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Season Finale Predictions 4×12

Spoilers below of course!


Episode #48 – 4.12: ‘And When I Die’ – Season Finale. – It’s Samhain, Wicca’s greatest holy day, and spirits of the dead surface in Bon Temps, giving Sookie some valuable allies to combat Marnie’s newest incarnation. Lafayette’s latest medium encounter imperils his relationship with Jesus; Jason finds confession good for the soul, but not the body; Alcide makes a heartfelt appeal to the woman he loves; Terry receives an unexpected visitor at Merlotte’s; Sam and Luna envision a storybook ending, for once; Nan wears out her welcome with Bill and Eric. As Season Four comes to a shattering conclusion, Debbie confronts Sookie and Tara with deadly consequences, and the denizens of Bon Temps brace for a new crisis with a familiar face.

Never before has a True Blood season finale been so hard to figure out even by the worst spoiler sluts such as myself. But here I will attempt to dissect anything I have dug up and come up with an idea of how most of the episode might play out and include some good ol’ fashioned guessing:

(you may already know some of this or it’s obvious but bear with me, I take some guesses too so you might not have already thought of all of this or know it)


(most screen-caps courtesy of thank you!)

OK, so obviously we left off with Lafayette possessed by Marnie and Jesus feeling guilty about her death despite the fact it was necessary. Lafayette is still possessed by Marnie and Jesus finds out the hard way:


Sookie, thinking things have been taken care of with Marnie and finding out she wasn’t fired somehow, goes back to work. Alcide comes (as we saw in a episode clip) to tell her what happened with Debbie and convince her that it would be the best for both of them if they got together (just as Sookie said earlier. SO romantic I know HAHA). However, Sookie is too wrapped up in Bill and Eric right now and recognizes Alcide’s come-on as a desperate need for companionship no matter what was between them before (cause you know- every girl LOVES desperation and they just had SO much chemistry before LOL):


Meanwhile (as we saw in the other clip), Sam and Maxine mourn Tommy (I am sure Maxine wouldn’t if she knew he cheated her out of several thousand dollars but I digress…):


(Sam and Luna possibly have a love-fest afterwards and try to move on but you know something else is going to pop up and I see Tommy’s ghost and/or the Micken’s ghosts returning during the ghost resurrection)

Terry is at Merlotte’s and this character shows up: [PATRICK DEVINS] 35 to 45, tough, and ruggedly attractive, he served in the military with Terry, and they share a serious history: Terry saved Patrick’s life twice. SERIES REGULAR – NEXT SEASON – 7 OUT OF 13.

It’s actor Scott Foley playing Patrick Devins:

Either Jason confesses to Hoyt and then gets beat up after having a dream about Jessica/ making love to Jessica OR he makes love to Jessica/ has a dream about Jessica and then gets beat up confessing to Hoyt (I am pretty sure Hoyt is on the fast track to an FOTS membership or at least on the fast track to revenge against them and almost certainly back to his mother I THINK):


Despite the fact that Sookie and Alcide don’t get together, V-Head Debbie shows up to Sookie’s house to kill her but is discovered by Tara first (who recognizes her from  the confrontation at Russell’s) who is potentially almost shot by Debbie first. Tara warns Sookie and Sookie kills Debbie (potentially Debbie as a wolf since we see a glow after Sookie shoots an individual or maybe Sookie’s glow hands go off- I don’t know):

"She's back."


Bill and/or Eric may help Sookie out with Debbie’s body if Tara doesn’t or isn’t there. Nan shows up to tell Bill that it’s ALL OVER for him and Eric (they have an order issued on their heads). Eric and Bill come together (once again despite everything) to get rid of Nan (not just to prevent their executions but to protect Sookie from Nan who knows about her). They take care of Nan or while they are attempting to take care of Nan and her human cronies, Lafayette possessed by Marnie shows up to exact revenge against them and gets rid of the Nan convoy in the process. Inside the possessed Lafayette, Marnie decides to burn them the way Antonia was burned and attempts to burn them in front of a helpless Sookie. However, the spirts of the dead (maybe other fairies show up too for some reason- I don’t know) such as Antonia help Sookie. Jesus may also help Lafayette break free from Marnie but ends up dying this time for it:

