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Season Finale Speculation – Feel Free to Discuss Below This!

This is my wild guess for the finale (we know how often these are right but I am giving it my best attempt:)

Eric & Sookie & Bill & Pam & Russell & The Queen

Obviously things will start off with Eric and Russell burning in the sun. From there, one of these scenarios will happen (we know eric and pam will be bloody):

1.  Pam is bloody because  she will give Sookie blood as part of the plan since they have to keep Bill chained up (meanwhile she has her vision of Claudine who tells her how to defeat Russell and/or explains what is going on with the vampires and what not)…beat she heals because of Pam’s blood…

2. Bill heals Sookie with Pam watching OR because of Claudine after or during the vision. Pam is bloody because she feeds on Sookie too in order to help Eric or simply because she was crying alot.

Pam and/or Bill fill Sookie in on what is going on, Sookie then heads out to help Eric while he has a vision of Godric:

Sookie realizes she has feelings for Eric after helping him (a kiss may or may not happen again after she gives him or does not give him blood during saving him). Regardless, she will realize her feelings but will be scared of vampires after all of this though she is really not scared of Eric (as I have established).

Alcide shows up because Eric needs his contracting company’s cement truck to bury Russell after Sookie chains Russell and saves Eric…by giving him blood again too…(that is why he is bloody and her wrist is bloody again even though she supposedly healed)..unless he is crying too but that doesn’t make sense really. Alcide seems like a safe alternative to Sookie now and he tries to convince her to go with him and she may or may not do so (much to Bill and Eric’s dismay and Eric’s and maybe Bill’s display(s) of jealousy).

Eric and Bill go take a chained Russell to bury him with Alcide’s cement truck.

I think the blur is eric

Bill double crosses Eric after they take care of Russell either by his own jealousey or the queen’s orders or someone else’s orders. (we have seen Bill chaining up Eric in spoiler photos and them next to a cement truck too). Either Bill buries Eric with Russell or takes him prisoner even though Eric puts up a good fight.

The queen comes to confront Bill about handing over Sookie finally. Bill gives QSA the bait by telling her that “Your majesty, Sookie is here and Eric as well.” (pieced this together from the promo) OR Bill tells QSA Russell is “no more” she replies back “Russell is no more?” and Bill says “Eric as well” because he buried him too or got rid of his memory though I think Hallow will be responsible for the second half or someone else.

Remember that I think the queen might have ordered him to take Eric prisioner in order to make him pay or he did it out of pure jealousy and knows the queen will want revenge but I think it’s the former.

Bill turns on the queen and attacks her in order to try to cover up his crimes and/or make it right and/or protect Sookie but considering that AB said the queen would cause a lot of pain for sookie on the DVD commentaries SHE CANNOT BE DONE YET so I say she lives and takes Sookie prisoner and Eric (if they are actually there because of Bill) or she only takes one or the other if one or the other is there or she spends time next season trying to capture them both because they aren’t there but Bill was supposed to set them both up for it regardless.  Somewhere along the line Sookie finds out about Bill because of Eric (this could cause Bill anger at him) or because of this whole situation with the queen showing up and of course she is devastated and swears off vampires but it’s too late for her.

Cliffhanger possibilities (this is a list haha):

1.  Bill is attacking the queen to protect Sookie or in an attempt to cover up his dealings with the queen…with Eric and Sookie in tow…. or not though he was supposed to have sookie and possibly Eric in tow already.

2. The queen stops Bill and captures Sookie….and possibily Eric (they may or may not show the amnesia thing this season. If they do, it has to be an attempt by QSA to weaken Eric or

I think Eric and Sookie will bond next season while Eric has amnesia and they are possibly not only running from the witches but also QSA together AND/OR they are both dealing with being forced prisioners of QSA at first or eventually. Sookie could be in the reverse situation of calming down Eric and being there for him. Non-Amnesia Eric might possibly help her navigate the vampire political world later on.

If Eric is trapped by Bill in the cement though I think he was more likely taken prisoner, I suspect Pam and possibly Sookie will be getting him out.

If Eric gets away from Bill, he will lose his memory and get lost anyway.

We may or may not have Hallow revealed or the amnesia this season but if we do get the amnesia the origin might not be revealed this season. The witch wars may not come into play until next season thought we have started getting beat over the head with the witchcraft foreshadowing. I just hope I am right and we don’t get more Eric/Sookie seperation for a while but since I am almost certain it’s going to be like the book in atleast the way that Sookie and amnesia Eric will fall in love and make love. : )

I am also wondering how the FOTS might come into play again.

