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Sookie and Eric Shower Scene / Snow Scene Body Analysis (including some body language)

Well I understand that some people were disappointed by this scene (partly because of the comparison to the books) but I felt it was very meaningful and meant a lot for this couple…

 ^^^Sookie does not need to wash away the blood now. Eric is the True Blood…

Sookie washes away the blood during the show scene with Bill.Their relationship, their blood exhange.... was going down the drain literally.Their relationship, their blood exhange.... was going down the drain literally.


 Eric and Sookie once again show that they trust eachother completely (looking into eachother’s eyes for a very long time and touching eachother’s head areas) and literally want to get lost in one another. Simply, they want to take care of each other (caressing eachother’s cheeks gently).  Such a show of affection shows that their love is real.

Rubbing backs/butts constantly indicates the sensual nature of their relationship, yet also equality in the relationship. How? It pleases your partner to rub their body but also indulges your sexual desires.


This also shows the sensual nature of their relationship as well as their mutual trust but we also see  that touching the neck in such a manner and indicating trust through touching the neck would be especially meaningful considering he is a vampire.

Obviously, Sookie is embracing everything about Eric during this scene…including his viking side (which is obviously representive of the setting they are in). In addition, we also hear her saying that she loves “everything.” This means she didn’t think it was possible to love this viking side but now she does. After their blood bond, they are connected in all ways and they are inside each other and Sookie is even inside his human side now.

Woods are representive of dreams as “natural change.” This change is natural between them and not actually forced, despite the spell.

Again Eric and Sookie are showing equality in the relationship by switching back and forth from Eric on top to Sookie on top. When a man likes a woman on top it means he makes pleasing the woman his priority during sex; her needs can come before his sometimes and he doesn’t mind being dominated at times. (Remember that Sookie tried to reclaim dominance with Bill by being on top during their last sex scene together but as we saw- it was a struggle from Sookie and here Eric is letting her doing it as they gently make love).

Clear skies on a snowy day obviously show how bright their future together would be. The sky is the limit although the trees may represent the obstacles in their way. Although there are obstacles, the snow reaches them (everything is possible and they will see it through).

If it was rain instead of snow it would symbolize a purficiation of their relationship. However, the snow suggests none is needed like there was no water in the shower needed. But snow that includes brilliant sunlight (apart from symbolizing Eric himself) indicates that they will both realize the full scope of their power as a couple and overcome all of their adversities.

Again, they are connecting and totally lost in one another by looking into each other’s eyes and caressing the other’s face with a type of  cupping and caressing motion. By being so close head-t0-head with the intertwined arms they are showing their trust and proving once again that their love is real.


                                                                        It’s not possible!

                                                                   Everything is possible…

                                                                      (for Eric and Sookie)



Eric/Sookie Body Language Flashback! Part Four!

As requested by my reader poll on my Facebook page and once again in honor of my most popular series to date! It’s long but enjoy! 🙂

Previous Articles: Part One; Part Two; Part Three


Episode 4×01:

Sookie, though engaged in a conversation with Bill after what feels like they just broke-up, keeps her eyes locked on Eric as soon as he shows up, signaling Eric as her main interest.

Sookie keeps her body language open to both of them by keeping her arms uncrossed but her focus on Eric is particularly revealing considering the situation she is in with Bill, a guy who seems like a recent ex-boyfriend to her. However, we also notice that Sookie’s body is pointed toward Eric as soon as he shows up!

In addition, Sookie jolts away when Bill attempts to get close before the conversation between the three of them, signaling that she does not want to get close to Bill right now in any real way.

^^More evidence of the constant starting and attraction between them. Can’t you feel the intensity in that? Sookie is also hurt by Bill as well as everyone else and yet is surprised that Eric was the only one that never gave up on her (wide eyes, parted lips, stiff facial muscles).

Eric fiddles with Sookie's robe (showing the intensity of his sexual arousal).

Of course, Sookie is closed off (crossed arms) to Eric's aggressive sexual advances at this point.

^^ However, when Eric approaches her an aggressive manner to claim ownership and continue his sexual advances, she only seems mildly scared to me (wide eyes and tight facial muscles). She gulps too and this could be considered another indication of being scared BUT her face here with the gulp is reminiscent of this face and gulp from episode 3×03 when she had no reason to be scared, he had just saved her life:

I think that although Sookie was closed off because of Eric getting a little too aggressive with his sexual advances, she also was aroused ( she doesn’t back away like she does when Bill gets closer earlier in the episode and she stares into his eyes and gulps when he exposes his fangs like she does in the 3×03 scene in which I am also convinced she was aroused!


Episode 4×02:

To many, the opening scene with them in this episode seems aggressive and resentful/hateful on Sookie’s part but I have a very different opinion based on the body language!


Eric and Sookie play a flirtacious game of chase but maintain eye-contact, indicating their continued trust and attraction through it.

^^ WoooowZA!  Sookie arches her back and thrusts her hips forward,  indicating seduction and arousal before she listens to Eric again after walking away!

Sookie blinks her eyes repeatedly, indicating actual seductiveness and attraction/ flirtation during the comment Eric calls "saucy." This shows it wasn't pure sarcasm.



Episode 4×03:

The slight wrinkle in her forehead, the parted lips and staring eyes indicate her genuine concern and sympathy for his situation before she offers to help him.

Sookie washes Eric's feet.

