.

    • #13 by Kat on September 5, 2011 - 4:46 am

      they have to! there can be no other reason.

      I haven’t seen or read much Harry Potter but that sounds interesting and very true. His voice abilties should also make us question anything said on the phone or done in someone else’s name that we did not witness.

      They have to have another reveal if they are building BIll back up like this…
      I just worry they will have some Eric reveal but it couldn’t possibly compare or relate to Sookie I don’t think (whether she sees it that way or not).

      As far as her choosing Bill: All I know is it would make no sense for her to do so because even though I think Sookie has a dependent disorder, she has Eric who never lied on a grand scale to her and Alcide who seems straightforward on the surface waiting in the wings. If she chooses BIll, I will be waiting on a reveal. Id like to say I wont watch but in reality I will probably just switch from purchasing HBO to getting the shows for free later that night or the next day.

      Well yeah, I dont see what’s the build up over 4 seasons if she goes back to Bill or goes to Alcide later on.

      Thank you and I am hoping everything you said it correct. It only seems LOGICAL lol

  6. #14 by Gaby on September 5, 2011 - 9:51 am

    hello Kat!
    your words are exactly the true…if only Allan Ball and Sookie would know that….
    I hope the words of Tabi became truth, that there´s a big reveal that will take Bill out of Sookie´s life. it´s Ok the blood may cloud her toughts but come on! how much more will she suffer or expect from Bill?? it´s common sense!! and as much as I can stand the unsenseness of this show (and love it) this is a minimum i ask. It would be more “realistic” if we had a love triangle between Eric-Sookie-Alcide, than Eric-Sookie-Bill…
    Bill can love her all that he wants and I´m not telling he canñt do it, in his ill way, but it doesn´t speak well of Sookie inteligence to love him back (blood or not blood)
    Someone made a comparison with Buffy, and I agree, I only hope the keep more on the Buffy line and not to approach too much to Twilight…

    Good for you to mention WHO is the real King 🙂

    • #15 by Kat on September 8, 2011 - 1:04 pm

      haha maybe they do deep inside lol

      Yeah I don’t get how the blood would make her put her bond with Eric on the table now!
      Yes, I agree with the live triangle thing though I find one with Alcide equally unrealistic at this point though id prefer it.
      I can’t see AB doing the first love thing forever, right? UGH

      Oh yeah and a king in his human life lol

  7. #16 by TruFan on September 6, 2011 - 1:39 am

    I’d love to see these witches cast a spell that “reveals the hidden” or a truth spell. That would certainly justify their existence in my mind. At the moment they just feel like they’re there to be there.

    • #17 by Kat on September 8, 2011 - 1:05 pm

      I agree or the dead rising may do that for us 😉

  8. #18 by Anette on September 8, 2011 - 2:22 pm

    True Death to Queen! When I look at Bill, The Queen of Liars I have fantasies about French Revolution and bowling with heads of royal family… He is so bad in being at charge, so bad as a leader, goosh, I think that even Nan regret that she crown that fool 😉

    • #19 by Kat on September 8, 2011 - 6:21 pm

      Do you think Alan Ball and the writers are being sarcastic when they say they think Bill is doing a good job?

      He handled keeping vampires safe during the witch spell alright I guess (though that one woman walked out into the sun and he didn’t secure Jessica enough and ALL THE SHERIFFS besides Eric (who was incapacitated) told their subjects to evacuate…so why didn’t he order it for the whole state?

      When QSA is deemed superior by the AVL, you’re bad!

      • #20 by Anette on September 9, 2011 - 10:14 am

        I think that IRONIC is a second name of AB, or he is antivamp in his heart, because only good job Bill made was making a vamp weeker as he push them to obey his stupid command. Maybe it is an european thing, but we had many kings and queen in our history and we know that being a royal doesn’t mean that you are a good leader, that’s why there always was a tradition of smart and intelligent adviser, sometimes more important than person who have crown on his forhead… I think
        that good royal understand that listening is sometimes the
        best thing you could do. And Bill never listen anybody exept himself, so Nan if you thought you will be next Richelieu, sorry but you will be disapointed 😉 The worst thing Bill could do was an open war with Marnie, it was one of this thing you should finish quiet and ith mart moves, not with bullshit pride and open force, unless he want to use Marnie as a cover for his own advantage…I mean – as a king he has bigger power during a war that in peace, don’t you think?

  9. #21 by Cheryl Durst on March 28, 2012 - 8:42 am

    Question: Why would anyone (or any number of people) spend so much time and energy on pointing out their opinions about a character on a television show? Why would anyone think that Bill Compton is a hero for any reason? Those of you that hate the character, Bill Compton, seem to be the only people who, in your own minds, have somehow made him out to be some sort of hero that he isn’t just so you can ridicule him and hate him. I’ve never really understood all the fuss about any of it. It’s simply a television show that provides entertainment. If any of you can be honest concerning the characters on the show, they are all impulsive – so what? All of the characters on the show are flawed just like all of us in real life. I adore all the characters on the show and find them very entertaining.

    • #22 by Kat on April 22, 2012 - 8:44 pm

      And you took the time to comment on my page and give your opinion about how we shouldn’t care about analyzing the characters too much..

