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Talktrueblood’s Best of Season 4-With Poll Results

Honestly, a lot of the good from Season 4 was drained from my brain after that disastrous finale. It paralyzed me from writing on this site, especially since I was already having such a rough time in my personal life. However, it’s time for me to face the good in the Season and get moving toward the next one. I love my readers and I am excited to continue chatting with some of you as the season progresses. Here we go with the long overdue Best of Season 4 article that was voted on! This will help make things more positive for us in preparation for Season Five!

Again, I am sorry for my depression regarding this show’s season finale.


5th Best thing about Season 4:

Talktrueblood and Poll participants say (TIE) : Sookie washes Eric’s feet (after finding him) and he asks her if she would like to be his.

We all know Sookie didn’t have to wash Eric’s feet for him. He wasn’t especially injured at any point and he’s a vampire for crying out loud. So why did she do it at that point in their relationship? Body language teaches us that touching feet can be considered a sexual maneuver and showed us Sookie’s ability to be intimate with Eric even at that point as she caressed the vulnerable area of his body. More importantly, she cared enough about Eric to try to relieve the stress he was going through, not just do what she could to save him. She wants to take care of him the same way he tries to take care of her, showing a romantic love that goes way beyond the physical connection they later shared. In amnesia Eric’s mind, offering to make Sookie his was his way of returning the favor. Even though he barely knows her in his mind, he still has the instinct to protect her as well. Even as a vampire that is clueless about what he’s learned over the years, akin to being a young vampire like Jessica, Eric shows that he has humanity inside of him. He knows it’s the right thing to protect her in return instead of taking advantage of her and he lays his emotions bare, cracking Sookie’s cool demeanor as she washes his feet.

4th Best Thing About Season 4:

Talktrueblood and Poll Participants say (TIE): Sookie and Eric mutually exchange blood and then the viking snow fantasy ensues.

This love of this scene is obvious. It solidified the trust between Eric and Sookie. Sookie allowed Eric to bite her and Eric gave Sookie a large amount of his blood, which she took enthusiastically. To a vampire, this would symbolize the ultimate in trust and to Sookie, this shows that she literally wants to drink Eric in herself. She thirsts for Eric and feels like she is a part of him, incomplete without his part. Despite the steamy sex and lovely imagery itself, the most striking thing about this scene was the light touches about the vulnerable areas of the shoulder and head. The significance of this is explained in my body language post about the scene: “…they are connecting and totally lost in one another by looking into each other’s eyes and caressing the other’s face with a type of  cupping and caressing motion. By being so close head-t0-head with the intertwined arms they are showing their trust and proving once again that their love is real.”  

However, there is significance in the sex itself. Unlike the sex scenes with Bill, there is a sense of equality in their sex scenes. Bill always tries to claim dominance in their sex scenes, while Eric allows Sookie the spotlight at times and truly seems to enjoy it. The significance of this is also explained in my body language post about the scene: “…Eric and Sookie are showing equality in the relationship by switching back and forth from Eric on top to Sookie on top. When a man likes a woman on top it means he makes pleasing the woman his priority during sex; her needs can come before his sometimes and he doesn’t mind being dominated at times. ”

3rd Best Thing About Season 4:

Poll Participants say: Sookie embraces Eric and initiates a kiss on the porch.

There really couldn’t have been a better first kiss initiated by Sookie (though I think Sookie clearly kissed him back when he kissed her in Season 3). The conversation in which Sookie admits that she sees more in Eric than the bad things that he has done sets the perfect tone; I don’t think she’s referring solely to Amnesia Eric. Then, Eric’s comment about not being able to live with himself if he is the cause of her helps the viewer realize that Eric loves Sookie more than himself and I don’t think that’s limited to Amnesia Eric’s feelings either; that’s how much he loves her. Even before their full on blood exchange later, we see that their soles have connected on a profound soul-mate type of level, a level which goes beyond the obvious mutual attraction. People often make an argument for Bill by stating that he loved her enough to let her go for a while. Well, Eric was willing to leave Sookie right then in order to protect her. ( I, however, also make that argument for Non-Amnesia Eric because he could have claimed Sookie at any time but let her stay with Bill and then come to him) Yet, she decided she couldn’t let Eric go. When she embraces him and then kisses him, she embraces all of him; she is embracing everything from Amnesia Eric to the Eric who drank from Lafayette. When he caresses her neck, he promising to take care of her as reward for her mutual love and trust. There were so people that were disappointed with the kiss. Yet, we all know what all of this means for their relationship and this couldn’t have been more satisfying for those that appreciate the significance of the total scene.Finally, the kiss also actually indicates the fun side of their relationship as well. For example, my body language post states, “Hugging and kissing at the same time indicates the excitement that Sookie feels in being with Eric and the excitement that she will bring to his un-dead life in return! This also indicates that Sookie has surprises of her own to bring to Eric and senses that he can keep up with her.”

Talktrueblood says: Eric tells Sookie he was the only one that never gave up.

To me, there was nothing more romantic said by Eric during the entire season and you all seem to agree as well. This should have been the ultimate evidence that there was no way that Bill loves Sookie more than Eric. Stricken with grief, Eric could barely do anything but look for Sookie. There was no way that he could give up without a body, knowing the supernatural nature of the world around them. Meanwhile, Bill was clearly enjoying his new found power as he enjoyed flirtations with Portia and the unlimited supply of fang bangers around him. This is in addition to his own procurer. Even her family and friends that claim to love her too moved on within a year. All of this clearly showed that Eric loves Sookie the most and would do absolutely anything for her. How could we not love this kind of proof that our support of the viking is the right one?

2nd Best Thing About Season 4:

Poll Participants say: Eric, drunk from the fairy blood, swims in the sun and Alcide and Sookie find him.

Ladies got a two for one show in this scene, Alcide’s nakedness and Eric’s nakedness. Could there be two better naked bodies in one scene? But seriously, there was a lot of beauty in the scene and it perfectly reflected the beauty that the daylight must hold to Eric, a vampire condemned to eternal darkness, a vampire that only sees light in Sookie. In addition, we got to see Eric’s playful side which was a continuation of the side we got to see in the previous episode. It shows the fun and the spontaneity that Sookie would find in Eric, something we rarely witnessed in her relationship with Bill. It also reveals another side of the childlike nature of his human life, apart from his lusty affairs.  Finally, we get to see Sookie save the drunken Eric and lovingly wrap him up, which adds a special touch at the end.

Talktrueblood says: Sookie saves Eric from the sun.

