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Ranking Evil-The Body Language of True Blood “Villains”

 (i will discuss most of the “villians” with the exception of the magister)

 Behind Door Number One We Have… 

MASTER VILLIAN-Russell Edington- Vampire King of Mississippi! 


Why is this vampire the master of True Blood villains? Certainly there are those that equal Russell in the pure tendency toward “evil”. However, nobody masters buisness appeal like Russell! Mastering buisness appeal itself has helped Russell control others. Controlling others effortlessly makes for a more masterful villian than any other. 

Russell always manages to command the room (with an upright and wide posture) despite the fact that he may be the smallest, shortest individual/vampire in the room or area: 




Russell commands them like a general from a pedestal (the horse)

Russell always knows how to play the attention of an audience:

Russell commands the werewolves from the "spotlight" of the stage and "embraces" the audience with open hands

Russell always starts with a smile before any “polite” gesture: 

Russell smiles before giving Lorena the first taste of the stripper

 Russell realizes the value of physical contact and a “handshake”: 

Russell tricks Bill into unconciously accepting their agreement through a forced "handshake


Russell never loses eye contact when he makes a point, no matter what the other person is saying or doing or who they are: 



 Russell is the most dangerous and the most evil because he knows how to manipulate others like none other and claim that power in a way that is seemingly “civilzed” no matter how evil or “uncivilized” he actually is. 

Behind Door Number Two We Have QUEEN SOPHIE-ANN: 

Why is Queen Sophie-Ann so dangerous? Like Russell, she possesses the capacity for great selfishness and “evil”  yet her power certainly has nothing to do with mastering her buisness or people skills for sure. Her power comes from PURE VIOLENCE (sexual and physical) and using her feminity to play men against each other, It also comes from playing her own sexuality and the sexuality of others. Her problems come from the magister who cares for none of those factors. 

QSA strikes a demure, feminine post by crossing her legs and sitting below the magister and allows the boys "to fight it out" on her behalf. Eric mistakingly stands over the magister.

QSA uses simultaneous physical violence and sexual violence to control Eric ( simulating choking while she grabs his testicles or kisses him)


QSA simulataneously plays on her own sexuality and Bill Compton’s sexuality during his visit to her: 

QSA attempts to entice Bill through her sexuality unembarassingly (holds the open crouch from her companion and invites him into the fantasy with a slight head tilt, open eyes, and a slight smile)



QSA puts her body on full, open display for Mr.Compton

While this technique makes her (QSA) powerful enough and dangerous (because of the unpredictability and violence), it is a house of cards waiting to come down and not nearly as solid as the king’s power. 

Now for the more minor villians: 

Behind Door Number Three we have Debbie: 

Are you surprised? Wait till you notice these signs… 

Debbie uses overt sexuality to play the men around her against eachother.


Debbie has no qualms using violence with Sookie

Notice anything here? DING DING DING! Debbie is the werewolf version of QSA (including the non-body language cues, Debbie has an addiction to V. QSA has an addiction to spending money). 

Behind Door Number Four we have Franklin Mott: 

Franklin's fangs pop out because he is aroused by violence.

Franklins his needs for total domiance by covering Tara's body almost entirely with his and taking her behind during sex

Franklin shows his needs for dominance and sadism by tying her up and covering her body with his again

..and then the obvious...he chokes her

However, Franklin is too insane to be much of a powerful threat on a wide scale (though he is certainly dangerous).  

Finally, are Bill and/or Eric villians? Let us do some photo comparisons… 

Bill shares in an unwilling stripper with animal lust

Eric casually enjoys a willing "blood hooker"

 Bill gets physically violent with women simply bc they annoy him: 



Eric gets physically violent with the queen in order to save Pam and possibly himself from her “set up” that caused Pam’s torture and might causes their final death: 


Really I could go on and on but I think you get the picture concerning both Eric and Bill. 

You Decide. How would you rank “evil” on True Blood?


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Season 3 Speculation and Theories ( as of July 15th)

Sookie/Eric/Bill/ Russell/ Talbot/ Queen Sophie-Ann/ Hadley /  AVL / The Magister predictions

"Invite me in, now!"

Sookie’s home represents her private life. When Sookie invited Eric into her home and did not rescind the invitation immediately after the werewolf incident, she essentially invited Eric in her private life. Every time someone human or vampire comes into Sookie’s home it either represents that she is trusting and caring for someone or it is an invasion of her private life (even and especially during Gran’s funeral); obviously with Eric it was not the latter.  Therefore, things between Eric and Sookie will move totally beyond the buisness aspect and almost totally into the personal aspect by season’s end. That is the general theme for Eric/Sookie this season.   

Now for the endless lists, bear with me:     

* It seems obvious that Russell is the target of Eric’s revenge plot and it will be interesting to see how Eric is later torn between vengeance and his sense of duty to the king that has helped him.     

* It also seems obvious at this point that Eric will align himself with Russell in order to get rid of his problems with QSA and the magister. Ironically, Eric will become Russell’s right hand man even though Talbot has cheated with him and/or Eric has killed him (for whatever reason), Eric will probably do things to help Sookie that Russell will not approve of, and Russell is the target of Eric’s revenge. It also seems obvious Talbot will die, possibly by Eric’s hand or an attack by the FOTS or someone else.     

