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Is Alcide the answer? uh, no…

Well we’ve paid a lot of attention to Eric and Bill, the vampire suitors, here at….

But what about Alcide? He’s confirmed to be coming back for Episode 4×03 (see below) and Alan Ball certainly seems to be cramming him down our throats as Sookie’s third suitor (like it or not and I am going with not).

I guess….Alcide won’t be sucking her blood at least (*sarcastic cheers and high-pitched whistles as the balloons fall*). Claudine will approve I guess…but wait, she almost trapped Sookie in maggot fairyland where it’s probable she’d be eating this until she dropped dead at some unknown time:


Anyway, let’s get back to Alcide.  What exactly is this guy offering her that Eric can’t give her other than romps in the sun?

Outside sex is a bit overrated if you ask me and although Sookie lives without an ever-present neighbor, I don’t think Sookie would like to lend an audience to the many day walkers of Bon Temps that seem to routinely stop by and she can lay out with Tara anyway.

So if you put the daytime romps aside, what exactly are you offering Sookie as a day walker if you WON’T HAVE BABIES (as we found out from Debbie in Episode 3×07???

Also, I mean he’s only there for monetary reasons related to Eric…So your broke too and you remind Sookie every chance you get?…. You pretty much know how to kill a lady-boner don’t you Alcide?

Sookie is also in need of protection, like it or not, and all we ever see is Alcide getting his butt kicked like  some overt nerd on the school yard…

So much so that he amounts to nothing more than a pretty boy with bad case of body hair :

Even Russell is dumb-founded by the pathetic nature of your game and he’s gay:

I mean, I know Alcide is hot and all, but doesn’t his presence on the screen kinda remind you of that hot friend you had in high school that was always without a girlfriend because there was just something there that always relegated him to the “friend zone”?

Not to mention that he still loves a woman (the lovely Miss Pelt) that wants to “rip her head off.”

Finally, it’s been a long time since I have seen a quality show on a premium channel with top-notch actors contain an on-screen romantic pairing with such a minuscule amount of chemistry. If you have me wishing Bill was back on the screen, we have a definite problem here MR. ALAN BALL!


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Sookie’s Coma Dream Analysis (and symbolism).



Wake up Sookie!

Sookie waking up literally means that Sookie is or will be “waking up”  from being “asleep” to the reality of what is going on around her and going on with her since she has been dating Bill Compton. She is or will be also “waking up” to the lies that Bill Compton has been keeping from her and Bill Compton’s “true nature” itself.

Sookie Reaches for an Empty Crystal/Glass Cup:

The empty cup represents an absence of the “light” in Sookie as well as the absence of true fulfillment in Sookie’s life, not just as a result of the attack by Bill she has just gone through but the influence of Bill’s presence in her life, including the influence of his blood.

If this cup is Crystal, there is a lot of symbolism behind Crystal: 1. It is considered a romantic stone. 2. It is a powerful stone 3. It is considered a healing stone. 4. It is used for meditation and can be considered magical (hence the crystal ball).

If the cup is crystal and it is empty, this can symbolize a lack of true romance in her life, a lack of control/power, a poor physical/mental state, a lack of reflection on her life, and/or possibly the absence of the magic she once had (maybe it is all of these or a combination of several of these).

Sookie walks on a combination of white, pink, and red flower (rose/carnation) petals:

The white petals of course represent innocence/purity and the red petals represent full fledged womanly passion! The pink petals represent her current transition from the innocent/naive side of her nature to the passionate, mature side of her nature and she is keen/ will be keen to follow that transition because she gets up herself and follows the trail of flowers.  The white carnation or rose petals may represent Sookie, the pink ones represent Bill, and the red ones represent Eric. White petals represent Sookie because they represent sweetness, innocence and pure love. Pink petals represent Bill because pink carnations represent someone that you will never forget (she will never forget Bill). Red petals represent someone that you “ache for” and someone that is passionate and that you are drawn to (this seems to describe her feelings for Eric and the side of her womanhood that he represents and red is eric’s favorite color).

Sookie meets Claudine before crossing into the “Fae world”:

“Oh dear, your cup is empty. We can’t have that, can we?” – Claudine to Sookie

Translation: Sookie your lacking true romantic  fufillment, lacking control of your life, your suffering from a poor mental/physical state, your not reflecting on your life enough, and your “magic” is gone!

We can’t have that, can we?

Claudine gives sookie some of the “magical” water from probably a crystal vase!:

“Ah, Claudine!” -S  “I know, it’s beautiful. Drink!”- C

All of those traits you once had were beautiful. Accept my gift of giving them back to you or atleast trying!

“Oh my god, it’s the most amazing thing i’ve ever tasted!” – S “You’ve had it before!” – C

Translation: you know potential romantic fufillment in Eric (you have literally tasted him) or Sam (*gag*), you once had control over your life, you were once “healthy as a horse” as you said, you questioned things, and your magic was present (during the rattray’s attack and after you got the “light hands” after taking Eric’s blood).