I suspect Alcide and Bill and Pam might be trying to help Eric and/or Sookie out of this situation together or seperately next season for their own reasons. They may or may not discover E/S’s new found closeness but obviously it will probably be obvious afterward.


Other speculations:

1. lafayette gains the ability to see the truth in others because of the magic/v and wants Jesus to help him manage that power or get rid of it.

2. Maxine will think about killing Jessica (giving jessica the final death) because she and hoyt are back together and she bit Hoyt.

3. Tara starts cutting herself or remains suicidal again or goes generally crazy alongside Sam possibly (hopefully not homocidal).

4. Jason warns Crystal’s family of the drug raid in order to fit in. This ends on a cliffhanger or things go very badly for Jason and Andy…not really a surprise either way!


Please sound off below and let me know what you think! I would love to get  a dicussion going to fill in the next 2 weeks and as always, I will respond to any and all comments!


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Possible Foreshadowing or Symbolism in True Blood Season 3

1. Pearls can represent and “unblemished nature,” or “innocence.” Sookie wearing this at the beginning could symbolize a transformation of her nature this season, from a innocent girl to a dark woman. I will be curious to see jewelry that Sookie might be wearing during the finale or very late in the season, if any.
2. Pearls can be considered magical. Maybe this pertains to the discovery of her own magic or the theories people had about the magic behind the purple dress.
3.Pearls can represent someone that is highly regarded for the value they hold. This could desribe Sookie becaus of her heritage and powers, but especially after Eric’s revelation, “your life is too valuable to throw away.”

This could have foreshadowed Coot’s death by gun fire.

The eagle represent's Jason's free but dominant and protective personality.

Sookie will remain stubborn with Eric until they are both in immediate danger again.

Eric will protect Sookie again later on and/or they will have a passionate,primal moment

Eric's need for vengeance will almost be his end. Godric/a vision of Godric will save him.

Sookie may pay the price because of Bill or his stubborness

Bill is not the man/vampire she was looking for.



Sookie must embrace her dark side to survive.

The all wear black, symbolizing the darkness they all are. They also all have the innocent blood of Ann and countless others on their hands. Tara saw the true Bill without a mask here.

Eric often embraces his dark side outwardly and keeps his light/color underneath (dark jacket, colored shirt underneath)

Debbie will keep coming after you (she threatened to cut you but you cut her, maybe she will return the favor)

Normal people often settle down. Sookie and others are not normal.

Alcide's pack is running away from their problems. Is a new leader needed? (Alcide)

Bill is a liar.

Sookie will never be completely Bill's again.

Daylilies are a symbol of maternity...hmmm

maybe Eric should listen to Russell's advice now like he did then.

"It's too late for me." Yes it is Bill.

"I wouldn't let go of this's quite valuable." ( No you wouldn't Eric. Yes, she is in more ways than one ; )

"There's no forever for us." No there isn't. Notice how their the location of their first encounter is similar to Bill and Sookie's..hmmm

"you mean nothing to me" wow, that was believable! not. can we assume the opposite? ha

Jessica will continue to justify her bad behavior in a similar way Bill does.

Satan in a Sunday hat? Probably so.

Fireplaces symbolize: a symbol of home. Will this become Sookie's home one day or will he attempt to make it so?

"Your a fucking idiot!" Yeah, pretty much.

there is no difference between you two. he will probably even end up like you too. maybe he is also part supe too, who knows? ; )

"you wouldn't know love" yeah, maybe you don't either Sookie. YET

there is a reason you kept Hadley around. there is a reason everyone is wearing white.

Did Russell essentially "cut his own head off" by cutting the magister's head off?

There is light and the grass is greener on the other side when you listen to Tara.

This relationship is choking the life out of both of you.

Look at that gun! your relationship leaves a path of destruction and is as volatile as that loaded gun


 This chess piece Eric used to win the chess game could possibly be in the image of a fairy and/or  goddess and it is probably not a coincidence. Will Eric win the battle with Sookie in his corner or does this simply mean the viking will prevail, even at a cost of the queen? My friend Renne has a good theory over at her blog the ancient pythoness about what the chess game and what it represents

A. The symbolism behind Jesus’s witchcraft connection is here:

B. The symbolism behind Sookie’s Coma Dream and Bill is here:

and here


Is Jesus into witchcraft? (or Yvetta, QSA, or Holly?)