To me, this scene showed Sookie’s  appreciation for what Eric has done for her though she seemed ungrateful in the past and it showed her devotion to him as well. It seems that Sookie’s ungrateful exterior was completely attributable to her outward denial of her feelings for Eric. She really did grow to love to him in part because she knows that he loves her enough to do whatever he can to save her, despite what it may mean for his own safety. This shows that this self-sacrificial attitude is not exclusive to Bill; the difference between Eric and Bill is that Eric does everything he can without going that route and Bill always needs the satisfaction of her knowing that he’d do that. She knows he didn’t do all that for her just because he wanted her for himself. For example, she recognizes that he put his own life at risk to save her in the bombing despite giving her blood afterward. She essentially admits that she cant stand going on through life without him and protects him through Antonia’s walk-into-the-sun spell. Her passion for his protection set my heart into a flutter. Apparently both recognized the intensity and meaning of the moment; the blood exchange and viking snow fantasy occur the next day.


Poll Participants say: Eric tells Sookie he was the only one that never gave up.

“see above”

Talktrueblood says: Sookie embraces Eric and initiates a kiss on the porch.

“see above”


6-10 Results of Poll Participants:

6. Eric isn’t executed then Sookie and Eric have their first time in the woods and then the house.

This obviously had to make the list. It was Eric and Sookie’s first time and it was beautiful! They had the passion we had always imagined coupled with the intimacy of the cuddling afterward.  Moving from the forest to the house showed a level of energy between the two that truly satisfied fans of the couple. In addition, the passion was so great in that moment that there was no way that they could even initially make it to the house. Plus, it was nice to see Alcide’s jealousy at the site of their love making. If you’re not a fan of Alcide, it was satisfying that Alcide was able to see for himself how she feels about Eric. If you’re a fan of Alcide, it showed the love that Alcide has for Sookie and showed progression of their relationship even if it seemed to be detrimental to that relationship.  If some of us love Eric and Sookie and love the fact that they finally had their first time, why did this scene miss the top 5 mark? Simply put, Bill’s sad-face invaded our television and computer screens. This was a totally unnecessary concession to Bill fans and there was no need for Eric fans to see that as they were trying to enjoy a scene they had waited over four years for. They had already had to contend with a scene meant to be sympathetic toward Bill before their first time (nevermind that Bill was going to kill Eric for selfish reasons in the first place). It was just a little insulting for them to add that in after all that.

7. Eric crawls into bed with Sookie after his bad dream.

Eric instinctively finds the most safety in Sookie’s arms and this was one of the best steps in their trust, exemplified by the safety that they felt in each other’s arms in this moment. If you read the book, this was a nod to a scene that was much loved by many readers of the series, which made it even more popular. Most importantly, the body language was absolutely lovely.  Eric puts his head in Sookie’s lap and “this indicates Eric’s neediness at this point and the fact that he feels that only Sookie can make him happy now. However, it also shows that he is sensitive to Sookie and her emotions, is aware of his own emotions, and that he’ll do anything to make her happy- sexually or otherwise! ” Their spooning also  “indicates Eric’s neediness at this point and the fact that he feels that only Sookie can make him happy now. However, it also shows that he is sensitive to Sookie and her emotions, is aware of his own emotions, and that he’ll do anything to make her happy- sexually or otherwise!”

8. Sookie tells Eric she always wanted him in front of Bill.

This is yet another example of the appreciation that Sookie had for Eric before he experienced amnesia. Eric fans such as I were satisfied with the admission since it confirmed what we had always known about their relationship, that Sookie was protesting her attraction to him too much. Most of us believe the mutual attraction was present ever since Sookie and Eric laid eyes on one another in Fangtasia.  This is part of what made the build-up so great for fans of Sookie and Eric. If you dislike Bill as much as I do, it was also fun to see her admit that she always had a thing for him, even as she fawned all over Bill and constantly complained about Eric. This admission was sorely needed to salvage some part of that embarrassing scene for Eric in the finale.

9. Sookie tries to protect Eric from Bill.

The affection for this scene is similar to the affection for the scene in which Sookie saves Eric from the sun. Like the scene involving Antonia’s spell, it showed Sookie’s  appreciation for what Eric has done for her though she seemed ungrateful in the past and it showed her devotion to him as well. What set this scene apart from that scene is the fact that Sookie lied to Bill in order to protect him. In that moment, she prioritized Eric over any lingering devotion to Bill. In desperation, she passionately put herself between Bill the door. This endearing moment made Sookie and Eric fans believe in their love even more than before. Whether this points to Sookie ultimately loving Eric more remains to be seen, but this scene certainly gave fans of the couple hope that the scene pointed to that being the case in the end.

10. Bill shoots Marnie and Eric rips her minion’s heart out.

Many of us were happy that this over-hyped villain met her end. If you’re anything like me, you might have been a little underwhelmed by Marnie’s presence at the end. It seemed as if they were trying way too hard hard to make her more bad ass than the original villain in the book. Many of us hated her but didn’t exactly love to hate her, like we love to hate Russell or Nan. Let’s face it, she caused problems for our favorite characters and got a little tiresome by end. That’s what it made it even more enjoyable to see the villain bite the dust at the hands of the two vampires. Once again, Eric is battle ready and shows his scary viking warrior face when he rids us of her minion, something many fans enjoy seeing.


6-10 for Talktrueblood:

6. Eric isn’t executed then Sookie and Eric have their first time in the woods and then the house.

“see above”

7. Sookie tells Eric she always wanted him in front of Bill.

“see above”

8. Eric crawls into bed with Sookie after his bad dream.

“see above”

9. Sookie tries to protect Eric from Bill.

“see above”

10.  Sookie tells Bill that “every time [she] finds out something new about [him], [she] wishes [she] didn’t know it.”

I loved it when Sookie finally called Bill out on his lies. This shows that she finally recognizes Bill as being far from sainthood himself and that her initial attraction to him was a lie. It was exactly the thing that her character always neglected to do, even as she always called Eric out on his lies. She definitely had “bill-lover goggles.” However, we can see that she finally sees that she wants Bill to be something he was not. Meanwhile, she is lultimately embracing Eric in all of his glory because he was honest with her. It was just such a shame that she was willing to “forgive” him so soon after. SHAME-SHAME-SHAME on you writers!



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Eric/Sookie Body Language Flashback! Part Three!

During the off season, in honor of my most popular blog entries ever… “Eric/Sookie Body Language Flashback Parts One and Two,” (E/S BLF PART ONE) and (E/S BLF PART TWO), I have decided to make a new article exclusively for the last two episodes of  Season Three, which were pivotal episodes of course,  even if this will be a very short article. Enjoy!


Episode 3×11:

Sookie stares into Eric's eyes and he gently rubs her face while she does so.


