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You’re “Spellbound” but “Run” From It :Episode 4×08 and 4×09 Recap/Analysis

As my friend at True Blood Underground (TBU) pointed out, we open “Spellbound” to an audience fooled….though it seemed that Jessica had easily opened the doors to her destiny (the sun), we are shown an image of Jessica who must struggle towards/figure out her destiny.

Jessica 4x07 walk into the sun

Jessica 4x07 walk into the sun

Jessica 4x08 ATTEMPT to walk into the sun

Jessica 4x08 ATTEMPT to walk out into the sun

To TBU, this scene highlights her theory about out-of-whack narratives.

In my opinion, this was once again a clue that nothing is as straightforward as it seems on True Blood and if we struggle to see the truth then we will be saved as an audience member but if we go the straightforward route we will be burned as an audience member.

Jason ( a christ-like figure and source of truth and light and a conscience- despite his seemingly selfish maneuvers and weakness for the flesh) gives Jessica a dose of the medicine *silver* that Bill ( a source of lies and darkness and a shaky if existent conscience- despite some of his seemingly "good deeds) refused to give Jessica.

It might be easier to embrace the lies presented to us as audience members but if we take our “medicine” and accept the truth then it will be for the best in the end (as the metaphor above shows^). You are “Spellbound” by lies but you must “Run” from it.

The skulls/minds of the audience have been beaten in with the lies...


“Spellbound” must assuredly also be a reference to Hitchcock’s 1945 film “Spellbound.”  We have seen many references to Hitchcock on True Blood. In the film, the heroine is trying to protect an amnesia patient until he recovers. Obviously, this is exactly what our heroine on True Blood is doing to for Eric. In the film, the amnesia patient has a guilt complex because of something he did that he cannot remember and obviously that is also what Amnesia Eric is experiencing on our show.  However, the truth will ultimately set both Amnesia characters free and that is exactly what the audience needs by getting the truth…

Traumatized by their experiences with the one they were supposed to grow to love or have grown the love (Bill) , the audience has succumbed to a type of Amnesia (and so has Sookie) by slowly forgiving Bill for a few “good deeds” and forgetting the truth that lies underneath even as it has been exposed gradually beforehand.

Afterall, Sookie and some or most of the Audience still crave the influence of Bill's blood on the screen as Andy craves Vampire Blood versus their sobering reality.

We must take our medicine as Sookie takes her's. Sometimes the medicine doesn't have to be bitter and it's still better for you in the end.

"All is possible" with the truth.

Alas, the influence of lies will always allow some to take a step back inside their comfort zones.

However, unlike Antonia, you cannot over-categorize to solve the problem. You must strive, once again, for the truth.

Many things are always present to cloud our vision/perception...

..and there are some things...

...that are only seen by some and not others.

…that are seen by some and not others. Yet, this presents us as audience members with a challenge to become one of those that see the truth in the narrative even though it’s sometimes unpleasant:

In the final scene of  4×08, we are thrust as an audience  into the epitome of a “Spellbound” state (my friend at TBU has many thoughts and good questions about this scene too):

                                           We are running through a dense fog/haze of perception...

A world in which Tara is suddenly disgusted by killing a vampire.

A world in which Bill is a hero selflessly saving Tara because he didn't before even though she is an enemy right here.

A world in which Eric is the inefficient and bloodthirsty killer

A world in which Bill is somehow silvered to death...

BUT somehow gets to Sookie before Alcide can even get her in the door going into Episode 4×09 (remember her home is very close to this graveyard)…

And Sookie is able to somehow be healed by Bill’s blood without even ingesting it and she looks quite high actually(like some kind of V addict) even though her last memory was certain death….

(if Sookie was healed simply be a drop somehow sliding down her throat after a mortal bullet wound we are now certain that Bill must have known feeding her gobs of blood was totally unnecessary and possible even dangerous as Eric stated in Episode 2×03 as some may remember…and Bill’s only purpose in doing that was to control her even more…using that ignorance against her. )

This is exactly what is happening with the audience…our ignorance of what is hidden/unknown is constantly being used against us as we view the show.