Touching feet is considered erotic and can be suggestive of both parties, particularly the one touching them (btw, we all know Eric could have washed his own feet). We can see the erotic attraction for Sookie clearly here and Eric of course even without his memory or any knowledge of who she is.

Symbolically, Sookie washing Eric’s feet is symbolic of his new clean path/ clean slate of his amnesia coming up as she “washes the dirt off.” It also connects to the biblical scene of Jesus washing his diciple’s feet – Eric is following a new spiritual path with Sookie/ his amnesia. Afterall, it has been shown that Eric is ironically a sacrificial Christ-figure.

Eric's half-smile after his laugh is obviously a flirtatious move but also indicates his nervousness/uncertainty in dealing with her.

Sookie's crossed arms indicate she is still closed off to the idea of "being Eric's," but the cracking in her voice when she says NO indicates she is somewhat considering it deep-down or is uncertain in reality.


Episode 4×04:

^^ Obviously Eric is being sexual and flirtatious with Sookie when he pinches/slaps her bottom BUT what else can this mean? Eric knows how to get Sookie’s attention and is already thinking of them as forming a couple. ERIC IS ALSO POSITIVE THAT HIS FULL SEXUAL DESIRES (in every way) FOR HER WILL ONE DAY BE FULFILLED! How? He senses Sookie’s mutual attraction when it comes to SEX and it’s doubtful he’d be flirtatious in this manner/ in this special way if he really thought otherwise at all, no matter how drunk he is.

Obviously this is a motherly gesture by Sookie (SHE WANTS TO TAKE CARE OF HIM) and getting close indicates her trust and comfort in him.)

AWWWWWW! Two people that gaze at each other as one or both walk away indicates that these two people are HEAD-OVER-HEELS IN LOVE  and that they do not take each other for granted at all! They want the connection to last as long as possible and the memory to stay as fresh in the mind as possible; no matter how long you’ll be apart, it’s too long for both of you.

Sookie staring at Eric's lips means she was ready to dive in right then and there.


Episode 4×05:

Eric puts his head in Sookie lap

Of course this position appeals to Sookie’s need to take care of others. This indicates Eric’s neediness at this point and the fact that he feels that only Sookie can make him happy now. However, it also shows that he is sensitive to Sookie and her emotions, is aware of his own emotions, and that he’ll do anything to make her happy- sexually or otherwise!

Eric gets Sookie to spoon him during a bedtime cuddle.

^^ This is the ultimate in sleeping intimacy and indicates the depth of their growing love. Sookie behind Eric indicates her protective and dominant position in the relationship at this point and shows that Eric (OF COURSE) is the less secure one….

…BUT…as we see below, Eric is also willing to be protective and do his share.

^^Hugging before a kiss is not only romantic, it indicates Variety and romance…that’s what Eric will bring. By rubbing her neck, he is awakening her libido and it gives the signal for a kiss. It also indicates his protectiveness.

^^ AWW! Stroking/ cupping his face and looking into his eyes before the kiss indicates that she wants nothing more than to tune out the world and “get-lost” in Eric and indicates her pure romantic feelings for him.

^^ Hugging and kissing at the same time indicates the excitement that Sookie feels in being with Eric and the excitement that she will bring to his un-dead life in return! This also indicates that Sookie has surprises of her own to bring to Eric and senses that he can keep up with her!….

….It’s going to be a very passionate ride ladies-and-gentlemen! 


Body Language of the **NEW True Blood Entertainment Weekly Covers**

Thank you new reader   @b_azinga   for the suggestion! This is dedicated to you!

Entertainment Weekly, as many of you may already know, released three different covers seemingly so that fans could pick up their favorite couple from the news stands (Sookie with Eric, Bill, or Alcide). BUT there seems to be a lot more to the covers than that and maybe Entertainment Weekly is subtly inserting their own insight into the love triangle  square!………………

First of all, American Gothic by Grant Wood is typically interpreted as a painting that is meant to be ‘a critical depiction of American Rural Life,’ which connects with part of the nature of the show “True Blood”:

NOW for the Body Language of the Covers:

Alright, Sookie looks pretty comfortable with Alcide and she trusts him even to look head and stand pretty close to him. She stands pretty even with him (almost considering him her equal) and Alcide’s slanted eyebrows indicate his seriousness about protecting her. Her jaw line is even and her head is slightly tilted to the side (pointing toward him) which indicates her conciously willingness to get closer to him.

But, Sookie STANDS EVEN CLOSER TO ERIC! Her breast is even touching his arm (ha ha). Therefore, Sookie is even more comfortable with Eric than Alcide and Eric shows his dominance and his protective nature by standing in front of her (of course, the exposed fangs indicates his domination as well as his seriousness about protecting her as we know about vampires on True Blood). Her jaw line is also even and her head is also slightly tilted to the side (pointing toward Eric as well), which indicates her conscious willingness to get closer to him as well.


Wow, Look at Sookie’s face (it’s completely different from the other two pictures of course). Her head is not slightly pointed toward him like it is in the other pictures and her jaw line is more raised and stiffer which indicates her conscious willingness to get away from Bill as well as her fear about him. She also indicates her lack of trust in Bill by giving him a hard stare in order to watch him closely, rather than looking ahead. This looks pretty bad for Bill to me. Bill stands slightly in front of Sookie to show his dominance and the vampire face show’s his seriousness about protecting her of course but Sookie is clearly not comfortable with Bill having this role in her life right now…….