Gulping can symbolize deep attraction or pain/fear; in my opinion, Eric’s gulping here symbolized both his deep attraction/love for Sookie and his pain and fear over what he was doing.  Rubbing her with the back of his hand indicates his sympathy toward her as well as well as actualy desire to show gentleness toward her.  Also, when Sookie allows Eric to touch her face in such a manner, she is allowing for a huge amount of intimacy between this before he bites her.  Arms and outer limbs are considered much safer areas to touch someone, the face is a very vulnerable are and it indicates her trust in him despite the action he is about to have to perform with Russell.   Once again, they shamelessly share their pattern of using a “lover’s gaze” with one another and this indicates their trust as well as their passion for another.


Eric gently touches Sookie's hair while forced to bite her.

The head is again a vulnerable area of the body and Eric continues to show sympathy and his actual desired gentleness in reaction to Sookie’s fear by stroking the vulnerable head area.


(as I mentioned in the general Eric Northman body language articles, the biting scene parallels the scene in which Eric comforts Pam. Eric touches Sookie hair and rubs her face in an attempt to comfort her. Eric clearly loves Sookie with the purity that he loves Pam with, albeit with the added passion of a current sexual connection).


Episode 3×12:

Sookie gently places her wrist across his fangs and looks down upon Eric with a titled neck while saving him with her blood.

 Despite her trauma healing Bill not long before, Sookie indicates affection and trust for Eric in all ways in this moment. She tilts the vulnerable neck area to the side which obviously indicates her trust in Eric (this is also especially symbolic because Eric and Bill are both vampires and that is the area Bill fed from and almost killed her feeding from).  Kneeling close to Eric in such a manner also indicates her trust because she is feeding him from the wrist in her arm and doesnt need to be that close to him in order to feed him.


Sookie asks Bill to watch Eric while she is feeding him.

Sookie looks at Bill in disgust ( slight scowl on her lips, tense facial muscles, slanted eyebrows, etc _as she brings up her trauma to her while asking him to watch Eric. This, of course, contrasts the gentle look her face just a moment ago while looking at Eric. A look of disgust is bad news for Bill because this emotion often correlates with a human survival instinct (mentioned in the dream with Eric in 3×10) to protect oneself from “contamination” or “harm.”


Eric begins feeding more aggressively by grabbing her wrist when he gains strength…

...but Sookie continues to look back at him gently despite Bill's obvious concern.

Again, this gentle on Sookie indicates her trust even as Eric shows slightly more aggressive feeding by grabbing her wrist and sucking harder (which again contrasts the look of disgust on her face she showed Bill). For example, her tense facial muscles have become relaxed.

Sookie and Bill speak with Eric about Russell from across the room.

Though Sookie is obviously concerned and disgusted with Eric’s decision to save Russell but her open arms contrast Bill’s closed arms beside her. Her open body language indicates she is literally “open to Eric” and trusting of him despite this decision, while Bill is “not open to Eric” and is completely distrusting of him (which is of course clearly shown when he tries to kill Eric rather than team with him willingly later on).

Sookie and Alcide sit together and talk (ill explain why this is relevant to Eric and Sookie)

Why is this important?  This scene contrasts the scene with Eric and Sookie back in episode 3×02 when Sookie goes to Fangtasia to ask Eric for help.  Alcide  is clearly interested in Sookie sexually ( crotch display and “open display” with his uncrossed arms, open body, relaxed hands and arms)!  However, Sookie keeps her legs tightly closed, her legs do not lean toward him, and her arms are crossed. She is acting anything but like somebody that is sexually attracted to, or open and trusting of the person across from there. Sure, she is attentive and indicates slight trust by keeping and mainting eye contact but this indicates the behavior of a good friend on her side and not much more. I discuss the contrasting scene in the first Eric and Sookie body language article (link above), but here is the the contrasting picture right below this):

Sookie sits across Eric in 3x02


Eric stares into Sookie's eyes after he tells her the truth about Bill......and Sookie states back into Eric's eyes despite her shock,anger, and sadness about the truth.

Again, they share a “lover’s gaze” and despite learning that Bill deceived her in such a manner. Sookie keeps continued eye contact with Eric, keeps her body language open, and allows Eric to stand close to her without backing away. Sure, she is standing in the home that he cannot enter but if her trust in Eric had been shaken at all she would have instinctively moved by a little bit……… Despite everything and telling Eric off afterward, she clearly does still trust him a lot.


This trust has will continue to build their mutual attraction to true love!

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Sookie Sleep Signals:Dream Symbolism on True Blood

I will discuss the meaning/ideas in Sookie’s dreams through dream symbolism. Though the subject(s) may or may not be in the exact same state during a dream (Tara was clothed and sleeping in bed during hr dream, not naked in the shower and Sam was not initially clothed or looking up phone numbers in his Bill dream for example), I think the clothing worn or not worn in the dream  is relevant to the overall sequence of events in the dream. Since we have been shown the time of day can be incorrect as well (Sam was dreaming of Bill in a nighttime setting obviously but it was actually daytime), the surroundings are also relevant to the sequence of events in the dream though the dreams obviously create some kind of awareness between the subjects.

Bill and Sookie Dream One:

Sookie looking through the window represents her need for insight into a situation...

...and it is she is looking down on him

Sookie wears a pink shirt with angels. She throws on the white bathrobe before approaching Bill and then strips it down for him when asking about sex with him.

(The pink shirt can represent Sookie’s attraction to Bill or the pink can represent Sookie’s true passionate and kind personality. Why does she initially cover herself with the white robe? It was a warm month, no? She is embracing her “pure” persona for Bill and a bathrobe can represent her need to deal with the situation with Bill somehow and she decides to deal with it by shedding the “purity persona” and asking for sex (usually how Bill and Sookie end up dealing with situations later on too). The angels can represent important messages she needs to see/realize and/or it  can herald a warning. Warning? about Bill? possibly? Does this represent Claudine watching after her, a guardian angel of sorts, brining this message to her or what Sookie could become as a fairy? Also the darkness of the dream can represent Bill as a dark figure/influence in her life. Being in your yard (as Sookie is) when it’s dark can represent BAD/AGGRESSIVE influences creeping into your life and you should avoid making any drastic choices. Hmmmm?)

Bill, in turn, sheds his pure (white shirt) Southern gentlemen persona.

...and reveals his true aggressive nature/ lust for her blood rather than sex or who she is (which she reveals with the dropped robe).

