This Shows that Sookie Really Loves Eric over Bill (no matter what happens)

Jason to Sookie : “When you love someone, you gotta love it all. Otherwise it ain’t love.”

Sookie to Bill: “Every time I found out something new about you, I wound up wishing I didn’t know it. “

Sookie to Eric: “Loving you, loving  at [you] all actually.Possible..”

There you go! If the writers think that you can’t really love someone without loving it all or are at least introducing that idea on True Blood…then based on these quotes, it seems to me that Sookie is still in love with the idea of what she thought Bill was/ what he was in her mind and in her life BUT she’s really IN LOVE with Eric because she’s realized she loves it all. Eric remembered and Sookie acknowledged she still saw that side of Eric there so she still must love everything (she knew he wasn’t going to go forever without his memory).



Impulsive Compton: What’s so heroic about it?

This is dedicated to my reader ZNB who requested it:

It’s a wonder to me that one character, Bill, could be so simultaneously manipulative and impulsive.

Impulsiveness is exactly what you want in a King who makes life and death decisions, right?

(retrieved from

BUT I digress…

What I have never understood is WHY Bill’s impulsiveness is considered heroic by so many fans?

I'm not defending Uncle Bartlett, but what was so HEROIC about impulsively murdering a defenseless, wheelchair bound, ex-pedophile?

I never understood what was so great about being an obvious liability and needing to be saved yourself?

(^^However, even this is given a new perspective since I believe he already knew Sookie was a Fae somehow: I could list the multitude of hints if you’d like if you ask in the comments below and I have mentioned hints in other articles and read them in various places. At this point, he would know that he wouldn’t burst into flames automatically and never go back… like this pic below shows:

He would have gone up into his own personal Funeral Pyre and ceased to exist (either by turning into a bloody puddle or nothingness) had he not been snacking on Sookie for a while before this daytime rescue gone bad.)

You can critique Eric for having Lorena restrain Bill during the rescue but he knew Bill was much TOO IMPULSIVE for a mission as delicate as the FOTS invasion and as we saw, BIll came in ready to kill anyone and everyone at first.

Bill impulsively bites Maryann causing him to become a sick liability for Sookie...

Bill impulsively attempts to kill Lorena in front of Russell (obviously another vampire once again and a King no less).

Bill impulsively has hate sex with Lorena (effectively cheating on Sookie).

Bill impulsively and selfishly goes to see his human wife, therefore putting her in the mortal danger he was warned about.

I never understood what was heroic about Bill impulsively challenging vampires he has no chance of defeating (it takes him out of the equation as well as makes him a liability and in this particular scene Eric does the wise thing and puts on an act to protect Sookie).

I also never understood why this scene was so HEROIC since Bill impulsively led Russell straight to Sookie in a trap and blew his own cover (knowing he could not physically defeat Russell).

Bill impulsively tries to release Jessica (a baby-vamp he did not train and hardly raised at this point) out on her own until he realizes he can use her as an ally for things such as fighting the Weres in Season Three.

Bill impulsively goes to "rescue" Sookie, leading her into Russell's trap once again and not considering the bigger picture that Pam attempted to remind him of.

Bill impulsively tries to kill Eric and Pam in order to cover-up his secrets and get rid of the competition.

You could be like "WOW, Bill saved Eric and showed some restraint for the greater good here." OR you could be like, "Bill was really stupid to impulsively ask for Eric's execution and only realize it was stupid mid-execution!"

^^ Bill always has to look good on the surface no matter what (we see that in his constant “rescues” of Sookie that are obviously not going to be successful and if there are, put her in more danger than before unless it involves feeding her blood) and by not executing Eric he continues to look good on the surface. In fact, he probably looks even better threatening to kill Eric and not doing it in the end had he never threatened to kill Eric at all (we could speculate this was another plot by Bill to ironically gain Sookie’s favor again some more).