I think Entertainment Weekly has already picked their list of Best to Worst Suitors for Sookie (even if it appears they are simply giving the readers options for their favorite couple (as Pro-Bill sites would have you believe):

1. Eric

2. Alcide

3. Bill


Eric/Sookie Body Language Flashback! Part Three!

During the off season, in honor of my most popular blog entries ever… “Eric/Sookie Body Language Flashback Parts One and Two,” (E/S BLF PART ONE) and (E/S BLF PART TWO), I have decided to make a new article exclusively for the last two episodes of  Season Three, which were pivotal episodes of course,  even if this will be a very short article. Enjoy!


Episode 3×11:

Sookie stares into Eric's eyes and he gently rubs her face while she does so.


Gulping can symbolize deep attraction or pain/fear; in my opinion, Eric’s gulping here symbolized both his deep attraction/love for Sookie and his pain and fear over what he was doing.  Rubbing her with the back of his hand indicates his sympathy toward her as well as well as actualy desire to show gentleness toward her.  Also, when Sookie allows Eric to touch her face in such a manner, she is allowing for a huge amount of intimacy between this before he bites her.  Arms and outer limbs are considered much safer areas to touch someone, the face is a very vulnerable are and it indicates her trust in him despite the action he is about to have to perform with Russell.   Once again, they shamelessly share their pattern of using a “lover’s gaze” with one another and this indicates their trust as well as their passion for another.


Eric gently touches Sookie's hair while forced to bite her.

The head is again a vulnerable area of the body and Eric continues to show sympathy and his actual desired gentleness in reaction to Sookie’s fear by stroking the vulnerable head area.


(as I mentioned in the general Eric Northman body language articles, the biting scene parallels the scene in which Eric comforts Pam. Eric touches Sookie hair and rubs her face in an attempt to comfort her. Eric clearly loves Sookie with the purity that he loves Pam with, albeit with the added passion of a current sexual connection).


Episode 3×12:

Sookie gently places her wrist across his fangs and looks down upon Eric with a titled neck while saving him with her blood.

 Despite her trauma healing Bill not long before, Sookie indicates affection and trust for Eric in all ways in this moment. She tilts the vulnerable neck area to the side which obviously indicates her trust in Eric (this is also especially symbolic because Eric and Bill are both vampires and that is the area Bill fed from and almost killed her feeding from).  Kneeling close to Eric in such a manner also indicates her trust because she is feeding him from the wrist in her arm and doesnt need to be that close to him in order to feed him.


Sookie asks Bill to watch Eric while she is feeding him.

Sookie looks at Bill in disgust ( slight scowl on her lips, tense facial muscles, slanted eyebrows, etc _as she brings up her trauma to her while asking him to watch Eric. This, of course, contrasts the gentle look her face just a moment ago while looking at Eric. A look of disgust is bad news for Bill because this emotion often correlates with a human survival instinct (mentioned in the dream with Eric in 3×10) to protect oneself from “contamination” or “harm.”


Eric begins feeding more aggressively by grabbing her wrist when he gains strength…

...but Sookie continues to look back at him gently despite Bill's obvious concern.

Again, this gentle on Sookie indicates her trust even as Eric shows slightly more aggressive feeding by grabbing her wrist and sucking harder (which again contrasts the look of disgust on her face she showed Bill). For example, her tense facial muscles have become relaxed.

Sookie and Bill speak with Eric about Russell from across the room.

Though Sookie is obviously concerned and disgusted with Eric’s decision to save Russell but her open arms contrast Bill’s closed arms beside her. Her open body language indicates she is literally “open to Eric” and trusting of him despite this decision, while Bill is “not open to Eric” and is completely distrusting of him (which is of course clearly shown when he tries to kill Eric rather than team with him willingly later on).

Sookie and Alcide sit together and talk (ill explain why this is relevant to Eric and Sookie)

Why is this important?  This scene contrasts the scene with Eric and Sookie back in episode 3×02 when Sookie goes to Fangtasia to ask Eric for help.  Alcide  is clearly interested in Sookie sexually ( crotch display and “open display” with his uncrossed arms, open body, relaxed hands and arms)!  However, Sookie keeps her legs tightly closed, her legs do not lean toward him, and her arms are crossed. She is acting anything but like somebody that is sexually attracted to, or open and trusting of the person across from there. Sure, she is attentive and indicates slight trust by keeping and mainting eye contact but this indicates the behavior of a good friend on her side and not much more. I discuss the contrasting scene in the first Eric and Sookie body language article (link above), but here is the the contrasting picture right below this):

Sookie sits across Eric in 3x02


Eric stares into Sookie's eyes after he tells her the truth about Bill......and Sookie states back into Eric's eyes despite her shock,anger, and sadness about the truth.

Again, they share a “lover’s gaze” and despite learning that Bill deceived her in such a manner. Sookie keeps continued eye contact with Eric, keeps her body language open, and allows Eric to stand close to her without backing away. Sure, she is standing in the home that he cannot enter but if her trust in Eric had been shaken at all she would have instinctively moved by a little bit……… Despite everything and telling Eric off afterward, she clearly does still trust him a lot.


This trust has will continue to build their mutual attraction to true love!