Due to the fact that  we have noticed the sequence of events and the timeline is often out of whack, Eric might have actually been correct when he suggested Sookie received Bill’s blood the “night they met,” somehow and this dream could have in fact been after she had taken his blood somehow. However, even if it was not, I see this dream as a warning more than anything else that could have come from Claudine or her own fairy subconcious.

Bill and Sookie Dream Two:

Though this can be considered a fantasy because we see Sookie masturbating at the end, I still believe it must hold some meaning like Eric’s fantasy obviously did.

Once again, Sookie is in her "pure persona" as she approaches Bill for sex and allows it to be stripped. A nightgown can signal an approaching illness. This makes no sense (so therefore this symbolism of the nightgown may not apply) unless you consider her relationship with Bill an approaching illness in her life.

Bill is in a darker (dirtier/brownish) shirt in his DARK house. Sookie decides to accept his darkness/flaws with a kiss (for what she thinks they are right now).

Being kissed in general can represent an important message as well or that someone INSIDE or outside of the dream may be hiding something from you AND kissing someone you are mad at/supposedly mad at represents an unconcious reconciliation with that person.

Eric and Dream One:

First of all, notice that the contrast  from her laying next to Bill to the dream with Eric (through the softer lighting…the pink/gold undertones  in the sheets are highlighted in the dream with Eric, the sheets also appear much more silky in the dream with Eric, Sookie and Bill are covered and Sookie and Eric are uncovered). Obviously, the improved lighting represents coming from the darkness of Bill into the light with Eric.

Sheets can represent romantic relationships.  The pink undertones represent the passionate and kind side of Sookie (which was represented by the pink shirt in the Bill dream) and possibly the passionate and kind side of Eric too coming out between them.  Silk and gold coloring are lucky omens as well and connect with the sheet symbolism of a future romantic relationship. Their tans, that is emphasized on Sookie and suddenly appearing on Eric (connected with light of course) represent health both mentally and physically in a future relationship (not Eric’s human side that will/may appear in the future as some have suggested). The messy sheets/non-existant cover on the Eric bed either represent the freedom and naturalness with Eric and/or represent the current complexities of their relationship (afterall, he has just tricked her into taking his blood) or that the complexities between them will in fact actually bring them together in the end.

Dreaming of a kiss on the hand represents respect and tenderness.

Beiing watched while making out/having sex can represent guilt about your feelings. (here it also represents the nosiness of Lorena and the reality of Bill in the background and her guilt connects with that). Of course, Lorena/Bill are in darkness/dark influences.

A kiss on the neck represents growth and maturity as well as a realization of feelings.

Being kissed in general can represent an important message as well or that someone inside or outside of the dream may be hiding something from you AND kissing someone you are mad at/supposedly mad at represents an unconcious reconciliation with that person.

Eric and Sookie Dream Two:

The lamps contrast the darkness (Sookie is the light in Eric’s grief/could be the light).

Walking through a hallway can represent growth/maturity and/or frustration (possibly with her growing feelings for Eric). In the traditional Freudian sense it is a sexual symbol of the vagina.

Going to someone’s bedroom in general can represent growing romantic feelings for that person and/or the importance of that person in your life and/or feelings that you keep private or hidden about that person. Seeing someone crying is either a straightforward representation of your sympathy/feelings for that person or it can also represent the possibility of having to help that person in the future.

A kiss on the cheek represents a growing trust and friendship with that person.

Grabbing someone's hand represents a fear of losing that person from your life and a need to develop a deep connection with that person.

Eric exposes his true self as well but even though he bites her she offers it to him and there is nothing aggrsessive about it as it was with Bill.

For the third time, Being kissed in general can represent an important message as well or that someone inside or outside of the dream may be hiding something from you AND kissing someone you are mad at/supposedly mad at represents an unconcious reconciliation with that person.

Eric and Sookie Dream Three:

A fan represents a need to improve your self esteem so that you can deal with new things/realizations in your life and it can also be an emotional storm coming and a need to stay calm. (we see this despite an air conditioning system clearly in the background).

Clean shoes represent potential positive influences in your life. However, inappropriately wearing them (like on furniture in this instance) indicate that you are headed in the wrong direction at the moment and need to see positive influences in your life.

Once again, A kiss on the neck represents growth and maturity as well as a realization of feelings.

For the fourth time, Being kissed in general can represent an important message as well or that someone inside or outside of the dream may be hiding something from you AND kissing someone you are mad at/supposedly mad at represents an unconcious reconciliation with that person.

The sleep signals pointed to the progression of Sookie, Bill, Eric and the plot in general all along. Seems pretty clear, at least to me, that the sleep signals are pointing to Eric as the better choice/ the choice she should make and the more trustworthy of the two and it is also pointing to a true friendship with Eric that is missing with Bill.

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Good Guys: Bill vs. Eric

I created this post to contrast the last post (one post back): Bad Boys: Bill vs. Eric.

(Bill and Eric get a half a check for an attempt at a rescue/ good deed if it failed or an unitentional rescue/ good deed. Bill and Eric get a full check for a good deed/rescue that was not only intentional but also successful. Checks will negate/cancel out x’s from the last post and if all of the x’s are somehow negated, the character will recieve a tally of checks at the end, if not, the character will receive the new tally of x’s)

Bad Deeds Tally:

Eric: 4.5; Bill: 15

Season One:


Bill does not get credit for rescuing Sookie from the Rattrays because he either set the whole thing up or allowed it to happen/ go on longer than it should have so that he could get his blood into her as soon as possible.

Bill saved Sookie (even if it was his job to protect her) by staking Longshadow during his attack at Fangtasia (that is what we see as an audience) so he gets a check for that. We do not know if Eric had any plans or anything else. So far, the only thing the audience knows is Bill presumably had to stake Longshadow to save Sookie and he suffered consequences for it (having to turn Jessica).

Bill attempts to save Sookie from Renee in the sun but it is a failed attempt that he should have known would not work so he gets a half check.


Eric was mostly presented as a villian in season one and therefore was not presented performing obvious heroic acts in season one.

Season Two:


Although Bill is convienietly there and uses the guy to teach Jessica how to glamour people, he saves Sookie from being kidnapped by the FOTS at the airport.

Although held by Lorena at Eric’s suggestion (who may or may not have had greater reasons other than wanting to be the sole hero, though I think he did), Bill tries to save Sookie from the FOTS but arrives late and ends up offering nothing more than threats and is unsuccessful.

Despite any number of motivations, Bill goes to QSA for advice and Bill works with Sam and gives Sam blood in order to help with the Maryann/ the Maenad situation.


Although Eric does negociate with Sookie for Lafayette’s release later on, Eric does save Sookie’s life by bringing in Dr. Ludwig to help (which he pays a price for in money/blood/both) after the Maenad/ Maryann attacks her  after Bill is unable to save her.

