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Is Jesus into witchcraft? (or Yvetta, QSA, or Holly?)

**mild book spoilers warning. though this plot was discussed at comic-con**


(Jesus wears the magical color of purple and purple spells are often used to manipulate others/maintain control)

Normally I avoid book connections but it has been established at Comic-Con we are getting this storyline.

Isn’t Hallow supposed to be a female? Maybe not on True Blood. As we know Alan Ball combines characters and changes them around (Tara was white in the books for instance and not as close to Sookie). Why not make the equivalent of Hallow a gay male?  He would obviously still be attracted to Eric if it came down to that thing about blood and sex in the books though I doubt that will necessarily be the case on True Blood.

Remember that Lafayette was skeptical to trust Jesus and even called him out as a “satan in a sunday hat” like he correctly pointed out about Eggs: All of this before they KISSED:

Could Jesus have cast a spell on Lafayette through his kiss?

Why target Lafayette? Isn’t “Hallow” supposed to be after Eric? True but Lafayette is an associate of Eric’s and if Hallow is interested in the V at all and Eric..then why not go after a V dealer working for Eric.

Obviously he is into magic and superstitious with his talk of Chango and Elegua and making offerings to them (which shows he has non-traditional beliefs) and he is from, Catemaco, which is known for associations with witchcraft. This is an example of witchcraft in Catemaco:

Jesus is clearly a thinker and he is crafty. He had the foresight to sneak up on the Hotshot rednecks and steal a weapon (the bat)  rather than just charge out there like Lafayette.

(the only problem with this theory is Jesus’s reaction to Lafayette selling V. However, spoilers for later episodes reveal that Lafayette and Jesus begin “spiritually” using V together so maybe Jesus starts to connect  V to his “magical” side and craves more and it wasn’t planned out from the get go or maybe it was all an act )

In the promo 3×08 (“Night on the Sun”) we hear Laffy’s mom refer to “powers” that Laffayete supposedly has and Jesus could be out to get these powers (Sunnynala helped me remember this)

In the comments section below, my reader Artemis pointed out this spoiler from 3×10 (Jesus’s last episode this season), “The show is casting a Mexican Husband and Wife, described as a young couple in their 20′s, and a Mexican Woman around 65-70. The actors must be fluent in Spanish and deliver a small chant in Spanish.” Artemis also said this: He did seem genuinely freaked out about Lafayette dealing V but later he gets intrigued and does try some in episode 3.10 . [Artemis’s] theory is that something must have happened to him as a result of trying V, and his mother goes after Lafayette and subsequently Eric for selling the V that killed him? Artemis continues with this:Just thought of something else that supports my theory above. In the novels, the spell that Hallow casts on Eric that causes his amnesia is called “Loss”. Perhaps on the show, Hallow casts the amnesia spell in retribution for the loss of her son?

Or Jesus could just be a minion sent by Hallow to get information from Laffy or was hired.


Other real possibilities include the most discussed one and the most obvious, Yvetta.

She came out of nowhere and seems rather exotic to be walking up to some random vampire bar in Shereveport looking for work as an exotic dancer when someone so exotic and frankly hot could be making thousands a night in Las Vegas or something. She also seems to be very interested in sex with vampires  but who wouldn’t be if your choices were Eric and Pam, just saying haha? Despite this sex, we have seen no blood exchanged on either end.

Yvetta did get a weird look or what seemed like an “Oh shit” look on her face when the magister and QSA walked in and we know she will be coming back later on the season  (that could just mean she is the spy for the authority though I doubt they would  or she could be working for QSA).

It could also be a coincidence or she could be working be in a coven for QSA if QSA is a witch (which has also been discussed as much as Yvetta being Hallow on some blogs/boards):

QSA’s Ludis claimed she used magic even to win Yahtzee and she  has no qualms selling V so she might be giving it to members of her coven if she has one and using it in rituals. She will certainly have a grudge against Eric but why not use her magic to help her finances?!

Holly, a new character coming on next week,  is a good wiccan in the books though the show might be different or maybe not, it is really hard to say at this point what she is all about. I cannot discuss her character so much now because she isn’t on yet.

Yvetta and the queen have been extensively discussed. However, I decided to cover the less discussed Jesus and also because I think there is a stronger amount of evidence suggesting his direct involvement with magic.

Maybe all of these people are involved in Eric’s future amnesia, involved in magic or are simply rats (especially when it comes to Yvetta and Jesus)!


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Blood Bond Blood Bath-My Theory on TB Blood Bonds

Lately, there has been a lot of confusion over the mythology behind the concept of the “blood bond” on True Blood. Allow me to attempt to clarify this confusion (somewhat) with a good theory of my own.