Yet, just as Sookie said to Eric, “There is no such thing as forever,” the truth must come out eventually…

We can even invite it in.

Even when lies/ haziness invites itself in.

Sometimes, you simply must “get out of here” and change of perception/ setting is often needed:

But on True Blood the blood often holds down those that challenge it (you constantly must work against it even when you invite the truth in)...

But again, even though Debbie found things out of course...she preferred to go back to the influence of blood (just as many audience members do)....

BECAUSE it’s never pretty:

Are you trapped by the magic?

Are you trapped by the blood?

Sometimes you’re just too far gone or it’s too late OR even the truth exposes consequences…

But especially when it’s ignored…

Nan ignores warnings to cancel the rally

When you’re/we’re “Spellbound” (4×08)…………..”Run/Let’s get out of here” (4×09)!



“Retribution vs. Forgiveness” : Episode 4×07 “Cold Grey Light of Dawn” Recap

For Antonia, there is no forgiveness-— only retribution for those that have wronged her…

…that means ALL humans that betray her and ALL vampires must suffer under her form of retribution

…AND Antonia will also use angry humans to seek retribution against vampires. Antonia, there is only retribution for those that have wronged Pam.

Jason tries to find forgiveness in himself for his growing feelings toward Jessica…

…But Jason realizes that Hoyt will only seek retribution against him if he loses Jessica to him.

Sookie’s forgiveness of Eric has driven them to a point of happiness that Sookie nor Eric wants to lose. Can Sookie still forgive Eric when he gets his memories back?

Tio Luca seeks retribution from beyond the grave against Jesus’ Grandfather as well as forgiveness for Jesus and Jesus’ Grandfather seeks retribution for the Jesus’ abandonment.

Debbie tries to forgive Alcide for his obvious feelings for another woman, Sookie.

Tara tries to convince Holly to help them seek retribution against vampires (using her own words against her)…

Andy begins receiving his own retribution for abusing vampire blood through blowing his date with Holly.

Bill tells Jessica that Marnie probably deserves her retribution as do vampires for their murderous ways (including his) but asks Jessica for forgiveness

…Jessica forgives Bill.

Luna seeks retribution against Sam for kicking her out of his trailer after they slept together.

Sam sees choking Tommy and then  kicking Tommy out as retribution for skin-walking as him and sleeping with his girlfriend. There will be no forgiveness that Tommy seeks right now.

Sookie’s forgiveness of Eric and realization of their love leads her to save his undead life.

Antonia gathers her coven of retribution, resulting in a local vampire meeting the sun and the consequences could be even more disastrous…


Obviously retribution is born out of a need for revenge rather than forgiveness and that dark desire of human nature obviously won out in this episode. I think it says a lot about Sookie and Eric’s relationship because of the fact that Alan Ball ( a Buddhist) focuses on their relationship as a bright light of forgiveness within the dark theme of retribution born out of revenge. Eric’s character is also in a bright light because he forgives Sookie for not seeing the good in him like she could have before (this is why they are currently a bright couple in Alan Ball’s eyes: forgiveness). Eric is apparently the redeemable character at this stage and not Bill. It also says a lot about Jessica’s character that she forgives Bill and sees the benefits of her position rather than still dwelling on the negative aspects now; we see her entrance into the sun as a christ-like sacrifice as a result. Every other person on the show besides Sookie, Eric, and Jessica are stuck in a place of much needed improvement in Alan Ball’s view.



“Revelations”- Episode 4×06 “I wish I was the Moon” Recap

This scene reveals that Sookie is actually self-concious around Non-Amnesia Eric through

This recap is different that the others and more like a typical recap. However, I think that each scene/interaction in this episode gave us a big REVELATION about the true feelings/thoughts/actions of many characters or revealed something hidden about the plot.