Although Eric was there for Godric and Sookie, Eric attempts to save Sookie from the FOTS and offers himself for both the release of her and Godric even though it was ultimately unsuccessful until Godric/Jason help.

Although Eric later tricks Sookie into drinking some of his blood, Eric saves Sookie from the suicide bombing at Godric’s.

Despite asking for Sam’s help in return later on, Eric attempted to help with the maenad situation but was held by QSA.

Season Three:


Although it was partially to help himself as well, Bill swears alleigeince to Russell in an attempt to divert his attention from Sookie  and he tries to warn Sookie later on (as well as stake Russell) but since it wasn’t well thought out and essentially a trap, it get grouped with this good deed.

Bill helps confront the werewolves and Russell at Sookie’s house.

Although Bill initially works with Eric to help him save everyone, including Sookie, he later betrays Eric and even tries to discourage Sookie from saving Eric before that so he gets a half check.


Though he himself said it would not be personally advantageous for him to help Sookie find Bill, Eric not only comes clean about a previous lie and explains everything to her, he later sends Alcide to escort her around Jackson as she looks for Bill.

Eric helps warn/save Sookie from the werewolf inside her home and then buries the body himself without her help.

Although it was partially to protect his investment, Eric saves Lafayette from the people in HotShot.

Eric unsuccessfully tries to discourage Russell from going to get Sookie AND Although Eric saves Sookie and Bill by distracting Russell by staking Talbot, it is unclear as to whether this was an intentional move or all about his revenge.

Eric attempts to work with Bill in order to help Sookie and tries to sacrifice himself to not only get his revenge, but save everyone, including Pam, Sookie, and Bill.

Check Tally Seasons One, Two,Three: Bill: 6.5; Eric: 7.5

Bill: 15 x’s – 6.5 checks= 8.5 x’s

Even after three full seasons of good deeds, Bill’s bad aspects still far outweigh the good he has done.

Eric: 4.5 x’s – 7.5 checks = + 3 checks

Obviously, The Good Eric has done outweighs the bad aspects (the bad things he has done).

Therefore, being as objective as possible, Eric is clearly the redeemable hero and Bill has yet to be a redeemable hero, if he will ever be.

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Bad Boys: Bill vs. Eric

First of all, this blog is dedicated to ENA, my reader who requested it.

Let us tally up and compare the evil/bad deeds done by both Bill and Eric (that we as an audience know for sure about now) as well as their lies and then let us compare the numbers, shall we? I’ll attempt to be objective as possible as I analyze this:

Season One Tally:


As the audience later finds out in Season Three, the whole reason Bill came back to Bon Temps in the first place was to seduce Sookie so that he could earn her trust enough (since she couldn’t be glamoured and had friends/family that would look for her) in order to lure her to the queen. We also find out in Season Three that Bill was keeping a file on Sookie. This is almost worthy of two x’s but I wont do that:

Bill stood by and watched while Sookie was being almost beaten to death OR hired the Rattrays to beat her up so that he could give her his blood as soon as possible (before they even really knew eachother):

Although they were not good people, Bill killed the Rattrays either to cover up his plot with them or simply in order to feed on them and look good in front of Sookie in his mind and/or as part of his mission to “protect her”:

Although it was a pedophile, Bill killed an elderly and defenseless Uncle Bartlett after feeding on him as a result of Sookie confiding in Bill that he had molested her as a  child (Sookie does not seem happy with this “protective” move later on):

Bill did not tell Sookie/ tried to hide the fact that he turned Jessica (effectively lying) by attempting to pawn his new child off on Eric:


Although he did not know Sookie well at the time, he did not rush to her aid when Longshadow attacked her when she was on buisness for him at his establishment. (I am including this to be fair despite the fact that he probably knew Bill would attack or maybe he had a better plan in mind before Bill killed Longshadow, however, as an audience we only see Eric not reacting before Bill attacks):

Season One Tally: Bill: 5 ; Eric: 1

Season Two:


Although, it was his duty as sheriff, Eric imprisoned Lafayette and killed Royce (though Royce could almost be called self-defense although we know Royce was no match for Eric:

Although Eric had just saved her life, he convinced Sookie he needed her to suck the bullets out so the he could heal and did not tell her otherwise, effectively lying about that and taking the opportunity for her to take some of his blood:


After Sookie confronted Bill with some of his lies/cover ups  (including Uncle Barlett’s murder), she asked Bill if there was anything else he needed to tell her. He said “No,” effectively lying about a lot of things ( the queen sending him to Bon Temps for her, being a procurer for the queen, giving her his blood on purpose, his past with Lorena, etc.):

Although Bill was understandably mad at Sookie for bringing Jessica to see her parents, he got a little physically violent with Sookie during his anger with her:

Season One and Two Tally: Bill 7; Eric 3

Season Three:


Although Bill was starving and desperate, he fed off of a sick and elderly woman against her will (by glamouring her) and although it is very possible she survived, it is also possible she did not. Because of his extreme circumstances, I will give him a half of a X:

Bill needlessly lashed out at Lorena by attempting to burn her to death/ burning her (despite the past, Lorena was no immediate threat to Sookie or anyone and therefore this was vengeance similar to Eric staking Talbot later on):

Bill cheated on Sookie with Lorena (he had sex with her before he broke up with Sookie over the phone). Bill had no reason to have sex with Lorena other than his own self fufillment, so it was cheating was no justifiable reason. The abuse part of the sex was ambiguous because Lorena never said no while he was abusing her during the sex. However, the fact remains that he cheated on Sookie:

Although it was under Russell’s orders, Bill procured a stripper under false pretenses (partially by glamouring her) that they needlessly killed and he participated in/ seemed to enjoy:

Bill ignored Tara when she asked for help (but because he was stuck in the situation he was in front of Russell, Lorena and Franklin, I will once again be generous and only give Bill a half of a X because it wasn’t a direct action, it was no action that could have had consequences):

Although weak from being fed on by V addict, Bill almost killed Sookie during a moment of blood lust and had nothing to say except “Damn,” when he was kicked out of the truck by Tara:

Bill attempts to abandon Jessica after a month and leaves her to fend for herself in favor of having sex with Sookie. (you could make the argument that Bill knew Jessica was ok but are the same ties/ is the same awareness there after the child is released? Afterall, a maker is no longer ablet to command the child):

Bill lied yet again when he told Sookie he was keeping a file on her because of Eric and then Bill witheld the truth when asked about what the truth was by Sookie later on (as Eric brought it up). In fact, he reveals nothing till Eric makes him later on.:

Bill tries to kill Eric and Pam (get rid of their undead lives) out of jealousy of Sookie’s growing feelings for Eric as well as out of a desire to cover up the secrets Eric knew about him so that Sookie would never find out:


Although Russell did kill Eric’s family, Eric staked Talbot (russell’s child/boyfriend)  to get back at Russell (even though he incidently helped save Sookie and Bill from Russell):

Eric put up a front for Russell, bit Hadley,  imprisoned Sookie against her will and bit her against her will  but because it was in order to save her life and find out the reasons that the queen and bill were after Sookie, Eric gets a half a X:

Eric Seasons One, Two, Three Tally: 4.5 Xs.