Eric has been anything but impulsive and has shown his ability for restraint while also having the capacity to do the greater good without needing the glory that comes with being a “hero” on the surface. We could say what Eric did to Russell’s boyfriend Talbot was impulsive to but it was NOT IMPULSIVE, it was something Eric had planned to do for a thousand years no less and something he had been planning for a while since he realized the opportunity had come to take vengeance.

 Sure, I think Bill is smart but he doesn’t have the RESTRAINT as well as the ability to be a Hero without the personal gain (such as what Jason tells Andy a real hero is at the end of Season Two).

For example, I could see Eric calling for help from a day-walker such as Alcide if Sookie was in danger during the day instead of impulsively running out into the sun.  He knows Bill will be a liability so he tries to make sure he stays behind.  I could see Eric simply attempting to kill Maryann rather than bite her and when Sam asks him to help, he attempts to get information from the Queen before taking action (something Bill only thinks to do afterwards). Eric is smart enough to not try to kill vampires in front of other vampires or openly challenge a vampire he cannot defeat physically on his own. Also, he knows when to put on an act versus leading those like Sookie he wants to protect into a trap just to look good on the surface.

Most importantly, I don’t see Eric impulsively killing just in an attempt to cover up some lies instead of coming clean.

Who would not just make a better boyfriend/ protector, but a better King? OBVIOUSLY Eric!

Prince Eric to King Eric 3x05



What Buddhist (AB’s religion) forgiveness says about Bill and Eric.

Alan Ball is a Buddhist (you may or may not know this).  As a result of this knowledge, my blogger-friend and reader Anna has created a blog about Buddhist symbolism on True Blood.

Most Buddhists believe that forgiveness is possible for everyone and Alan Ball himself has admitted to feeling the same way about forgiveness when asked if forgiveness for Bill was possible. 

SO there you have it, Alan Ball thinks forgiveness for Bill is possible despite the summation of the following:

Bad deeds of Bill are listed here (Bill receives 15 x’s).


Bill attempts to "procure Sookie" and then has Sookie beat up by the Rattrays (which Bill set up to give her blood of course)

After Bill’s good deeds are listed and subtracted he still receives 8.5 x’s.


Bill stakes Longshadow to save Sookie (even though he was presumably ordered to protect her)

I would add some objectively bad deeds for Bill this season but none were objectively bad. Bill unknowingly had sex with his ancestor (at least from what we were shown) and Bill chewed Sookie out but that wasn’t really that “bad.” He was going to kill Eric but he didn’t and he did improperly chain Jessica/ was negligent but it’s a theory that he was purposely negligent and we have nothing  that can objectively say he was “bad” in that situation. He was going to blow up the Mood Goddess without regard of Tara being inside but of course that’s not going to happen and he did it as King (collateral damage)–I do personally take offense to that situation but it’s not objective.

Correct me if I am wrong.

Good Deeds for Bill Season Four:

Bill saves Tara from Pam (regardless of his motives, this cancels out leaving Tara for dead earlier)

Regardless of his motives and Eric's incapacitated state, Bill saves Sookie 4x09

***That reduces Bill’s X’s to 6.5***

SO yeah, I guess that at least means that Alan Ball thinks forgiveness is possible for the summation of Eric’s worst deeds too:

Bad Deeds of Eric are listed here though Season Three (he receives 4.5 x’s):


Eric doesn't stake Longshadow

After Eric’s good deeds are listed and are used to subtract X’s he is in the positive with 3 checks.


Eric saves Sookie from a werewolf and helps her with the body

I would add some bad deeds for Eric but none were objectively bad. We could say that he attacked Tara but that was in self-defense so that gets canceled out. We could say he killed Claudine but any vampire would attack a full blooded fairy (Bill did it to Claudine in fairyland before she zapped him).

Correct me if I am wrong.

Good Deeds for Eric Season Four:

Regardless of his motives, Eric never gives up on Sookie and remodels her home without definite proof she will ever return.

***That ups Eric’s checks to 4!***

Being as objective as possible, I cannot assign a greater value to some bad deeds or good deeds. I think I should come up with a flat system of rating the deeds and do another in-depth article of their good and bad deeds.