**mild book spoilers warning. though this plot was discussed at comic-con**


(Jesus wears the magical color of purple and purple spells are often used to manipulate others/maintain control)

Normally I avoid book connections but it has been established at Comic-Con we are getting this storyline.

Isn’t Hallow supposed to be a female? Maybe not on True Blood. As we know Alan Ball combines characters and changes them around (Tara was white in the books for instance and not as close to Sookie). Why not make the equivalent of Hallow a gay male?  He would obviously still be attracted to Eric if it came down to that thing about blood and sex in the books though I doubt that will necessarily be the case on True Blood.

Remember that Lafayette was skeptical to trust Jesus and even called him out as a “satan in a sunday hat” like he correctly pointed out about Eggs: All of this before they KISSED:

Could Jesus have cast a spell on Lafayette through his kiss?

Why target Lafayette? Isn’t “Hallow” supposed to be after Eric? True but Lafayette is an associate of Eric’s and if Hallow is interested in the V at all and Eric..then why not go after a V dealer working for Eric.

Obviously he is into magic and superstitious with his talk of Chango and Elegua and making offerings to them (which shows he has non-traditional beliefs) and he is from, Catemaco, which is known for associations with witchcraft. This is an example of witchcraft in Catemaco:

Jesus is clearly a thinker and he is crafty. He had the foresight to sneak up on the Hotshot rednecks and steal a weapon (the bat)  rather than just charge out there like Lafayette.

(the only problem with this theory is Jesus’s reaction to Lafayette selling V. However, spoilers for later episodes reveal that Lafayette and Jesus begin “spiritually” using V together so maybe Jesus starts to connect  V to his “magical” side and craves more and it wasn’t planned out from the get go or maybe it was all an act )

In the promo 3×08 (“Night on the Sun”) we hear Laffy’s mom refer to “powers” that Laffayete supposedly has and Jesus could be out to get these powers (Sunnynala helped me remember this)

In the comments section below, my reader Artemis pointed out this spoiler from 3×10 (Jesus’s last episode this season), “The show is casting a Mexican Husband and Wife, described as a young couple in their 20′s, and a Mexican Woman around 65-70. The actors must be fluent in Spanish and deliver a small chant in Spanish.” Artemis also said this: He did seem genuinely freaked out about Lafayette dealing V but later he gets intrigued and does try some in episode 3.10 . [Artemis’s] theory is that something must have happened to him as a result of trying V, and his mother goes after Lafayette and subsequently Eric for selling the V that killed him? Artemis continues with this:Just thought of something else that supports my theory above. In the novels, the spell that Hallow casts on Eric that causes his amnesia is called “Loss”. Perhaps on the show, Hallow casts the amnesia spell in retribution for the loss of her son?

Or Jesus could just be a minion sent by Hallow to get information from Laffy or was hired.


Other real possibilities include the most discussed one and the most obvious, Yvetta.

She came out of nowhere and seems rather exotic to be walking up to some random vampire bar in Shereveport looking for work as an exotic dancer when someone so exotic and frankly hot could be making thousands a night in Las Vegas or something. She also seems to be very interested in sex with vampires  but who wouldn’t be if your choices were Eric and Pam, just saying haha? Despite this sex, we have seen no blood exchanged on either end.

Yvetta did get a weird look or what seemed like an “Oh shit” look on her face when the magister and QSA walked in and we know she will be coming back later on the season  (that could just mean she is the spy for the authority though I doubt they would  or she could be working for QSA).

It could also be a coincidence or she could be working be in a coven for QSA if QSA is a witch (which has also been discussed as much as Yvetta being Hallow on some blogs/boards):

QSA’s Ludis claimed she used magic even to win Yahtzee and she  has no qualms selling V so she might be giving it to members of her coven if she has one and using it in rituals. She will certainly have a grudge against Eric but why not use her magic to help her finances?!

Holly, a new character coming on next week,  is a good wiccan in the books though the show might be different or maybe not, it is really hard to say at this point what she is all about. I cannot discuss her character so much now because she isn’t on yet.

Yvetta and the queen have been extensively discussed. However, I decided to cover the less discussed Jesus and also because I think there is a stronger amount of evidence suggesting his direct involvement with magic.