Bill Seasons One, Two, Three Tally: 15 Xs.


I won’t go into detail about the motivations behind this actions, though I think it is CLEAR and easy to distinguish which actions made more sense than others, which actions were more necessary than others, and which actions were harder to avoid than others…BUT…

Both Bill and Eric do questionable things…

But I think it is more than clear after this analysis who the true villian of True Blood is and I doubt it will change!

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“Cocky Viking to Sacrificial Hero” : The Body Language of Eric Northman Season Three

I’m not covering the Eric time in episode 3×04 that involved the obvious themes such as concern over the V/Pam and fighting Hotshot. In addition, I won’t be covering 3×08 for the obvious faked submission to Russell by getting on one knee and Eric’s obvious reluctance to have sex with Talbot right there but his willingness to do so opportunistically. :

Season Three:

Fangtasia: 3×01 “Bad Blood”

Eric displays the classic “alpha male posture (that can obviously occur clothed or unclothed hah)” that men can sometimes conciously or unconciously display in order to attract the attention of a female (hips jutted forward and chest moved backward in an attempt to make themselves look bigger-as if Eric needed that- and hands near the hips or on the hips-framing the hips- in an attempt to frame their “manhood” so- to-speak). This type of positioning “alpha male posturing” has worked for ages in the wild and today. Of course, Eric’s nakedness is symbolic of a totally bare Eric, willing to put himself on display both physically and emotionally and their growing intimacy.

Once again, a terrible liar, Eric displays definsivenss with his crossed arms in front of the magister. He also mistakingly positions himself above the queen and the magister by standing above them (conciously or unconciously displaying his own opinion that he thinks he is better than both of them despite their positions), but they counter that by invading his personal space by sitting at his throne area in his place.

Fangtasia: 3×02 “Beautifully Broken”

Eric is trying to treat Sookie as an equal as he lowers himself to her level while they share the ultra-flirtacious prolonged eye contact as usual. Also, as I mentioned in the Eric/Sookie body language flashback article, Eric is also expressing desperation as he leans into her with the “notice me, please” move:

Legs that close together point to trust and affection as I pointed out in the E/S article:

However, Sookie’s crossed legs show hesitation for obvious reasons and they counter Eric’s open legged “crotch display (another example of an Eric “opening up.”  However, they still trust eachother and are comfortable enough to have their legs so close, almost intertwined,  in the first place.

more affectionate and trusting eye contact

3×02: “Beautifully Broken” Eric’s Flashback & Sookie’s Porch:

more over the top prolonged eye contact

The reason Eric cannot look Sookie in the eye during this part after the CONSTANT eye contact (also his lips are pursed at one point, indicating suppression here) is that he is basically lying/concealing something from her he tells her that he warned her because he "owes her," when in fact we know he warns her because he has feelings for her.

ONCE AGAIN, Eric does the "hand-in-the-pockets" move with Sookie which in this instance either points to his anxiousness with her or actually nervousness with her (since he isn't concealing anything here, since he was just being open and honest with her).

I know this is more Eric/Sookie related than Eric related but since I didn't point this out last time, Sookie leaning against the post is a classic body language move that is telling someone "not to leave, please stay." This is obviously in connection with the submissive and exposed neck which indicates interest because it's a primal move that indicates interest because it shows the person you are non-threatening (necessary in the wild). Also, unless I am mistaken, I see a SMILE!

Sookie’ House and the Graveyard: 3×03 “It Hurts Me Too”

Eric serves Sookie "the eyebrow flash," one of the common physiological signs of attraction (to coincide with his flirting and her obvious turned on face).

Here Eric serves Sookie the exaggerated one eyebrow raise (obviously to go along with his flirtacious teasing) along with a smile of his own.

Eric and Sookie walk in-sync (“mirror eachother”) with each other from the graveyard. This is one of the strongest signals of not only interest/flirtation but also a deep connection (literally being in-sync with each other).

Eric tries to get himself down to Lafayette's level here (treating him as an equal/buisness partner here as well).

Eric’s Daydream: 3×04 “9 Crimes”

Obviously shows Eric's willingness to let Sookie have equality, actually sometimes have some domianance and his ability to actually sometimes be submissive in a future relationship.

Russell’s Mansion: 3×05 “Trouble”

A titled head in this manner can sometimes indicate skepticism or doubt or can simply indicate interest (this connects with the parted lips). Of course in this scene, Eric might be both skeptical and interested to know Sookie wasn't Bill's anymore).

By gazing at eachother, Eric and Lorena were obviously interested the other was there. beyond just an acknowledgment.. Why?..Probably because Eric thought his role in Bill's absence in Season 2/the fact he knew her might come out/ Lorena's violence toward Sookie/ hatred for Godric..etc. Lorena probably was wondering if he would interfere with her plans because she knew he liked Sookie alot obviously.

Hip swaying (which is does with Talbot) definitely backs up his flirtation/claims of arousal. Obviously, Eric is trying to look submissive for Talbot with the head tilt/bowed head and keeps eye contact to hold Talbot's interest.

Russell’s Mansion: 3×06 “I’ve Got A Right To Sing The Blues”

Guiding a woman in that manner can idicate frustration and/or manly protection/ interest (probably both here).

Eric shows his actual angry face (take examples from eariler such as the scrunched nose) because of his frustration with Sookie at this point.

Eric takes on his cocky viking/vampire persona for Russell (to convince him he totally prejudice against anybody/anything but vampires by the way he leans back into his limo seat.

QSA’s Palace: 3×06 “I’ve Got A Right To Sing The Blues”

Eric find dealing with the queen humorous like he finds dealing with Bill humorous (both are beneath him in his opinion of course).

Eric does his FAKE light touch w/ the finger flirtation move with Russell (similar to the one w/ Lafayette).