After hearing Alan Ball’s statement we could say…”Great! Well we can focus on whose better for Sookie rather than their good and bad deeds.”

But is it just me or did you also ask, “What does Eric exactly need to be forgiven for since his good deeds significantly outweigh the bad?”

SO, even if Alan Ball thinks anyone can be forgiven…we can put the viking out of that game since he really doesn’t need to be forgiven for anything when you consider it objectively.

Therefore, there is no contest and given a choice between Eric and Bill, she should choose Eric since Bill has clearly not made-up for his errors and Eric has. I say Bill’s story, even if he’s completely evil, is about finding redemption and forgiveness because Alan Ball is a Buddhist.

However, part of Eric’s story is getting Sookie to realize that he is the one worthier of her affections and therefore her sole love, since he is in fact not in need of forgiveness though she sees it that  way (in addition to uplifting her best qualities while Bill brings out her worst qualities).



You’re “Spellbound” but “Run” From It :Episode 4×08 and 4×09 Recap/Analysis

As my friend at True Blood Underground (TBU) pointed out, we open “Spellbound” to an audience fooled….though it seemed that Jessica had easily opened the doors to her destiny (the sun), we are shown an image of Jessica who must struggle towards/figure out her destiny.

Jessica 4x07 walk into the sun

Jessica 4x07 walk into the sun

Jessica 4x08 ATTEMPT to walk into the sun

Jessica 4x08 ATTEMPT to walk out into the sun

To TBU, this scene highlights her theory about out-of-whack narratives.

In my opinion, this was once again a clue that nothing is as straightforward as it seems on True Blood and if we struggle to see the truth then we will be saved as an audience member but if we go the straightforward route we will be burned as an audience member.

Jason ( a christ-like figure and source of truth and light and a conscience- despite his seemingly selfish maneuvers and weakness for the flesh) gives Jessica a dose of the medicine *silver* that Bill ( a source of lies and darkness and a shaky if existent conscience- despite some of his seemingly "good deeds) refused to give Jessica.

It might be easier to embrace the lies presented to us as audience members but if we take our “medicine” and accept the truth then it will be for the best in the end (as the metaphor above shows^). You are “Spellbound” by lies but you must “Run” from it.

The skulls/minds of the audience have been beaten in with the lies...


“Spellbound” must assuredly also be a reference to Hitchcock’s 1945 film “Spellbound.”  We have seen many references to Hitchcock on True Blood. In the film, the heroine is trying to protect an amnesia patient until he recovers. Obviously, this is exactly what our heroine on True Blood is doing to for Eric. In the film, the amnesia patient has a guilt complex because of something he did that he cannot remember and obviously that is also what Amnesia Eric is experiencing on our show.  However, the truth will ultimately set both Amnesia characters free and that is exactly what the audience needs by getting the truth…

Traumatized by their experiences with the one they were supposed to grow to love or have grown the love (Bill) , the audience has succumbed to a type of Amnesia (and so has Sookie) by slowly forgiving Bill for a few “good deeds” and forgetting the truth that lies underneath even as it has been exposed gradually beforehand.

Afterall, Sookie and some or most of the Audience still crave the influence of Bill's blood on the screen as Andy craves Vampire Blood versus their sobering reality.

We must take our medicine as Sookie takes her's. Sometimes the medicine doesn't have to be bitter and it's still better for you in the end.

"All is possible" with the truth.

Alas, the influence of lies will always allow some to take a step back inside their comfort zones.

However, unlike Antonia, you cannot over-categorize to solve the problem. You must strive, once again, for the truth.

Many things are always present to cloud our vision/perception...

..and there are some things...

...that are only seen by some and not others.

…that are seen by some and not others. Yet, this presents us as audience members with a challenge to become one of those that see the truth in the narrative even though it’s sometimes unpleasant:

In the final scene of  4×08, we are thrust as an audience  into the epitome of a “Spellbound” state (my friend at TBU has many thoughts and good questions about this scene too):

                                           We are running through a dense fog/haze of perception...