Maybe all of these people are involved in Eric’s future amnesia, involved in magic or are simply rats (especially when it comes to Yvetta and Jesus)!

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Sookie’s Coma Dream Analysis (and symbolism).



Wake up Sookie!

Sookie waking up literally means that Sookie is or will be “waking up”  from being “asleep” to the reality of what is going on around her and going on with her since she has been dating Bill Compton. She is or will be also “waking up” to the lies that Bill Compton has been keeping from her and Bill Compton’s “true nature” itself.

Sookie Reaches for an Empty Crystal/Glass Cup:

The empty cup represents an absence of the “light” in Sookie as well as the absence of true fulfillment in Sookie’s life, not just as a result of the attack by Bill she has just gone through but the influence of Bill’s presence in her life, including the influence of his blood.

If this cup is Crystal, there is a lot of symbolism behind Crystal: 1. It is considered a romantic stone. 2. It is a powerful stone 3. It is considered a healing stone. 4. It is used for meditation and can be considered magical (hence the crystal ball).

If the cup is crystal and it is empty, this can symbolize a lack of true romance in her life, a lack of control/power, a poor physical/mental state, a lack of reflection on her life, and/or possibly the absence of the magic she once had (maybe it is all of these or a combination of several of these).

Sookie walks on a combination of white, pink, and red flower (rose/carnation) petals:

The white petals of course represent innocence/purity and the red petals represent full fledged womanly passion! The pink petals represent her current transition from the innocent/naive side of her nature to the passionate, mature side of her nature and she is keen/ will be keen to follow that transition because she gets up herself and follows the trail of flowers.  The white carnation or rose petals may represent Sookie, the pink ones represent Bill, and the red ones represent Eric. White petals represent Sookie because they represent sweetness, innocence and pure love. Pink petals represent Bill because pink carnations represent someone that you will never forget (she will never forget Bill). Red petals represent someone that you “ache for” and someone that is passionate and that you are drawn to (this seems to describe her feelings for Eric and the side of her womanhood that he represents and red is eric’s favorite color).

Sookie meets Claudine before crossing into the “Fae world”:

“Oh dear, your cup is empty. We can’t have that, can we?” – Claudine to Sookie

Translation: Sookie your lacking true romantic  fufillment, lacking control of your life, your suffering from a poor mental/physical state, your not reflecting on your life enough, and your “magic” is gone!

We can’t have that, can we?

Claudine gives sookie some of the “magical” water from probably a crystal vase!:

“Ah, Claudine!” -S  “I know, it’s beautiful. Drink!”- C

All of those traits you once had were beautiful. Accept my gift of giving them back to you or atleast trying!

“Oh my god, it’s the most amazing thing i’ve ever tasted!” – S “You’ve had it before!” – C

Translation: you know potential romantic fufillment in Eric (you have literally tasted him) or Sam (*gag*), you once had control over your life, you were once “healthy as a horse” as you said, you questioned things, and your magic was present (during the rattray’s attack and after you got the “light hands” after taking Eric’s blood).

Sookie and Claudine talk after dancing:

“I guess i’m going to have to sit this one out. I guess I don’t have the endurance that you all have.” – S “Oh, not to worry, you will, one day.” – C “You promise?!” -S “I do” – C

This could either mean that Sookie herself will become a full fledged fairy herself one day or that Sookie will gain the strength she needs to reclaim her former self and find true fufillment in her life (as per the guidelines I mentioned).

“Oh Sookie, don’t go back! Come with us!” – C   “Come with you where?” – S   “Our home. It’s more beautiful than anything you can imagine!” – C 

Translation: However, considering the dangers you face at home, it might be better if you just come with me and just give up on your human life now. You can find some beauty and contentment with me and be out of danger.

Then ensues the rest of the dream, including the exchange about Sookie’s parents not dying from drowning, the darkness that is Bill Compton to Claudine and my thoughts on that can be found at this link:   or 2 entries back.

However, connecting that dialogue to this theory pertaining to the symbolism of the crystal cup and vase… I can also safely assume that she belives Bill Compton will take away that true romantic fufillment, any control she has over her own life, her physical/mental well being, her ability to realize anything going on around her/ his lies or any deception, and take away her “magic!” ALL OF THESE THINGS COMPOSE SOOKIE’S LIGHT (including her “magic” of course).