QSA’s Palace and Fangtasia: 3×07 “Hitting The Ground”

Eric is actually being rather gentle with Hadley when you consider the way he “guides her along.” Why did he notify her of the plan? If he didn’t care and simply wanted to immobilize/transport her, why didn’t he just pick her up like he did with QSA or Sookie (in order to make her believe him) later on? NO, he gently puts his arm around her (like he did with Sookie earlier on) and then gives her blood when he is done…

Eric simultaneously shows his respect for Pam’s mind and his general affection for her by rubbing her head.

Fangtasia: 3×09 “Everything is Broken”

As I pointed out in the season two analysis, Eric being hunched over indicates insecurity. Eric is obviously not confident when dealing with Nan/The Authority but HE IS STILL HONEST WITH THEM! The amount of distance for their mutal personal spaces during the interview is ENORMOUS, indicating complete distrust and general uneasiness with eachother, yet ERIC IS STILL TOTALLY HONEST!

Hands in front of him, nan's crossed legs = add general defensivness

This head touching (that parallels the e/s 2x10 dream) shows their mutal intellectual and emotional connection. The head rubbing with the hand to comfort her parallels Eric's attempt to comfort Sookie by rubbing her hair with his hand later on.

Jason’s House, The Dream, Fangtasia: 3×10 “I Smell A Rat”

As I mentioned in a previous post, Eric immediantly looks to Sookie when Bill opens the door and his lips are parted (indicating slight arousal).

For my analysis of the dream and Fangtasia kiss in regards to Eric/Sookie, Read the Episode 3×10 Section of my Eric/Sookie Body Language Flashback! Part Two!:

Once again hunched over, Eric is feeling insecure not only about what he perceives as his inevitable defeat (he is feeling defeated too obviously when you add the lowered head and shoulders in addition to the circumstances), but he also feeling insecure about what he perceives as a rejection by Sookie.Fangtasia, The Museum: 3x11 "Fresh Blood"Russell indicates he wants to "get in Eric's head." by touching his face. At the same time, he is attempting to degrade Eric by giving him the equivalent of a father patting the wayward child's head. Eric allows him to do so he can give him the perception of being submissive once again.

This head holding/kiss by Eric is once again symbolic of their emotional as well as intellectual connection (entire mutual respect). It is also a very paternal/maternal (father,mother) thing to do as well all know.

This of course parallels the same thing I just said about Eric/Pam and the head touching/holding before he is forced to bite her. Also, they mutually gulp ( gulping in and of itself is a sign of deep attraction and when they “mirror eachother” it symbolizes their deep emotional connection is addition to that general mutual attraction as well). Then Eric tenderly comforts her by petting her head when she is scared because Russell bites her likes he does and he is forced to bite her ….

Eric heroically gives Russell a fake smile (the rest of his face is stiff, indicating the fake smile) because he won’t allow him to see fear or regret on his face!

Eric then heroically spreads his limbs out and looks ahead (literally ready to rmbrace and face his fate like a christ-like sactificial hero) with Russell symbollically crouched beneath him like a helpless pet!

Eric has gone from a pure Cocky Viking Vampire to the Cocky Viking Vampire who can also have the flaws of humanity ( such as insecurity) and benefits of the humanity ( such as the ability to be a tender father and love a good woman) he willingly or unwillingly retained (yet sees no need to flaunt). YET he has actually transcended all of that at the same time and become our Sacrificial Hero!

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“Cocky Viking to Sacrifical Hero”: The Body Language of Eric Northman Part Two/ Season Two

I am skipping episode 2×01 since Eric did not appear until the end and it was clear that was the aggressive, impulsive Eric reacting to an attack. I am also not going to cover episode 2×04 because it was also a minimal Eric episode and it only contained a straightforward coercion by Eric in order to get Lafayette to drink his blood so that he would be connected to Sookie through Lafayette and also be able to track Lafayette: 

Season Two: 

Fangtasia: 2×02 “Keep This Party Going” 


Once again, Eric uses his pompous viking demeanor to get in Lafayette’s face in to make a point by intimidating him and get Lafayette to answer to him. 

despite his skepticism, Eric respectfully maintains eye contact and listens to Lafayette's story in order to bring the information forth by playing to Lafayette's ego for a while in this "buisness setting." However, Eric remains cocky enough to casually worry about his hair during the questioning (however, he remains in a commanding position in the center of the room).

For future reference, this is Eric’s actual “angry/aggressive face (open mouth with teeth exposed, raised eyebrows, jutted jaw, and a wrinkled nose sometimes)”

After the suggestion by the saleswoman to Bill, Eric once again uses his sexuality to his advantage with an exaggerated arched eyebrow, even with Bill.


another Eric “hands in the pockets”


In this instance, Eric’s hands in the pockets must be connected to one of these things since I established in part one that this exhibits 1.nervousness/anxiety 2. Dishonesty/concealment: 

1.Eric is experiencing nervousness and anxiety because he knows Godric is missing and he is afraid Bill will reject his request for Sookie’s help (which Bill ultimately does) OR 2. Eric is of course not being completely open about why he is so eager to find Godric or why he needs Sookie’s help. (it is probably both reasons in this instance). 

Again, we see Eric "nervously" fiddling with the clothes though he obviously has no real intention of buying any of them (ties into my previous point about Eric's anxiety). Also, Eric is attempting to "guide Bill along (influence his decision and show his dominance) by taking his arm and moving him along during the discussion.


Fangtasia: 2×03 “Scratches” 


We have Eric claiming dominance over the room similar to the position he had sitting on his Fangtasia throne (refer to part one). Leaning back in the chair points to Eric’s obvious adventurous personality but can also refer to “critical thinking,” which refers to Eric being dumbfounded as to what the maenad was. It can also indicate a certain “relaxation” because he thinks Bill is worrying too much/overeacting and that it will be taken care of. He really feels in control and tries to communicate that “dominance” and “control” to Bill through this position. 

Eric exhibit's his typical "intimdation face" in order to make a point and he lacks the facial wrinks/scrunched nose/raised eyebrows/ pronounced jawline of a true agressive/mad Eric face

Eric exhibits "cooperation" with Sookie by sitting on the edge of the desk with his hands on his knees and getting down to her level/looking her in eye as well. Proof that Eric was in fact treating her an equal/worthy of respect already during this scene

Eric once again attempts to charm someone with his sexuality as usual (whether male of female obviously) with a flirtacious wink/ same as the exaggerated eyebrow and a light touch with the finger (I conclude that this is typical fake-Eric-fliriting ALWAYS, when he actually likes someone it is different as we later see)

Although Eric fans are often captivated by the rest of the interaction in this scene between all three of them, the most significant thing in relation to Eric and Sookie's growing relationship was the VERY LONG AND PERSONAL eye contact here. One-on-one eye contact like that lasting for more than a second or two means a DEEP connection and Eric smiles on top of that because he understands the connection then.