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“Cocky Viking to Sacrificial Hero” : The Body Language of Eric Northman Season Three

I’m not covering the Eric time in episode 3×04 that involved the obvious themes such as concern over the V/Pam and fighting Hotshot. In addition, I won’t be covering 3×08 for the obvious faked submission to Russell by getting on one knee and Eric’s obvious reluctance to have sex with Talbot right there but his willingness to do so opportunistically. :

Season Three:

Fangtasia: 3×01 “Bad Blood”

Eric displays the classic “alpha male posture (that can obviously occur clothed or unclothed hah)” that men can sometimes conciously or unconciously display in order to attract the attention of a female (hips jutted forward and chest moved backward in an attempt to make themselves look bigger-as if Eric needed that- and hands near the hips or on the hips-framing the hips- in an attempt to frame their “manhood” so- to-speak). This type of positioning “alpha male posturing” has worked for ages in the wild and today. Of course, Eric’s nakedness is symbolic of a totally bare Eric, willing to put himself on display both physically and emotionally and their growing intimacy.

Once again, a terrible liar, Eric displays definsivenss with his crossed arms in front of the magister. He also mistakingly positions himself above the queen and the magister by standing above them (conciously or unconciously displaying his own opinion that he thinks he is better than both of them despite their positions), but they counter that by invading his personal space by sitting at his throne area in his place.

Fangtasia: 3×02 “Beautifully Broken”

Eric is trying to treat Sookie as an equal as he lowers himself to her level while they share the ultra-flirtacious prolonged eye contact as usual. Also, as I mentioned in the Eric/Sookie body language flashback article, Eric is also expressing desperation as he leans into her with the “notice me, please” move:

Legs that close together point to trust and affection as I pointed out in the E/S article:

However, Sookie’s crossed legs show hesitation for obvious reasons and they counter Eric’s open legged “crotch display (another example of an Eric “opening up.”  However, they still trust eachother and are comfortable enough to have their legs so close, almost intertwined,  in the first place.

more affectionate and trusting eye contact

3×02: “Beautifully Broken” Eric’s Flashback & Sookie’s Porch:

more over the top prolonged eye contact

The reason Eric cannot look Sookie in the eye during this part after the CONSTANT eye contact (also his lips are pursed at one point, indicating suppression here) is that he is basically lying/concealing something from her he tells her that he warned her because he "owes her," when in fact we know he warns her because he has feelings for her.

ONCE AGAIN, Eric does the "hand-in-the-pockets" move with Sookie which in this instance either points to his anxiousness with her or actually nervousness with her (since he isn't concealing anything here, since he was just being open and honest with her).

I know this is more Eric/Sookie related than Eric related but since I didn't point this out last time, Sookie leaning against the post is a classic body language move that is telling someone "not to leave, please stay." This is obviously in connection with the submissive and exposed neck which indicates interest because it's a primal move that indicates interest because it shows the person you are non-threatening (necessary in the wild). Also, unless I am mistaken, I see a SMILE!

Sookie’ House and the Graveyard: 3×03 “It Hurts Me Too”

Eric serves Sookie "the eyebrow flash," one of the common physiological signs of attraction (to coincide with his flirting and her obvious turned on face).

Here Eric serves Sookie the exaggerated one eyebrow raise (obviously to go along with his flirtacious teasing) along with a smile of his own.

Eric and Sookie walk in-sync (“mirror eachother”) with each other from the graveyard. This is one of the strongest signals of not only interest/flirtation but also a deep connection (literally being in-sync with each other).

Eric tries to get himself down to Lafayette's level here (treating him as an equal/buisness partner here as well).

Eric’s Daydream: 3×04 “9 Crimes”

Obviously shows Eric's willingness to let Sookie have equality, actually sometimes have some domianance and his ability to actually sometimes be submissive in a future relationship.

Russell’s Mansion: 3×05 “Trouble”

A titled head in this manner can sometimes indicate skepticism or doubt or can simply indicate interest (this connects with the parted lips). Of course in this scene, Eric might be both skeptical and interested to know Sookie wasn't Bill's anymore).

By gazing at eachother, Eric and Lorena were obviously interested the other was there. beyond just an acknowledgment.. Why?..Probably because Eric thought his role in Bill's absence in Season 2/the fact he knew her might come out/ Lorena's violence toward Sookie/ hatred for Godric..etc. Lorena probably was wondering if he would interfere with her plans because she knew he liked Sookie alot obviously.

Hip swaying (which is does with Talbot) definitely backs up his flirtation/claims of arousal. Obviously, Eric is trying to look submissive for Talbot with the head tilt/bowed head and keeps eye contact to hold Talbot's interest.

Russell’s Mansion: 3×06 “I’ve Got A Right To Sing The Blues”

Guiding a woman in that manner can idicate frustration and/or manly protection/ interest (probably both here).

Eric shows his actual angry face (take examples from eariler such as the scrunched nose) because of his frustration with Sookie at this point.

Eric takes on his cocky viking/vampire persona for Russell (to convince him he totally prejudice against anybody/anything but vampires by the way he leans back into his limo seat.

QSA’s Palace: 3×06 “I’ve Got A Right To Sing The Blues”

Eric find dealing with the queen humorous like he finds dealing with Bill humorous (both are beneath him in his opinion of course).

Eric does his FAKE light touch w/ the finger flirtation move with Russell (similar to the one w/ Lafayette).