We learn that Sookie is actually self-conscious around Non-Amnesia this dialogue:

Eric- “You are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.” Sookie- “That’s because you don’t remember anything else.”

Why would Sookie be self-conscious around Non-Amnesia Eric if she wasn’t constantly trying to impress him or worried about her appearance around him? If she was going through all that it shows that she actually cared about his opinion all along.

Most importantly, it shows that Sookie isn’t skeptical  about Non-Amnesia Eric’s feelings because she’s a fairy (not revealed till much later) or “special” OR because he competes with Bill, she’s skeptical because she doesn’t think she is beautiful enough or has enough to offer him after all he’s experienced/ in comparison to his status!

Awwh! This shows that Sookie probably cared somewhat all along but was with Bill and was also self-conscious.

Sookie’s Interpretation: I don’t know what you’re saying but you ARE the master manipulator. You did and said anything to get into my pants. You were actually a danger to me at one time even though you promised to protect me.

You stuck you’re fangs into anything and I never said a thing. Looks like I am the one who has better things to do than care who you’re with or whose legs you’re between.

This scene also shows that Eric is not superficial actually as he gazes onto his progeny’s face (even a progeny he doesn’t remember) without flinching.  This shows his love for Sookie is not really based on her looks even though he definitely finds it appealing (as we see in Amnesia Eric) above.

Sure, Eric and Pam think Bill is self-loathing because he has been presented to them and the audience that way. However, they also think he is pompous and power-hungry. It sounds like a contradiction to me that Bill could be both self-loathing and pompous (to hate yourself and ostentatiously display your importance). I don’t think Bill is quite as self-loathing as he makes the audience and the other characters believe (we see him enjoying his power over humans now and in the flashbacks, in fact he only glamours to manipulate them or make them forget things).

First of all, this scene shows that Nan is aware of the personal feud between Bill and Eric. Second of all, this scene shows that Nan doesn’t care at all about Eric even after what he did for them in regards to Russell; that tells me that maybe I was on the right track about the fact that Eric really doesn’t actually like the Authority very much and may even secretly oppose them and that they don’t have a good relationship and that his “high friends” are not with the Authority.

This shows that their is probably a spirit possessing the doll and that it is mischievous and protective of Mikey for some reason. This confirms my idea that Arlene’s botched abortion spell has probably actually turned Mikey into a medium (making spirits attracted to him) and maybe even possibly a witch too; the spirits are causing Arlene’s problems and not Mikey directly.

Tommy is not conscienceless as we see in this scene and full of his own share of self-loathing and fear (which we have seen but not at this stage). When he looks at the mirror, we can see that he has gotten to a point that he has lost his identity. Taking over Sam’s identity was enjoyable because he no longer had to face his self-loathing and Sam’s power, wealth, and status in town gave him a reason to overcome his fear.

This relates to the theme of identity throughout the season (which relates to Eric’s actual loss of identity of course).

Jesus’s need of protection is commentary on Sookie’s protection of Eric (the one she loves).

The declaration by Jesus about there being more important things than pride shows that the key to the vampires winning the battle against the witches ( Maybe this shows a problem or weakness for many witches: pride.) Maybe that will be the downfall for the witches and revenge (Antonia’s motivation) is often connected to pride.

It may also parallel what Eric and Bill need to overcome: their own pride.

We learn that Tommy resents Sookie’s control over Sam and has a huge disdain for her. He also says what much of the audience was thinking about Sookie’s job at Merlotte’s. ha ha.

We learn that Debbie hasn’t changed in regards to her deception or dishonesty (not that this a surprise)…BUT…

MORE IMPORTANTLY, we learn that Alcide is just as controlling as Bill.

I think that this scene teaches us that the Authority is in fact of a religious mindset (as I had suggested) and did not just choose the Catholic church as a cover or have developed a religious mindset of superiority as a result of their involvement in the Catholic church. The hatred the Authority and vampires have for witches is not just because of their necromancy, but the religious dogma.