A world in which Tara is suddenly disgusted by killing a vampire.

A world in which Bill is a hero selflessly saving Tara because he didn't before even though she is an enemy right here.

A world in which Eric is the inefficient and bloodthirsty killer

A world in which Bill is somehow silvered to death...

BUT somehow gets to Sookie before Alcide can even get her in the door going into Episode 4×09 (remember her home is very close to this graveyard)…

And Sookie is able to somehow be healed by Bill’s blood without even ingesting it and she looks quite high actually(like some kind of V addict) even though her last memory was certain death….

(if Sookie was healed simply be a drop somehow sliding down her throat after a mortal bullet wound we are now certain that Bill must have known feeding her gobs of blood was totally unnecessary and possible even dangerous as Eric stated in Episode 2×03 as some may remember…and Bill’s only purpose in doing that was to control her even more…using that ignorance against her. )

This is exactly what is happening with the audience…our ignorance of what is hidden/unknown is constantly being used against us as we view the show.

Yet, just as Sookie said to Eric, “There is no such thing as forever,” the truth must come out eventually…

We can even invite it in.

Even when lies/ haziness invites itself in.

Sometimes, you simply must “get out of here” and change of perception/ setting is often needed:

But on True Blood the blood often holds down those that challenge it (you constantly must work against it even when you invite the truth in)...

But again, even though Debbie found things out of course...she preferred to go back to the influence of blood (just as many audience members do)....

BECAUSE it’s never pretty:

Are you trapped by the magic?

Are you trapped by the blood?

Sometimes you’re just too far gone or it’s too late OR even the truth exposes consequences…

But especially when it’s ignored…

Nan ignores warnings to cancel the rally

When you’re/we’re “Spellbound” (4×08)…………..”Run/Let’s get out of here” (4×09)!


Why I Think Sookie Might End Up Single in the End (if not with Eric)

Recently, we were treated to images of Sookie entertaining thoughts of being a “modern” woman by having two suitors at once:

It seems to me that Alan Ball’s/ HBO’s story about Sookie has less to do with who she’s going to end up with (though they will play it like that for ratings and fans of Skarsgard, Moyer, and Manganiello or their respective book/show characters) and more to do with Sookie’s own personal growth.

Many bloggers, including my friends at True Blood Underground and the Ancient Pythoness, have emphasized the way that Bill has a negative impact on her personal development and Eric has a positive impact on her development. Consider that outside of who you think is best for Sookie; when you think of it outside of Eric versus Bill or possibly Alcide then it is clear that we are meant to see Sookie’s evolution as a woman through this story more than anything else.

As I mentioned before and you may already know, Alan Ball has stated that he’s “Team Sookie.”  This could not only refer to Sookie’s little fantasy/dream, it can also refer to the fact he’s more concerned with her development than the person (s) she decides to end up with.

Theoretically, “[Sookie] has to be somebody’s or [she] won’t be (as Pam said).”  However, how long do you think it is before someone more powerful than a sheriff or even a king of Bill’s stature comes up to scoop her up?  We all know that Bill already lied to the Authority about why QSA wanted her so they wouldn’t scoop her up…

…and Eric is keenly aware that he must claim her in order to protect her as well as be with her in the end (as a couple).

How long before the Authority claims Sookie for themselves and she is no longer about to enjoy her home and the simple need for love?

Let us get this out: Sookie can never settle down and have children. They may be Fae enough to be in danger of a similar fate as herself or she will be in too much danger herself to look out for another defenseless soul. Sookie will be in hot demand and coveted by various vampires and/or supes and/or  powerful groups such as the Authority and so a stable life of marriage will never really be in the cards . She will never have a stable “human-like” life. The best she can hope for in order to stay close to home is to be claimed by a vampire WHO SHE CAN TRUST (Bill proved himself untrustworthy at least in her eyes) who will safeguard her and her secret and then guide her through vampire politics; in order to navigate this world this she will have to toughen up and embrace life as a supe (something Eric encourages and Bill discourages). However, as I said, Eric versus Bill may only matter in terms of her development.