QSA’s Palace and Fangtasia: 3×07 “Hitting The Ground”

Eric is actually being rather gentle with Hadley when you consider the way he “guides her along.” Why did he notify her of the plan? If he didn’t care and simply wanted to immobilize/transport her, why didn’t he just pick her up like he did with QSA or Sookie (in order to make her believe him) later on? NO, he gently puts his arm around her (like he did with Sookie earlier on) and then gives her blood when he is done…

Eric simultaneously shows his respect for Pam’s mind and his general affection for her by rubbing her head.

Fangtasia: 3×09 “Everything is Broken”

As I pointed out in the season two analysis, Eric being hunched over indicates insecurity. Eric is obviously not confident when dealing with Nan/The Authority but HE IS STILL HONEST WITH THEM! The amount of distance for their mutal personal spaces during the interview is ENORMOUS, indicating complete distrust and general uneasiness with eachother, yet ERIC IS STILL TOTALLY HONEST!

Hands in front of him, nan's crossed legs = add general defensivness

This head touching (that parallels the e/s 2x10 dream) shows their mutal intellectual and emotional connection. The head rubbing with the hand to comfort her parallels Eric's attempt to comfort Sookie by rubbing her hair with his hand later on.

Jason’s House, The Dream, Fangtasia: 3×10 “I Smell A Rat”

As I mentioned in a previous post, Eric immediantly looks to Sookie when Bill opens the door and his lips are parted (indicating slight arousal).

For my analysis of the dream and Fangtasia kiss in regards to Eric/Sookie, Read the Episode 3×10 Section of my Eric/Sookie Body Language Flashback! Part Two!:

Once again hunched over, Eric is feeling insecure not only about what he perceives as his inevitable defeat (he is feeling defeated too obviously when you add the lowered head and shoulders in addition to the circumstances), but he also feeling insecure about what he perceives as a rejection by Sookie.Fangtasia, The Museum: 3x11 "Fresh Blood"Russell indicates he wants to "get in Eric's head." by touching his face. At the same time, he is attempting to degrade Eric by giving him the equivalent of a father patting the wayward child's head. Eric allows him to do so he can give him the perception of being submissive once again.

This head holding/kiss by Eric is once again symbolic of their emotional as well as intellectual connection (entire mutual respect). It is also a very paternal/maternal (father,mother) thing to do as well all know.

This of course parallels the same thing I just said about Eric/Pam and the head touching/holding before he is forced to bite her. Also, they mutually gulp ( gulping in and of itself is a sign of deep attraction and when they “mirror eachother” it symbolizes their deep emotional connection is addition to that general mutual attraction as well). Then Eric tenderly comforts her by petting her head when she is scared because Russell bites her likes he does and he is forced to bite her ….

Eric heroically gives Russell a fake smile (the rest of his face is stiff, indicating the fake smile) because he won’t allow him to see fear or regret on his face!

Eric then heroically spreads his limbs out and looks ahead (literally ready to rmbrace and face his fate like a christ-like sactificial hero) with Russell symbollically crouched beneath him like a helpless pet!

Eric has gone from a pure Cocky Viking Vampire to the Cocky Viking Vampire who can also have the flaws of humanity ( such as insecurity) and benefits of the humanity ( such as the ability to be a tender father and love a good woman) he willingly or unwillingly retained (yet sees no need to flaunt). YET he has actually transcended all of that at the same time and become our Sacrificial Hero!

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“Cocky Viking to Sacrifical Hero”: The Body Language of Eric Northman Part Two/ Season Two

I am skipping episode 2×01 since Eric did not appear until the end and it was clear that was the aggressive, impulsive Eric reacting to an attack. I am also not going to cover episode 2×04 because it was also a minimal Eric episode and it only contained a straightforward coercion by Eric in order to get Lafayette to drink his blood so that he would be connected to Sookie through Lafayette and also be able to track Lafayette: 

Season Two: 

Fangtasia: 2×02 “Keep This Party Going” 


Once again, Eric uses his pompous viking demeanor to get in Lafayette’s face in to make a point by intimidating him and get Lafayette to answer to him. 

despite his skepticism, Eric respectfully maintains eye contact and listens to Lafayette's story in order to bring the information forth by playing to Lafayette's ego for a while in this "buisness setting." However, Eric remains cocky enough to casually worry about his hair during the questioning (however, he remains in a commanding position in the center of the room).

For future reference, this is Eric’s actual “angry/aggressive face (open mouth with teeth exposed, raised eyebrows, jutted jaw, and a wrinkled nose sometimes)”

After the suggestion by the saleswoman to Bill, Eric once again uses his sexuality to his advantage with an exaggerated arched eyebrow, even with Bill.


another Eric “hands in the pockets”


In this instance, Eric’s hands in the pockets must be connected to one of these things since I established in part one that this exhibits 1.nervousness/anxiety 2. Dishonesty/concealment: 

1.Eric is experiencing nervousness and anxiety because he knows Godric is missing and he is afraid Bill will reject his request for Sookie’s help (which Bill ultimately does) OR 2. Eric is of course not being completely open about why he is so eager to find Godric or why he needs Sookie’s help. (it is probably both reasons in this instance). 

Again, we see Eric "nervously" fiddling with the clothes though he obviously has no real intention of buying any of them (ties into my previous point about Eric's anxiety). Also, Eric is attempting to "guide Bill along (influence his decision and show his dominance) by taking his arm and moving him along during the discussion.