This scene parallels Antonia’s invasion of Eric’s mind except that Antonia’s invasion of Marnie’s body and mind was willing and Eric’s was not.

Antonia’s main magical method is mind and body control of the dead and she must need permission from the willing (as we see later Tara will be willing as she seeks revenge against vampires). She forces the vampires to want to walk out into the sun, she forces Eric to lose his memories, but she invades Antonia’s mind and body only with her permission/openess. With Pam, she plays with her mind and controls her because Pam is superficial in many ways and is controlled by her appearance and finds her confidence and power in it; she controls Pam’s confidence and power by taking away her beauty.

We learn that Jessica and Jason will not just share a sexual attraction, they will share love. They have a lot more in common that Hoyt and Jessica have in reality and Jessica isn’t immune to Jason’s charms either. The Hoyt-Jason-Jessica love triangle has begun and their already keeping secrets from Hoyt.

We also learn that Jessica actually LOVES being a vampire and would not go back to being a human. Her self-loathing is gone and she won’t repeat all of the problems of Bill, she is steadily overcoming them.

We learn that Luna’s penchant for danger, excitement, and the unknown is not completely gone (a reference to her days with her bad-boy werewolf).

It’s clear that skinwalking (though possible in certain circumstances) is dangerous/ hazardous to the skinwalkers own health/body and should not be done often (not just because its unethical).

Jason and Sookie’s relationship is obviously still very tender and loving despite their pronounced distance from each other most of the time.

It is known that Sookie has also finally  reached a form of self-acceptance.

It is shown that Amnesia Eric is defnitely not faking it.

In addition, we learn that it is possible that Sookie is the only one that has ever given Eric true romantic love (though we’re not sure since his memory is off).

He also just wants Sookie to be happy and protected even if it’s not with him (true love).

It is also emphasized that Sookie still cares about and probably loves Bill (even though its not a surprise);  Bill still cares for Sookie enough to not kill Eric (even though we know he REALLY wants to and has tried before) because she’d then hate him.

Antonia wants everyone to know it’s her and she’s back.

Everything Bill has is empty and his power-hungry nature has left him with nothing.

Eric doesn’t have to bite Sookie to make love to her (an obvious contrasts/parallel to Bill) and that he makes love more gently/with more consideration than Bill (not a surprise to Eric fans of course).


“Bill tries to Apologize to Sookie (Bill’s POV)”- Episode 4×05 “Me and the Devil” Recap

As some of you know, True Blood often contains different POVs (Points-of-View). I have noticed that Episode 5 has been an episode that contains Bill’s POV, even though this was our pivitol Eric and Sookie episode. It has been widely known  and was obvious that this episode contains a theme of guilt—this is something that BIll constantly tries to convince the audience that he feels so it makes sense.

Notice the Episode 5 patterns in regards to Bill:

Episode 1×05- Bill and Sookie are on the outs/ Sookie has claimed that she and Bill are no longer together and Sookie has even agreed to go on a date with Sam Merlotte, signaling some romantic interest in him. However, we are supposed to feel sorry for Bill because of his flashback with Lorena and the fact that he lives up to his promise to Gran to speak at the civil war group even though it’s probably painful to recount that as well.

Episode 2×05- Bill and Sookie are in a disagreement about her continuing to stay loyal to Eric in finding Godric but she insists upon it. It seems that Eric and Sookie’s feelings are deepening for each other as well. We are supposed to feel sorry for Bill because he was trying to protect Sookie (though we now know it was his orders too) and Sookie seems to forgive him by initiating sex at the end (though it’s often shown that’s how Bill and Sookie solve their problems).

Episode 3×05- Bill has just broken up with Sookie in an over-the-top and mean manner in the last episode and then killed an innocent stripper too. Sookie is developing feelings for Alcide as they search for Bill though. However, we’re supposed to feel sorry for Bill because he did it so Russell might forget her and he would keep up appearances in front of him… AND he is supposed to appear redeemed because he ended up escaping in order to warn Sookie.