* Eric will not only be there to help Sookie during the night time, he has sent Alcide to help during the day time. Eric will be crucial to Sookie’s safety throughout the entire season, especially when things go sour with Bill, even after his rescue (even if Bill does give Sookie warnings).  I predict Eric will save Sookie again (at least one more time) and  Sookie will return the favor by rescuing him in the daytime and will even give him blood to heal (if the first kiss does not come during the infamous “intense scene” in episode 6 or otherwise, it will come as Sookie thinks Eric might die (the truth death). Even if they do kiss earlier or even almost make love earlier, I think there will definitely be a kiss during this scene.     

* Why will a day time rescue be needed and how will Russell come into play? Unfortunately, the Fellowship of the Sun will come into play again. Steve Newlin will ride a new-found wave of vampire hate ( caused either by Russell’s own quest for vengeance concerning Talbot’s death and/or the dead, drained, headless trucker Jessica killed and/or something else unable to predict at this point and/or a combination of these) and choose Eric’s buisness in order to exact his own vengeance for the embarrassment Eric caused him last season at his own buisness (the fellowship).  Since Russell will be spending time at Fangtasia (as some spoilers reveal) he will require his own rescue as well. However, the rescue might be haywire as Eric lets his personal feelings of vengeance take over and decides to try to let Russell die (even if it might be in his best interest to keep Russell in power).     

* Eric will be able to use Hadley as bait because it turns out the Queen actually loves Hadley and Eric is not an idiot and will figure this out. Bill will lose the king’s favor after he is not especially forthcoming once confronted with the evidence. Lorena will be eager to torture him for the information Russell wants after he so easily goes back to Sookie and/or she finds out he was trying to have her meet her true death in exchange for helping Russell.s out. I believe the queen was actually speaking from experience (whether she knew it or not) when she told everyone not to taste Sookie because they might fall in love (maybe that is what she chooses to blame her own love on whether it is true or not). Eric will find out Bill’s purpose after he interrogates the queen and forces her to either marry Russell or give him Louisiana. This may or may not be when Sookie finds out (then or shortly after).     

* Eric already hates Nan after the way she treated Godric in his final moments. Nan and the AVL will become one of Eric’s most bitter enemies as the season progresses. This will be especially true after Eric aligns himself with Russell (who hates the extremes views of the magister and the AVL). The problem of the magister will never totally go away for Eric (even if the magister meets his true death). Nan will do anything to pass the Vampire rights amendment and she sees people like Russell and his allies as enemies that stand in the way of that (even if they are fellow vampires).     

* QSA is a witch and the palace has become sort of the head quarters for her coven. She keeps her human slaves content and willing through magic. She probably also is trying to achieve walking in the sun through magic. She probably also achieved her power through magic and her alliance with witches in much the same way that Russell achieved his power through his alliance with werewolves. If anything happens to QSA, other witches will seek vengeance for her death or her being over thrown or harmed or punished (maybe people like Yvetta and/or Holly). Maybe Amnesia Eric will be caused from a spell cast in vengeance by QSA herself or one of those potential witches or someone else associated with QSA’s coven.     

* Sookie will agree to work for Russell and/or QSA in exchange for Bill’s release but will later regret that decision.     

* Bill will attack Sookie at some point, possibly during the rescue AND/OR will be forced to reveal the real reason he was in Bon Temps. Sookie will promptly break up with him though it will be a painful and reluctant decision and it will shake her trust in men/vampires. Eric will do his best to comfort her while Alicide will try to convince her vampires in general are bad news and so will everyone else.

* The desire to walk in the sun may become a theme in the latter half of the season, leading up to Eric and Russell (possibly Pam) meeting the sun and the fellowship’s assertion that the sun is the ultimate weapon when it comes to fighting the vampires.     

* Though Eric will be portrayed a lot more sympathetic than last season, his darkness will not only come from his desire to seek vengeance, but also what he does in an attempt to prove himself to Russell (whatever that may be).     

* Though Bill neglected her, Jessica will probably end up being one of Bill’s only allies after his terrible downfall. Jessica will even try to get Sookie to forgive Bill probably.     

Random Lists of Predictions:     

* **********If you have read any spoilers, Holly (the new merlotte’s waitress) is obviously a witch/wiccan.********************     

* Jessica will consider turning Hoyt or marrying him.     

* Though he will initially try to help Tommy, I think Sam will ironically become Tommy’s partner in crime rather than helping him in the right way.     

* Tara will be attracted to Sam once again once she sees his darkness, they may become involved once again ( even if Franklin is still possibly alive and stalks her , though I have a feeling he will be offed along with Talbot).     

* Arlene and/or Tara might become witches under Holly’s influence. I think Arlene might ironically develop the same depth of fascination with Wiccans/witches that she did with the FOTS in the books.     

*Jesus is a V addict and probably a supernatural too. He may have looked Lafayette back up for ulterior motives of his own (such as the V or something else).     

* Crystal will distract Jason from everything, including his new-found bribed police job and Jason will suffer endless “consequences.”     

* Holly might possibly tie into QSA, though that is not necessarily the case.     

* Jessica might suffer consequences in the future for the trucker’s death despite her new-found happiness with Hoyt and/or Tommy.     

* The AVL will suffer scrutiny from the government.

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