Fangtasia: 2×03 “Scratches” 


We have Eric claiming dominance over the room similar to the position he had sitting on his Fangtasia throne (refer to part one). Leaning back in the chair points to Eric’s obvious adventurous personality but can also refer to “critical thinking,” which refers to Eric being dumbfounded as to what the maenad was. It can also indicate a certain “relaxation” because he thinks Bill is worrying too much/overeacting and that it will be taken care of. He really feels in control and tries to communicate that “dominance” and “control” to Bill through this position. 

Eric exhibit's his typical "intimdation face" in order to make a point and he lacks the facial wrinks/scrunched nose/raised eyebrows/ pronounced jawline of a true agressive/mad Eric face

Eric exhibits "cooperation" with Sookie by sitting on the edge of the desk with his hands on his knees and getting down to her level/looking her in eye as well. Proof that Eric was in fact treating her an equal/worthy of respect already during this scene

Eric once again attempts to charm someone with his sexuality as usual (whether male of female obviously) with a flirtacious wink/ same as the exaggerated eyebrow and a light touch with the finger (I conclude that this is typical fake-Eric-fliriting ALWAYS, when he actually likes someone it is different as we later see)

Although Eric fans are often captivated by the rest of the interaction in this scene between all three of them, the most significant thing in relation to Eric and Sookie's growing relationship was the VERY LONG AND PERSONAL eye contact here. One-on-one eye contact like that lasting for more than a second or two means a DEEP connection and Eric smiles on top of that because he understands the connection then.

Godric’s House/Nest: 2×05 “Never Let Me Go” 

Once again, we see Eric's true angry/aggressive face (exposed teeth-minus the fangs/sometimes clenched, wrinkled nose, etc.) - backed up by Eric throwing things (something we know he typically does not do).

...or tight, pursed lips (with or without a type of disgusted scowl)

Eric often keeps a straight/undistinguished face while being open and honest (this is often mis-interpreted as indifference/emonlessness/boredom/concealment) which is the perfect time to bring this example out since we know Eric could not have been more emotional since we now know what Godric meant to him and him knowing he was in trouble as he recounted his turning.

Hotel Carmilla: 2×06 “Hard Hearted Hannah”

Being "hunched over" in this manner can indicate two things: 1. Thoughtful (which would make sense, he is thinking about Godric, Sookie, Bill and Lorena's arrival). 2. INSECURITY

 Insecurity, here? I say yes! This will become a typical “Eric is insecure” pose. Eric is insecure because of feeling helpless about Godric, helpless about Sookie and affected by a “human” (to the point where not even feeding is giving him satisfaction at this point), and Bill’s role in all of this. 

No wonder Lorena didn't believe Eric! Crossed legs indicate defensiveness or concealment (defensiveness about his feelings for Sookie or his nervousness about Godric/ concealing his true feelings for Sookie as well as his real need for Bill to be "held" by her. He also fiddles/pokes at the couch, showing that nervousness. At the same time, he fails at trying to convince her he is relaxed by having those legs casually stretched out.

Outside the FOTS: 2×07 “Release Me” 

Like most others that lie, Eric avoids eye contact while telling her the lie that "he isn't interested in Sookie, he only cares about Godric, etc."

after he just eyed her intently like this as she talked about love with a human.

(my reader, Robin, indicated that one of the biggest things she noticed about this scene was Eric’s constant blinking, which definitely indicates lying or withholding information and the only think Eric could be lying about or withholding is the truth about his feelings for Sookie).

Another true Eric angry/aggressive face (see refs above)

FOTS Building: 2×08 “Timebomb” 

Presumably, Eric is leading Sookie by the small of her back (one of the deepest signs of male-to-female affection and attraction) as he attempts to rescue her.

In this famous/beloved scene, Eric and Sookie convey the same trust for eachother (leaning into her and her not backing away) that Eric is seemingly asking her for.

Prolonged eye contact similar to the eye contact after 2x03 (showing their deep connection, mutual concern) as Eric attempts to reassure her despite knowing her might not make it.

(i know this isn’t body language related, but even Newlin admitted Eric’s actions were noble, despite the fact that he obviously did not agree with them, example of unreliable narrator with the truth) 

More prolonged eye contact (showing more of their deep connection) and obvious concern.

SERIOUSLY? Do these two ever stop? Did they ever think they were fooling themselves, much less anybody else? 

Godric’s House/Nest: 2×08 “Timebomb” 

Hands in the pockets again for Eric as he approaches B/S!

So either.. 

1. Eric is anxious about approaching Sookie because of the intensity they just went through, plus the feelings that were already there. 2. Eric heard Sookie question Bill about being gone and is concealing the answer. (possibly both). 

(body language with Godric is discussed in my maker/child relationships post a little bit back)



The male-to-male face off seems to be intense on the surface but of course Eric finds dealing with Bill humorous once again as he smiles.




Godric’s House/Nest: 2×09 “I Will Rise Up”

She is aggressively sucking his chest, no matter what face she puts on. He looks at her like a guy with a school boy crush as soon as he knows she won't be looking at him. Of course, OBVIOUSLY, he is aroused and happy when he smiles, as his fangs have come out too.Of course, this is the ultimate sign of cocky arrogance (leaning back with one hand behind the head), the Cocky Viking is in full force here.