Will she allow Bill to steal that “light” that Claudine is trying to replinish and allow Sookie to reclaim? Will someone else (hopefully Eric) bring that “light” back into her life or will she be able reclaim it herself?  Will she be forced to die (go to fairy heaven) in order to reclaim it or will she or someone else be able to help her reclaim it before death (movement into her “next life”)?

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Wild Speculation Alert: Did Bill Compton KILL Sookie’s parents?

**First of all, this post is dedicated to my wonderful reader Christine (christine runkel) who actually deserves some of the credit for the ideas contained in this theory.**

Sookie’s dream about Claudine (although a little cheesey and over the top) may have been the greatest thing to happen to True Blood’s plot in A LONG TIME.

You thought everything else Bill did was bad (and the list is quite long, including Bill almost killing her/basically killing her in this week’s episode)?


As we all know, Bill has been keeping a secret file on Sookie. We saw papers in that file that not only trace her family tree but also contain obvious surveillance photos  and newspaper clippings from Sookie as a young child!

A lot of us rightly came to the conclusion that Bill has been stalking Sookie or knows someone who has been stalking Sookie since she was a young child!

Now, let us flash forward to Sookie’s fairy dream from episode 3×07 (“Hitting the Ground”)

I think most of us were not too impressed with the cheesy environment created for the dream and the fact that it looked  like a version of one of Maryann’s parties next to a pool (minus the sex, add the sun ).

However, when Sookie revealed that she can’t swim because she is too afraid of the water due to the fact that supposedly both of her parents died by drowning in water, Claudine gave a most interesting reply telepathically:

“Do not fear the water. It wasn’t the water that killed them.”

Understandably, Sookie asks, “What? If it wasn’t the water that killed them, then what did?” And then before Claudine can reply, it gets dark AS BILL COMPTON APPROACHES:

Coincidence? MAYBE NOT.  Claudine even says, “The dark approaches!”  AS BILL COMPTON APPROACHES and they all go running! Coincidence? MAYBE NOT.

“Bill is not like that!” Sookie argues to Claudine and she replies, “I don’t have the time to explain to you why your wrong! You have to come with us Sookie! It’s not safe for you anymore!” Sookie asks, “Why?” Claudine replies, “He [Bill] will steal your light!” Sookie is confused and asks, “What light?!” 

Sookie doesn’t know Claudine well in her estimation and still tries to defend Bill and Claudine parts with her by saying this as a reference to her “light,” “Don’t let him take it from you, promise me!”

OK THEN! A few things are made clear here in this dream:

 Sookie is WRONG about Bill. Bill is NOT GOOD. Bill is darkness and Bill will STEAL HER LIGHT. It is NOT SAFE for Sookie to be around Bill! This obvious guardian of Sookie DOES NOT WANT HER TO BE AROUND BILL!

All of that is the very least of it. Maybe it is NOT a coincidence that Bill approached them while they were talking about what might have really killed her parents! Maybe Bill Compton KILLED SOOKIE’S PARENTS or at least knows the true circumstances surrounding that or was involved in it somehow but won’t tell her for obvious reasons.

Could Bill giving Sookie a smaller family/support system make her easier prey and easier to stalk then and in the future? Is this some sort of vampire conspiracy to be able to walk in the day? It is quite mind-blowing to think of really.

What could be worse for Bill’s character than anything else? Being the killer of her parents (the one thing that has traumatized Sookie to the point where she couldn’t even bring herself to learn how to swim)! Is AB going there? It remains to be seen and would even surprise me… BUT IT JUST MIGHT BE POSSIBLE!

Also, you could use the argument that fairies would feel this way about any vampire! However, why focus in on Bill? Why not just say vampires instead of Bill (it would encompass Bill)? Bill was obviously the singular focus here.

I could be wrong but then again, maybe not.

***************BOOK SPOILERS BELOW. ALERT**********************************



It could be like the books (the bad fairies) but True Blood is different than the SSN and if AB went there is would heartbreaking genius and I would take back every bad thing I ever said!


*************************END BOOK SPOILER*********************************

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Wild Speculation Alert: Is Bill Working for the AVL/The Authority? Plus: A Brief Bill History

This post is dedicated to my reader Freyja/Missy who discussed this with me:

Who is Bill Compton? Who is this vampire who suddenly appeared at Merlotte’s and “just-so-happened” to spot our telepathic heroine Sookie?