BUT toughing up and embracing her supe-hood means that she might have to give-up this idea of an idealistic life she grew up with as a human and embrace the fast paced life of a Supernatural in a vampire’s world (it’s already a reality). Eventually she may be claimed by a group such as the Authority and have no time for a typical committed relationship and may have to embrace life as a STRONG, INDEPENDENT SUPERNATURAL WOMAN and play on what she has to offer.  At this point, she may have time to enjoy the company of Eric, Alcide, or G0d-forbid Bill OR all three OR someone else but she’ll never be able to actually hold on to a commited relationship with any of them being in constant danger and having a tight “work-load.”

In this case, her story will have to be about her personal development into this strong, independent supernatural woman and forgetting the ties-that-bind like a committed relationship and a child ….A “modern” career woman.


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Dear Readers, I have been going without reliable internet for a while now and have been incredibly busy so that’s why my posting has been off for a few weeks. However, this week it will get fixed and I will be able to post like I used to. Sorry I wasn’t able to get a real recap up this week. Hopefully I can do a special double recap and a few other postings to make up for it. Thank you for your patience and your loyalty, Kat

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Sookie and Eric Shower Scene / Snow Scene Body Analysis (including some body language)

Well I understand that some people were disappointed by this scene (partly because of the comparison to the books) but I felt it was very meaningful and meant a lot for this couple…

 ^^^Sookie does not need to wash away the blood now. Eric is the True Blood…

Sookie washes away the blood during the show scene with Bill.Their relationship, their blood exhange.... was going down the drain literally.Their relationship, their blood exhange.... was going down the drain literally.


 Eric and Sookie once again show that they trust eachother completely (looking into eachother’s eyes for a very long time and touching eachother’s head areas) and literally want to get lost in one another. Simply, they want to take care of each other (caressing eachother’s cheeks gently).  Such a show of affection shows that their love is real.

Rubbing backs/butts constantly indicates the sensual nature of their relationship, yet also equality in the relationship. How? It pleases your partner to rub their body but also indulges your sexual desires.


This also shows the sensual nature of their relationship as well as their mutual trust but we also see  that touching the neck in such a manner and indicating trust through touching the neck would be especially meaningful considering he is a vampire.

Obviously, Sookie is embracing everything about Eric during this scene…including his viking side (which is obviously representive of the setting they are in). In addition, we also hear her saying that she loves “everything.” This means she didn’t think it was possible to love this viking side but now she does. After their blood bond, they are connected in all ways and they are inside each other and Sookie is even inside his human side now.

Woods are representive of dreams as “natural change.” This change is natural between them and not actually forced, despite the spell.

Again Eric and Sookie are showing equality in the relationship by switching back and forth from Eric on top to Sookie on top. When a man likes a woman on top it means he makes pleasing the woman his priority during sex; her needs can come before his sometimes and he doesn’t mind being dominated at times. (Remember that Sookie tried to reclaim dominance with Bill by being on top during their last sex scene together but as we saw- it was a struggle from Sookie and here Eric is letting her doing it as they gently make love).

Clear skies on a snowy day obviously show how bright their future together would be. The sky is the limit although the trees may represent the obstacles in their way. Although there are obstacles, the snow reaches them (everything is possible and they will see it through).

If it was rain instead of snow it would symbolize a purficiation of their relationship. However, the snow suggests none is needed like there was no water in the shower needed. But snow that includes brilliant sunlight (apart from symbolizing Eric himself) indicates that they will both realize the full scope of their power as a couple and overcome all of their adversities.

Again, they are connecting and totally lost in one another by looking into each other’s eyes and caressing the other’s face with a type of  cupping and caressing motion. By being so close head-t0-head with the intertwined arms they are showing their trust and proving once again that their love is real.


                                                                        It’s not possible!

                                                                   Everything is possible…

                                                                      (for Eric and Sookie)