The Carmilla Hotel Dream: 2×09 “I Will Rise Up” 


This is the ultimate sign of equality in the relationship, facing eachother face-to-face on the bed and “mirroring eachother.” Kissing the hand is the ultimate sign of respect and total adoration of the partner. (this is where they are going or how they truly feel). 

One of the more obvious and cute Eric and Sookie flirting moments was the classic “look at your crush and look away as they look as you,”  or “eye contact game,” game they played in the hotel Carmilla when questioned by Nan. Nothing indicates interest and open flirtation more than this across the room game played both conciously and sometimes unconciously, but obviously conciously in this case:

The Roof: 2×09 “I will Rise up”

(more on Godric/Eric body language/interaction on the Carmilla Roof here once again: 

Hand holding (the ultimate sign of feelings/affection and it was outside a dream) AND prolonged eye contact.

Yeah, these two are so ending up together…HAND HOLDING? I don’t even see Bill doing that with her much… 

The Car From Dallas Dream: 2×10 “New World In My View” 

Kissing cheeks in a sign of their deepening friendship and Eric gives his shocked stare

Touching the heads is a sign of an intellectual as well as an emotional connection. It is actually one of the most affectionate moves possible.

 Fangtasia:2×11: “Frenzy” 

He gets on Sam's level to hear him out although since he does not respect Sam and is distracted, he does not maintain good eye contact with him.

Eric does show curiosity and consideration for the children by keeping eye contact with them and also trying to get at their level as well.

QSA’s Palace: 2×11 “Frenzy”

Worrying About/ Fiddling with his hair either indicates his boredom/frustration with Bill and/or his anxiousness to hear Sookie potentially speaking of him.

QSA’s Palace: 2×12 “Beyond Here Lies Nothing” 

When asked about Sookie by the queen, Eric diverts her gaze in order to try to hide his feelings as he lies about them, he even swallows which is something Eric has been shown to do when trying to keep his emotions in check (despite this, the queen is of course not fooled).

(also a lot of bliking in this scene to back up the assertion I made about the 2×12 scene)

Season 2 of course showed the Cocky Viking with a sensitive side for Sookie and his blood(such as Pam and Godric), a spirited and brave viking willing to risk/give up his undead life for those fortunate enough to gain that loyalty/affection from him… 

Of course Eric can be the selfish, generally/sexually manipulative, impulsive, aggressive, angry, cocky viking but Eric can also be  loyal, brave, nervous, anxious, desperate, respectful, vulnerable, intellectually/emotionally attached to a non-blood related human, insecure and trustworthy… 

But if being generally good but very flawed isn’t human (his humanity), then I don’t know what is… 

AND Eric showed potential of being SACRIFICIAL… 

But Eric had no opportunity to be a “hero,” (atleast on the surface), atleast till now… 

(will be continued in the next installment).

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“Cocky Viking to Sacrifical Hero” The Body Language of Eric Northman Part One / Season One

I am putting together a little treat to help us through this second torturous week ahead : – )

This will be a three part series that goes over Eric Northman’s body language Season by Season, Episode by Episode in which he appears:

Who is this cocky viking that started the process of stealing someone's girlfriend with the flick of the wrist?

Season One:

Fangtasia: 1×04 “Escape from Dragon House.”

We know from the first few looks at at Eric that his raw sexuality is what he normally uses to play others and command a room (and is his outward front in public since ), Eric uses his sexuality even in a business setting apparently (I still say this despite the fact that Eric’s business is a bar of course). Eric displays the “open crotch,” and that is often a conscious or unconscious expression of sexuality and male dominance (let us think he is showing off the “gracious plenty”  if you are a book reader).

Placing your hands-palms down on the arms of the chair during a conversation shows authority over the person/group (something we know Eric has and shows). However, instead of keeping a firm grasp on the chair, it is very loose and Eric even seems to be twitching his fingers while talking to Sookie (showing a symbolic loosening of that authoritarian face with in her and he is also showing nervousness, surprisingly ). Obviously, nervousness  around Sookie as well as a loosening of his authority around Sookie is something that he obviously would not be keen to reveal and something that is therefore not obvious to the audience (unless you are paying attention of course). The twitching of fingers can show general arousal as well. Having Pam behind him symbolically shows his willingness to let trusted individuals  “guide him” sometimes despite his authority (besides showing Pam “has his back,” though that would be obvious of any child to their maker in most circumstances).

Fangtasia: 1×07 “Burning House of Love”

Eric presses his fingers together, almost at a folded steeple. Pressing fingers in this manner can symbolize arrogance or deep thought, maybe both. Eric is probably very thoughtful about Sookie, because he insists upon her presence later and is presumably texting Bill about meeting her. Eric also carries a certain amount of arrogance in his bar, obviously.

Fangtasia: 1×08 “The Fourth Man In The Fire”

Putting his hands in his pockets during this situation means one of two things:

1. He is actually not very confident about the situation and his is very anxious about it. Maybe he is actually acting this way because he is anxious that Sookie is around 🙂 Or Eric is really depending on Sookie here! This also goes to show that even season 1 Eric had moments of weakness and helplessness and anxiety (maybe even as a result of Sookie : ). Maybe he was also anxious about having to  possibly deal with the human in question, since on the surface, he thought it was a human suspect.