Episode 4×05- Bill and Sookie are broken up and it seems things are continuing on the downturn and Sookie even lies to Bill to help Eric. Amnesia Eric and Sookie have fallen in love. However, were supposed to feel bad for Bill because he is over whelmed by his responsibilities and Sookie lied to him and Sookie is in love with somebody else.


This is the clear pattern in episodes under Bill’s POV: Bill and Sookie are in conflict. Sookie is developing romantic feelings for someone else.  There is something that is supposed to redeem Bill or make us feel sorry for him or both.

(if you are a Bill fan or neutral viewer, it is likely you would feel sorry for Bill after viewing one of these episodes because he is on the outs with Sookie and Sookie has feelings for someone else but Bill does something or we find something out about Bill that is supposed to make us sympathetic to him.)


( REMEMBER, THIS EPISODE IS IN BILL’S POV AND IS NOT MY PERSONAL OPINION : /. However, we know much of this is very hypocritical and is no excuse.)


Sookie, I lost my family trying to save myself (during my turning) and I often had to kill to live.

I apologize.


Sookie, I was often under the control of those such as Lorena, The Queen,  or The Authority when I killed and did bad things.

I apologize.


I would have embraced and faced anything to stay by your side.

I apologize.



Look at how scary Eric is!

Eric is just like all the other “EVIL” vampires! I am the one who showed you how different they can be!

I apologize.


This Eric isn’t real and I am the one that would never hurt you AGAIN…

I apologize.


I am sorry I lied to you but I was afraid of losing you and felt guilty.

I apologize.



I was afraid of being alone too after you showed me that I didn’t have to be scary to everyone.

I apologize.



I wanted to be peaceful as a human but I was destined to need to spill blood for power.

I apologize.


I am sorry I lied about myself but you made me too happy so I was afraid of losing you.

I apologize.




I felt like I shouldn’t burden you with all of my problems.

I apologize.


I tried to purge/ ignore my demons but it just burned me and us as a couple in the end.

I apologize.


Don’t fall for Eric because this is only temporary.

I apologize.


Remember all of the terrible things he did- YOU HATE ERIC NORTHMAN!

I apologize.



I wish I could have been independent and not been under the control of others but it was too late for that.

I apologize.


I will and would have done anything to protect you.

I apologize.


What I did to Uncle Barlett was necessary and people can live with their demons and move on.

I apologize.




Remember, that you really want me and your feelings for Eric grew with the blood. You had never wanted him that way before. I know you wanted me before even though I gave you that blood early on.
I apologize.



Remember when you forgave me and embraced me into your life again. You did that with Eric and you can’t do that with me?

I apologize. 





Sometimes, I just have to make the tough decisions and it might be hard for you or others to understand.
I apologize for all of that and what I will have to do now.








“Family Feeling.” – Episode 4×04 “I’m Alive and On Fire” Recap (Bonus: “Eric’s love letter to Sookie)

There is no family feeling in your soul.” – Maxine Fortenberry to Sam


Despite the sexual feelings between them, Sookie has developed a motherly feeling toward Eric as well during this crisis. Eric was also absent a “family” in his mind when Sookie finds him and gives him a home—- a “Family Feeling” has developed between them (and may possibly evolve into a husband/wife feeling in the future).

Pam would fight, lie, and die for her maker because of their “Family Feeling,” even in the face of a Ruthless Bill (who once hypocritically accused Eric of ruthlessness himself).

The desperate “Family Feeling” in Hotshot causes him to be set-up for a gang-rape by the clan. Despite the “Family Feeling” in one of the younger girls driving her to her own rape of Jason, she chooses to do the right thing and release Jason.

There is no “Family Feeling” in vampire politics/ the Authority—- only rules, responsibility and punishment.