Somewhere in all of this, Pam has a fit in Eric’s office about his rejection of her and Ginger attempts to comfort her (unless Pam is also upset at feeling Eric’s pain later too). I still don’t think Pam is going to turn Ginger (though that would be a twist) but you can’t blame a girl for trying right?:

Out on the town for Halloween, Arlene definitely sees something (possibly some dead souls walking around):


Bill thanks Sookie for trying to help them (and/or Sookie and they say give each other a reluctant goodbye (or Bill turns her away though I don’t think this is likely) and she greives over their lost relationship/ mourns it:

(Alternative scenario- this is simply after Bill helps her with the body and before Nan shows up. Therefore, Sookie is crying outside the mansion because of the impending execution though I think it’s the former theory. I don’t think it’s the nightmare scenario that they kiss here and get back together SOME are dreaming of but I guess it’s possible.)


….If this happens, I believe Sookie will try to go to Eric as the cliffhanger or will remain single at least till next season LOL. Anyway, if the spoiler about her choosing between her vampire lovers is true, then I believe she will choose Eric after the rescue and a goodbye scene between her and Bill.


I believe that we will get a cliffhanger that shows Russell is about to return by seeing his open cement grave or some other clue but not by actually seeing Russell’s face. We will be shown that the missing Steve Newlin is either staging his own disappearance in preparation for their war or his protection OR the AVL/ Authority has him.  We could see Hoyt checking out the FOTS (as I suggested). I believe its possible that Crystal or someone will go looking for Jason and the ghosts of Sam’s past will haunt him. Lafayette may discover a dead Jesus.  If Tara knows of Debbie’s death, let’s see if she handles killing a human just as well or is suffering with guilt somehow despite the self-defense aspect.  We could also see the AVL/ the Authority’s knowledge about Sookie even if Nan is taken care of as a cliffhanger. The fairies could show up again and there could be a question about that next season if they do (we did get Andy breeding with one of them).

I see next season being about the Authority versus the FOTS versus. Russell. Each side will want to use Sookie as a weapon or a bargaining chip and drag various citizens of Bon Temps into their respective traps (by their will or against it).

That was my best shot! 🙂
Sound-off below.



You’re “Spellbound” but “Run” From It :Episode 4×08 and 4×09 Recap/Analysis

As my friend at True Blood Underground (TBU) pointed out, we open “Spellbound” to an audience fooled….though it seemed that Jessica had easily opened the doors to her destiny (the sun), we are shown an image of Jessica who must struggle towards/figure out her destiny.

Jessica 4x07 walk into the sun

Jessica 4x07 walk into the sun

Jessica 4x08 ATTEMPT to walk into the sun

Jessica 4x08 ATTEMPT to walk out into the sun

To TBU, this scene highlights her theory about out-of-whack narratives.

In my opinion, this was once again a clue that nothing is as straightforward as it seems on True Blood and if we struggle to see the truth then we will be saved as an audience member but if we go the straightforward route we will be burned as an audience member.

Jason ( a christ-like figure and source of truth and light and a conscience- despite his seemingly selfish maneuvers and weakness for the flesh) gives Jessica a dose of the medicine *silver* that Bill ( a source of lies and darkness and a shaky if existent conscience- despite some of his seemingly "good deeds) refused to give Jessica.

It might be easier to embrace the lies presented to us as audience members but if we take our “medicine” and accept the truth then it will be for the best in the end (as the metaphor above shows^). You are “Spellbound” by lies but you must “Run” from it.

The skulls/minds of the audience have been beaten in with the lies...


“Spellbound” must assuredly also be a reference to Hitchcock’s 1945 film “Spellbound.”  We have seen many references to Hitchcock on True Blood. In the film, the heroine is trying to protect an amnesia patient until he recovers. Obviously, this is exactly what our heroine on True Blood is doing to for Eric. In the film, the amnesia patient has a guilt complex because of something he did that he cannot remember and obviously that is also what Amnesia Eric is experiencing on our show.  However, the truth will ultimately set both Amnesia characters free and that is exactly what the audience needs by getting the truth…

Traumatized by their experiences with the one they were supposed to grow to love or have grown the love (Bill) , the audience has succumbed to a type of Amnesia (and so has Sookie) by slowly forgiving Bill for a few “good deeds” and forgetting the truth that lies underneath even as it has been exposed gradually beforehand.

