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How does Alan Ball really feel about Bill and Eric?

Despite Alan Ball’s various positive and negative quotes to media sources about Bill and Eric, I think we can figure out how Alan Ball really feels about them by thinking about Sookie’s experience with both characters on the screen.

Imagine Pre-True Blood Alan Ball. He already revels in dark themes pertaining to human nature, hypocrisy, and hidden truths in his other work. One day, he reads the Southern Vampire Mysteries (Sookie Stackhouse Novels) and goes through his own experiences with the characters as he reads it from Sookie’s perspective.  Despite what Sookie may be saying or feeling, Alan Ball develops his own feelings about how he felt getting to know Eric and Bill through the limited lens of Sookie’s point-of-view only; in addition, he recognizes the great potential for the commentary related to human nature, hypocrisy, and hidden truth in the books also brought to the screen. Alan Ball brought his experience with the characters of Eric and Bill in the books to Sookie’s experience on the screen. At the same time, it is clear that Alan Ball’s tendency to commentate on the themes of the darkness in human nature (despite the supernatural status of Bill and Eric), hypocrisy, and lies contribute to his opinion about the characters of Bill and Eric. Simply put, Alan Ball is bringing his own experience with the characters during the books to True Blood (and that is how he wanted us to feel and what he wanted us to experience as an audience).


Alan Ball’s journey with Bill and Eric:

Alan Ball sees Bill as this dark knight (instead of a pure white knight) for Sookie; he is different and he is arousing

and he is conflicted and he has some baggage…

but he will do anything for Sookie.

Too bad  Eric is in the way…That no good bastard!

But  wait….Eric seems to be going the extra mile for Sookie at times…why would the no-good-bastard being doing that?

but wait again…It doesn’t matter that Eric is doing so many good things, he’s still doing evil things too….soooo let’s just slap all good thoughts of that no-good-viking out of our heads, shall we?

after all…Bill does anything for Sookie and he protects her vulnerable butt….


besides…Eric only wants Sookie so he can use her…right?


But I mean…Bill has all that baggage, remember?

and of course remember that…Eric will save her vulnerable butt tooright?


but let us not forget…that Eric is still the no-good bastard that is playing poor Bill and Sookiedanggit!

Yet…Eric does seem to have SOME feelings…and wait…Sookie does seem to be responding to him somehow…uh-oh…

but again…Bill just wants Sookie and Eric is this political animal…she could actually settle down with Bill huh?

but Sookie is fickle about this settling down thing even though she says her heart is still with Bill…And things are heating up with Eric and he is still protecting her vulnerable butt…

although…Eric’s mind is still on the politics and he’s manipulative and vengeful…

but eh…Bill still has that baggage  is probably doing some messed up things himself…

um scratch that…Bill is doing some highly messed up stuff himself, probably more so….because wait…he’s hurting Sookie now too!

Maybe Sookie needs to just stay away from these vampires!

but whatever…Sookie is still drawn to Bill and Eric for some reason…


so she’ll need to find the right one of the two….

…so even though Eric can still be that no-good-bastard focusing on his vengeful nature and politics…..

TURNS OUT…Although Bill is interesting for devotion and complex nature as a character, Bill actually represents the hypocrisy Ball  actually despises and the hidden truths that harm people as well as society at large.




So I will go out on a limb and say that Alan Ball prefers Sookie to be Eric over Bill because of his hypocrisy and unwillingness to accept who he is, though he perhaps finds Bill the most compelling due to his over-the-top devotion and darkly complex nature. Saying this, I also wouldn’t say that Alan Ball is necessarily Team Eric either (even though he admires Eric’s shrewd nature, openness, loyalty, and bravery )because his head is telling him that Sookie probably shouldn’t be with vampires at all. But he does choose Eric over Bill because of these qualities he loves about Eric and after considering that Sookie is ultimately attached to vampires for life for better-or-worse.  Yet, Alan Ball chooses Eric over Bill and presents his own experience to the audience because Bill represents the hypocrisy and hidden truths that Alan Ball despises; this is obvious not only because of the way they were presented on screen but in comparison to Alan Ball’s other work.


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