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Blood Children- True Blood Maker/Child Relationships

(This post is dedicated to my reader ELLA who requested it : )

“We are who we were in our human lives,” – Eddie

 Lorena & Bill 

Bill was turned by a crazy woman who kept dead bodies in her house who had an obsession with his supposed "gentlemanly honor."

Lorena considers Bill to be a gentlemanly lover that she gave everything to. 


Bill considers Lorena to be an obsessed lover/stalker that brought him death. 

Lorena presses her hand to her heart to show her growing love for Bill


Bill and Lorena had a mutual cooperation when it came to needlessly killing.

Bill and Lorena possessed the same blood passion for each other.

 (Body Language wise, notice that both Bill and Lorena take turns getting on top during sex, signifying an equal partnership, equal control of the situation and each other. Not Lorena or Bill’s total dominance) 

Renee at the Ancient Pythoness ( suggests this shows similar bloody passion that Sookie and Bill have for eachother.

Lorena keeps the necklace close to her heart and keeps her hand there as well. Signifying the love she felt in those scenes (no matter our perception).

Lorena and Bill are abusive with eachother

OK...unspeakably the point of torture and DEATH abusive!

What does this say about Lorena and Bill? Lorena was obsessed with the idea of Bill being her “noble lover” but Bill was too focused on her “murder” than anything else. HOWEVER, Lorena allowed equality in their relationship! Therefore, Bill had an equal part in everything that occurred over the years, including their murders. Bill and Lorena clearly showed a mutual bloody passion for each other and what they did, nobody forced it. Therefore, Lorena did not control his every action as he would like us to believe. Both Bill and Lorena were sentimental and therefore Lorena probably had the same obsessed love for Bill (her ideal of the noble lover) that Bill has for Sookie (his ideal of the submissive southern belle that he can regain his “humanity” from), so she ironically passed on obsessive love to him. They both possessed the capacity for abusiveness in their human lives probably but it was amplified by being a vampire because it gave them ultimate superiority over humans. Lorena was obviously so desperate for Bill’s love, I am sure she would have toned it down if that would have made Bill happy, but obviously she didn’t think that would have made Bill happy. 

Godric & Eric 

Eric considers Godric a Father that gave him Life.  


Their relationship was born of pure admiration. Godric considers himself Eric’s Father, Brother, Son. 



 Though Eric is happy to be submissive to Godric. Godric doesn’t mind treating Eric an equal with close, quiet, and tender face-to-face eye contact. 

Emotions that are clearly not one sided; tender bodily contact such as a hand on the vulnerable neck from the maker to the child

Godric and Eric worked as a cooperative team

Godric/ Eric & Godric's relationship brought the heroine to tears.

What can we interpret about Godric, Eric, Sookie and the storyline from this maker/child relationship? 

Godric passed on his traits of undying loyalty, respect, cooperation, and appetite for justice onto Eric. Although Godric taught Eric to control his emotions, he also taught him how to express them when deserved.  Although not turned violently like Bill, Eric certainly did not understand exactly what he was signing up for but Eric did not self-loathe. He saw the benefits of his new life and did not focus on the death aspect as Bill so morbidly does (Eric knows how to make the best of a situation). They provided eachother all the love of a father and child with the equality and companionship of brotherhood (which they bother certainly benefited from. However, we can see from his human life that Eric already had traits that inspired the loyalty of his men until their very own ends, so surely he possessed some of these admirable traits before Godric’s influence. 

Jessica & Bill 

Bill considers Jessica a burden that was forced upon him.




Jessica sees Bill as a Father that she is desperate for Love/Guidance from despite the fact that he brought her "death."

(body language shows Jessica is desperately reaching out for affection from Bill but Bill is hesitant/unwilling to give her the affection she desires beyond using her to protect Sookie and be the vampire he never was) 


Bill released Jessica after a month with Little emotion on his face.


Bill leaves Jessica to the wolves in exchange for Sex with Sookie.

What does this relationship say about Jessica and Bill?  Because Bill sees Jessica as a burden, he ignores her at every possible conveinience. That shows Bill’s lack of maturity/responsibility not only as a vampire but as an individual, it also shows that he cares for nobody except Sookie, even if it comes at a greater cost to others than Sookie. It shows Jessica is suffering from the same lack of love she suffered at home, except that now she much contend with neglect rather than over- bearing/stern parents (the worst of both extremes). Instead of giving her support, he often reinforces her negative opinion of being a vampire because he hates himself. 

Pam & Eric 

Though we do not know the exact nature of Pam's turning, she seems really happy to be working with Eric as his prodigy/child and seems to have no regrets about her human life.

Pam considers Eric to be a Father/Teacher that she can gain wisdom/companionship from. Though the exact motive of Pam’s turning is unclear we can tell by the tender body language between them (his swift rescue, wide concerned eyes, tender head touch) that Eric loves Pam as a daughter/companion. Eric probably views it in much the same way Godric did, but instead it is Father, Sibling, Son (Mother, Sibling, Daughter). 


Though they can get annoyed with one another (like any parent/child or partners) they always try to listen to eachother and work it out (atleast in the long run).


Eric trust Pam to handle "buisness" matters as a partner.

During their talk, Pam is allowed to symbollically sit above him as an equal and as he sees her going through the same pain he did, he is never hesitant to love her/confront her.

What does this say about Pam and Eric? They have much the same relationship that Eric had with Godric, except maybe even more emotional due to Eric’s naturally more emotional side that he attempts to hide. Eric respects women enough to have “made one” and make one a buisness partner. Eric shows respect to all those loyal to him and is never afraid to show affection to those who give it to him (that will one day be Sookie too for Eric). Her symbolic sitting over Eric represents his trust in her that she will one day take his place (when he gone), that was part of the process in which he saw her as a worthy successor and worthy of being a great maker herself in the Godric-Eric-Pam line. They also are cooperative and work as a team toward a mutal benefit just as Eric and Godric did together for centuries. They both obviously possessed this just nature of loyalty and cooperativeness with those who give it to them in their human lives to retain this nature in the state of being a vampire. 


Sure, Lorena could have fed Bill and sent him on his way, but Godric could have given Eric his blood and healed him too, Jessica was at the wrong place at the wrong time and I guess Bill could have died rather than turn Jessica  and I guess Eric didn’t have to turn Pam either. It is a fruitless battle to discuss the nature of the turning. Therfore, it is important to focus on discussing the nature of the vampire AFTER the turning. Jessica was violently turned, yet is making the best out of her situation (despite her mistakes). Eddie had no benefit of a maker present in his life, yet he was almost completely non-violent… 

 Proof that blaming your maker for your behavior is TOTAL bullshit! (**wink wink**) 


Becoming a vampire and having a maker either good, bad or absent merely enhances characteristics that were already there, rather than creates them (other than the obvious physical enhancements and new nutritional requirements), much like my theory on the Blood Bond explains that BB’s merely enhance relationships that were already there. Sure, a great maker can make you a better maker and a better vampire but it doesn’t determine who you are as a vampire, your HUMANITY that you already possessed does. Bill would not be seeking his humanity if he had already had it in his human life. Eric doesn’t want it but still has it! So…. A maker/child relationship or the absence of one merely enhance what was already there inside. In other words, you won’t be a vicious, remorseless killer if you didn’t already have the capacity for that… 



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