Afterall, Sookie and some or most of the Audience still crave the influence of Bill's blood on the screen as Andy craves Vampire Blood versus their sobering reality.

We must take our medicine as Sookie takes her's. Sometimes the medicine doesn't have to be bitter and it's still better for you in the end.

"All is possible" with the truth.

Alas, the influence of lies will always allow some to take a step back inside their comfort zones.

However, unlike Antonia, you cannot over-categorize to solve the problem. You must strive, once again, for the truth.

Many things are always present to cloud our vision/perception...

..and there are some things...

...that are only seen by some and not others.

…that are seen by some and not others. Yet, this presents us as audience members with a challenge to become one of those that see the truth in the narrative even though it’s sometimes unpleasant:

In the final scene of  4×08, we are thrust as an audience  into the epitome of a “Spellbound” state (my friend at TBU has many thoughts and good questions about this scene too):

                                           We are running through a dense fog/haze of perception...

A world in which Tara is suddenly disgusted by killing a vampire.

A world in which Bill is a hero selflessly saving Tara because he didn't before even though she is an enemy right here.

A world in which Eric is the inefficient and bloodthirsty killer

A world in which Bill is somehow silvered to death...

BUT somehow gets to Sookie before Alcide can even get her in the door going into Episode 4×09 (remember her home is very close to this graveyard)…

And Sookie is able to somehow be healed by Bill’s blood without even ingesting it and she looks quite high actually(like some kind of V addict) even though her last memory was certain death….

(if Sookie was healed simply be a drop somehow sliding down her throat after a mortal bullet wound we are now certain that Bill must have known feeding her gobs of blood was totally unnecessary and possible even dangerous as Eric stated in Episode 2×03 as some may remember…and Bill’s only purpose in doing that was to control her even more…using that ignorance against her. )

This is exactly what is happening with the audience…our ignorance of what is hidden/unknown is constantly being used against us as we view the show.

Yet, just as Sookie said to Eric, “There is no such thing as forever,” the truth must come out eventually…

We can even invite it in.

Even when lies/ haziness invites itself in.

Sometimes, you simply must “get out of here” and change of perception/ setting is often needed:

But on True Blood the blood often holds down those that challenge it (you constantly must work against it even when you invite the truth in)...

But again, even though Debbie found things out of course...she preferred to go back to the influence of blood (just as many audience members do)....

BECAUSE it’s never pretty:

Are you trapped by the magic?

Are you trapped by the blood?

Sometimes you’re just too far gone or it’s too late OR even the truth exposes consequences…

But especially when it’s ignored…

Nan ignores warnings to cancel the rally

When you’re/we’re “Spellbound” (4×08)…………..”Run/Let’s get out of here” (4×09)!


Why I Think Sookie Might End Up Single in the End (if not with Eric)

Recently, we were treated to images of Sookie entertaining thoughts of being a “modern” woman by having two suitors at once:

It seems to me that Alan Ball’s/ HBO’s story about Sookie has less to do with who she’s going to end up with (though they will play it like that for ratings and fans of Skarsgard, Moyer, and Manganiello or their respective book/show characters) and more to do with Sookie’s own personal growth.

Many bloggers, including my friends at True Blood Underground and the Ancient Pythoness, have emphasized the way that Bill has a negative impact on her personal development and Eric has a positive impact on her development. Consider that outside of who you think is best for Sookie; when you think of it outside of Eric versus Bill or possibly Alcide then it is clear that we are meant to see Sookie’s evolution as a woman through this story more than anything else.

As I mentioned before and you may already know, Alan Ball has stated that he’s “Team Sookie.”  This could not only refer to Sookie’s little fantasy/dream, it can also refer to the fact he’s more concerned with her development than the person (s) she decides to end up with.