All but the most casual of Eric Northman fans are fluent in the knowledge that Bill most likely had an agenda before he arrived in Bon Temps that probably included “procuring” Sookie for Queen Sophie-Ann or someone else but most likely QSA. If you need information concerning this, Sunnynala @ goes into plenty of details concerning this and Bill Compton’s murderous history so I will make this history brief but explanatory.

1. Bill Compton went on a murderous and sadistic rampage with his maker Lorena (that he certainly looked like he enjoyed despite what he might say to her or to us, the audience)…presumably from 1865-1935 (70 years!) The Blu Ray Commentary confirms the murders in Chicago were a common habit.

2. Bill probably hung out with Liam, Diane, Malcolm off and on since the late 30’s (1×03) till they burned in the fire (1×08).

3. Bill told Russell he “procured” for QSA for the last 35 years  (maybe he started doing this between 1973-1975 until present) (which seems to imply he was still currently doing that, probably to Sookie, which we already know).  Somehow, Russell thinks that means go kidnap people to my/your employer’s specifications (which was QSA). Coincidence? I think not.

Now for the wild theory about the AVL/Authority connection:

 Could Bill working for the American Vampire League (which I have established in a facade/interest group for The Authority) or The Authority itself?

Shock and Anger and Thoughtfulness overwhelms Bill’s face after Russell questions the magister’s authority (tight facial muscles, lowered chin, staring, slanted eyebrows)

Why would Bill care about a magister who had him make an unwanted vampire child? Maybe because he works for the people that hired him (the authority or the facade of the authority..the AVL…just a thought…Maybe he started “mainstreaming” on the surface for more reasons than just to protect Sooke? Again, just a wild idea.

Eric seemed skeptical about this “mainstreaming” though, not only once but twice. Maybe because Eric not only knew that Bill was still killing but maybe because he knew Bill had views about vampire superiority (kinda like the The Authority and the AVL really do, according to my theory about the AVL and The Authority).

Eric Northman: “If you’re their poster boy, the mainstreaming movement is in deep trouble…”

 Eric Northman: “Mainstreaming. I heard…”

(humor and skepticism is written all over Eric’s face both times: he smiles!)

All of this could just mean that Bill is a huge hypocrite, which we already knew. So how do I tie this into season 3 other than Bill’s odd facial expression that I already pointed out?


If you look closely you can see Eric is in handcuffs and Bill is not.

Clearly Eric is being punished for some reason if he is wearing handcuffs, particularly ones that look to be silver. The only people who would be out to punish him would be the people who know about his involvement in the magister’s disappearance (which we know is coming).  QSA would not openly punish him even though he joined with Russell because she is marrying the King and so those kingdoms/queendoms will unite and they are currently betrothed). Why would Bill be helping to carry out the punishment unless he was working for those that were punishing Eric, not just Queen Sophie Ann? Bill might end up betraying the people he works for to help Eric (or really Sookie) but the fact remains he was trusted to carry out the punishment and/or arrest Eric.

Therefore, it is very likely that Bill Compton is working for The Authority/AVL too if he is carrying out this punishment.

Clearly Bill is ambitious and his ambition might extend past “procuring” people for monarchs. How much higher could you get than working with the agenda of “The Authority” or its facade, the AVL? It beats running a cactus plantation for sure.

Also, Maybe Bill is so confident about himself despite seemingly having no reason to on the surface because of this  (not just because he is impulsive and not all that bright).

At the very least, Bill has also heard about how Eric and Russell were discussing the magister’s irrelevance and could provide his testimony in a possible trial or investigation …and if we really want to get crazy…(maybe he was specifically chosen to scout out the queen and Eric because of his relationship with both of them or maybe he went back to LA to investigate both of them or one of them in the first place, however he had to do work for one or both of them in order to gain the trust needed to gain access to the queen’s secrets and/or Eric’s secrets)

(Then again, this just could be fan fiction and totally wrong. But it seemed like an interesting idea..haha)

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The Real Motivations of the AVL and Russell (w/ nan and the magister as the vampire pope)

Do you question my authority? I am the magister. I was trained in the Inquisition and I am the adjudicator for every vampire territory in North America! As the humans say, the humans you love more than your own kind, back your shit down!”  ―The Magister (Magnus) to Bill Compton (1×10) (True Blood Wiki).

