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Sookie Sleep Signals:Dream Symbolism on True Blood

I will discuss the meaning/ideas in Sookie’s dreams through dream symbolism. Though the subject(s) may or may not be in the exact same state during a dream (Tara was clothed and sleeping in bed during hr dream, not naked in the shower and Sam was not initially clothed or looking up phone numbers in his Bill dream for example), I think the clothing worn or not worn in the dream  is relevant to the overall sequence of events in the dream. Since we have been shown the time of day can be incorrect as well (Sam was dreaming of Bill in a nighttime setting obviously but it was actually daytime), the surroundings are also relevant to the sequence of events in the dream though the dreams obviously create some kind of awareness between the subjects.

Bill and Sookie Dream One:

Sookie looking through the window represents her need for insight into a situation...

...and it is she is looking down on him

Sookie wears a pink shirt with angels. She throws on the white bathrobe before approaching Bill and then strips it down for him when asking about sex with him.

(The pink shirt can represent Sookie’s attraction to Bill or the pink can represent Sookie’s true passionate and kind personality. Why does she initially cover herself with the white robe? It was a warm month, no? She is embracing her “pure” persona for Bill and a bathrobe can represent her need to deal with the situation with Bill somehow and she decides to deal with it by shedding the “purity persona” and asking for sex (usually how Bill and Sookie end up dealing with situations later on too). The angels can represent important messages she needs to see/realize and/or it  can herald a warning. Warning? about Bill? possibly? Does this represent Claudine watching after her, a guardian angel of sorts, brining this message to her or what Sookie could become as a fairy? Also the darkness of the dream can represent Bill as a dark figure/influence in her life. Being in your yard (as Sookie is) when it’s dark can represent BAD/AGGRESSIVE influences creeping into your life and you should avoid making any drastic choices. Hmmmm?)

Bill, in turn, sheds his pure (white shirt) Southern gentlemen persona.

...and reveals his true aggressive nature/ lust for her blood rather than sex or who she is (which she reveals with the dropped robe).

Due to the fact that  we have noticed the sequence of events and the timeline is often out of whack, Eric might have actually been correct when he suggested Sookie received Bill’s blood the “night they met,” somehow and this dream could have in fact been after she had taken his blood somehow. However, even if it was not, I see this dream as a warning more than anything else that could have come from Claudine or her own fairy subconcious.

Bill and Sookie Dream Two:

Though this can be considered a fantasy because we see Sookie masturbating at the end, I still believe it must hold some meaning like Eric’s fantasy obviously did.

Once again, Sookie is in her "pure persona" as she approaches Bill for sex and allows it to be stripped. A nightgown can signal an approaching illness. This makes no sense (so therefore this symbolism of the nightgown may not apply) unless you consider her relationship with Bill an approaching illness in her life.

Bill is in a darker (dirtier/brownish) shirt in his DARK house. Sookie decides to accept his darkness/flaws with a kiss (for what she thinks they are right now).

Being kissed in general can represent an important message as well or that someone INSIDE or outside of the dream may be hiding something from you AND kissing someone you are mad at/supposedly mad at represents an unconcious reconciliation with that person.

Eric and Dream One:

First of all, notice that the contrast  from her laying next to Bill to the dream with Eric (through the softer lighting…the pink/gold undertones  in the sheets are highlighted in the dream with Eric, the sheets also appear much more silky in the dream with Eric, Sookie and Bill are covered and Sookie and Eric are uncovered). Obviously, the improved lighting represents coming from the darkness of Bill into the light with Eric.

Sheets can represent romantic relationships.  The pink undertones represent the passionate and kind side of Sookie (which was represented by the pink shirt in the Bill dream) and possibly the passionate and kind side of Eric too coming out between them.  Silk and gold coloring are lucky omens as well and connect with the sheet symbolism of a future romantic relationship. Their tans, that is emphasized on Sookie and suddenly appearing on Eric (connected with light of course) represent health both mentally and physically in a future relationship (not Eric’s human side that will/may appear in the future as some have suggested). The messy sheets/non-existant cover on the Eric bed either represent the freedom and naturalness with Eric and/or represent the current complexities of their relationship (afterall, he has just tricked her into taking his blood) or that the complexities between them will in fact actually bring them together in the end.

Dreaming of a kiss on the hand represents respect and tenderness.

Beiing watched while making out/having sex can represent guilt about your feelings. (here it also represents the nosiness of Lorena and the reality of Bill in the background and her guilt connects with that). Of course, Lorena/Bill are in darkness/dark influences.

A kiss on the neck represents growth and maturity as well as a realization of feelings.

Being kissed in general can represent an important message as well or that someone inside or outside of the dream may be hiding something from you AND kissing someone you are mad at/supposedly mad at represents an unconcious reconciliation with that person.

Eric and Sookie Dream Two:

The lamps contrast the darkness (Sookie is the light in Eric’s grief/could be the light).

Walking through a hallway can represent growth/maturity and/or frustration (possibly with her growing feelings for Eric). In the traditional Freudian sense it is a sexual symbol of the vagina.

Going to someone’s bedroom in general can represent growing romantic feelings for that person and/or the importance of that person in your life and/or feelings that you keep private or hidden about that person. Seeing someone crying is either a straightforward representation of your sympathy/feelings for that person or it can also represent the possibility of having to help that person in the future.

A kiss on the cheek represents a growing trust and friendship with that person.

Grabbing someone's hand represents a fear of losing that person from your life and a need to develop a deep connection with that person.

Eric exposes his true self as well but even though he bites her she offers it to him and there is nothing aggrsessive about it as it was with Bill.