Theoretically, “[Sookie] has to be somebody’s or [she] won’t be (as Pam said).”  However, how long do you think it is before someone more powerful than a sheriff or even a king of Bill’s stature comes up to scoop her up?  We all know that Bill already lied to the Authority about why QSA wanted her so they wouldn’t scoop her up…

…and Eric is keenly aware that he must claim her in order to protect her as well as be with her in the end (as a couple).

How long before the Authority claims Sookie for themselves and she is no longer about to enjoy her home and the simple need for love?

Let us get this out: Sookie can never settle down and have children. They may be Fae enough to be in danger of a similar fate as herself or she will be in too much danger herself to look out for another defenseless soul. Sookie will be in hot demand and coveted by various vampires and/or supes and/or  powerful groups such as the Authority and so a stable life of marriage will never really be in the cards . She will never have a stable “human-like” life. The best she can hope for in order to stay close to home is to be claimed by a vampire WHO SHE CAN TRUST (Bill proved himself untrustworthy at least in her eyes) who will safeguard her and her secret and then guide her through vampire politics; in order to navigate this world this she will have to toughen up and embrace life as a supe (something Eric encourages and Bill discourages). However, as I said, Eric versus Bill may only matter in terms of her development.

BUT toughing up and embracing her supe-hood means that she might have to give-up this idea of an idealistic life she grew up with as a human and embrace the fast paced life of a Supernatural in a vampire’s world (it’s already a reality). Eventually she may be claimed by a group such as the Authority and have no time for a typical committed relationship and may have to embrace life as a STRONG, INDEPENDENT SUPERNATURAL WOMAN and play on what she has to offer.  At this point, she may have time to enjoy the company of Eric, Alcide, or G0d-forbid Bill OR all three OR someone else but she’ll never be able to actually hold on to a commited relationship with any of them being in constant danger and having a tight “work-load.”

In this case, her story will have to be about her personal development into this strong, independent supernatural woman and forgetting the ties-that-bind like a committed relationship and a child ….A “modern” career woman.


The Authority’s New World Order

How do I know the Authority wants to be at the head of a “New World Order?” :

1. The Authority is clearly a secretive power elite of vampires (I mean, they don’t even show their faces to most people!)

I would call a group of 5 vampires that barely meet anyone face-to-face but basically control everything a secretive and elite group. They are also not known to most humans or other supernaturals , much less known to be fronted by the public interest group, the AVL.

2. The Authority is clearly manipulating politics and probably finances using a front organizations (such as the AVL). As Bill said, vampires have hid behind several human institutions throughout history, probably for purposes of power (we know how powerful the Catholic Church was hundreds of years ago politically and otherwise).

Bill explains vampires hiding within human institutions

In this Post Mortem (that aired after episode 3x04), we learn that vampires have affected Wall Street

3. The Authority clearly idealizes their organization as the pinnacle of society’s progress. In other words, they believe vampires are the height of biological evolution/ height of creation and that their agenda is therefore the height of society/civilization itself.

The Magister constantly talks about the blood like it's a superior part of creation or evolution. He certainly thought of vampires as superior and talked of it in religious terms as if they were superior for that reason as well.

As we learned from Nan, the Authority/ the AVL contain scientists (ones that helped produce Tru-Blood). It is reasonable to assume they are focused on "advancing society."

4. The Authority uses an abundance of propaganda to achieve it’s goals inside and outside the organization.

American Vampire League Propaganda

5. The Authority clearly wants to eventually control the politics of the United States through it’s front organization: the AVL. If they control the politics of the United States, it is very possible that they will control politics on a global scale ( implementing a globalist agenda). 

Bill is obviously getting involved in human politics at the Authority's direction

6. Once The Authority achieves it’s domination of the United States and in turn The World, it’s rule seems like it will be a Totalitarian government (they will want to regulate every aspect of public and private life).

There is a strict enforcement of their aims AT ALL COSTS

The Magister was ready to regulate use of the blood (a social issue since he wants to regulate it in all cases outside of procreation) and when Eric talked about his buisness, an obviously financial aspect, the Magister seemed to think that was important to enforce as well.


So what can we expect of a “New World Order” ran by the Authority? 