Despite their own sexual attraction, Alcide and Sookie have developed their own “Family Feeling,” which drives Alcide to help Sookie.

There is no family feeling in your soul.” 

Maxine accuses Sam of lacking a “Family Feeling,” despite being hypocritical in saying this. Supposedly, her “Family Feeling” for Tommy drives her to utilize her ‘lioness instincts ‘ to help him despite disowning Hoyt.

The “Family Feeling” amongst the witches drives them to work together as a group to help each other. Tara and Lafayette’s literal “Family Feeling” drives Tara into helping him and the group, apart from the concern about herself.

Despite claiming a “Family Feeling,” and referring to the young girl as family, Felton seems to lack any of that feeling in reality by being sexual harassing to the girl.

Tommy still possesses a “Family Feeling” despite everything. He needs that “Family Feeling” so much that once rejected by Sam and feeling nothing real for Maxine, he goes back to the mother who allowed his abuse (literally embracing her).

Sam discovers a “Family Feeling” when he uncovers Luna’s daughter going to see her.

Sookie continues to show her “Family Feeling” for Eric by saving him and wrapping him in a blanket (in a motherly manner). Eric wants Sookie to stay with him and comfort him because of that “Family Feeling.”

Alcide and Sookie possess enough of a “Family Feeling” to tell the other ‘how-it-is’ in their eyes and still lovingly embrace each other/make-up in the end.

Crystal insists that Hotshot is the only place that will ‘accept’ Jason and give him that “Family Feeling.” She even lets him go, insisting that he will come back for that reason.

Portia brings Bill to meet her family. In this case, the “Family Feeling” Bill receives is rather unfortunate for him and Portia.

Luna explains the unwanted “Family Feelings” coming from her ex-boyfriend but Sam still embraces the “Family Feelings” that come with Luna’s daughter.

Debbie plays Alcide by seeming to be understanding of his “Family Feelings” toward Sookie, through this she makes Alcide trust her more by giving him “Family Feelings” about her.

Sookie and Eric get closer through the “Family Feelings” that coincide with the sexual attraction and almost kiss.

Sookie and Bill still possess the sexual attraction with one another but the “Family Feeling” between them is dissipating.  However, the “Family Feeling” with Eric is again clearly present as she tries to do everything in her power to protect him ( if it was just about saving herself then she would make a deal with Bill, including saying she was afraid of Pam, to save her own skin rather than go out of her way to continue to protect him – SOOKIE LOVES ERIC!

Sookie runs in front of the door to protect Eric

Hoyt’s “Family Feelings” for Jason lead him to go as far as allowing Jessica to give him her blood in order to save him.

Tommy’s “Family Feelings” led him into the trap we all expected it would.


Terry’s “Family Feelings” toward Arlene and her baby are once again tested.


Pam’s “Family Feelings” for Eric led her to being disfigured by the possessed Marnie while trying to save him.


Bonus: “Eric’s love letter to Sookie” :

Dear Sookie,

I would never harm you if I had a choice.

You might have been worried about my involvement in politics but now Bill is the real political animal- a politician and a King who can never retire.

I know you love me now. You even came to look for me when I lost by dragging Alcide along  (in the same way you requested my help in saving Bill, even though I was also interested in you).

“Come play with me, it’s wonderful here (with me).”

You covered me with your love.

I don’t want you to ever leave me.

You protected me from the one you once loved, even when you could have sold me out to save yourself. You also look really worried about me Sookie!

Make me happy and you’ll be happy too. “It’s just a kiss.”


“Control”- Episode 4×03 “If You Love Me, Why Am I Dyin’?” Recap

Eric is under the CONTROL of the possessed Marnie’s spell…


And Sookie, under the CONTROL of her feelings for Eric, decides to help him.


But, Sookie alone will CONTROL the situation and make the rules.


Marnie wants to regain CONTROL of herself and her coven against the vampires by directing them to seek further justice against Eric.



