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Notice and Disclaimer

Dear Readers,

Recently, my personal life was invaded by a woman who sent an anonymous letter from Boston to my boss at my personal job to complain about me because she was offended by my views on DPD (dependent personality disorder) contained within the article on Sookie’s Psychology. While I realize that these views on Sookie may be offensive for those who actually possess the disorder, I simply made an analysis of the character presented on the screen in connection with the knowledge of psychology I have obtained in college classes as well as personal research and was not attempting to attack people who have the disorder, cause damage to their psyches, or provide them with medical advice.  I am very sorry this person was offended to such a degree, but I think it was out-of-line to invade my personal life in such a manner because they wanted to lodge a complaint against me.


I do not claim and have never claimed advanced qualifications in the field of psychology and I am not offering medical or legal advice on this blog. I have not claimed advanced qualifications in any field in which I may use to interpret material on the show True Blood; I have also never claimed to offer advice in any of these fields. My knowledge of these subjects is based on my personal knowledge and research on them, therefore it should be taken as nothing other than my opinion of the research as it relates to True Blood. Because the material on True Blood is for mature audiences and contains offensive material,  it should be expected that the material on a blog containing interpretations of the show should be considered a place for mature audiences accepting that they may be offended by the material shown or discussed. I am sorry that people may not agree with my interpretations or may be personally offended by them. However,  this is a fantasy show for mature audiences containing offensive material and therefore, my blog should be considered to be in that same category. Therefore, all readers should be able to accept this risk and also accept that I should not be held personally or professionally liable for any negative reactions that occur as a result of reading or responding to the material contained within this blog. 

** All future complaints should be directed to me through many means of contact that are easy to access, including my facebook page or twitter** I can provide email addresses as necessary** If I attempt to respond to all comments directed to me on this page, then I will certainly listen to any type of criticism directed at me or the material contained within my blog**

Just as I am within my rights to use the internet to present personal views on a television show containing offensive material, you are well within your rights to use internet mediums (outside of our mutual personal lives) to launch complaints against me if you so choose.

Thank you,

Kat (Talktrueblood)