In my opinion, a Blood Bond (BB) is formed in much the same way that the bond between a maker/child is formed, of course to a lesser extent. Therefore, just because you drink a vampire’s blood, you will not necessarily form a BB with that vampire.

Amy had Eddie's blood but a BB did not form

Of course all Blood Bonds (BBs) start with the consumption of the vampire’s blood (larger quantities of the vampire’s blood might make a BB more likely) BUT what is the “magical” element that actually creates the BB? Let us go back to the maker/child relationship. A BB creates a mutual awareness/co-existence much like a maker/child relationship so I believe this theory makes sense for that reason.

A maker must share his “essence” to create his child so I came to the conclusion that a vampire must share his “essence” with the human in a way. I am saying some type of relationship (romantic or otherwise) must already exist for a BB to come into being.

Bill shared his "essence" with Jessica when he "made" her

Therefore, in my opinion, a BB DOES NOT CREATE a relationship (a way of interacting) where none previously existed (except an underlying sexual undertone in dreams). A BB merely intensifies the relationship that is developing or already existed. Let us look at a few examples:

Bill & Sam: Although the sexual aspect is present (like in all of the dreams), there is nothing all that surprising or different about their interaction in the dream. First of all, Bill only goes to Sam because he needs help (like they did in real life). Second of all, Bill is very dominant and Sam has his usual submissive and selfless (often to a fault) attitude. Nothing surprising or new forms at all. There is nothing the least bit romantic about this dream.

" can have the shirt off my back."

Eric/Lafayette: Though we never see a dream, Lafayette describes the dreams as enjoyable but “nasty” at the same time (no tenderness to the sexual dreams), just like their real/developing relationship. There seems to be no relationship in the dreams other than Eric’s curiosity about Lafayette’s place when it comes to their buisness dealings and Sookie and Lafayette’s natural fear and loathing for Eric. The dreams might be “nasty”(kinky) because of the strange relationship that already exists between them. Again, nothing real surprising or unusual here.

"what Sookie finds meaningful, I find curious."

Bill & Sookie: In this flashback from season one (when Sookie dreams of almost-sex with Bill after consuming his blood for the first time), we see that not much is/was different about their relationship in that dream. Sookie is the one to initiate the sex (as usual) and Bill is the quiet, stoic vampire willing to accept that “fate.” There is a raw sexuality and understanding, but the playfulness of Eric/Sookie dreams is notably absent. Again, nothing surprising or unusual here.

Sookie approuches Bill in her dream


Sookie & Eric: Wait, there is something surprising here. In these dreams, sex actually takes a back burner?! What?! Yes, there was kissing and intimacy in the first dream, but friendship, humor and smiles, playfulness and love were all at the forefront of this dream.Weird, right?

"there is love in you." "only for sookie."

In the second dream, the sexual tension and intimacy are there once again. However, the main emotion is not lust. The main emotions are sympathy and grief.  The hinted bite at the end certainly is sexual but also hints at a desire to replace the what he has lost, Godric. Weird, right?

"I'm so sorry."

No, actually it isn’t weird at all. I do not think the other dreams would be so close to the actual existing and/or developing relationships and then go the opposite way with these two all of the sudden. It isn’t a coincidence and each scene was very deliberate.
It must mean that E/S actually already have feelings for each other and/or were developing those feelings (even if they were hiding them) already if the other dreams were as true to life as they seem. I know Eric’s blood is old but remember, Sookie only had a few drops of his blood. Lafayette must have had a lot of Eric’s blood. It is known that both Sam and Sookie had A LOT of Bill’s blood, liters and liters and possibly gallons. Yet, Sookie gets a BB with Eric just as powerful (if not more so) than her BB with Bill or Sam’s BB with Bill.

Therefore, this proves that a BB does not create those feelings, it merely intensifies feelings that were already there.

I think this theory not only explains the difference between a BB and average “V” use, it shows that E/S must have a powerful and special bond forming that goes beyond a supposedly new found sexual desire on Sookie’s part. It also shows that the dreams were more than mere fantasies or predictions of the future between them. They are reality.

eric smiles with sookie. does he do that for anyone other than Pam or Sookie? Look back at the picture from the first dream.

BTW, if you read the books Charlaine Harris herself has stated that she thinks too much emphasis was placed on the BB when it came to the emotional connection in the books. My guess is Alan Ball corrected this mistake by taking the stance in my theory.

Also, as a shout out to my friend Sunnynala @, I will admit that parts of these dreams might have had an unreliable narrator at work and/or some parts happened and others did not. If your interested in these theories or aspects check out her blog.

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