Tara agrees because she reminds Lafayette of how vampires like Eric have often taken away her own CONTROL of herself and her life.


Lafayette believes that sometimes the best way of regaining CONTROL is simply to try to smooth things over rather than gain the upper-hand. He continues to believe that Eric is the one who will eventually have CONTROL of the situation, and in turn them, no matter what.



A tale told in HotShot explains the power and the CONTROL that nature has over those like them as Crystal caresses Jason, the one they will CONTROL.



A group of Anti-Vampire activists attempts to expose the CONTROL vampires have over the human population in order for humans to regain CONTROL of the situation.



Although under the CONTROL of a set-up, a vampire must pay for that set-up as Bill exerts his ironic CONTROL over the very vampires of his own species he loathes.


Jessica reveals that she let her Vampiric instincts CONTROL her and Bill attempts to tell Jessica that she should tell the truth to Hoyt rather than try to CONTROL him or CONTROL the situation by lying or with-holding information.

Sookie realizes the CONTROL she has over Eric in his amnesic state.


Pam tries to exert the CONTROL that she and Eric have in order to force Sookie to protect Eric but Sookie asserts her own CONTROL  of the situation by demanding payment.



Jessica CONTROLS Hoyt and the situation by glamouring him.


Eric tries to find out how much CONTROL he has over Sookie but she insists he has none and won’t ever have any, maintaining her own CONTROL over him and the situation. Eric is left feeling wistful and powerless to her.


Lafayette continues to remind them that Eric will eventually assert his power and therefore his CONTROL over them.


Under the CONTROL of V, Andy attempts to assert his control over others such as Sam any way he can in order to not feel powerless in some way.

Under the CONTROL of her hormones and some of the feelings she may have for him, Sookie seems to try to be seducing Alcide in some way, only to be reminded of Debbie’s CONTROL over him.


Maxine is under the CONTROL of a scamming Tommy and her doll obsession (ha ha).


Crystal tells Jason he is under the CONTROL of a powerful transformation.

Portia tries to take CONTROL of things with Bill by setting up the terms of a sexual relationship with them and Bill tries to CONTROL the situation by insisting upon the limitations of things between them.


Tara realizes some of the power and the potential CONTROL she continues to have over Sam as he seems to acknowledge that.


Jessica attempts to CONTROL the situation with the doll by giving it  to Arlene’s baby as Arlene looks at the baby who CONTROLS her mental stability.


Tommy tells Sam that they can CONTROL the windfall intended to go to Maxine and that they can become partners in crime.



Marnie attempts to surrender herself to the CONTROL of the powerful spirit that possesses her.


Jason, under the CONTROL of Hotshot and Crystal, is forced to father the babies for the entire town.


Claudine tries to get back her CONTROL over Sookie even as she refuses. However, Eric shows the vampiric power and CONTROL over fairies by draining Claudine.




General Thoughts:

Lafayette illustrates that it’s not always possible to solve a situation and also maintain your pride. This speaks to a block of many of the True Blood characters – pride. Maybe that will even be the downfall of the witches this season and the thing vampires must set aside in order to organize and unite and defeat them.

We, the audience, are supposed to be reminded that Alcide will never be a viable option and that her involvement with him (a werewolf) will put her life at risk just as her involvement with vampires will ( in the form of the woman who attempted to kill her-Debbie).

Bill didn’t bite Portia because he had just condemned another guy for being set up during a feeding and it showed that is the number one issue weighing heavy on his mind as King, even though he probably won’t stop himself and either will his child-Jessica. He didn’t know whether things with Portia were a set-up initially and it wouldn’t be a good idea to mix feedings with business (though sex seems perfectly acceptable( ha ha). Will he be able to condemn Jessica as easily as he condemned that man? What about if he himself is ever caught? Will the Authority condone such an action, even by a King, without a ruling outside of his supposed “authority within the Authority.”