Steve Newlin: “Did you know that there was actually a vampire pope back in the Middle Ages? (2×06)”

Russell on The Magister, to Eric: “…the only power he has is the power we give him.” (3×05 “Trouble”)

Before we get to the meaning of those statements, let us establish that the Magister represents the Catholic Church and the former power that it wielded and the political influence that it also once had. 

Does it seem a little odd to you that a vampire would use religious dogma and terms such as blasphemy to describe laws broken by vampires (that he is supposes to carry out the “justice” for)?

The Magister was referred to as an “inquisitor.” “[he] has been itching for another inquisition for centuries.” Obviously the magister was an inquisitor during the SPANISH INQUISTION if he was an inquistor during the middle ages. In order to be an inquisitor he must have been part of the catholic priesthood. Therefore, I propose that the Magister may have been this infamous Pope (Innocent VIII) rumored to feed on young boys to improve his health in True Blood mythology (though this is a  complete guess and I could be wrong):

NOW getting to the more important side of my theory below:

It is briefly mentioned in the “True Blood: Mythological Creatures: Vampires” special as well as in a “Post-Mortem” special that the Magister is under the jurisdiction of “The Authority (True Blood Wiki)” “The Authority is briefly mentioned as the highest ranking figure of of all vampires. The Authority is said to give vampire monarchs their power and is even in a higher position of power than Magnus, the Magister of North American Territories. It is unknown exactly how far the jurisdiction of The Authority extends and who its members are (True Blood Wiki).

Remember when Nan Flaningan (the AVL spokesperson), suggested to Eric that she could have his authority as a Sheriff automatically stripped and was able to take the paperwork for Godric’s resignation (2×09)? Eric questioned her authority and she responded with “try me, I am on tv,” but I think there is more to her power than that.

Maybe Nan Flannigan is The Authority or is directly working for The Authority. Why would I think that other than the fact that she seemed to be so confident about her power and had the ability to demand resignations despite the fact that she is not the king/queen of Texas?

Because she represents the American Vampire League! Do you honestly think THE AUTHORITY would have allowed the outing of all vampires if they had not wanted it themselves or atleast allowed it and don’t you think they would have put one of their own or atleast someone they trusted in charge of that task (a trusted buereaucrat as Eric might say)?

Since the Authority is in charge of appointing magisters and vampire royalty, don’t you think that they will be very interested once Eric and Russell make the magister “go missing.” They will have lost someone directly working for them and they will be interested in the possible role of a sheriff they can fire and the royalty (Russell) that they appointed.

So that is why Nan Flanigan will be the one asking questions about the magister’s disappearance (hinted strongly in spoilers)…because she is The Authority or is directly working for The Authority!

How does this tie back into the magister other than the fact that the authority appointed him? Doesn’t his agenda of vampire superiority or religious dogma seem to contrast with the message of the AVL?

I propose that the front of the AVL is merely an underhanded way for vampires to gain legal rights so that they can gradually overtake human positions of authority. They really feel very sanctimonious about the superiority of vampires (over humans and other supes) and this whole AVL scheme is their master plan to eventually achieve that superiority over humans without starting all out war and bloodshed that would naturally result from a direct confrontation.

Russell is simply trying to eventually overthrow humanity completely and much more quickly than the strategy of the AVL would allow (in part because he thinks he needs to save “nature” and humans are “also hinted at in the promos and the conversation he had with Eric in 3×06 in the limo). He also thinks it would be wiser to pay lip service to other supes and use them in the WAR against humans. He also doesn’t like “vampire fundamentalists (3×06) which the Authority obviously is if they hired Magnus to be The Magister.

“If all the supernaturals would stop squabbling amoung themselves and unite, we could conquer humans in a MATTER OF DAYS.” and “Throughout history I have aligned myself with or destroyed those humans in power hoping to make a dent in mankind’s race to oblivion. What other creature actively destroys it’s own habitat?”

So it is obvious to me that Russell is not happy with the gradual strategy of the AVL and/or the authority or their fundamentalism. He has created this cult around himself and nature and wants to use it to become the authority himself in order to achieve his “dream” as he told Eric (3×06). He belives the magister (and therefore the authority) only have their power because it “is given to them (3×05)” and they can overthrow them all when they unite.

His attempts will backfire and create the opening for the FOTS to gain some ground again with humans and get in the way of Nan’s crucial vampire rights amendment.

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