Sookie and Claudine talk after dancing:

“I guess i’m going to have to sit this one out. I guess I don’t have the endurance that you all have.” – S “Oh, not to worry, you will, one day.” – C “You promise?!” -S “I do” – C

This could either mean that Sookie herself will become a full fledged fairy herself one day or that Sookie will gain the strength she needs to reclaim her former self and find true fufillment in her life (as per the guidelines I mentioned).

“Oh Sookie, don’t go back! Come with us!” – C   “Come with you where?” – S   “Our home. It’s more beautiful than anything you can imagine!” – C 

Translation: However, considering the dangers you face at home, it might be better if you just come with me and just give up on your human life now. You can find some beauty and contentment with me and be out of danger.

Then ensues the rest of the dream, including the exchange about Sookie’s parents not dying from drowning, the darkness that is Bill Compton to Claudine and my thoughts on that can be found at this link:   or 2 entries back.

However, connecting that dialogue to this theory pertaining to the symbolism of the crystal cup and vase… I can also safely assume that she belives Bill Compton will take away that true romantic fufillment, any control she has over her own life, her physical/mental well being, her ability to realize anything going on around her/ his lies or any deception, and take away her “magic!” ALL OF THESE THINGS COMPOSE SOOKIE’S LIGHT (including her “magic” of course).

Will she allow Bill to steal that “light” that Claudine is trying to replinish and allow Sookie to reclaim? Will someone else (hopefully Eric) bring that “light” back into her life or will she be able reclaim it herself?  Will she be forced to die (go to fairy heaven) in order to reclaim it or will she or someone else be able to help her reclaim it before death (movement into her “next life”)?

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Wild Speculation Alert: Did Bill Compton KILL Sookie’s parents?

**First of all, this post is dedicated to my wonderful reader Christine (christine runkel) who actually deserves some of the credit for the ideas contained in this theory.**

Sookie’s dream about Claudine (although a little cheesey and over the top) may have been the greatest thing to happen to True Blood’s plot in A LONG TIME.

You thought everything else Bill did was bad (and the list is quite long, including Bill almost killing her/basically killing her in this week’s episode)?


As we all know, Bill has been keeping a secret file on Sookie. We saw papers in that file that not only trace her family tree but also contain obvious surveillance photos  and newspaper clippings from Sookie as a young child!

A lot of us rightly came to the conclusion that Bill has been stalking Sookie or knows someone who has been stalking Sookie since she was a young child!

Now, let us flash forward to Sookie’s fairy dream from episode 3×07 (“Hitting the Ground”)

I think most of us were not too impressed with the cheesy environment created for the dream and the fact that it looked  like a version of one of Maryann’s parties next to a pool (minus the sex, add the sun ).

However, when Sookie revealed that she can’t swim because she is too afraid of the water due to the fact that supposedly both of her parents died by drowning in water, Claudine gave a most interesting reply telepathically:

“Do not fear the water. It wasn’t the water that killed them.”

Understandably, Sookie asks, “What? If it wasn’t the water that killed them, then what did?” And then before Claudine can reply, it gets dark AS BILL COMPTON APPROACHES:

Coincidence? MAYBE NOT.  Claudine even says, “The dark approaches!”  AS BILL COMPTON APPROACHES and they all go running! Coincidence? MAYBE NOT.

“Bill is not like that!” Sookie argues to Claudine and she replies, “I don’t have the time to explain to you why your wrong! You have to come with us Sookie! It’s not safe for you anymore!” Sookie asks, “Why?” Claudine replies, “He [Bill] will steal your light!” Sookie is confused and asks, “What light?!” 

Sookie doesn’t know Claudine well in her estimation and still tries to defend Bill and Claudine parts with her by saying this as a reference to her “light,” “Don’t let him take it from you, promise me!”

OK THEN! A few things are made clear here in this dream:

 Sookie is WRONG about Bill. Bill is NOT GOOD. Bill is darkness and Bill will STEAL HER LIGHT. It is NOT SAFE for Sookie to be around Bill! This obvious guardian of Sookie DOES NOT WANT HER TO BE AROUND BILL!

All of that is the very least of it. Maybe it is NOT a coincidence that Bill approached them while they were talking about what might have really killed her parents! Maybe Bill Compton KILLED SOOKIE’S PARENTS or at least knows the true circumstances surrounding that or was involved in it somehow but won’t tell her for obvious reasons.

Could Bill giving Sookie a smaller family/support system make her easier prey and easier to stalk then and in the future? Is this some sort of vampire conspiracy to be able to walk in the day? It is quite mind-blowing to think of really.

What could be worse for Bill’s character than anything else? Being the killer of her parents (the one thing that has traumatized Sookie to the point where she couldn’t even bring herself to learn how to swim)! Is AB going there? It remains to be seen and would even surprise me… BUT IT JUST MIGHT BE POSSIBLE!

Also, you could use the argument that fairies would feel this way about any vampire! However, why focus in on Bill? Why not just say vampires instead of Bill (it would encompass Bill)? Bill was obviously the singular focus here.

I could be wrong but then again, maybe not.

***************BOOK SPOILERS BELOW. ALERT**********************************



It could be like the books (the bad fairies) but True Blood is different than the SSN and if AB went there is would heartbreaking genius and I would take back every bad thing I ever said!


*************************END BOOK SPOILER*********************************

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