      There are tons of entertainment magazines out there so there is a huge market out there for people who want to discuss shows in depth.

      Regarding Bill: It is clear that Bill is presented as a redemptive hero on the surface and so I am arguing that he should not be considered as such if you dig deeper into the show.

  10. #23 by Mary Garcia on March 28, 2012 - 5:25 pm

    I cannot even begin to post the list of reasons why this article is completely biased and just plain wrong. Bill is the one vampire on this show who has learned from his early mistakes, and evolved and grown into a smart and compassionate leader of his kind. This litany is so misguided. Why some Eric fans insist on doing this is beyond me, but there’s been years of it now, and no matter how many fans of TB and fans of Bill on TB comment and explain the obvious, there is a certain mindset that will just believe a particular fantasy and continue to feed off others who do the same. So, OK, go ahead. Thank goddess for the intelligent, talented writing staff of the series who know a hero when they write one.
    It is astounding how Bill-haters go back to S1 for most of their point-making, when the whole evolution of Bill is the real point. Eric has had a pretty easy ride on this show. His killing of Talbot was so completely unwise and unplanned and ill conceived, one cannot imagine how a 1000 yr old vampire could be so impulsive. If Bill had done it, the ranting about his impulsiveness would have been deafening – but Eric’s behavior is always excused. As King, Bill should have given Eric the true death – he was a danger to the vampires of LA. If the roles had been reversed, Eric would have staked him in a New York minute!
    Bill’s handling of the necromancer situation was the absolute best solution under the circumstances. If only Eric had been less impulsive, Antonia would not have spelled him. But of course, Eric had to attack first, not caring about the bigger picture. Bill has grown and matured enough to consider different angles, and how actions affect much more than the obvious – not Eric.

    I realize you won’t agree, so this reply is just to let you know that many fans don’t think as you do, they just don’t bother posting it, because it’s annoying and, frankly, not really important. I had some time today, and decided to bother.

    One more thing – your cartoon at top is rude and childish, and indicates that your POV is trivial.

    • #24 by Kat on April 22, 2012 - 9:00 pm

      I was missing my Bill lover hate mail 😉

      Don’t forget that Bill is the one that made Eric charge in there and confront a necromancer!
      HE WAS OBEYING BILL! He got spelled and almost killed obeying Bill and then Bill tried to take advantage of his weakened state at first.

      I provided plenty of evidence to support my argument. I guess you’re entitled to believe that Bill is a hero but it doesn’t change what I just pointed out. It doesn’t change the fact that he’s been proven irrational. I don’t need to go back to Season one to point out that he still isn’t a hero and hasn’t evolved very much. I have plenty of articles that point out evidence after Seasons One and Two and Three. BUT everything he did before last season was tarnished by the fact that he was hired to protect Sookie, even if he fell for her during it.

      Eric never really had any incentive to help her other than loving her. Eric can glamor people for information and we haven’t seen much mind reading used as a political tool on this show. He only helped her because he cared about her. Sure he might have just wanted her for alpha male reasons at first but I seriously doubt thats the motivation at this point, especially since he’s agreed to work with Bill to protect her.

      You’re using an ad hominem attack at the end to help your point. That’s not only invalid, you’re esentially being childish by calling me childish for expressing my argument.

  11. #25 by Anonymous on March 28, 2012 - 6:15 pm

    Eric is impulsive and every bit as non-heroic as Bill… Eric killed that human girl in the cemetary when faced with Marnie and her clan. How dumb was that? He was weak enough to sit on his kness as Marnie caressed his head….. He chained up Yvette and pounded her and refused to help her after all her service. He is every bit as selfish as Bill is…. the only time Eric has ever showed humanity is when trying to get into Sookie’s pants.. Bill has showed plenty of humanity… he fed from the woman in the woods and gave her money… He did help Jessica but by circumstance, like being kidnapped for example, he couldn’t be with her. Bill is NOT perfect in any way… and certainly neither is Eric. Watching the shows both Eric and Bill are bad news… but I see true love in Sookie’s eyes MORE when it comes to Bill. I truly believe Bill loves her but I am certain, by Eric’s behaviour and the way he looks at her, that he doesn’t love her, he is having a current obsession that will go away. No sure why you have so much hate for Bill when Eric has done just as horrid things as Bill has… it doesn’t make sense….

    • #26 by Kat on April 22, 2012 - 9:08 pm

      That girl was in a necromancy witch army against them. He attacked the enemy. He killed her for the same reason they killed Marnie’s accomplice later on.

      He was spelled when Marnie did that…

      Yvette was willing and Yvette was using him as much as he was using her.

      …A sick woman that may not have survived it.

      What are you talking about? Eric looks at Sookie like she’s the most precious thing in the world. Did you bother to see the love, hurt, and anger in his eyes when he was about to die and wanted nothing more than to kiss her before that happened? Anyway, it might be easier for AP to get into love scenes with someone she’s with in real life…just saying.

      You’re going by a look in the eye? What about all the deception that Bill seemed to have no genuine remorse for all during those seasons? He only got a twinge when he was close to being caught…

      Eric almost always has a pragmatic reason and Bill’s reasons are almost always entirely selfish. It’s only annoying when it comes to Bill because he’s often viewed as redemptive perfection by a lot of viewers while they demonize Eric only.

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