Claudine’s refusal to fight vampires and Eric’s subsequent draining, while funny and justified for Claudine in particular, shows that maybe Queen Mab is right to close off contact with the human world in some ways and puts the reality of things in front of Sookie’s eyes…..from the very vampire she will come to love.

Positively, this may illustrate Eric’s own ability to restrain with her in part due to his love.






“Transformation.”–Episode 4×02 “You Smell Like Dinner” Recap

As an episode of TRANSFORMATIONS, it opens up with Jason unaware of his literal TRANSFORMATION that is about to occur.

Eric points out Sookie’s ongoing TRANSFORMATION from being dominated by her human side to being dominated by her supernatural fairy side.  She may not have wanted this TRANSFORMATION anymore than Jason wanted his, but they will both have to go through it to survive.

Yet the supernatural TRANSFORMATIONS that aided their survival (like Jessica’s own Vampiric TRANSFORMATION) may in fact cause their demise in this new world; Hoyt must TRANSFORM as well to survive inside Jessica’s world. Even Pam realizes the ways vampires must TRANSFORM as well inside this new world.

Sam tries to convince Luna to TRANSFORM herself into a more open individual because his love awaits her when she does; this is ironic that they have this conversation while both naked (symbolically representing openness of course).

Jesus helps Lafayette begin to realize his TRANSFORMATION into a witch.

Bill’s TRANSFORMATION to womanizing King becomes apparant to Sookie and the audience through her point-of-view).

(even though we are later shown what steps Bill went through to find his TRANSFORMATION to King…he didn’t go from procurer to King, he went from carefree hunter to spy to womanizing King…yet another secret to hold from her)

However, Sookie doesn’t need any more information because her own TRANSFORMATION into the strong fairy is arriving as she tells Bill off.

Meanwhile, Arlene’s life has TRANSFORMED from the supernatural-free life she once prided herself on (and she probably only has herself to blame). Did she even TRANSFORM her own child or her own life herself in the Wiccan ritual (and bloodied her own vision for the perfect life)? As Queen Sophie-Ann said, everything that exists imagined itself into existence. Combined with a Wiccan ritual, it is safe to assume that Arlene created this TRANSFORMATION herself.

Sam begins TRANSFORMING his anger into acceptance as Luna begins TRANSFORMING into the open person Sam requested.

Andy continues his TRANSFORMATION into a dirty cop and a V addict (missing Jason’s cries for help in the process).

Sookie witnesses Tara’s TRANSFORMATION and also begins to see how Eric is TRANSFORMING her life, even though she only sees the negatives and none of the positives right now .

Jessica continues trying to TRANSFORM into a wife for Hoyt but literally changes her path.

Lafayette finally accepts his TRANSFORMATION into a witch when he opens up to Tara.

Eric must accept the TRANSFORMATION of Bill’s role in his life, even if he does it sarcastically.

Bill looks upon his TRANSFORMATION into wealth and status, but its empty as he stares into it…………………alone.

Pam doesn’t want to TRANSFORM into Sookie’s friend but she encourages Sookie to accept the TRANSFORMATION of Eric’s role in her life, the same way that she gladly did.

After changing paths, Jessica literally “lets her hair down,” and TRANSFORMS into the sexy, blood-thirsty hunter she really is.

Luna finally TRANSFORMS into the open individual Sam wanted her to be. She then describes how she TRANSFORMS into a her mother and therefore, a shifter that can turn into humans.

Jessica reveals that Sookie never TRANSFORMED into her stepmother and doesn’t hide her new TRANSFORMATION to Sookie.

Sam finally completes his TRANSFORMATION of his anger into acceptance.

After Marnie TRANSFORMS into a possessed witch…

Eric begins his TRANSFORMATION into Amnesia-Eric, the condemned vampire in both body and soul that Marnie’s spell forced upon him.

AND…..We come full circle in the episode of TRANFORMATION as Jason begins his TRANSFORMATION into a were-panther….