We can expect that the Authority will install many vampire puppets like Bill currently is (as of episode 4×05) throughout politics once the vampire rights bill passes….all the way up to the presidency. I suspect that their influence will reach globally because of the global influence that the United States currently possesses. If vampires in power gains legitmacy in the United States, it is possible it could spread to other areas of the globe.

They will control everything from use of the blood to finaces in the United States. Vampires that oppose them could find themselves facing the true-death openly and humans could be manipulated/glamoured on a wide scale into spreading their power throughout the country and the world. Humans that try to “use” the blood for their own purposes could face the death penelty or imprisonment.

There will be a national then global “War on V use.”

The powers of the presidency will be expanded to accomidate the superior vampires and their vast wealth will fund all of it. People that oppose them will be bought off if not “taken-care-of.”

This government may even place humans into a system of open oppression gradually. Religions that openly express that vampires are superior may become more mainstream (including a possible sect of Catholicism).


My friends at True Blood Underground and Ancient Pythoness also have a similar idea/ similar theories



Vampires in the Catholic Church and the Authority/ AVL

Ok….so I am for once really angry at myself when it comes to this blog. I was on vacation so I wasn’t able to post my theory about Antonia wanting vengeance because vampires in the Catholic Church wanted to get rid of all the witches. I also wasn’t able to post my theory that she wants all vampires to meet the sun (which Bill said in the Comic Con preview) because she was burned at the stake herself……ALL OF WHICH OF COURSE WAS JUST REVEALED of course.

HOWEVER, that luckily wasn’t the entirety of the theory…

Recall that the Magister, who we know worked for the Authority, sounded very religious even though it sounded weird ; the Magister was spouting rhetoric about using the blood only for procreation after all and it was mentioned that he had ties to the Inquisition.

I am sure that because of this, the Authority was the group of vampires responsible for the infiltration of the Catholic church and not just vampires in general. Nan was possibly involved as well (unless she’s not old enough to have been involved as the blu-ray dvd extras implied though they could have changed that implication).

The Authority is clearly interested in power and is opportunistic enough to go where ever they need to go.  Bill also professed that the vampires need to disguise themselves within human institutions such as the Catholic church.

But I will go a step further and suggest the Authority is now a religious institution because of their involvement with the Catholic church, perhaps they even believe in the teachings of the Catholic church but have interpreted it for vampires. The most zealous members of Catholicism could truly believe that sex is only for procreation (this could be interpreted as the equivalent of the magister saying that the blood is only to be used to procreation and not recreational purposes).

Ok, so let us also recall that Steve Newlin mentioned a vampire pope in Episode 2×06…

Remember, the Catholic church was the most powerful political and religious entity at the time ( a lethal combination considering that these two institutions contain the most power over people and their actions).  Of course, this would mean that the pope was the single most powerful person (or vampire as the case may be).

This is important for two reasons:

1. It makes the reality of my opinion that they want to ironically impose a strict (possibly even religious) dogma into actual human law eventually more real. A dogma I felt many vampires would oppose, possibly starting the vampire political wars.


2. The President of the United States would be the highest office they could achieve within America and some say the world (to parallel the power they achieved by having a vampire pope) so they will have the goal of putting in a vampire president one day soon.

Puppet President Bill anyone?

Makes a Puppet President like Bill even more likely (although it seems like Bill wont be on the Authority’s good side soon).  We all know the Authority needs puppets. As Nan clearly illustrates time and time again, they do not take the heat for anything themselves. A scapegoat will always be necessary!

They are involved with politics to implement their power and their religious dogma without actually ever being at risk of losing that power because they will always have a scapegoat- BRILLIANT.

This small group will soon have  rigid power over everything including humans if their plan is achieved — even other Supes and Witches.


I COULD BE  WRONG THOUGH OF COURSE. IF this is the case then we could say that the Authority has NO TRUE AGENDA OTHER THAN THEIR POWER/ DOMINATION and that they will prey on the ideals of anyone to use them as a means to that end. Bill wants to be around humans/ a purpose so they lure him into their trap and the Magister believed in vampires within the Catholic church so they prey on that ideal for his loyalty (if Eric is included then it’s because they preyed on his desire to openly do business with humans/ be himself). Also, it would explain why it appears that the ideals of the Authority/ AVL seem inconsistent; they utilize an austere Magister and the liberal humans all the same. It would also explain why they seem to have no regard for how many vampires die at their hands or what happens to anyone that refuses them in any way- even for the better.