For the third time, Being kissed in general can represent an important message as well or that someone inside or outside of the dream may be hiding something from you AND kissing someone you are mad at/supposedly mad at represents an unconcious reconciliation with that person.

Eric and Sookie Dream Three:

A fan represents a need to improve your self esteem so that you can deal with new things/realizations in your life and it can also be an emotional storm coming and a need to stay calm. (we see this despite an air conditioning system clearly in the background).

Clean shoes represent potential positive influences in your life. However, inappropriately wearing them (like on furniture in this instance) indicate that you are headed in the wrong direction at the moment and need to see positive influences in your life.

Once again, A kiss on the neck represents growth and maturity as well as a realization of feelings.

For the fourth time, Being kissed in general can represent an important message as well or that someone inside or outside of the dream may be hiding something from you AND kissing someone you are mad at/supposedly mad at represents an unconcious reconciliation with that person.

The sleep signals pointed to the progression of Sookie, Bill, Eric and the plot in general all along. Seems pretty clear, at least to me, that the sleep signals are pointing to Eric as the better choice/ the choice she should make and the more trustworthy of the two and it is also pointing to a true friendship with Eric that is missing with Bill.


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Sookie’s Coma Dream Analysis (and symbolism).



Wake up Sookie!

Sookie waking up literally means that Sookie is or will be “waking up”  from being “asleep” to the reality of what is going on around her and going on with her since she has been dating Bill Compton. She is or will be also “waking up” to the lies that Bill Compton has been keeping from her and Bill Compton’s “true nature” itself.

Sookie Reaches for an Empty Crystal/Glass Cup:

The empty cup represents an absence of the “light” in Sookie as well as the absence of true fulfillment in Sookie’s life, not just as a result of the attack by Bill she has just gone through but the influence of Bill’s presence in her life, including the influence of his blood.

If this cup is Crystal, there is a lot of symbolism behind Crystal: 1. It is considered a romantic stone. 2. It is a powerful stone 3. It is considered a healing stone. 4. It is used for meditation and can be considered magical (hence the crystal ball).

If the cup is crystal and it is empty, this can symbolize a lack of true romance in her life, a lack of control/power, a poor physical/mental state, a lack of reflection on her life, and/or possibly the absence of the magic she once had (maybe it is all of these or a combination of several of these).

Sookie walks on a combination of white, pink, and red flower (rose/carnation) petals:

The white petals of course represent innocence/purity and the red petals represent full fledged womanly passion! The pink petals represent her current transition from the innocent/naive side of her nature to the passionate, mature side of her nature and she is keen/ will be keen to follow that transition because she gets up herself and follows the trail of flowers.  The white carnation or rose petals may represent Sookie, the pink ones represent Bill, and the red ones represent Eric. White petals represent Sookie because they represent sweetness, innocence and pure love. Pink petals represent Bill because pink carnations represent someone that you will never forget (she will never forget Bill). Red petals represent someone that you “ache for” and someone that is passionate and that you are drawn to (this seems to describe her feelings for Eric and the side of her womanhood that he represents and red is eric’s favorite color).

Sookie meets Claudine before crossing into the “Fae world”:

“Oh dear, your cup is empty. We can’t have that, can we?” – Claudine to Sookie

Translation: Sookie your lacking true romantic  fufillment, lacking control of your life, your suffering from a poor mental/physical state, your not reflecting on your life enough, and your “magic” is gone!

We can’t have that, can we?

Claudine gives sookie some of the “magical” water from probably a crystal vase!:

“Ah, Claudine!” -S  “I know, it’s beautiful. Drink!”- C

All of those traits you once had were beautiful. Accept my gift of giving them back to you or atleast trying!

“Oh my god, it’s the most amazing thing i’ve ever tasted!” – S “You’ve had it before!” – C

Translation: you know potential romantic fufillment in Eric (you have literally tasted him) or Sam (*gag*), you once had control over your life, you were once “healthy as a horse” as you said, you questioned things, and your magic was present (during the rattray’s attack and after you got the “light hands” after taking Eric’s blood).

Sookie and Claudine talk after dancing:

“I guess i’m going to have to sit this one out. I guess I don’t have the endurance that you all have.” – S “Oh, not to worry, you will, one day.” – C “You promise?!” -S “I do” – C

This could either mean that Sookie herself will become a full fledged fairy herself one day or that Sookie will gain the strength she needs to reclaim her former self and find true fufillment in her life (as per the guidelines I mentioned).

“Oh Sookie, don’t go back! Come with us!” – C   “Come with you where?” – S   “Our home. It’s more beautiful than anything you can imagine!” – C 

Translation: However, considering the dangers you face at home, it might be better if you just come with me and just give up on your human life now. You can find some beauty and contentment with me and be out of danger.

Then ensues the rest of the dream, including the exchange about Sookie’s parents not dying from drowning, the darkness that is Bill Compton to Claudine and my thoughts on that can be found at this link:   or 2 entries back.

However, connecting that dialogue to this theory pertaining to the symbolism of the crystal cup and vase… I can also safely assume that she belives Bill Compton will take away that true romantic fufillment, any control she has over her own life, her physical/mental well being, her ability to realize anything going on around her/ his lies or any deception, and take away her “magic!” ALL OF THESE THINGS COMPOSE SOOKIE’S LIGHT (including her “magic” of course).

Will she allow Bill to steal that “light” that Claudine is trying to replinish and allow Sookie to reclaim? Will someone else (hopefully Eric) bring that “light” back into her life or will she be able reclaim it herself?  Will she be forced to die (go to fairy heaven) in order to reclaim it or will she or someone else be able to help her reclaim it before death (movement into her “next life”)?

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