2. This can indicate dishonesty or withholding information. In this case, it would indicate that Eric brought Sookie here simply to see her again because he already knew who the culprit was. In this case, it would indicate that Eric took extreme measures to see Sookie again, even at this point, which would indicate he is already developing feelings for her that probably went beyond the sexual aspect.

Fangtasia: “Plaisir D’Amour”

Eric keeps a relaxed and wide body posture with Bill (demonstrating his superior presence in the room). He also smiles, so he considers Bill’s presence in front of him and Bill himself quite humorous and not worthy of being taken seriously. Eric also leans back in the chair and leaning back in the chair is also a way of indicating superiority over the other person in question and can also indicate a generally large ego (something we know Eric definitely has but has earned in some ways haha but something Lafayette has as well but hasn’t entirely earned, yet we still love Lafayette and find him endearing in some ways). What makes this interesting is later on in Season 3, Eric makes it clear to Lafayette that he actually downplays his own ego/superiority when he is trying to be a salesman (work with others in a business setting) and does not normally expect the other person to adapt to him under those circumstances. Frankly, Eric thinks so little of Bill that he puts his full ego on display for him. This Eric was also less affected by outside stresses and his full on cocky viking shined through.  As a chess player, Eric knows that Bill’s own ego is so large that it would annoy him to submit to such an outwardly cocky superior (as a result, Eric might get under Bill’s skin enough to get a rise out of him and slip up, either by attacking him in some way or revealing hidden information).

However, the facial differences between the first picture and the second picture are striking. Eric goes from a face full of humor (the smile) regarding Bill, to a face of skepticism (raised/scrunched eyebrows, parted lips, tongue on the back of his teeth). This is interesting because Eric was already definitely questioning Bill’s motives and this evidence backs up Eric’s comments about “the possible edict to protect Sookie,” which he seemed to be questioning Bill about, indirectly of course.

Merlotte’s: 1×09 “Plaisir D’Amour”

Here, Eric displays a little aggression by leaning into this person that he hardly knows and widening his eyes in his face (once again, the cocky viking is the main side of Eric shown). However, Eric was possibly trying to make a point more than anything else. We have seen Eric display this similar face to those he is simply trying to make a point to, but never harm (like Sookie). At the very least, this just shows that Eric and Sookie’s willingness to get into eachother’s faces is very significant, especially if he is known to be obviously aggressive and scary when he is in someone’s face in this manner.

Covering the gential region (“gracious plenty” book readers) with his clasped hands and hanging arms indicates a potentially anxious position (he wants to get out of there, is tired of looking at Bill and Sookie’s love fest) or feels as if he is looking forward to Bill’s potential demise or is nervous about seeing the magister (no matter the circumstances). It could also indicate his subconcious/concious sexual desire for Sookie and is a “barrier” between him and her (his beginning feelings for her and his disgust at witnessing the B/S display of affection before Bill leaves).

Bill’s Trial: 1×10 “I Don’t Wanna Know”

Eric masterfully shows his authority and position in regards to Bill but simultaneously shows his submission to the magister with a slight head tilt.

Not surprisingly, Eric shows a little aggression toward Bill during the trial (staring/narrowed eyes, tight lips). He is opprtunistically trying to get rid of his "rival" through this.

Surprisingly, Eric displays a little concern or shock (wide eyes, slightly titled head) once it is known what Bill's punishment will be.

Of course, once Eric is concerned with playing to others, his cockiness is considerably lower yet he still plays it to those he considers inferior (i.e Bill). Eric’s aggressive face does in fact show that Eric was definitely trying to opportunistically take out his rival then (though I think Eric now realizes keeping Bill around as help sometimes is worth the hassle of having him as a rival as well, whether or not Bill feels the same way). It was surprising to realize that it seemed like Eric had feelings in regards to the nature of Bill’s punishment and was trying to conceal it (another indication that Eric might not have been quite as “heartless” as portrayed on the surface, even at this point in the show).

Fangtasia: 1×11 “To Love Is To Bury”

Eric attempts to sarcastically show Bill that "you need my strength, you are so pathetic" by touching his shoulder from behind and standing above him. He also literally and figuratively "looks down on him."

Eric commands the room with his sexuality again (w. jessica and Bill : ))

Eric does the "aggressive" in-your-face move with the wide eyes when making a point with Bill here with obviously no intention of harming him. Further proof that Eric mostly does this in an attempt to make a point ( while feigning total aggression) by using a little intimidation.

Bill’s House: 1×12 “You’ll Be The Death of Me”

Eric once again finds dealing with Bill humorous (his sly smile) and makes his point once again by showing agression with his fangs.

Season One obviously mostly shows the cocky/arrogant/opportunistic viking (the Eric who is concerned with showing his authority and power above all other things), finds dealing with  others that are beneath him/inferior humorous in all situations,  and uses his sexuality to manipulate others in most situations (male or female) and claim the room.

More importantly and less obviously and surprisingly, it shows an intelligent Eric who is already skeptical of Bill, an Eric that is nervous around Sookie,  and Eric that is nervous/anxious and not in control of an important situation,  an Eric that has to hide feelings about an innocent girl being forcibly turned by an unwilling maker, a vulnerable Eric, and an Eric that can be more bark than bite (using intimidation to make a point rather than following through on the aggression most of the time). All of this sets up the Eric of Seasons 2 and 3 of course…

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