Who cares how many vampires die at a witch’s hand if it means holding on to your power and not upsetting anyone by harming one of them?


After what he said to Portia in 4×03, why did Bill meet Portia’s family?

This posted is dedicated to my reader Missy North/ Freyja who contributed to a lot of the ideas in this theory and she is also given some of the writing credit for this article)…so make sure to thank her as well!


Many of us were asking this question: Why Bill would meet with Portia’s family if he told her that he would “never love her” in episode 4×04 and they just started having sex/ hooking up?


Obviously, it makes no sense that Bill would “call-on Portia” in these circumstances, especially so soon and after it’s clear he is not really wanting her to be his girlfriend.

There is only one real explanation…


In order to answer this question, it is necessary to consider the last time Bill went to “meet-the family,” when he ‘called-on-Sookie’ in Episode 4×02 and compare it to when Bill went to “meet-the-family” for Portia in Episode 4×03.

Bill shows up to Sookie's home to "call on her" in his Southern Sunday best.

Bill shows up to Portia's home to "call on her" in his Southern Sunday best.

Bill certainly knows how to play to his audience with clothing, doesn’t he?


Bill stays close to "his intended" and flashes a smile for the Grandmother/ Matriarch


Bill stays close to "his intended" and flashes a smile for the Grandmother/ Matriarch



In both cases, Bill contrasts the bad manners of an embarrassing male relative with his own perfect manners and charm. The Grandmother/ Matriarch is impressed- SCORE ONE FOR BILL!




He then also attempts to impresses both Grandmothers/ Matriachs with his Civil War knowledge because that meets both of their interests and he was there (Bill appeals to and relates to both of their interests), although this turns out to backfire for Bill in 4×04).



Why would these scenes so closely parallel each other unless we were meant to take a closer look at how they compare to one another?  So what would the first “meet-the-parents” scene tell us about the second “meet-the-parents” scene?

First of all, we know Bill had ulterior motives in regards to Sookie even though it appeared he was simply interested in her. Second of all, we know that Bill is not really that romantically interested in Portia, yet is meeting her family.

Bill must have had ulterior motives in order to meet Portia’s family, just as he had ulterior motives in meeting Sookie’s family especially since we definitely know he is not romantically interested in Portia. There is no other reason these scenes would have been compared side-by-side.


We know what Bill’s motives with Sookie were. What are Bill’s motives with Portia?

WELL…Bill is a politician of course!


All politicians need allies—especially rich and influential ones! The Bellefleurs can certainly be this rich and influential ally within Bon Temps! If Bill was able to have Portia at his side, a smart human lawyer who belongs to the Bellefleur family (and possibly the support of all the Bellefleurs behind him in turn), the possibilities as a politician around the area could be limitless.


So, Bill met Portia’s family for the same reason he met Sookie’s family–winning the trust of others for personal gain (both of these circumstances were under the guise of romance and for the same “thought-manipualtion” of humans he seemed so proud of while walking with Sookie after the “meet-the parents” in episode 1×02).

Parallels on True Blood happen for a reason.  

Bill does everything for a reason, usually selfish even if it doesn’t seem so on the surface.






The Importance of Rituals: Explaining True Blood’s Blood

A lot of people have been wanting a discussion about the effects of V and Sookie’s blood (fairy blood), besides the obvious.

First of all, here is my old theory on the way blood bonds work on the show. 

In my blood bond theory, I explain the difference between V use and blood bonds. Please read that article if you haven’t already. But in my opinion, a vampire must share his or her “essence” with the subject in order for a blood bond to form and that “a BB DOES NOT CREATE a relationship (a way of interacting) where none previously existed (except an underlying sexual undertone in dreams). A BB merely intensifies the relationship that is developing or already existed.”


Blood Bonds aside, we have noticed that the effects of V use vary and the amount seems to have no correlation to the intensity of the effects:

In Season One, Sookie has gallons of Bill's Blood following the Rattray's set up and is simply healed in additon to having all the enhanced physical abilities (such as better taste and smell in her and strength, etc in others) that vampire blood gives. The blood has served more in a capacity to form the blood bond that Bill wanted and Sookie is not being contemplative about it (though she should have).

