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Talktrueblood’s Worst of Season 4- With Poll Results

5th Worst thing about Season 4:

 Talktrueblood says: Bill orders Eric’s Execution and then get’s credit for saving his life

There were only two reasons for this scene: to remind the audience that Sookie still loves Bill and to remind the audience that Bill still loves Sookie (as if we needed that crammed down our throats and bashed into our heads until pieces of skull fell out)…ANYWAY…

BUT this spectacle actually served as a reminder to Bill fans and those that have no real loyalties, that their opinion of Bill ase a merciful, loving, and rational creature  is valid (oh yeah , it also served as a reminder that Bill and Sookie are MEANT-to-BE ***Bill lover sticks a tongue out***).

*Cough-Cough* Bill lovers: Did Bill really have to condemn Eric to death in the first place? Doesn’t seem like he REALLY NEEDED TO and now he’s a savior because he didn’t kill his victim? OOOOOHK, WHATEVER.

Poll participants say: Pam gives up Eric to Bill

I always pictured Pam, and I believe rightly so, as being loyal to the death and willing to lay down her life down for her maker. After all, she was tough enough to face the Magister like she did. I know Eric was under amnesia and all, but I don’t think Eric’s mental illness should make love like that any different. Pam as a character is not only loyal to death when it comes to Eric in-my-opinion, she LOATHES BILL and KNOWS HE TRIED TO KILL THEM BEFORE. The NOT OUT-OF-CHARACTER PAM, would sooner have met the true death by being peeled apart by a Magister than give Eric up, especially to BILL!  Pam giving up Eric to Bill was either a convenient plot device that disregarded the depth of Pam’s loyalty OR it was meant to suggest Pam is totally selfish, even when it comes to Eric (which makes no sense given her emotion toward Eric and if true, has made her a totally one-dimensional character on True Blood)….a total travesty either way.

4th Worst thing about Season 4:

Talktrueblood says:  Sookie gets shot so Bill can give her blood

Another hated convenient plot device! The only reason that this happened was so Sookie could start thinking about Bill again (like she used to anyway) and give the audience another chance to be reminded that Bill is supposedly some kind-of hero.  Apparently they ran out of ideas (although many fans with no writing experience certainly had some) and decided to speed things up a bit toward the full-blown love triangle…

Who needs a season or so for someone to get over a break-up naturally when we have Bill’s blood make her get over it in a few weeks? Oh yeah, we need a rescue to give him a reason to do it and then it’ll be ok too! COOL! …

Good news guys, we can now start the full blown love triangle (eh, square)- right now and exploit the fans for all they’re worth! DRAMA! (*rolls eyes*)

Poll participants say: Jason’s rape scene (that also goes basically unadressed)

WOW. That’s all I said about this scene when I saw it. Of course, it was hard to have much of a reaction when you were sitting next to your mom watching it.

Was it there to bring in the ratings (ew)? Was it there to make fun of Jason for taking sexual advantage of women? Was it there for the audience to get worked up about a storyline that wasn’t addressed again for the rest of the season, at all?

Nobody knows, all we know is this scene was pointless and awkward. Shame is, they could have done so much with Jason being raped. We could have seen  a Jason changed by his experience and unwilling to have sex without a trusting, commited relationship that makes him feel safe and a Jason regretful about the past. However, all we got was a Jason ready to hop right on the Jessica train (which belonged to his buddy Hoyt no less) right away with no anxiety other than resisting the guilt it would cause him in regards to Hoyt. I know he had her blood and all, but wouldn’t some of his traumas outweigh that at all? It seems like they would at least a little, especially since we’ve come to figure out Jason is a big softie deep down.
3rd Worst thing about Season 4:

Talktrueblood says: Sookie’s threesome dream about Bill and Eric

The entire time I watched this scene, except for the beginning with Eric, I was thinking about throwing up the food I just ate. We all knew this was coming if we watched the spoilers, but it didn’t make it any less painful.

I know it’s a dream world and Sookie is coming into her sexuality (I thought she was already there after she jumped Bill bones immediately following her near-death at his hands), but this dream makes no sense in any way. Besides the improbability of Bill and Eric sharing her, we have Bill interrupting ladies-boners everywhere (and Eric doing the same thing to Bill lovers simultaneously) and men everywhere laughing at the ridiculousness of it all.  How is this enjoyable to any viewers that care about what they’re watching? Eric lovers feel anything is ruined by Bill and vice versa and male viewers would frankly view Sookie as an indecisive slut who views men as toys (though I don’t view her that way, it is insulting to both male characters).  This was obviously a ratings ploy and a way to set-up Alan Ball’s crash-course in expedited plots…how very trashy and lazy. I expect better out of those writers (at least I did before this season).

Poll participants say: Bill orders Eric’s Execution and then get’s credit for saving his life

‘see above’

2nd Worst thing about Season 4:

Talktrueblood says: The baby Mickey/ possessed doll story line

What a waste of Lafayette’s character, screen time, and all actors involved. Seriously? Arlene and Renee’s baby is supernatural too and see ghosts (really). Therefore, we get a plot about a ghost that comes back not only to face the death of her baby via Lafayette’s body, but also to make some commentary about the history of racial inequality in the South while she’s at it (Um ok,). Apparently this plot is so fascinating to Alan Ball and company, that they needed almost the entire season to let it play out too (a little anti-climatic if you ask me). BIGGEST WASTE OF TIME SINCE TAKING THE ENTIRETY OF SEASON TWO TO RESOLVE THE MARYANN PLOT…


Poll participants say: Sookie gets shot so Bill can give her blood

‘see above’


Talktrueblood and Poll Participants say (tie in answers):  THE ENTIRE COUCH SCENE and when Sookie tells Eric she loves Bill too.