Godric’s House/Nest: 2×05 “Never Let Me Go” 

Once again, we see Eric's true angry/aggressive face (exposed teeth-minus the fangs/sometimes clenched, wrinkled nose, etc.) - backed up by Eric throwing things (something we know he typically does not do).

...or tight, pursed lips (with or without a type of disgusted scowl)

Eric often keeps a straight/undistinguished face while being open and honest (this is often mis-interpreted as indifference/emonlessness/boredom/concealment) which is the perfect time to bring this example out since we know Eric could not have been more emotional since we now know what Godric meant to him and him knowing he was in trouble as he recounted his turning.

Hotel Carmilla: 2×06 “Hard Hearted Hannah”

Being "hunched over" in this manner can indicate two things: 1. Thoughtful (which would make sense, he is thinking about Godric, Sookie, Bill and Lorena's arrival). 2. INSECURITY

 Insecurity, here? I say yes! This will become a typical “Eric is insecure” pose. Eric is insecure because of feeling helpless about Godric, helpless about Sookie and affected by a “human” (to the point where not even feeding is giving him satisfaction at this point), and Bill’s role in all of this. 

No wonder Lorena didn't believe Eric! Crossed legs indicate defensiveness or concealment (defensiveness about his feelings for Sookie or his nervousness about Godric/ concealing his true feelings for Sookie as well as his real need for Bill to be "held" by her. He also fiddles/pokes at the couch, showing that nervousness. At the same time, he fails at trying to convince her he is relaxed by having those legs casually stretched out.

Outside the FOTS: 2×07 “Release Me” 

Like most others that lie, Eric avoids eye contact while telling her the lie that "he isn't interested in Sookie, he only cares about Godric, etc."

after he just eyed her intently like this as she talked about love with a human.

(my reader, Robin, indicated that one of the biggest things she noticed about this scene was Eric’s constant blinking, which definitely indicates lying or withholding information and the only think Eric could be lying about or withholding is the truth about his feelings for Sookie).

Another true Eric angry/aggressive face (see refs above)

FOTS Building: 2×08 “Timebomb” 

Presumably, Eric is leading Sookie by the small of her back (one of the deepest signs of male-to-female affection and attraction) as he attempts to rescue her.

In this famous/beloved scene, Eric and Sookie convey the same trust for eachother (leaning into her and her not backing away) that Eric is seemingly asking her for.

Prolonged eye contact similar to the eye contact after 2x03 (showing their deep connection, mutual concern) as Eric attempts to reassure her despite knowing her might not make it.

(i know this isn’t body language related, but even Newlin admitted Eric’s actions were noble, despite the fact that he obviously did not agree with them, example of unreliable narrator with the truth) 

More prolonged eye contact (showing more of their deep connection) and obvious concern.

SERIOUSLY? Do these two ever stop? Did they ever think they were fooling themselves, much less anybody else? 

Godric’s House/Nest: 2×08 “Timebomb” 

Hands in the pockets again for Eric as he approaches B/S!

So either.. 

1. Eric is anxious about approaching Sookie because of the intensity they just went through, plus the feelings that were already there. 2. Eric heard Sookie question Bill about being gone and is concealing the answer. (possibly both). 

(body language with Godric is discussed in my maker/child relationships post a little bit back)



The male-to-male face off seems to be intense on the surface but of course Eric finds dealing with Bill humorous once again as he smiles.




Godric’s House/Nest: 2×09 “I Will Rise Up”

She is aggressively sucking his chest, no matter what face she puts on. He looks at her like a guy with a school boy crush as soon as he knows she won't be looking at him. Of course, OBVIOUSLY, he is aroused and happy when he smiles, as his fangs have come out too.Of course, this is the ultimate sign of cocky arrogance (leaning back with one hand behind the head), the Cocky Viking is in full force here.

The Carmilla Hotel Dream: 2×09 “I Will Rise Up” 


This is the ultimate sign of equality in the relationship, facing eachother face-to-face on the bed and “mirroring eachother.” Kissing the hand is the ultimate sign of respect and total adoration of the partner. (this is where they are going or how they truly feel). 

One of the more obvious and cute Eric and Sookie flirting moments was the classic “look at your crush and look away as they look as you,”  or “eye contact game,” game they played in the hotel Carmilla when questioned by Nan. Nothing indicates interest and open flirtation more than this across the room game played both conciously and sometimes unconciously, but obviously conciously in this case:

The Roof: 2×09 “I will Rise up”

(more on Godric/Eric body language/interaction on the Carmilla Roof here once again: 

Hand holding (the ultimate sign of feelings/affection and it was outside a dream) AND prolonged eye contact.

Yeah, these two are so ending up together…HAND HOLDING? I don’t even see Bill doing that with her much… 

The Car From Dallas Dream: 2×10 “New World In My View” 

Kissing cheeks in a sign of their deepening friendship and Eric gives his shocked stare

Touching the heads is a sign of an intellectual as well as an emotional connection. It is actually one of the most affectionate moves possible.

 Fangtasia:2×11: “Frenzy” 

He gets on Sam's level to hear him out although since he does not respect Sam and is distracted, he does not maintain good eye contact with him.

Eric does show curiosity and consideration for the children by keeping eye contact with them and also trying to get at their level as well.

QSA’s Palace: 2×11 “Frenzy”

Worrying About/ Fiddling with his hair either indicates his boredom/frustration with Bill and/or his anxiousness to hear Sookie potentially speaking of him.

QSA’s Palace: 2×12 “Beyond Here Lies Nothing” 

When asked about Sookie by the queen, Eric diverts her gaze in order to try to hide his feelings as he lies about them, he even swallows which is something Eric has been shown to do when trying to keep his emotions in check (despite this, the queen is of course not fooled).

(also a lot of bliking in this scene to back up the assertion I made about the 2×12 scene)

Season 2 of course showed the Cocky Viking with a sensitive side for Sookie and his blood(such as Pam and Godric), a spirited and brave viking willing to risk/give up his undead life for those fortunate enough to gain that loyalty/affection from him… 

Of course Eric can be the selfish, generally/sexually manipulative, impulsive, aggressive, angry, cocky viking but Eric can also be  loyal, brave, nervous, anxious, desperate, respectful, vulnerable, intellectually/emotionally attached to a non-blood related human, insecure and trustworthy… 

But if being generally good but very flawed isn’t human (his humanity), then I don’t know what is… 

AND Eric showed potential of being SACRIFICIAL… 

But Eric had no opportunity to be a “hero,” (atleast on the surface), atleast till now… 

(will be continued in the next installment).

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