While Jason did take the blood irresponsibly (although it wasn't gallons, just a vial's worth), Jason was so focused on the sexual effects of the V that it manifested itself in that way and this hilarious Jason scene occurred. Jason mistakenly forced this because his ritual was irresponsible and his ritual had created an entirely sexual energy with the blood.

Once Jason had taken the blood with the suggestion Lafayette gave him about it's deeper effects, he went on an enlightening trip.

Jason combined his knowledge about the sexual aspects of V as well as the "trippy aspects" of V in order to create this ritual with Amy. The relaxed and private setting of Jason's home also contributed to it. I am also of the opinion that Jason's fairy heritage contributed to the ritual but that will be discussed later on.

From what we can see, addicted V users such as Debbie that drink vampire blood in profuse amounts don't seem to get more than the general high and the enhanced physical aspects.

Jessica saves Hoyt's life and presumably they form a blood bond. Once again, like the other blood bonds we have seen formed, Hoyt does not seem to "trip out" and only enjoys the general high later on.

However, vampire blood is not the only blood creating magic on the show….Fairy Blood clearly creates magic and even human blood does as well:

Sookie's blood allows vampires to day walk temporarily.

Holly demands a blood sacrifice in her Wiccan ritual with Arlene

In my opinion, blood in general is known to be magical on the show but it should be considered a singular ingredient  in an overall “ritual.”  

True Blood's mutually magical couple (Lafayette and Jesus) created a ritual of their own during their V use

What does this mean?

As Tara’s fake exorcism and Arlene’s Wiccan ritual reminded us, rituals alone can have a profound effect even if they are not even “real.”  It is clear from the examples above that the key to the varying effects of vampire blood and other types of blood have to do with the ritual surrounding it’s usage; the already magical properties of blood “adapt” to the ritual.

All we have seen about Sookie’s blood is it helps vampires temporarily day-walk, right? Do this same rules about rituals apply to Sookie’s blood (fairy blood) as well?


How do I know?

Do you remember that Russell somehow had it in his head that a ritual with Sookie's blood and Talbot's blood might bring him back?

Why would the writer’s include this unless there was supposed to be a possibility that we would think about the power that Sookie’s blood could contribute to beyond non-ritualistic temporary day-walking? I don’t think it was simply there to point out the depth of Russell’s insanity.

In addition, I would also like to suggest that Jason’s fairy heritage contributed to the depth of his “v-trips” with Amy and the things he saw in those dreams with her and alone. Although it’s small it makes a lot of sense in regards to what we see in his “v-trips.”

There is a lot of emphasis on nature and water and seeing it in an enhanced way during Jason’s V trips and I think that’s part of what attracted the hippie Amy in addition to the enhanced V trips themselves. That would make sense that it has to do with his likely fairy heritage from what we’ve seen in Sookie’s fairyland trips:

Tara in Jason's V-Trip

Sookie hasn’t tripped out yet because that hasn’t been her goal and there hasn’t really been a ritual involved apart from the blood bonds she’s formed but that doesn’t mean that Sookie’s blood might not be causing her to have special effects when it comes to the vampire blood.

What do I mean?

It seems that because her natural connection with Eric makes her stronger as a person , it seems the ritual in their connection/relationship alongside their magical bloods combined has brought out Sookie’s powers more strongly. Although in Season One we saw Sookie use her fairy powers to help save Bill, it is presumed that Claudine aided her in that (as was seen in the original pilot). We don’t see her powers with Bill because their connection makes her weaker as a person overall, not stronger.

Sookie's glow hands emerged after she took Eric's blood.

I think we will see the witches in this new Season Four coven utilizing vampire blood and maybe their own blood too or the blood of the dead in general (they are necromancers) in their rituals.

As I stated earlier,  blood in general is known to be magical on the show but it should be considered a singular ingredient  in an overall “ritual.”  If we see magic happen through blood, we should consider the ritual when explaining the magical effects of blood rather than looking into just the blood itself.