It’s pretty much impossible to say enough about the couch scene and Sookie’s constant declaration that she loves Bill too.  There are numerous things both sides of the fence wouldn’t like and even some casual viewers can see they don’t like this pathetic version of Eric. Why can’t Eric simply express his feelings and still hold his own at the same time? WHY????


The scene is treating Bill and Eric as equals and even despite the fact that I have clearly shown this is not the case. That is the most sickening thing about it to Eric fans.

How could this scene be a pleasure for anyone?

I think what AB actually did was attempt to choose ratings over the story.
He attempted to give every member of the love square hope. Sookie is alone now so she’s even free to have Alcide come running in and fill her void and play around with Bill while she’s at it.
She can spend the entire next season having her cake and eating it too. I wouldn’t be surprised if she slept with Alcide next season and Bill and Eric at this point .
She can flirt around with all three and so he thinks that will be enough to satisfy all the fans. The Bill fans are happy she forgave him and the Eric fans are happy she admitted she always wanted him and the Alcide fans are happy she’s not with either vampire anymore and she kinda semi-accepted his speech….

But maybe he forgot that when you try to please everybody you end up pleasing nobody.

Eric fans are not happy because she forgave Bill and went mushy on him after everything and of course totally cast his begging aside.
Bill fans are not happy because she fawned about wanting Eric from the start and how she can imagine life without Eric and Eric is going to constantly be a presence.

(neither are happy she was entertaining things with Alcide if even for a moment)

Alcide fans are not happy because she still expressed her undying love for the vampires and told him that she’s been there (basically saying she views his feelings as a total rebound).


This scene is a total mess and is not only uninteresting, but also completely vomit-inducing. I am all for female-power, but really it’s undermining female power while seeming to embrace it.

Everyone was out-of-character and it seemed like some writer’s misguided and dreadful fantasy brought to the screen. I am simply hoping that doesn’t mirror the rest of the show at this point.


6-10 Results:


6. Jason’s rape scene

‘see above’

7. Bill becomes King Bill

This makes no sense other than once again, being a convenient plot device. How can we be expected to believe that, in most circumstances, most of the vampire’s in Bill’s Kingdom would respect a vampire that is less than 200 years old? It seemed like it was simply there to keep Bill center-stage during this season and give the Bill fans something to get excited about.

8. Bill’s sad face appears during Eric and Sookie’s first time

I never imagined that Eric and Sookie’s first time would be anything but worth the wait after all that build-up. While nice and enjoyable, it was completely ruined by Bill’s sad-face popping into the frame. That’s all I think about when I think about this scene and that’s wrong after how long Eric fans waited. I never thought I would have to contend with Bill fans having a reason to like the scene (sitting there and feeling sorry for Bill with an actual visual aid of Bill being sad) and it made me absolutely angry after how long we waited! It was totally unfair that I had to sit there and hear the Bill fan next to me gloat that Bill was in the background and remind me that I should feel sorry for Bill (even after everything he did but did not pay for). It couldn’t even wait till after their scene together (for shame).

9. Pam gives up Eric

‘see above’

10. They tease Tara’s death even though you know she’ll be back next season.

C’MON: We know these characters are on contract and are not going anywhere: Sookie, Bill, Alcide, Jason, Jessica, Pam, Sam, Lafayette, and TARA (yes Tara)!

Therefore, teasing any of their deaths as a SEASON FINALE is pointless and lazy and doesn’t leave a lot of anticipation. We know Tara will be undead or a ghost if she “dies” at least.

If I am wrong, I guess I will take a big egg on my face but I doubt it.

Poll participants:

6. Sookie’s threesome dream

‘see above’

7. Bill became King Bill

‘see above’

8. Bill’s sad face appears during Eric and Sookie’s first time

‘see above’

9. Pam and Sookie become enemies

As if we needed another reason to get annoyed with Sookie or see Pam as a one-dimensional character. As the books showed us, much can be gained from a Sookie and Pam friendship that builds up. However, it seems Alan Ball and company are going in the opposite direction for whatever stupid reason and I hope it’s not just to try to make Eric fans feel sorry for Pam and wish they’d never asked for their pairing (UGH) or show Pam is just that one-dimensional emotionless, selfish, and  spoiled brat.

10.  Bill and Eric improbably become friends and allies

HELLO? You two may be tied together by the knowledge of Sookie’s fairyhood, but you both know the other loves Sookie enough not to put her in danger because of it so there’s no need to make an alliance now.  What about the fact that BILL WANTS ERIC DEAD? Are we supposed to believe Eric was so impressed with Queen Bill that he’s now a devoted subject full of forgiveness, admiration, and total trust and respect (aside from thinking he isn’t too love able). It seems that way, but it just isn’t believable and to me creates less drama than them remaining enemies but still being on the run. Maybe their supposed to bond over their mutual heartbreak (gag). I hope I find out Bill and Eric were just using each other, because if this is the precursor to a Bill-Sookie-Eric polyamorous relationship then I am definitely out for good.

Again, the writers have made the impossible happen because it’s convenient to whatever the plot is…..(I hope I can stop saying that when I critic the show next year but it seems unlikely).